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Ambient Listening App Spy dictaphone If you want to set up a phone tracking game, you need to take advantage of the additional phone tracking feature. You can now listen to third-party conversations and non-telephone conversations. Advanced phone tracking applications provide a voice recording feature that helps record ambient sounds and voices. When someone is talking when you are not around, you can use this feature to know what they are talking about. This is a remote control feature that helps turn on the microphone.

Spy Voice Recorder

This way, the phone will record all sounds and background noise. Later you can listen to the recording in a clear and distinct sound to know what is going on.

To use this feature, you need to use an optional app to track your phone.

Ambient Listening App - Listen Live to Phone Surroundings

Ambient Voice Recording

phone tracking is a free phone tracking app that allows you to track your phone's sounds for free. You can use the voice recording feature in this app for free.

This will help you record the surrounding sounds and listen to them for free. You do not need to pay money to use this feature. Plus, you can listen to all the sounds and conversations on the phone for free.


You can also save the recording to your device and play it using the media player. This is a handy tracking feature. You can use this feature to keep an eye on your children when you are not near them.

It will also help you catch a cheating husband and keep an eye on your employees.

The benefits of recording the listen to phone surrounding live free voice

There are many benefits to using a voice recording feature in the environment. This will help you record and listen to the surrounding sounds.

Sound recording: You can use this function to record all surrounding sounds and voices. You can record sounds at any time.

Recording playback. After recording sounds and voices, you can play them to listen to the sounds. You need a VLC player to play the recordings.

Save option: You will also get a save option to help you save some entries on your device. You can save important records.

Remote control: this is a remote control function. You can use it to turn on the microphone and set the recording time remotely.

Date / Time: You can record all sounds and voices with the date and time.

How to use the voice recording function?

How to use the voice recording function in the environment How to use the voice recording function in the environment If you want to use the voice recording feature in the environment, you need to install a phone tracking app on your phone. This will help you to record all the surrounding sounds for free. To use this feature of the app, follow these steps.

Step 1: Setup

To track your android phone, you need to install the app on your phone manually. You need to turn on the sources on your phone and disable playback protection. After that, you need to download the app from the website at You need to install it on your phone. After that, you need to register an account in the app.

Step 2: Log in

Now you need to log in to your account to start tracking your phone and recording sounds.

Step 3: Record the surrounding voice.

After logging in, you need to use the Voice Recording option from the panel to record all the sounds on your phone and listen to the recording.

Listen Live to Phone Surroundings

Do you want to listen to secret conversations and surrounding sounds? If so, you need to record the sound of others secretly. To do this, you do not need to be present there or use any device. You can use the SPY24 app to record live conversations and voices. This is a spy app that helps you, spy.

You can use the voice recording and listening to the surrounding voice function to record the surrounding sounds and listen to them. If you want to know more about these features, we can help you. In this guide, we will show you how to record sounds using the environmental recording function.

Ambient Voice Recording

You can easily listen to phone conversations by recording the call, but what about secret conversations without the phone? To listen to these confidential conversations and surroundings, you can use the Ambient Voice Recording feature. It is not a simple voice recorder. This hidden voice recorder records sound in good quality. There is no disturbance while recording the sound. You can set a timer, and the recording will start automatically. When you set a timer, the microphone is activated remotely, and sounds are recorded. You can listen to live sounds or hear the recording later on. Moreover, you can even save these recordings as evidence. You don’t have to be present there to record it. However, you use this feature from a longs distance as well.

Features of Ambient Voice Recording

Here is a list of all the features of Ambient Voice Recording.

Record Sounds: With the Ambient Sound Recording feature, you can record all the nearby sounds. If two people are having a secret conversation, you can use this feature to record their conversation.

Live Recording & Listening: You will be able to record live sounds and listen to these sounds at the same time.

Save Recordings: You can download the recorded file and save it on your phone or PC as a shred of evidence. The file will be saved on the device.

Remote Access: You can use this feature remotely. You don’t need to touch the phone to use this feature. You can click on the option and set the recording time to start recording automatically.

