apps that secure your phone from hackers

apps that secure your phone from hackers
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Undoubtedly, cell phones have become an important part of our lives. In addition, the mobile phone has become a tool that we put in our pockets or bags every day and carry it to different places. That's why our data is always at risk for thieves and hackers. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the safety tips in this regard. This article provides ways and programs for phone security.

secure phone from hackers

If your phone is hacked and only its information is stolen by a profiteer, you may have many problems. Problems such as misuse of your work and personal emails, misuse of your bank accounts, misuse of your personal photos and videos, etc. can all be done in this situation. But how can we prevent our mobile phone from being hacked?

Prevent mobile phone hacking: operating system update

One of the best ways you can prevent your mobile phone from being hacked is to update or keep the operating system up to date. Periodically updated updates for mobile phones (both Android and iOS) include many security changes that will naturally increase the security of the device and make it harder to penetrate. So always try to download and install these new updates on your phone. Many Android phone companies provide standalone security updates for their phone operating system separately, thus trying to create the best possible security mode. Therefore, one of the most effective ways to prevent mobile phone hacking is to update the operating system.

Do not connect to any Wi-Fi network

Another simple way that hackers and hackers use to access people's phone information is to provide free Wi-Fi networks. If you care about security and do not want your phone data to be stolen, you should never connect to Wi-Fi networks that are free, unknown and untrustworthy. Connecting to these Wi-Fi networks can put your phone at risk of being hacked

Use antivirus software

Many good antivirus programs are designed for all operating systems. Using this type of software protects you from possible external attacks. Free versions are available but superior protection will come with a price tag

Introducing several applications and antivirus

1. Lookout application

Lookout Antivirus for Android is a small application with a lot of power. This great installation gives you complete protection against viruses, trojans and bugs that can enter your device via Bluetooth, online or Wi-Fi connection. Data can be easily protected and also backed up in the cloud, and even has the feature of a lost phone to track the location of your device.

9 apps for phone security

2.Dfndr security application

This anti-hacking and anti-virus program is a good option to protect your device in the modern world. In addition to scanning the device for viruses and malicious programs, it also provides real-time anti-hacking features and even memory boost function to keep the phone running smoothly.

3: LogDog application

Your LogDog is a technology

Smart knows that hackers are taking advantage of your information. Suspicious activity alerts are sent to Gmail, Facebook or other online accounts to protect private information against hackers and online scams. Currently, more than 750,000 Android users use LogDog for online protection.

4. Hackuna application

Hackuna was created by Cryptors Cybersecurity to protect users against various threats. This app protects your phone from threats from public Wi-Fi, as well as apps that can access your camera, SMS, and other mobile content. The program blocks hackers, blocks authorized access that could harm your device, and searches for hidden spyware on your phone.

5. Applock application

We all love apps on our phone, but those apps can be dangerous. Providing secret access to hackers through a seemingly harmless program can give them the freedom to go through passwords, contacts, messages and even access our camera. AppLock shuts down all sensitive apps, prevents others from accessing them, and accesses things we don't want them to see.

6. DroidBox app

DroidBox is one of the most important advanced applications in Android application analysis and has features such as knowing the performance of encryption operations using the API in Android, data leakage through the network, files, text messages and many other useful things. But you should know that working with this program requires programming experience.

7. Burp Suite program

Burp Suite is a complete platform for testing the performance and security of applications on the network and has many tools through which you can find security vulnerabilities and fix them.

8.NetCut application

NetCut is a powerful program for automatically scanning the network and displaying useful information about networked devices. The main function of this program is to disconnect anyone who is connected to your Wi-Fi network. But you should note that using this program requires the use of a rooted phone.

9.ZANTI program

ZANTI is a comprehensive application that includes tools that examine and test mobile vulnerabilities with a single simple click and allow security managers to assess the level of risk of a network.

In this article, we have reviewed some of the most useful, useful and simple applications that can protect your Android mobile phone or tablet from unwanted intrusion. As the most widely used mobile platform on earth, Android is also a prime target for attacks. With 1.4 billion users trusting Google technology both personally and commercially, hackers are working hard to break into the system to infiltrate, infect and steal from these users.

According to research, almost half of Android users are at risk of malicious hacking. This could be because they did something stupid, such as downloading from an unknown source, or simply because they failed to install a proper anti-hacking software for Android. One of the biggest issues is that some devices are no longer updated with the latest security patches, so they become immediately vulnerable.