5 Best Phones to Assist with Cell Phone Parenting

5 Best Phones to Assist with Cell Phone Parenting
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Many parents are thrilled with the advantages a cellphone offers. Not only can a cell phone provide a child the security to always be able to reach a loved one if they need help — but parents now have instant access to their child, no matter where they are. Cell phone parenting is a term we like to use that describes some of the benefits embedded in the purchase of the first cellphone. With so many to choose from, it’s difficult to find a cellphone that suits your family. Hopefully, this list soon to follow helps.

It’s all about balance, right? Your kids want a device that will give them options for games, app downloads, photos, texting — and a gaggle of other features. However, parents are more interested in safety controls, reliability, available cell phone plans for kids, and overall cost.

We’ve assembled a list of five phones for kids we’re most excited about right now. Check out our suggestions, and see if one matches up with your cell phone parenting needs.

5 Best Phones to Assist with Cell Phone Parenting


Of all the cell phones for children in this list, KURIO will likely please both parents and children alike the most.

PROS: KURIO includes GPS tracking so parents will always know where their kids are. This includes a setting for parents to delineate “safe” and “danger” zones directly on a map within the phone. There is also safe web browsing available, and parents can monitor contacts, phone calls, text messages, and even apps. To boot — the KURIO is an unlocked Android, which means parents have even more flexibility with apps as Android provides more options for app developers versus iOS. Why is this important? SPY24 and other parental control vendors are able to provide more features with Android OS, offering even more outstanding protection options for kids on Android devices than on Apple devices. Of all the phones on our list, the KURIO offers the most robust cell phone parental controls.

CONS: KURIO smartphones for kids are no longer being manufactured, which means you’ll have to find a used KURIO. However, this shouldn’t be too difficult, as there is a slew of retailers available that still supply this child's cell phone. However, because only a used model is possible, older versions of Android OS will be the only available option.

Filip 2

It’s a smartwatch so you don’t have to worry about your kid losing it.

PROS: This wearable device is both a GPS locator and a kid’s cell phone. Parents are able to synch the FiLIP 2 with their own cellphone, whether they use iOS or Android. This provides parents greater control over what their kid downloads, texts, and their contact list. Kids will enjoy the four kid-friendly color options.

CONS: The phone provides for up to five programmable numbers, which may be too limiting for some families. As well, the FiLIP 2 doesn’t have the ability to send text messages (however, parents can send messages to their kids which will appear on the clock face).


Originally designed for consumers with low vision and the elderly, KISA has quickly become a contender in the cell phones for the kids market.

PROS: In contrast to the FiLIP 2, KISA provides for up to 10 programmable phone numbers. As well, the phone allows the child to receive calls and texts from anyone. The display is customizable (perhaps easier for smaller fingers), while not being passé-looking. Best of all? There is an SOS button on the back of the phone in case your child needs help in a pinch. You can also include allergy and contact information in the space provided on the back of the phone. Due to the phone’s lightweight, kids can even wear the phone around their neck to minimize the chance of losing it.

CONS: Being of Australian manufacturing, the KISA could take a bit of a learning curve to set up for non-Australian parents. Buyers in the U.S. must first purchase and activate a SIM card (sending it directly to KISA) before even using the phone. However, after set-up, parents can get started programming the numbers and have their pick from many low-cost carriers.


It’s a smartphone, your kid will be happy.

PROS: Your child has likely been bugging you for their own smartphone. What’s not to like? The Motorola has a low price tag. Your kid will be thrilled to have access to the Internet, the ability to download apps, stream video, and enjoy the superb built-in camera. Plus, the phone runs Android, so parents have more robust parenting software to choose from.

CONS: It’s a smartphone, is your kid ready for it? If so, empower your kid’s phone with SPY24 Safeguard — the best bet for keeping an eye on your digital “mini-me.” Explore all the features and sign up for a free trial!


Another smartphone is on our list. The Nokia is a low-cost device supported by Microsoft.

PROS: AI capability. Okay, well not exactly. The Nokia has an option to link up with Cortana so that your child can ask questions and get answers. Plus, the “AI” can remind your child of certain tasks or schedules — such as homework time or bedtime. It’s kind of like Siri. So your child will have a personal assistant, ha! The phone is fast, low cost, and provides an excellent overall value. If your child has an Xbox, they can synch up with it, offering even more features.

CONS: Another smartphone — so higher in price compared to the non-smartphones on our list, however depending on your kid's age, he may be ready for one.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of mobile phones for kids. From smartphones to kids' phones to wearable phones — we’ve tried to include a variety of options for your parents out there. The verdict after going through our research? There are lots of options. Both parents and kids are sure to find a phone that aligns with their wish lists.

While some of these devices offer child protection, you may want software that’s more robust. In which case, consider checking out SPY24 Safeguard. From GPS tracking, web filtering, automatic monitoring, and many other features — SPY24 Safeguard is simply the best parental control software for monitoring your kid’s online activity. Explore all the features and sign up for a free trial today!