Recording Time: You can set the recording time as per your wish. You can record conversations from 5 minutes to 1 hour.

Date & Time: You can check the date and time of recordings on your dashboard.

Advantages of Ambient Voice Recording

Here is a list of all the benefits of Ambient Voice Recording.

Undetected: This feature works in hidden mode. SPY24 app functions in an invisible mode to record sounds. Nobody will be able to detect the hidden call recorder.

Record Sounds: You will be able to record all the sounds you want.

Listen to Recordings: You will also be able to listen to live recordings and past recordings.

User-Friendly: This feature is user-friendly. You don’t need any technical knowledge to record sounds. You need only basic knowledge to know how to use the app.

Collect Evidence: You can save the recording and collect evidence as well.

Duration: The best thing is to activate these features and set the length as per your requirement.

How to Use Ambient Voice Recorder?

Now that you know everything about this feature, let’s learn how to use this feature. We will explain everything in simple steps. Follow the given steps to use Ambient Voice Recording.

  • Step 1: Prepare the Phone

First, you need to prepare the phone. To do it, you need to enable sources from the settings options. Then it would be best if you disabled Play Protect and turn off notifications.

  • Step 2: Download

Download the app from the website. First, visit the official SPY24 website. Then find the download link and download the app on the phone at

  • Step 3: Install

Now, open the downloaded file and tap on install to complete the installation process. Give necessary permissions required to run the app.

  • Step 4: Account Creation

Now, open the app and click on register/ signup. Fill in all the details asked on the page. You need to enter your email id first. Then you have to choose a strong password.

  • Step 5: Delete Evidence

Don’t forget to delete all the evidence from the phone. Hide the icon and delete the history.

  • Step 6: Log in

Once the app is synced, you can use your device to monitor the phone. Go to the website and click on the login option at Then enter your details and log in.

  • Step 7: Ambient Voice Recording

After you log in, go to the control panel. Choose the Ambient Voice Recorder feature, set the time, and click start to start recording the sounds.

  • Conclusion

Follow these steps to record sounds on the phone using the Ambient Voice Recorder feature of the SPY24 app.

Ambient Recording App | Record Surroundings Software

Ambient recording – remotely enable the target device’s microphone, record (instantly or scheduled) the surroundings of it, and upload it to your own online account. Rather than listening to it live, recorded files can be listened to by you anytime you want and copied to your PC or another device for future listening.

With ambient recording software for all popular devices (Android, iOS, BlackBerry), you can:

Record the surroundings with our professional ambient recording feature;

Save the recording to an MP4 file and easily download it to your own notebook, computer, or tablet;

Record from 5 minutes up to one hour at a time;

Real-time ambient listening is available;

Why You Need To Ambient Recording Feature

The device that is lister’s happening around. Make a hidden remotely to the target cell phone to listen to the device’s surroundings.

Ambient recording isn’t the only useful feature of spy phone apps. Since more and more people using smartphones are turning to instant messaging, you should make sure to track the cell phone that allows you to track the most popular service of its kind.

Ambient Record: Listen live to phone surroundings

If your target device is a Symbian, BlackBerry, iPhone, or Android and you want to listen to their device surroundings from the safe place at your online account 100% anonymously – try the ambient recording feature of best spy apps.

Without needing the target device (tablet or cell phone) physically record the device surroundings;

Save all the recording to your personal computer or another device;

Stay 100% hidden always;

Define the duration of the record to suit you and your schedule;

Record from 5 minutes up to 1 hour at a time;

Use real-time ambient listening for fun or business;

Why You Need To Record their Surroundings Remotely

If you need to stay hidden and record the surroundings of your target cell phone, tablet, or another device – ambient recording is the feature you need.

It never used to be this simple, but Spy Phone Max comprehends that people are busy and don’t have time to track someone all the time, but, above all, they would like to keep hidden, and that’s what led to spy app companies creating the ambient record features.

With Voice recording, Spy call, Voice call recorder, you can:

Send an SMS message to activate or inactivate the Live Surroundings feature;

The target phone user will not get any indication that you are listening;

Do you want to be sure that your children are safe? Would you like to find out what your employees are talking about behind your back? You install the spy app, and you can listen to whatever is happening in the phone’s vicinity.

