Aispyer App Download Free Spy WhatsApp

Aispyer App Download Free Spy WhatsApp
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Ai Phone Tracker For Parents and Employers. You can see all monitoring & tracking apps of Aispyer here, including the Android phone tracker app, iPhone tracker app, iPad tracker app, computer monitoring app. Learn more about Aispyer on this page.

Aispyer App Download Free Spy WhatsApp

Ai Phone Tracker For Parents and Employers

SecureEasyUnobtrusivePower Saving

Aispyer for Android

Track your kid's location and all behaviors on Android devices remotely and secretly.

Aispyer for iOS

View data files and social chat history of your kid's iOS device on computer, without jailbreak.

Aispyer for iPhone (Jailbreak required )

Monitor 30+ files on your kid's iPhone in real-time.

Aispyer WhatsApp Ex

With WhatsApp backup from the phone, local backup, or Google and iCloud Drive, it is easy to view the data.

Aispyer Phone Breaker

Break into encrypted backups, obtain and analyze backups, synchronized data, and passwords from Apple iCloud.

Aispyer For IM

IM Password Recovery

Instantly extract account passwords from various instant messengers. Such as AOL, ICQ, MSN, etc...

Aispyer for iCloud (Without Client)

No need to install any client, monitor iPhone by cracking iCloud account

Why Choose Us?

There are many mobile tracking tools and computer monitoring solutions on the market, so how do you choose the best one? There are four important things that you must consider: whether the tool is safe enough to protect your information, whether the tool is easy to install, whether the tool is undetectable, and whether the power consumption of the target device is sufficiently low after installation. All the tracker apps we provide are secure, easy, unobtrusive, and power-saving. You can totally rely on us.

  • Secure

Aispyer has three methods to protect your data. You can stop monitoring at any time, continue monitoring after stopping for a period of time, or completely delete all data. You can control everything.

  • Easy

Compared with the complicated and confusing installation process of similar software on the market, the installation process of Aispyer is clearer and easier. You can complete the installation in one minute.

  • Unobtrusive

After the installation is complete, Aispyer will automatically be hidden. You can monitor the information you want without any worries.

  • Power Saving

Thanks to the powerful and unique technology of Aispyer, the power consumption of the target phone with Aispyer installed is lower than other products, making the tracking process almost undetectable.

Always know what's going on.

  • Anti-Theft and Find Your Phone

Find your lost phone. Track your phone location and protect your phone from being stolen.

  • Know and Protect Children

Want to protect your child from danger? Know their current location, and protect them from inappropriate content on the internet.

  • Monitor Employees

Monitor your employees by viewing their live location and activities.

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About Aispyer

World's No.1 Mobile Monitoring Solution.

Aispyer is a lightweight and helpful mobile monitoring solution that helps protect your kids from danger, including online threats and dangerous places in life.

Lightweight Mobile Phone Monitoring Solution

Aispyer is a lightweight remote monitoring solution for mobile users and helps people solve the most important issues in the most appropriate way.

Aispyer will support monitoring more tools besides the mobile phone, including Car-equipped devices, other electronic devices, or even home appliances.

Aispyer Team

More than 10 years of technical reserves

More than 10 Years' Technology in this field

More than 10 years of technical reserves

In-depth understanding of users' needs

More than 10 years of technical reserves

Developing products that users really need

World's No.1 Mobile Phone Monitoring Solution

Aispyer is enjoyed by more than 10 million people from over 200 countries all over the world. With its lightweight size and powerful features, Aispyer brings much convenience to people's daily life.

Trustworthy and lightweight monitoring app for mobile.

What is Aispyer?

Aispyer is a lightweight monitoring app for mobile phones. This app can help you monitor phone numbers, call logs, browsing history, GPS location, Facebook activities, Messengers, and WhatsApp contacts.

Compared with other monitoring apps, Aispyer stands out thanks to its lightweight size and unobtrusive characteristics. It doesn't waste the power of the mobile phone, which can make it successfully hidden on the target device.

How Does Aispyer Work?

If you want to use Aispyer, you'll need to create an account on Aispyer first. After that, you can install the app on the target device and then track the data you need.

