9 Best Online Phone Tracker Free Apps in 2022

9 Best Online Phone Tracker Free Apps in 2022
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Are you looking for the finest spy phone tracker app for your phone? However, you're bewildered by a large number of software titles available and can't decide which is best for your requirements. Don't give in to the pressure. We've put up a comprehensive list of the top eight best tracker apps. Each program's entire demo, description, features, benefits, and downsides will be provided to you. This will provide you with a decent idea of what each spy phone tracking program can do. It will also assist you in deciding on the greatest alternative for your requirements and aspirations. You must, however, first comprehend what it is.

What exactly is a Spy Phone Tracker, and how does it function?

The next generation of smartphone surveillance software could be a spy phone tracker. These apps allow you to keep track of incoming and outgoing phone calls, texts, and your surroundings. If you care about your loved ones, especially your children, these sentences will help you in every situation. You may also find out where they are, read their texts, and listen to their phone calls. You should not be concerned about them. On the market, there are a plethora of Best Spy Phone Tracker apps. You can solve your problem by using one of the following apps...

2022's Top 8 Spy Phone Tracker Apps

Do you ever consider snooping on someone's phone? There are numerous apps available that can assist you in this regard. The following are the apps:

SPY24 is number one.

One of the greatest phone tracker apps on the market is SPY24. It's jam-packed with essential features that make smartphone spying and monitoring a breeze. SPY24 allows you to follow the actions of Android and iOS devices in real-time so you can keep tabs on your loved one's conduct. Computers can also be used to monitor activity.

All you have to do is download the SPY24 app to your target device (for example, your child's phone). The phone track app works in the background, quietly tracking activity without calling notice to itself. This application also includes a mobile app that allows you to track all phone activity from anywhere.

The following are some of the other qualities we adore:

Calls should be recorded.

For live surveillance, there's a built-in camera and microphone, as well as phone call interception and alarms.

Keep an eye on social media and messaging apps.

Tracking and history of GPS location s

Keep track of all text messages, including incoming and outgoing.

You can see all of the photos and movies you've taken using your phone.

Keep track of your online activities and browsing history.

Keep track of all the apps you've loaded on your phone.

SPY24 is available in three different editions: Lite, Premium, and Extreme. The Lite version includes all of the key features for a modest fee, while the Premium app adds the ability to view text messages, call records, and photos. The Extreme software has a comprehensive set of advanced functions, such as live phone interception.

SPY24 is the greatest phone tracker app without permission, despite the fact that it isn't the cheapest option. It works with all devices and is easy to set up in comparison to other items on the market.


It's one of the most capable GPS tracking apps for Android devices. This program is quite useful and practical. In real-time, you will receive accurate location indications. The interactive map option will show you your current GPS location as well as your route history. This app can even track phones that have been set to secret mode. As a result, this application provides a plethora of features. It is one of the most powerful programs on the market, but it is also one of the most expensive. It works with all iPhone and iPad models. It works well on Android, Windows, and Mac OS.


App to track your phone remotely

The calls can be intercepted and recorded with this application.

It also has the ability to record VoIP calls.

You can effortlessly keep track of the passwords for all of your accounts and applications.

This app can snap screenshots of what's going on in the apps.

This application must be physically installed on the target device.

It is not compatible with the most recent version of iOS.

Enough is enough.

3. Mobile Highster

This app is only compatible with Android phones. You may obtain complete tracking of text messages, phone calls, location, and other information. You can receive the precise location of the target device as well as track it.

Real-time location signals of the target device are provided by the free spy phone tracker app.

Mobile Highster

Calls, messages, and internet history are all recorded.

It doesn't have an application form, which is something you'd expect.

It is more expensive than other top-rated surveillance software.


It is one of the most dependable parental control programs. Parenting is a difficult task. You have the ability to protect your children from cyberbullying. You can block inappropriate adult content and monitor your children's SMS interactions.


GPS tracker for cell phones

You can get your current GPS location.

You can also use your phone to keep track of your children's general activity.

For your children, you can also block inappropriate, hazardous, adult, and undesirable web pages.

Management that is beyond comprehension

TheTruthSpy is number five.

