10 practical back-to-school tips for parents to help their kids succeed academically

10 practical back-to-school tips for parents to help their kids succeed academically
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10 Practical Back to School Tips for Parents that will assist in preparing a child for academic success 

The summer months are drawing to a close, and the start of the new academic year is just around the corner. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, public school enrollment will be higher in 2022 than it was in 2010. As a result, it is time for children and their parents to begin thinking about preparing for school and making new friends. 

Getting back to school can be a stressful experience for many children because they will be learning new subjects, meeting new teachers, and being more organized than they were during the summer months. Therefore, in addition to purchasing all the necessary items such as clothing, books, and pencils for their children, parents must also monitor their children's academic habits. 

If you require assistance with the start of a new school year, continue reading for the top 10 back-to-school tips and tricks to make the transition easier. 

10 practical back-to-school tips for parents to help their kids succeed academically

1. Create a consistent daily schedule.

For children, summer is a time of rest and relaxation, so returning to a routine can be difficult at first. If you're looking for back-to-school advice on how to get your children to be more disciplined, we recommend setting up their daily routines two to three weeks before school begins. You can set a specific time for daily activities, such as waking up, eating, and going to bed. As an alternative, you could suggest to your child that they download a planner app on their smartphone and set up reminders. Children will become more accustomed to their school environment if they follow a routine at the same time every day. This will also help them avoid being late to class. 

2. Make arrangements for school shopping. 3.

Children enjoy the experience of purchasing new items. As kids enjoy sparkling, colorful things, going back-to-school shopping together is a great idea. Create a shopping list ahead of time and give your children the freedom to choose what they want within a budget that has been set in advance. If your children request something that is too "childish" or "toy-like," don't be pushy. Just explain that a smart look can help set the mood for good study habits. 

3. Enhance your reading skills.

When your children return to school, they will have to learn a great deal of new information. That is why you require a couple of school tips that will assist them in developing their ability to absorb a wide range of information. Reading is the most effective method of doing so. You can read books together and then discuss the plot, main characters, and their decisions in the described situations. Having a voice will assist young people in developing critical thinking skills, increasing their creativity, and forming an opinion about what is going on in their environment. 

4. Make use of digital education to educate your children at home. 5.

You can arrange for your children to receive home education before they begin attending school. Make use of educational software and mobile applications that allow you to study while having fun. Play educational games with your children and instill a desire to win in them by presenting them with challenges. Not only will your children be better prepared for school, but they will also regard you as a technologically savvy parent. 

5. Encourage the formation of healthy habits.

Children must learn to maintain a healthy energy balance in order to be successful at school. Encourage them to do morning exercises as soon as they wake up in order to re-energize their bodies and minds. If your children enjoy sports, you can encourage them to participate in any activity they choose during the day. Participating in physical activity throughout the day will assist children in burning off excess energy and remaining focused on schoolwork. 

6. Go over the Travel Regulations.

During the summer, most children do not have to travel to and from school, which is a great convenience. If they forget the fundamental rules of riding a school bus, it is your responsibility to remind them of how to remain safe on the road while doing so. Instead of reviewing traffic regulations, you and your friends can practice taking public transportation. If your children walk to school on foot and have to cross the road several times, consider purchasing them clothing or accessories that have reflective elements on them. 

7.Create a conducive environment for learning. 

If you want your children to be productive at school, provide them with a tidy, quiet space in which to complete their homework. Provide children with any study materials they require and ensure that they are able to access them without assistance. Choose a location in your home where you can study most effectively and with the fewest distractions.In order to assist your children in organizing their learning process, you should consider implementing special tips for school tasks. Create checklists, set deadlines, and keep track of how much time they spend on homework, for example. 

8. Establish a TV Schedule

In anticipation of the start of a new academic year, children look forward to their favorite television shows and cartoons. That is why you must establish rules to ensure that your children's work and entertainment are balanced. Negotiate how much time your children will need to complete their household chores, and then designate a specific time for them to watch television and surf the internet. 

9. Set goals and offer incentives.

If you want to make your child's homework more enjoyable, consider rewarding him or her for achieving educational goals. For example, your child's Monday goal could be to complete their math homework by a specific time (e.g., 7:30pm). As a thank you, you could give them 30 minutes to watch television or play games on their computer. Perhaps on the weekends, if your child has been particularly productive, you could treat them to an outing at their favorite amusement park. 

10. Use SPY24 to keep an eye on their Internet usage. 

Due to the fact that children tend to stay connected with their friends around the clock during the summer, you may need to monitor their internet activity when school begins. The use of a parental control app, such as SPY24, can assist you in keeping track of how much time your children spend online and what they are doing while online. With the help of SPY24, it is possible to detect whether your child is looking for homework answers on the Internet, spending more time on the Internet than you allow them to, or suffering from a social media addiction. 

As an added precaution, you can detect your children's interactions with suspicious Internet users and prevent them from becoming victims of online harassment or cyberbullying. 

School is a time when children learn a great deal of new information, make new friends, and transition from a fun environment to a learning environment. This can be a difficult task for both children and their parents to complete. Follow our back-to-school tips to make your child's first days at school as smooth and painless as possible. We wish you a successful academic year.