Aispyer tracks and updates the data once an hour; therefore, you'll be able to view the activities on the target device in real-time.

Please note that GPS location tracking relies on open GPS in the target device; if the GPS is not open in the target device, the GPS location won't be updated.

What Happens After the Purchase?

Once you finished the payment, a confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address. The email contains the link to your dashboard and login credentials. Then you'll be able to log in to Aispyer and see full instructions of this app and how to install it on the target device.

Can I Track Multiple Devices with the Same Account?

No, you can't. You can only track one device with one account.

If you want to track more devices, you need to create the same number of accounts.

Can I Track Multiple Devices with Only One License?

No, you can't. There is only one registration code for one license, so you can only activate one device with it at a time.

If you want to track more devices, you need to buy the same number of licenses.

Can I Change My Monitored Devices Freely?

Yes, you can change the target devices according to your needs. You need to unbind the previous device before adding a new one, and the new target device should be the same system as your plan shows.

Can I Use iPhone to Monitor Android Device?

Yes, you can. You can install Aispyer on an Android device and then monitor it secretly on your iPhone.

Can I Install Aispyer for Android Remotely?

No, you can't. You need to have physical access to the Android device only once to install this tracking app.

Do I Need to Reinstall Aispyer When the Target Device is Changed?

Yes, you do. Before adding a new one, please unbind the previous device first and reinstall Aispyer for Android on the new device. If the target device is changed to iOS, please use Aispyer for iPhone or Aispyer for iPad to track it.

Is Aispyer totally invisible?

Aispyer works in an invisible mode. When the app is installed on the target device, all the information of this app will be hidden.

Thanks to the lightweight size and advanced power-saving technology, Aispyer doesn't waste any power, so it doesn't attract any attention.

The Most Secure and Reliable Mobile Phone Tracker for Android

Aispyer is a secure and reliable mobile phone tracker, and it supports tracking GPS location, contacts, SMS, view browsing history, track social media activities, and more.

Aispyer for Android

Most Reliable Android Mobile Tracker App to Keep Your Kid Safe

Track 30+ files: WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, SMS, Calls, etc.

100% hidden, without anyone else knowing.

Easy to install, easy to use.

No root required.

Flexible ordering features in Lite version monitor.

Track the information you need, and you want

Phone Number Tracker

Monitor and view all call logs, contact information, date, time, and duration of all incoming and outgoing calls.

SMS Tracker

Track all text messages with details, including sent, received text messages and iMessages, media attachments, history, etc.

Web History Tracker

This mobile phone tracker helps to view browsing history, bookmarks, visited URLs, and dates.

GPS Phone Tracker

This mobile phone tracker app accurately tracks GPS location, current whereabouts, plus the date and time of visited location.

Facebook Spy

Monitor all Facebook messages, Facebook activities, group chats, Messenger histories, date and time of all the sent or received messages.

WhatsApp Spy

This mobile phone tracker monitors all WhatsApp messages, chat history, and attachments.

Contact Tracker

Track contacts, phone numbers, profile pictures, and email addresses with ease. Even if the contact is deleted, you can also find it with one click.

APP Tracker

Track app installation time, app condition, app icon, etc. You can search the app with keywords and control the app with a Turn On/Off option.

Photo Tracker

Track photos with thumbnails sorted by date, and fully support to search photos by date.

Email Tracker

Monitor inbox and outbox list, title, and body of the email. All information will be tracked precisely.

Calendar Tracker

Monitor the creating date, title, description, starting time, and location. Support to search by date and keywords.

Keylogger Tracker

Track app title typed content, and paste content on the clipboard. Support to search by date.

Snapchat Tracker

Track Snapchat screenshots, sent & received content, and the notification from the notification center.

Instagram Tracker

Track Instagram messages, sent & received pictures, and the app notifications in one click.

Skype Tracker

Track Skype chats, incoming and outgoing calls, the content of the system notifications, and more.

Line Tracker

Track line call details sent & received message contents and notifications from the notification center.

Aispyer is an all-in-one mobile tracking solution for Android users. It enables you to track more social apps, including WeChat, Viber, Kik, Tinder, QQ, Hangouts, Telegram, Messenger Lite, Facebook Lite, and Tumblr. In addition, it also supports tracking clipboards.

