Best Hidden Spy Apps For Android Free Trial

Best Hidden Spy Apps For Android Free Trial
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Best hidden spy app s for android : The kids of today know way more about technology than their parents did when they were young. If you gave your child a phone, like most parents, your biggest worry would be about the wrong things they could do with it. And to be honest, you can't even keep track of what they're doing, no matter how often you manually check their cell phones. And the reason is that they know more about how to use a phone than you do.

What should we do now? You can't even refuse to give them a cell phone, since everyone needs one to get by in the modern world. Well, a cell phone spying app is the only answer to your question. But then there's another question. Will you be able to do what you want if you just put a spying app on your child's Android device and let them know about it? Not even close. They will find a way to deal with that problem, or they might even have the nerve to just uninstall the app.

Now, you can install and hide a tracking app on your device. You can track their Android devices with this simple trick, and they won't be able to change the app. Even if they know that this kind of app is on their Android device, they won't be able to get rid of it if they just hide it.

So, let's not waste any more time and get right to the list of the eight best spy apps for Android that work in hidden mode.

WARNING: Before you put a spying app on your child's Android device, you need to tell them about it. It would be wrong to put a monitoring app on their device without their permission.

Best Hidden Spy Apps For Android

All of the apps listed here give you the option to hide their app icons while installing them on the target device and letting them run in the background. They are also set up with a generic installation name, making them hard to find.

If you want to spy on an Android phone, there is only one way to do it: install a spy app that can't be found or use apps that can hack Android phones. But with so many choices on the market, how do you know which ones are the best value for your money?

Our experts have tried out more than 50 Android spy apps and made a list of the best ones that give you the most for your money. We've been testing these apps for a few months to make sure we've thought of everything.

Not enough time? Here's a summary of our top three Android spying apps:

SPY24 🥇 is our best choice. A secret spy app that is free to sign up for! You can install it on your target's phone even if you don't have access to it.

mSpy 🥈 is our second-best software for spying on phones. Setup takes 5 minutes and doesn't require physical access. You can spy on social media , read messages, and record the target phone's screen.

uMobix🥉 is a great spy app with more than 30 features and a free trial. Now with a discount of 10%!

1. SPY24 hidden spy app s for android

SPY24 will always be on the list of Android apps with the best hidden spying features. The app's design is clean and simple, which makes it easy for you to keep an eye on your child's phone.

SPY24 has a lot of great features that let you track not only your kids but also your employees and your lover.

SPY24 hidden spy apps for android

You can keep track of all the calls made on the target device by using SPY24. And a list of all the contacts on the device in question can also be seen.

Sometimes it's necessary to use different social media accounts to check the messages sent and received by the target phone. For the same reason, you can use SPY24 to keep an eye on social media sites like WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber , Snapchat, and others.

When it comes to tracking Messenger, SPY24 gets all the messages sent and received by the child and shows them on your screen.

Curious about the photos on the device that is being watched? It's easy to take a look at those photos, and you can even save them to your computer.

When you want to keep an eye on a teenager who is always ready to leave the house and go exploring, you need to track their location. So, you can always use the SPY24 Location feature to find out where your loved ones are at any given time.

The Browser History feature will help you keep your kids safe from the dirty things on the internet.

If you're worried that your kids or employees might change their SIM card s, you don't need to worry. SPY24 sends you an email as soon as the SIM card has been taken out or changed.

With SPY24's Keylogger feature, you can see every keystroke the child makes on the device. Many times, the SPY24 keylogger shows words that were not typed by the kids but were just on the phone screen.

This can sometimes show things about the child that couldn't have been seen any other way.

For example, if your child is reading something from the internet, the keylogger might show you what they are reading so you can see what they like to read online.

SPY24 gives its users three different plans, and you can choose the one that works best for you. The basic plan costs about per month, while the premium plan costs and the family pack costs. If you buy a 3 or 12-month pack, you can save a lot of money.

SPY24 Review: How Good Is This Well-Known Spy App?