SpyCall Live Listening

In case your target is an Android, iPhone, Symbian, or BlackBerry and you want to immediately tune in for their smartphone surroundings secretly as well as in real-time, making use of your own telephone. You need the best ambient recording app.

Just enter your phone number inside your account and then call their phone from your phone if it is not in use to be patched in covertly so that you can begin listening immediately.

Use your personal phone to listen in real-time promptly as well as in secret;

Works so that you’re never discovered, when their phone isn’t in use;

Their phone looks and operates generally every one of them while you are listening in;

Why You Have To Bug Their Phone Covertly with Spy Call

If you want to know what’s happening around your target secretly right now – the spy call feature gives you the power to hear exactly where they are and what they are doing just by calling them on your own phone when their phone is not being used.

Do you ask yourself these questions?

What do they really think about me?

What is happening in the assembly?

What does she tell her girlfriends?

What do they doing right now?

What are they talking about without you?

These are all questions we ask ourselves daily but are usually unable to answer. Spy ambient recording feature lets you know the truth. Install in 3 minutes one of the best spy phone app s and access all the information you need to know.

How does ambient recording work?

When the spy app is installed on your target smartphone – add the number in the settings at your control panel. This is just the contact number you will be listening from.

Activate “Ambient Recording Feature” by sending a hidden message to the target phone.

Make a call to the target phone whenever you want to listen through its microphone secretly.

That’s all – relax and listen to their surroundings;

If you want to turn the feature off – send another hidden message to the target;

Note: Your target will not ring or show any indications of an incoming call but will answer and turn on the microphone immediately.

No record of the call will be left in the call logs . Safely, discreetly and remotely.

Ambient Recording

Ambient Recording Feature

CRT Ambient Recording feature lets you call the target phone and listen to the phone’s surroundings live. With CRT, Voice recording, Ambient recording, Spy call, Voice call recorder, you can: Click Start to activate the Live Surroundings feature; the target phone user will not get any indication that you are listening; check out the recordings of the surroundings of your target phone any time you want, Record the device surroundings without needing the TARGET device physically, Save the recording to your computer for easy reference, Remain hidden at all times, Specify the duration of the recording to suit you and your schedule, Record from 1 minute up to 5 minutes at a time, set the duration to record from inside your CRT account and CRT does the rest. By letting you operate their cellphone’s microphone, CRT gives you the power to listen to their surroundings and hear what they – and people around them – are saying.

Listen to Their Surroundings

Want to listen to and record sounds surrounding your target device? Thanks to the highly advanced Ambient Recording Feature recently tossed out by CRT for their Xtream package; it no longer remains a remote possibility. It is different from other historical call recording features in that it doesn’t require a secret text to be sent to activate the microphone on the target device. Now you can easily initiate the Mic Bug directly from your CRT control panel and listen to conversations and ambient sounds on the target phone without any tempo-spatial limitations. If your TARGET device is Android and you want to record the surroundings, but you want to stay hidden completely to be able to listen to their device surroundings from the safety of your CRT online account. You need to record the surroundings using CRT’s Ambient Recording feature and record the device surroundings without needing the TARGET device physically.

Record their Surroundings Remotely

Want to make sure that your child or spouse is not engaged in any wrongful activity behind your back? Wish to keep an eye on your employees, to be certain that they are not indulging in any mysterious acts that may be detrimental to the reputation of your company? It is quite obvious that we can’t be with our loved ones at all times. Why worry yourself sick, thinking about your child being victimized at school or your spouse being exploited at work. With CRT, you can monitor their activities. This way, you can make a fair guess at what has been going on and rush off to them in times of need to ward off any unpleasant consequences. Similarly, when it comes to your employees, respect for mutual privacy is of vital importance. But if their behaviors flag a red signal, it may sometimes become necessary to check in on them. With Ambient Recording Feature, you can easily get to the bottom of things and gauge their level of loyalty to the company.