Start mobile phone tracking in 3 easy steps

Register an Aispyer Account

Create an account by simply entering your e-mail address and password.

Connect With a Target Device

Download and install the application in a maximum of 5 minutes by following the Guide Video.

View All Tracked Data.

Login to your account and view all tracked data.

Most Secure and Helpful iPhone Tracker App without Jailbreak

It is the most secure and helpful iPhone tracker app without jailbreak in the world. Easy to install and use. With it, you can track almost all apps on the target iPhone.

Aispyer for iOS (without jailbreak)

The World's Most Secure and Helpful iPhone Tracker App without Jailbreak

Track all data of every app on the monitored iPhone.

Even deleted files can be monitored.

Easy to use, no technical knowledge required.

No jailbreak is required.

Advanced iPhone Monitoring Features

Aispyer for iOS provides 20+ advanced iPhone monitoring features, which allows you to track almost all the activities on the target iPhone of your kids or employees.

Why Choose Aispyer for iOS for iPhone monitoring

Aispyer for iOS is specially designed for iPhone, and it works perfectly for iPhone monitoring! Below are key features that make it outstanding and unbeatable.

No Jailbreak Required

No jailbreak is required for all features of Aispyer for iOS.

Deleted Data Can Be Tracked

You can track all the data, including the deleted data, of the target iPhone.

Extract iPhone Data Automatically.

Extract data of target iPhone automatically once it is backed up via iTunes.

Easy to Install and Use

It is straightforward to install and use for you because it is a PC-based app.

Good compatibility

Compatible with all iPhone devices running iOS 9.0 to iOS 14.x.


Competitive price, stable performance, and more features for iPhone monitoring.

The Best iPhone Monitoring Tool for Kids and Employees

Aispyer for iPhone is the best iPhone monitoring tool for kids and employees. Powerful and easy to use.

Aispyer for iPhone (Jailbreak Required)

The Most Powerful Monitoring Software for iPhone

Record all iPhone digital and audio communications.

More 9+ monitoring features than any other product.

Used for parental control and employee monitoring.

Jailbreak required.

Why choose Aispyer for iPhone

The Best iPhone Monitoring Tool for Kids and Employees

Record, intercept and listen in on live iPhone calls

Track GPS location of your iPhone devices

Spy on Snapchat, Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp + 9 more IM’s

Turn on the phone's microphone and record its surroundings

Record iPhone VoIP Calls: Skype, Facebook, Viber, LINE, and more

Spy on SMS, Emails, and Photos

Runs in hidden or visible mode

Note: Jailbreak required

The powerful features to protect kids and manage employees

Listen To Surroundings

Remotely open iPhone's microphone to listen and record everything in the surroundings.

Live Phone Calls

Listen and record live iPhone calls as they happen for training, quality control, or even archiving your own conversations.

Track GPS Location

Track an iPhone's location and replay its historical movements. Export paths for use in other applications like Google Maps.

Monitor Social Apps

Spy on over 11 popular social apps, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Skype, Hangouts, Tinder, and many more

Spy on Contacts

View iPhone contacts and calendar entries, giving you a complete backup for future reference.

Internet Activity

View iPhone browsing history and bookmarks, including URLs, date, and time of visit, giving full visibility of browsing history.

Track APP Activity

Know all installed apps, installation date, and other details. View usage history, including launches, closures, and uninstallations.

Remote Camera Capture

Remotely activate the iPhone camera to take a photo or video, which will be uploaded to your web portal.

View Media Files

Get all images that are already on the target phone. Hear all audio and voice memos.

iPhone Keylogger

See everything that’s typed on the keyboard. Discover search terms, notes, and more.

Know Suspicious Activity

Set alerts for calls to and from specified numbers, 'hot words' in SMS chats or emails, or if location boundaries are breached.

Tamper Controls

Choose visibly or 100% undetectable mode. Protect from rogue employees and increase the safety of your dependents.

Unique Tablet Monitoring Software for iPad

Aispyer for iPad

The Complete Monitoring Software for Use with the Apple iPad

Monitor call logs and what's being said.

Receive real-time location updates.