Things We Liked

The app's design is simple and understated.

Photos on the device in question are easy to get to.

SPY24's Keylogger works well.

You can easily get to the activities on the calendar.

What We Didn't Like

We couldn't get the location and web history to work.

Videos weren't getting downloaded to the target device.

2. FlexiSPY best hidden spy app for android

FlexiSPY best hidden spy apps for android

FlexiSPY is the next app on the list. It has advanced features even if the phone isn't rooted.

Some of these advanced features include recording calls, taking photos and videos from the target device remotely, and listening to sounds in the area.

Other features include alerts when the SIM card is changed, a keylogger, access to call logs , and so on. You'll be able to see what apps your child has been using lately. You will also have a list of all the apps that are on the device.

You can secretly record and listen to the voices around your child if you want to know what's going on. You can even record video by getting easy remote access to the camera on the target device.

No one should be surprised that the keylogger is the most important part of the app. FlexiSPY keylogger shows all the apps where something was typed and what keys were pressed. And it works better than any other app's keylogger we've tried.

Rooted phones can also be used with FlexiSPY. And if you root your phone, you give other tracking features a chance to work.

You can spy on someone's phone in many other ways if the Android device is "rooted" and you have an "EXTREME" plan. You can make and receive cell phone calls and texts, as well as VoIP calls and social media messages. Including call logs and recordings from Facebook, WhatsApp, LINE, Skype, and Viber.

With the EXTREME plan, you get all of the features of the premium monitoring plan plus a few more. This will allow you to record calls (root is not needed) and even listen in on calls (for rooted).

There are three different plans for FlexiSPY. The LITE plan costs $29.95 a month, while the PREMIUM plan costs $68 a month and the EXTREME plan costs $199 for three months. If you choose the PREMIUM plan and pay for 3 or 12 months at once, you can save a lot of money.

Best Hidden Spy Apps Android

Best Hidden Spy Apps Android

Things We Liked

Remotely, I have full control over the device.

Without rooting, you can get advanced features like call recording .

Best Keylogger ever

Flexispy 's customer service is good.

Cover up any signs of rooting on the target device

What We Didn't Like

Extreme and premium plans are a bit expensive

3. Cocospy Spy Apps hidden

Cocospy Spy Apps hidden

As you might expect from a spy app, Cocospy gets information about calls made before and after the app was installed on the target device.

The same is true for the target phone's list of contacts.

Whether it's a message from a business or someone close to you, like your spouse, you'll always know what's going on.

To keep a full eye on the partner's, employee's, or teen's cell phone, you need to know where it is at all times. Cocospy helps you because it tells you where the child is at all times. And also where the child was recently and not too long ago.

The browsing history feature should let you see everything the teen watches on the internet.

When it came to tracking social media, this feature worked great for some social apps but didn't work well on others.

For example, it was easy to keep track of what people did on Instagram. Both sides of the conversation were available, and other notifications, like when someone mentioned you in a post, were also sent.

But you won't be happy when you see the updates for WhatsApp.

The Keylogger feature will let you know every time your kids press a key on their phones while using different apps.

Cocospy is the best for parental control and monitoring from afar.

With Cocospy, you get a cell phone tracking app that lets you keep an eye on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. With this app, you can track locations, messages, calls, apps, and more without letting anyone know who you are. You only need to do three simple things to use Cocospy.

Just sign up for a Cocospy account and install the app on the phone or tablet you want to spy on. Once Cocospy is installed, you can log in to your dashboard to start monitoring a phone or tablet from afar. It has a lot of things to offer. The Geo-fencing feature is the one we like the most. With this app, you can make marked areas on a map.

Cocospy lets you know right away when a target device leaves or enters a zone you've set up.


Calls and text messages can be tracked through a social media app.


Geo-fence: Keep an eye on your browser's history. Cocospy has a lot of great features that make it easy and possible to track a cell phone. It is one of the best cell phone tracking apps on the market right now because of its geo-fence, keylogger, and social media monitoring features. It is especially good for parents who want to keep an eye on what their child does on and off their cell phones.