It's a dependable and trustworthy mobile monitoring app. For parents and employers, it's the ideal mobile monitoring solution. If you are concerned about the safety of your adolescent children, this application will undoubtedly assist you.

You can also analyze your employees' online and browser histories to ensure that they are not wasting too much time at work chatting and shopping.

This app can also be used for your loved ones.

In this manner, you can protect your family members secure from harm.

2022's Top 12 Mobile Spy Apps

It can monitor and track calls, messages, and chats.

It can see your contacts and notes, as well as their internet usage history.

You may monitor the target person's social media accounts with this app.

You'll be able to receive a precise GPS position.

You can also keep an eye on that person's email.

There are no such drawbacks or disadvantages.

Spyzie is number six.

It's a different type of device management software.

It is one of the most effective tracking programs available.

It is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices.

It is compatible with iCloud. It is not necessary to jailbreak the device.

It's a good piece of software for eavesdropping.

This application comes with a plethora of complex features.

App to track your phone remotely

It can effortlessly block the target device's dangerous programs and websites.

You can also check the call log and the text messages.

You can obtain precise device location information for the target device.

You may see all of the actions at the same time.

A sensitive and automatic alert option is available.

It is a completely concealed application.

This application must be physically installed on the target device.

CocoSpy is number seven.

It is one of the most effective spy phone tracking programs available. It has a 96 percent client satisfaction rate. This application is used by many customers for monitoring purposes. This software offers a beautiful design and an easy-to-use monitoring interface.

CocoSpy is number seven.

The cocospy ">CocoSpy surveillance solution is simple and quick to set up.

You can also obtain a comprehensive call list and call log.

You can also monitor accounts on social networking platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and WhatsApp. Viber , Hike, and everything else.

You will have complete control over your internet browsing histories.

spy phone tracker software with the greatest features

You don't need to root or jailbreak your device.

This application does not require physical installation.

This program is simple to use and quick to load.

It also does not deplete the battery of the target device.

The app takes up very little space.

It is a completely safe application.

This tracker application is not suitable for professional detectives.

Google Family Link is number eight.

If you have an adolescent child at home, this program is ideal for you. This app can assist your family in developing digital habits. On the internet, you can monitor their activity and encourage them to engage in healthy activities. You have the power to prevent them from making any mistakes. If you use this software, you may rest assured that you are protected.

You have the ability to create boundaries for your children.

You can also put a lock on their phone.

Look up their GPS coordinates.

Additionally, look into their internet history.

1. Keep an eye on your surroundings.

It is one of the most affordable Android phone tracker apps available. It can collect your GPS location as well as show you the place's surrounding Wi-Fi signals. It can send a message to the target device's control panel, allowing you to quickly determine the user's location.

This program can provide you with precise data. You'll also receive a comprehensive interactive map of the area and directions. Android phones, Macs, and Windows PCs are all supported by this app.

With this software, you'll have basic monitoring capabilities.

You can also monitor the target phones' to-do lists.

You may also keep track of when a sim card is changed or removed.

You can keep track of many devices at the same time.

The iPhone and iPad are not supported.

It does not provide an alert option for all activities.

What Are the Advantages of Using the Best Spy Phone Tracker?

With the use of these apps, you may track down your loved ones, such as your partner, family members, and children. These top eight apps are quite beneficial. These programs can help you with a variety of issues as well as suit your surveillance requirements.

You can keep track of your loved ones' GPS locations.

You can also check their voicemail and text messages.

You can also monitor their social media pages.

You may also look at their surfing history on the internet.

These tools are extremely user-friendly, and they might help you solve your spying issues. The top 8 phone monitoring apps for 2022 are shown below. You can use any of these apps depending on your needs.

These spy phone tracker apps are extremely user-friendly and ideal for keeping tabs on your family's activities. You can choose from any of these options. All of these are incredibly dependable and effective. You now know everything there is to know about these applications and what they can achieve. It's difficult to pick a favorite among these. However, you must select the option that best meets your requirements. These apps are quite useful, and you should start using them right away. The purchase and download of these Best Spy Phone Tracker apps are both legal.