Get full control of your kid's iPad.

Jailbreak required.

Most Powerful Computer Monitoring Software for Windows

Aim for Windows is the best computer monitoring tool for Windows. You can use its powerful features to monitor kids and employees. Read on!

Aim for Windows

The most powerful computer monitoring software for parents and employers

With over 40+ features, it helps you monitor complete computer usage.

Used for parental control and employee monitoring.

It can be uninstalled remotely.

Run in hidden mode.

Why choose Simon for Windows

The Best Windows Monitoring Tool for Kids and Employees

Track the most popular IM chats, including WhatsApp, Facebook, LINE, etc.

Monitor sent and received emails.

Monitor all browser activities.

Track all keystrokes and view Keylogs.

See file transfers.

Trade-in, your old software.

Measure bandwidth activity.

Track USB activity and user logins.

It runs in hidden or visible mode.

Powerful Windows Monitoring Features

Monitor IMs

Every word can be monitored

Monitor the contents of the most popular IM chats, even those that have been deleted.

Verify Network Activity

Know what and who is connected

Keep track of all computer network connections that take place.

Track Internet Activity

Track browsing history and bookmarks

Including URLs, date, and time of visit, giving full visibility of browsing history.

Safeguard Your Data

Monitor all file activity and transfers

Let you know when a file was opened, who modified it, and where it was sent.

Visible/Invisible Option

Select visibility option

It's up to you to run it in visible or invisible mode. No other software gives you this flexibility.

Easy-to-View Data

Data is uploaded to your portal

View all activities on the target Mac computer in your secure online portal.

Support All MacS

Compatible with All MacS

Compatible with all Mac systems, giving you the ability to install on any Mac computer.


See everything typed

Let you see everything that’s typed - even if it's deleted. Discover search terms, notes, and more.

Check Emails

Track all sent and received emails

Track all incoming and outgoing emails, as well as the time-stamp and contact details of the sender.

Best Computer Monitoring Software for Mac

Aimon for Mac is the best computer monitoring software for Mac. You can spy on any Mac computer with this powerful computer monitoring tool.

Aimon for Mac

With 40+ unique features, Aimon for Mac is the world's powerful computer monitoring software for parents and employers

Monitor popular IM chats, emails, browser activity, file transfers

Track all keystrokes and view Keylogs

Support all Mac computers

100% hidden, easy to use

Why choose Simon for Mac?

Best Mac Computer Monitoring Software

Read popular IM chats and emails

Record browser activity

Monitor PC and Mac devices

Supports Microsoft Outlook 365 Webmail

Track all keystrokes and view Keylogs

See file transfers

Trade-in, your old software

Measure bandwidth activity

Track USB activity and user logins

Compatible with all versions of Mac

Best Message Explorer for WhatsApp

Aimon for Mac is the best computer monitoring software for Mac. You can spy on any Mac computer with this powerful computer monitoring tool.

Message Explorer for WhatsApp

Acquire and analyze WhatsApp communication histories from multiple sources.

Extract WhatsApp databases from Android phones with and without root access, download WhatsApp backups from Google Drive and iCloud Drive, or extract from local and cloud iOS system backups.

Includes WhatsApp acquisition and extraction tools for iOS and Android

Supports regular WhatsApp on Android and iOS and WhatsApp Business for Android

Extraction from physical devices, backups, Google and Apple cloud services

All-in-one tool supplied with all relevant local and cloud acquisition tools

Supports: WhatsApp databases and backups, Android devices with and without root, iOS system backups (local and cloud), stand-alone WhatsApp backups (Google Drive, iCloud Drive)

The Ultimate WhatsApp Acquisition Tool

Elcomsoft Explorer for WhatsApp (EXWA) is a Windows tool to acquire, decrypt and display WhatsApp communication histories. The tool offers multiple acquisition options to extract and decrypt WhatsApp data from multiple local and cloud sources, including Android smartphones, iOS system backups (iTunes and iCloud), and WhatsApp proprietary cloud backups in Google Drive and iCloud Drive.