One month costs $49.99, three months costs $27.99, and a year costs $11.66.

Things We Liked

Updates your Cocospy account quickly with information from the phone you want to track.

Cocospy's ability to keep track of photos works very well.

There is no need to root or jailbreak the target phone to spy on it.

What We Didn't Like

The history feature of the browser doesn't work right.

The phone could get slower.

4. iKeyMonitor Spy Apps hidden

iKeyMonitor Spy Apps hidden

iKeyMonitor is without a doubt one of the most popular apps for keeping an eye on someone. It makes it possible to track your device in almost every way.

The app has a long list of features that will give you the best monitoring experience. You won't feel like there's anything else on your kids' or spouse's phone that you need to keep an eye on.

Set up the app on both the kid's/device partner's and the parent's (your) device so that the monitoring can begin on the target device.

Once the device is set up with all the necessary permissions, all the data on the target device will be available.

The best thing about iKeyMonitor is that it lets you use many advanced features without having to root the phone you want to spy on.

These advanced features include the ability to record calls, detect keystrokes, take screenshots of apps, listen to sounds around you, and use the phone camera.

We liked how iKeyMonitor could take screenshots and photos of apps. Even one photo that was sent to the target phone but not uploaded to the iKeyMonitor account was not sent.

When the child is using an app on their device, the screenshots can be taken at any time. So, all you'll need are screenshots to see what's going on in the different apps.

In the same way, the setting also won our hearts. iKeyMonitor was able to record all the sounds and voices around the target smartphone. By listening to the ambient sounds, it's easy to hear what your spouse talks about with other people.

Another great thing about iKeyMonitor is that it gives you full access to all the text messages and photos from different social media sites.

The most important thing is that the app works in "stealth mode." So your kid won't know anything about the app installation, and you'll be able to spy on them easily and without them knowing.

I like iKeyMonitor because it has both a paid plan and a free plan, though the free plan has fewer features. There is also free access to advanced-level features for 3 days.

So, you can use the app for free for three days and then decide whether or not you want to pay for it.

There are two different plans that users can choose from with iKeyMonitor. One is the Free plan, which lets you use the app without spending a single dollar. The second is the Paid plan, which gives you access to all the best features for $29.16 per month.

Things We Liked

There are advanced features that don't require rooting

iKeyMonitor also offers a free plan with basic monitoring features to its users.

Even if you pay for the app, it doesn't cost much.

Sounds from all around could be heard clearly.

The feature in the app to take screenshots works very well.

What We Didn't Like

Adding new data takes a few minutes.

iKeyMonitor might not be able to track everything on social media.

5. Hoverwatch free hidden spy apps for android

Hoverwatch free hidden spy apps for android

Here's another app that lets you keep an eye on your kids and employees without them knowing. Hoverwatch gives you everything you need to spy on Android phones and tablets.

With regular screenshots of the target device, there's no way you'll miss anything the child is doing on their phone.

Hoverwatch doesn't just take screenshots. It also takes other things. The kid won't even know, and Hoverwatch will use the front camera of the target phone to take pictures of the surroundings and send them to you remotely.

This can be a great way to keep track of where your child is and make sure they are not in any trouble.

Hoverwatch keeps track of every message sent or received on Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, or Viber.

You will also get screenshots from Instagram's newsfeed/explore tab, Facebook, Snapchat, or any other social app used on the target phone.

The screenshots will show even the pages that the child visited on the browser.

Overall, you can say that Hoverwatch gives you the chance to spy on everything that happens on the target device.

Have you ever thought about who your child's best friends are and if they are real? Now you can look at their contact list to find out who their friends are.

Why just look at their contact list and wonder, "Who is this person my child has been meeting and getting phone calls from?"

Use the "Locations" feature to find your child while he or she is out with a stranger. Or, you can just listen to the recording of the call that Hoverwatch makes for you.

