50 Surprising Texting Abbreviations for Parents

50 Surprising Texting Abbreviations for Parents
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The Following Are 50 Unexpected Texting Abbreviations That Parents Should Know:

As new acronyms are introduced, this post will be updated accordingly.

Is it possible that you've caught your child texting strange phrases or unfamiliar abbreviations to friends? If you inquired as to what "PAW, BRB" was and were given the response, "that was a typo," it is likely that they are deceiving you.

Because children are often adept at using technology, it is doubtful that they will make as many errors in two words. When it comes to teens, "PAW, BRB" is short for "Parents are watching, I'll be right back." As a result, if you notice someone sending weird abbreviations to someone else, you may be confident that it was done on purpose.

Because most teenagers keep their online activities hidden from their parents, they are forced to text in a secure manner in order to avoid disclosing their true intentions. They frequently employ acronyms in order to deceive parents and ensure that the message is delivered accurately.

50 Surprising Texting Abbreviations for Parents

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Is There a Definition for Acronyms in Teenage Texting Lingo?

It is possible to pronounce an acronym as a single word even when it is composed of the initial letters of numerous words.

A common reason for this is because kids and teens utilize abbreviations everywhere on the Internet, and especially on social media, making acronyms highly popular. They also allow children to converse in real time without having to type huge passages of text into a computer.

Children, on the other hand, have another compelling motive to utilize abbreviations and slang phrases in their communications. Knowing that their parents are listening in on their chats, teenagers employ acronyms to keep their conversations private. It is a tactic that children employ to carry out restricted acts while preventing adults from overreacting to their actions.

Continue reading if you're one of the parents who always ask oneself questions like "What does FTF signify in texting?" or "What does KMS stand for in texting?"

When it comes to texting, there are hundreds of acronyms that young people use. Here is a texting dictionary for parents that includes 50 abbreviations you may not have known about. They assist in condensing regularly used phrases and encoding information that children wish to keep hidden from their families. Although certain acronyms (such as IMHO, which stands for "In my humble opinion" or YMMD, which stands for "You made my day") are harmless, others (such as KMS, which stands for "kill myself") might serve as warning signs of impending danger.

The following article is for anyone who is curious about what a "thot" is or who is perplexed about the true meaning of the SMH. The following list contains the top 50 most popular texting codes that parents should be aware of.

Acronyms in general

AF — As f**k AFK – Away from keyboard AFAIK – As far as I am aware ATM – At the time of writing

Bae is an abbreviation for significant other or crush.

Bih — abbreviation for b*tch BRB – I'll be right back

BTW – By the way, Cappin' — Lying Dope — There's something really wonderful about this.

Friendship is referred to as "fam" in this context.

G2F or FTF – Face to face GB – Goodbye GLHF – Good luck, have fun IMHO – In my honest opinion KMS/KYS – Kill myself/Kill yourself GB – Goodbye GLHF – Good luck, have fun

Naturally, OFC OTP – On the phone, of course

To be completely honest, I'm smirking and shaking my head.

acronyms for the term "parents"

CD9 — Parents in the vicinity/Code 9 KPC — Keeping parents in the dark

POS – Parent looking over his or her shoulder

PIR = Parent in the room PAW — Parents are keeping an eye on things

Texting Abbreviations that are sexual in nature

ASL — Age, gender, and place

The number of individuals with whom someone has slept is referred to as the "body count."

The term "Daddy" refers to a beautiful man, generally older, who exudes a sense of authority and domination.

DTF – Down to f*ck with it

FBOI is an abbreviation for F**k Boy on the Internet, a guy who is just interested in sex.

Friends with benefits (FWB) is an abbreviation for Friends with Benefits.

GYPO stands for Getting Your Pants Off.

GNOC: Don't be afraid to get naked in front of the camera.

Hentai – Anime pornography with a graphic design

The LMP stands for "Like my picture/lick my p***y."

Let's Meet In Real Life (LMIRL) is an acronym that stands for Let's Meet In Real Life.

NIFOC is an abbreviation for "naked in front of a computer."

Smash — A slang term for having casual sex.

Swoop — To be snatched up in a car or other vehicle

Skeet — to ejaculate TDTM — to engage in sexual relations

Thicc – Possessing a physically appealing body

Thot – That ho over there, who is referred to as "slut" instead.

WAP is an abbreviation for wet ass p*ssy.

420 is an abbreviation for drugs. — Marijuana is no longer legal — An alcoholic hangover

CID stands for acid drug of choice (DOC).

Molly – Ecstasy/MDMA is a kind of MDMA.

Emojis are visual abbreviations that parents should be aware of.

Emojis are frequently used by teens to communicate their ideas and feelings in addition to abbreviations in teen texts. Many parents consider them to be harmless kid-related material — amusing, vivid images that aren't worth the time of an adult person's attention.

Some emojis, on the other hand, have a whole different connotation when they are used by teenagers. They are referred to as sexual emojis. Here are some of the most commonly used emoji acronyms that have a completely different meaning from what they appear to be:

The Penis, the Buttocks, the Vagina, the Ejaculation, and other improper content are all covered in this section. — This term is frequently used to refer to oral sexual activity. • Naughty; • Sexual urge expressed in response to naked photos; • Breasts/testicles; • Weed; • Ghosted (when someone is dropped without reason); — I'm apprehensive about flirting — This phrase means "I agree."

🍆 — Penis

🍑 — Butt

🌮 — Vagina

💦 — Ejaculation

🌶️ — “Hot stuff,” inappropriate content

👅 — Often stands for oral sexual activity

😈 — Naughty

🤤 — Sexual desire sent in response to nude pics

🍒 — Breasts/testicles

🍃 — Weed

👻 — Ghosted (when someone is dumped without explanations)

👉👈 — Shy about flirting

💯 — Means “I agree”

What Do I Do Now That I Understand the Meaning of Text Acronyms for Parents?

You now understand a great deal about the texting abbreviations that kids use on the internet. Despite the fact that you don't have to trouble yourself with questions like "What does TCH imply in texting?" or "What does bae mean in texting?" the danger is still present.

In order to prevent your child from sexting with strangers on social media or participating in potentially harmful online challenges, it is not enough to be familiar with teen terminology and acronyms. If you want to keep your child from talking with online predators on the Internet, you must be aware of when your child uses an acronym and who the recipient is in order to safeguard them.

Using a parental control app, such as SPY24, is a tried and true method of finding out. You can use a keylogging function on your child's phone after you've installed the app on his or her device. This feature captures keystrokes on your child's smartphone and allows you to:

Check to see whether your child is looking for improper information on the internet (drugs, alcohol, sex, etc)

Create a list of prohibited terms.

If they use specified words, you'll receive immediate notifications.

See all of the stuff that contains potentially hazardous abbreviations.

Concerning SPY24

A parental control program, SPY24, is designed to assist you in identifying potential threats in real-time and preventing your child from doing something they will regret for the rest of their lives. The software, in addition to helping you build a library of limited phrases (you'll suddenly be familiar with as many as 50 new acronyms), allows you to listen in on conversations taking place on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and other instant messengers.

Furthermore, you can see your child's browser history, bookmarks, social media conversations, and connected Wi-Fi networks all from the convenience of your mobile device. And, of course, you can remotely disable unwanted apps and restrict access to suspect contacts on your child's smartphone.