The tool supports both rooted and non-rooted Android phones. Encrypted backups can be automatically decrypted, providing that the correct password is supplied. Downloading cloud backups from Apple iCloud and iCloud Drive requires entering the user’s Apple ID and password or using a binary authentication token extracted from the user’s computer. In contrast, Google Drive downloads require a login and a password. Two-factor authentication is supported for both Apple and Google accounts.

The built-in viewer offers a convenient view of messages, calls, and pictures stored in multiple WhatsApp databases obtained from different sources. Instant filtering and ultra-fast searching allow finding records of interest in a matter of seconds.

Elcomsoft Explorer for WhatsApp supports all of the following acquisition methods of WhatsApp databases:

Direct extraction from Android smartphones

Rooted (Android 4.0-9.0) and non-rooted (Android 4.0-6.0.1) devices are supported. The phone must be unlocked for acquisition.

Over-the-air acquisition of WhatsApp proprietary backups stored in Google Drive

WhatsApp backups can be pulled from the user’s Google Account and decrypted. Access to a registered phone number or SIM card is required. Google ID and password required.

Extraction from local iTunes backups

Encrypted backups are automatically decrypted. The correct password is required to decrypt the backup.

Over-the-air acquisition from iOS backups stored in Apple iCloud

WhatsApp databases are automatically retrieved from iOS backups stored in Apple iCloud. Fast acquisition is made possible by selectively downloading WhatsApp information instead of pulling the entire backup from the cloud. Apple ID and password or binary authentication token required.

Over-the-air acquisition of WhatsApp proprietary backups stored in iCloud Drive

Proprietary WhatsApp backups can be pulled from the user’s iCloud Drive account and decrypted. Access to a registered phone number or SIM card is required. [1] Apple ID and password or binary authentication token required.

All Features and Benefits

WhatsApp Acquisition from Android

Elcomsoft Explorer for WhatsApp can extract WhatsApp conversations directly from a wide range of Android smartphones. As WhatsApp securely encrypts its databases, root access is recommended (but not required) for acquisition. If no root access is available, Elcomsoft Explorer for WhatsApp will employ a workaround by pushing an acquisition tool into the phone temporarily for extracting the decryption key.

If root access is available, Elcomsoft Explorer for WhatsApp can extract WhatsApp conversations from Android handsets running Android 4.0 through 9.0. Without root access, compatibility is limited to Android versions 4.0 through 6.0.1.

WhatsApp Business for Android

WhatsApp Business extraction is supported for Android devices. Since WhatsApp Business is a separate app with a different security profile, Elcomsoft Explorer for WhatsApp requires root access to extract information directly from a physical Android handset.

Logical acquisition (backup files) and cloud extraction from Google Drive are available without root access.

Downloading Proprietary WhatsApp Backups

WhatsApp has the ability to create cloud backups of its database, saving them in Apple iCloud Drive (iPhone) or Google Drive (Android phones). WhatsApp backups are unique per phone number. This means that the number of available WhatsApp backups in the user’s cloud account will depend on how many different phone numbers are used.

Elcomsoft Explorer for WhatsApp can extract and decrypt proprietary WhatsApp backups from both Google Drive and iCloud Drive. When obtaining a decryption key, one-time access to the user’s phone number or SIM card is required to receive a verification code. Without the code, the conversation database will remain encrypted; only the files (photos and videos) and contacts (Google Drive only) will be available.

Information Available in WhatsApp Databases

WhatsApp is an instant messaging application. Its databases contain information about peer-to-peer communications between users, including the following records:

WhatsApp Database Content

Sent and received text messages complete with contact ID’s and timestamps

User’s contact database complete with phone numbers

Call logs

Pictures and videos sent and received, complete with timestamps and contact ID’s

Viewing and Exporting

Elcomsoft Explorer for WhatsApp is equipped with a built-in viewer supporting multiple WhatsApp databases extracted from various sources. The viewer includes instant filtering and quick search functionality. Finding a certain contact, message or conversation is easy by specifying a date range or typing a partial keyword into the search box.

The built-in data export facility enables exporting WhatsApp data into a standard Excel-compatible XLSX file. Experts can use these files to continue their investigation into the product of their choice.