You can do 3 things with Hoverwatch. The Professional plan costs $49.95 per month and lets you track 5 devices. The Personal plan costs $24.95 per month and lets you track 1 device. The Business plan costs $149.95 per month and lets you track 25 devices.

Things We Liked

Taking a lot of pictures with the target phone

Don't take too long to send data.

The settings for an app are flexible and easy to change.

Accurate call recording

What We Didn't Like

The app gives you the information at the right time; you can't choose a feature and use it on your own.

6. mSpy best hidden spy app for android with no root

 mSpy best hidden spy apps for android no root

Without mSpy, the list of the best hidden Android spying apps will never be complete.

The app lets you see the photos and videos that are on the device you want to access. Chats on Kik, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Line, Tinder, and other social media sites are easy to track down.

You can use the GPS location to make sure that your child is in the area. It will keep you up to date on where your child is right now. Using the geofencing feature, you can set up a fence that doesn't exist in the real world. Now, as soon as your child crosses that fence, you'll know about it right away.

Some other great things about mSpy are the website bookmarks, which let you keep an eye on the sites your child has saved in their browser. With the keylogger feature, you will be able to keep an eye on what your child types.

mSpy also makes it easy for parents to see which WiFi networks their child's phone has connected to. With mSpy, it's also easy to see both outgoing and incoming emails on the device you want to track.

If you're worried about the price, you'll be glad to know that mSpy has a basic plan that only costs $29.99 per month. Also, the premium plan has some extra features and costs $69.99 per month. If you want to save more money, you can choose a subscription for 3 or 12 months.

Also, mSpy gives readers of SPY24 an exclusive 15% discount on all of their plans. Use the "SPY24" coupon code at checkout to get the discount.

Things We Liked

Easy and quick to set up


Enough features can be used without rooting.

What We Didn't Like

You can keep an eye on one thing at a time.

It can take a while to get new information from the target device.

7. Spyera hidden spy apps for android auto

Spyera, a monitoring app for Android phones, has some features that other apps don't have, and you don't have to root your phone to use them.

You get some advanced features in addition to the basic ones, like tracking calls, messages on social media, videos, photos, keylogger, location tracking, etc.

With the Spyera Call Recording feature, you can listen in on the target device's call recording. But we couldn't get this to work. How spy apps work can sometimes be different from one device to the next. So, you might be able to use the feature.

Spyera hidden spy apps for android auto

By remotely accessing the phone's microphone, you can also record the sounds around the phone. Based on our tests, the sound Spyera recorded was clear and easy to hear.

If you ever wonder where your kids are right now, you can put your mind at ease by sneaking into the camera and taking pictures and videos of the area. You can do that without even rooting your partner's phone.

Photos, videos, call recordings, and sounds in the area could take a while to upload to the portal after they were taken remotely.

Keylogger was the part that we liked the most. Spyera works in a way that makes you want to use it. On most spy apps' keyloggers, you can only see parts of keystrokes. But on Spyera, all the keystrokes made on the phone's different apps were there as they were.

If the target device is rooted, there are even more advanced features. You get all the features of a device that hasn't been rooted, plus a few more.

If your child is on the phone and you want to know what they are talking about, you can listen in on the call.

Not only can you record regular phone calls, but you can also record VoIP calls from Facebook, Viber, Skype, Hangouts, WhatsApp, etc.

Spyera also lets you know when the device you want to track makes or receives a call. And you can do all of this while the app is running in stealth mode. So, in a nutshell, Spyera makes monitoring complete in every way.

Price-wise, you can choose from 4 different plans based on the devices you use. You have to pay $89 a month to keep an eye on the smartphone. You'll have to pay $69 per month to keep an eye on the tablet and $49 per month to keep an eye on the computer.

Things We Liked

Impressive data sync speed

The information being tracked is 100% correct.

The app's keylogger works great.

The voice that was recorded with the ambient feature can be heard perfectly.

You don't have to root to get advanced features.

The alert feature makes it easier to keep track of your location, keywords, and calls.

What We Didn't Like

Compared to other spy apps, this one is pretty pricey.

We couldn't get the call recording to work.

The app doesn't have good support.

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8. uMobix hidden spy apps for android without root

The uMobix spy app is new to the market, but the way it works will trick you. Even though it's a new spy app, it has everything you need to keep an eye on your family.

uMobix hidden spy apps for android without root

All of the app's features, including calls, messages, contacts, photos, videos, and location, make it better than most spy apps that have been around for years.

Most spy apps don't do a good job of impressing their customers with their keylogger, which hurts their reputation on the market. But the uMobix keylogger made an impression on us.

All of the target person's keystrokes show up on the portal, so you can check them from afar. Each keystroke has a date and time stamp, which makes it easier to keep track of.

If you think your partner is having an affair, it can be a big mistake to not check their social media accounts and instant messaging apps.

If your spouse has uMobix on their phone, you'll have full access to all of their social media accounts. uMobix sometimes takes screenshots of the target person while they use WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, or any other app.

There are also a lot of social apps and instant messaging apps that uMobix can work with. Tinder, Zoom, TikTok, Viber, Telegram, Wechat, and so on are some of the other apps.

With these up-to-date screenshots, you won't miss anything important.

As you can see, uMobix also keeps an eye on what the user does on TikTok. Since TikTok is one of the most popular apps right now, it's important to keep an eye on your kids' accounts.

Most tracking apps don't pay attention to the bad things about TikTok, and they don't have any tracking features for the app. But uMobix makes it easy to keep an eye on what's going on on TikTok.

All spy apps can track what you do in a web browser, but can they also see what you search for in a private tab? uMobix isn't like most spy apps because it keeps track of your history even when you're not using it.

uMobix is the best way to stream audio and video remotely to keep an eye on what your child is doing when they are not at home.

uMobix is a great spyware app that can watch a lot of different platforms. You can also keep track of calls and messages with this app. You can also look at the media files on the target devices.

The fact that the app can stream audio and video to your phone is one of its best features. This lets you know where your kids are and how they are doing at all times. You can also block websites and public Wi-Fi connections with the spy app. The app also lets you block apps, calls, and messages to keep your kids safe.


Video monitoring

Apps and contacts can be tracked and limited.

Keeping an eye on social media chats

GPS location alert when a SIM card is changed

Verdict: uMobix is a great spyware app that lets you not only watch what people do on the screen but also listen to and watch what they do remotely.


between $14.99 and $29.99 a month

Things We Liked

Also shows the sent messages that were immediately deleted.

Keylogger also shows the information that has been copied to the clipboard.

Accurately keeping track of what you've looked at

Even searches done in the "incognito" tab are recorded.

The speed of data sync is.


Tracking data is even better when you use screenshots.

What We Didn't Like

The bookmarks don't show up in the app.

There aren't always updates on social media.

How to Keep an Eye on Your Child's Instagram Messages

9. XNSPY how to find hidden spy apps for android

XNSPY is the best way to look at photos, videos, and social media chats on your children's Android phones.

XNSPY is Android monitoring software that is easy to use and quick. The app lets you keep track of what your kids do on their cell phones. It has a lot of features, like keeping track of calls, keeping an eye on social media, viewing multimedia files, and more. You can also control your child's smartphone from afar so you can see what's going on around the phone or wipe it clean.


History of calls

Contacts on a Watchlist

Watch what people do on the Internet

Look at pictures and videos on the phone

Conclusion: XNSPY is a good app for keeping track of what happens on a smartphone and controlling it from afar. The price is low, which makes it a good app for keeping an eye on your child's Android device.


Basic: $4.99 per month and up

10. hidden spy app for android access to target phone is a spy app that has a lot of cool features. It is the only Smartphone Tracking App with real-time features like live access to GPS, Camera, Photos, Call-Recordings, Calls Notifications, Social-Media Messages (WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Vkm, SMS, etc.), and everything else you could ever want.