Not an Easy Target

WhatsApp Messenger is one of the most popular instant messaging tools, if not the most popular one. WhatsApp clients are available for all mobile platforms, including Android, Apple iOS, Blackberry, and Microsoft Windows 8.x and Windows 10 Mobile.

WhatsApp is a popular target for spammers, hoaxers, and cybercriminals. On at least one occasion, intercepted WhatsApp communications helped uncover a terrorist organization.

Since WhatsApp employs secure end-to-end messaging, law enforcement can't request communication histories from Facebook who currently owns WhatsApp. As a result, the acquisition is only possible from end-user devices or data backups produced by such devices and saved locally or stored in a cloud.

System requirements Windows version only.

Windows Windows 7 (32 bit) / Windows 7 (64 bit) / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 / Windows Server 2012/2016

2. Requirements to Download WhatsApp Databases from the Cloud The Standard edition of Elcomsoft Explorer for WhatsApp can download information from Google Drive, Apple iCloud, and iCloud Drive. To download information from Apple iCloud/iCloud Drive, the correct Apple ID and password are required. Decrypting the backup requires a one-time code received by SMS to a registered phone number. Without the code, the conversation database will remain encrypted; only the files (photos and videos) and contacts (Google Drive only) will be available.

For Apple iCloud access, one can use a binary authentication token extracted from the user’s PC or Mac. We recommend using a tool from [Elcomsoft Phone Breaker] (if you don’t own a license, the evaluation version will work just fine).

3. WhatsApp encrypts its cloud backups To decrypt the backups, one-time access to the user’s registered phone number or SIM card is required. The decryption key is permanent and can decrypt existing and future backups created on iCloud Drive (for Google Drive, only existing ones). Alternatively, the encryption key can be obtained from jailbroken iPhones using Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit keychain extraction.

WhatsApp Spy App, monitor WhatsApp messages online.

Want to spy WhatsApp activities on your kids' mobile? Aispyer can help you to track every detail with ease.

WhatsApp Spy for Mobile




Power Saving

Monitor or spy WhatsApp activities on target mobile devices, including WhatsApp chats, shared files, call logs, keyloggers, and more.

Why Choose Aispyer to Track WhatsApp ?

Aispyer can monitor WhatsApp in detail, including contacts, call logs, date and time of the messages.

This WhatsApp spy app can help you to track WhatsApp sent and received messages. Even the deleted ones can be tracked remotely.

This WhatsApp tracker enables you to download all the shared files from WhatsApp to your computer.

Aispyer can track everything typed on the keyboard in WhatsApp.

How to Track WhatsApp with Aispyer?

Step 1

Visit this WhatsApp tracker and create an account by entering your email and set up a new password.

Step 2

Download and install the WhatsApp tracker app on the target's mobile device.

Step 3

Start tracking the target's WhatsApp activities with every detail.

WhatsApp is a viral social media platform, and it's filled up with unfiltered information. You'll never know what kind of information your kids are receiving. With Aispyer, you'll be able to track all your kids' WhatsApp activities and know the chat history, sent & received messages, media attachments, etc.

Can I Track WhatsApp Calls?

It's not easy to track WhatsApp calls . WhatsApp encrypts all of their traffic, and if anyone wants to track the call, they'll have to decrypt the traffic first, and they'll also have to install spyware in your device without making you aware of it.

Is It Possible to See WhatsApp Messages on Another Phone?

Yes. The WhatsApp web keeps the sent/received messages history on its server, and when you switch to a new phone, you can use your computer to get the message. Firstly, you'll need to have the QR code of the backups on the computer; Secondly, enter the WhatsApp link in Chrome browser and visit the webpage; Lastly, on computer, with the QR code, you'll be able to update the settings and view your WhatsApp messages.

Can I Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages?

Yes. When the messages are deleted from your device, they're not really erased from WhatsApp. This app, at times, keeps the trace of all activities of one account. If your message isn't encrypted, it can be recovered via third-party recovery programs.

More Features of Aispyer

Phone Number Tracker

Web History Tracker

GPS Phone Tracker

Facebook Spy

WhatsApp Tracker

WhatsApp Spy Tips & Tricks

On this page, you'll learn about the most helpful tips and tricks about WhatsApp spy. Tracking WhatsApp chats won't be a problem anymore.