Because the platform is so new and easy to use, even people who have never used a Spyapp before will be able to use this one.

There are more than 42 unique features that you can try out for free on Live-Demo to see if they meet your needs.


Access to GPS, photos, videos, and calls through a futuristic real-time dashboard.

Tracking of all online activity Verdict: is perfect for Parents and Businesses who want to buy the most advanced Spyapp money can buy.

Price: Free for 7 days, $19 a month for the monthly plan, $13 a month for the quarterly plan, and $13 a month for the half-year plan.

11. eyeZy hidden spy app for android audio

Best for phone monitoring that is driven by AI.

eyeZy is a phone monitoring app that is easy to use and gives parents control over all phones, no matter what kind they are. eyeZy lets you keep an eye on a phone without the person using it knowing. The app lets you see everything that happens on the device you want to spy on, from text messages to the history of the browser.

The thing that makes eyeZy stand out is that it has AI built in. You don't have to stick to the app all the time because its AI is so good. The app will let you know when the phone you're after is being used. You can also feel safe because eyeZy uses bank-grade encryption to keep your and your family's important information safe.


Track every keystroke made on a device that is being watched.

Watch what's going on with texts and social media. You can even find deleted texts.

Geo-location tracking and analysis of Wi-Fi networks.

Find the multimedia files on the target device and view them from afar.

You can see what websites users of your targeted device go to and block them.

Verdict: eyeZy is a phone monitoring app with a lot of features that let you keep track of everything going on with the device you want to spy on. This app is a great way for parents to keep track of their kids. It's amazing, and AI is just the icing on the cake. This one is worth a try because it's easy to set up and run on both iOS and Android devices.

The price is $9.99 per year, $27.99 per three months, and $47.99 per year.

12. pcTattletale apk hidden spy apps for android

Best for running invisibly in the background and recording everything as movies and keystrokes.

pcTattletale is a program that lets parents and employers keep an eye on their children and employees.

It gives tools for managing teams that work in different places. It stores the data that was recorded on a secure online cloud using AES encryption and SSL technologies and techniques. The information it records can be kept for a year. You only need to install pcTattletale on the workstation. No server or other infrastructure needs to be kept up to date.


Click-Count Chart is a powerful monitoring tool in pcTattletale that lets you see when people are online the most.

Activity reports let you know what your staff does during the day.

It lets you know what sites and apps your team is using.

Its child monitoring solution lets you keep an eye on where they go, what they do on social media and a lot of other things they do on their phones.

PCTattletale gives you a central place to watch what your employees are doing on their computers. With the help of an advanced keylogger, it can keep track of every click. It keeps track of everything that is done on the target device by recording the screen. It works with Windows, Kindle, and Android.

Price: pcTattletale lets you try it out for free. Family ($99), Family Plus ($147), and Business ($297) are the three price plans. All of these prices are for three devices and one year of service.

Premium: Monthly prices start at $7.49What Should I Choose in the End?

All of the above apps are great and work great with Android devices. All of them can also be hidden on the Android phone in question. If the device isn't rooted and you're not sure which one to choose, we suggest going with SPY24 or FlexiSPY. With this information, we hope you'll finally be able to choose which app to use.


How To Spy On An Android Phone?

If you install one of the monitoring apps mentioned in this article, you can spy on an Android phone.

Can Spy Apps for Android be Found?

You don't have to worry about the spy app being found if you choose to hide the app icon when you install it.

Do Android Spy Apps Work?

Yes, spy apps do work after you put them on the Android phone you want to spy on. They get the information off of the target device and show it to you remotely through their online portal.

What are the best hidden spy apps for Android that can't be found?

SPY24 and FlexiSPY are the best hidden spy apps that can't be found to keep an eye on the target Android phone.

Can I put spy software on my Android phone from afar?

No, you can't put the spy app on an Android device from far away. Because you need to give permissions, which can only be done if you can access the phone from afar.