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Spy dictaphone app for ambient listening You need to use the extra phone tracking feature if you want to set up a phone tracking game. You can now listen in on conversations between people who are not on the phone with you. Voice recording is a feature of more advanced phone tracking apps that lets you record voices and sounds around you. You can use this feature to find out what someone is talking about when you are not there. This is a feature on the remote control that lets you turn on the microphone.

Voice Recorder Spy

So, the phone will record all sounds and noises in the background. You'll be able to understand what's going on when you listen to the recording later.

To use this feature, you need to track your phone with a free app.

Ambient Voice Recording phone tracking is a free app that lets you track the sounds on your phone for free. This app's feature to record your voice is free to use.

This will let you record and listen to the sounds around you for free. To use this feature, you don't have to pay anything. Plus, all the sounds and conversations on the phone are free to listen to.


You can also save the recording to your device and use the media player to listen to it. This is a good way to keep track of things. You can keep an eye on your kids when you're not there by using this feature.

  • It will also help you find out if your husband is cheating on you and keep an eye on your employees.
  • Why it's a good idea to record phone calls and listen to live voicemails
  • Using a feature that lets you record your voice in the environment has a lot of benefits. This will help you listen to and record the sounds around you.
  • Sound recording: This feature lets you record all the sounds and voices around you. You can always record sounds.
  • Playing back a recording. Once you have recorded sounds and voices, you can play them back to hear them. To play the recordings, you need a VLC player.
  • Save option: You will also have the chance to save some entries on your device by using the save option. You can save important records.
  • This is something you can do with remote control. It lets you turn on the mic and set the recording time from a distance.
  • Date/Time: All sounds and voices can be recorded with the date and time.

How to use the function to record your voice?

How to use the environment's voice recording feature You need to put a phone tracking app on your phone if you want to use the voice recorder in the environment. You can use this to record all the sounds around you for free. Follow these steps to use this part of the app.

Step 1:

Setup You have to put the app on your Android phone by hand if you want to track it. You have to turn on your phone's sources and turn off the playback protection. After that, you need to get the app from website. It has to be put on your phone. The app will then ask you to sign up for an account.

Step 2: Log in

Now you need to sign in to your account to start tracking your phone and recording sounds.

Step 3: Record the sound of what's around you.

After logging in, you need to use the Voice Recording option on the panel to record all the sounds on your phone and listen to the recording.

Listen to Phone Surroundings in Real Time

Do you want to hear what people are saying behind your back? If so, you need to secretly record the sounds of people. You don't even have to be there or use anything to do this. With the SPY24 app, you can record live voice and conversation. This is an app that lets you, well, spy.

You can record and listen to the sounds around you by using the voice recording and listening to the surrounding voice function. We can help you find out more about these features if you want to. In this guide, we'll show you how to use the environmental recording feature to record sounds.

Ambient Voice Recording

You can easily record a phone call and listen to it later, but what about secret conversations that don't involve the phone? You can use the Ambient Voice Recording feature to listen to these private conversations and other sounds around you. It's not just a regular voice recorder. This voice recorder is hard to find, but it records good sound. There is no noise while the sound is being recorded. You can set a timer, and when that time is up, the recording will start on its own. When a timer is set, the microphone is turned on from a distance, and sounds are recorded. You can listen to sounds as they happen or listen to the recording later. Even better, you can keep these recordings as proof. To record it, you don't have to be there. But you can also use this feature from a long way away.

Record Sounds: The Ambient Sound Recording feature lets you record all the sounds in the area. You can use this feature to record a conversation between two people that they want to keep private.

  • Live Recording and Listening: You will be able to record live sounds and listen to them at the same time.
  • Save Recordings: You can save the recorded file on your phone or computer as a piece of evidence by downloading it. On the device, the file will be saved.
  • Remote Access: This feature can be used from afar. To use this feature, you don't have to touch the phone.
  • You can set the time to start recording automatically by clicking on the option.
  • Time to Record: You can set the time to record however you want. You can record up to an hour of a conversation.
  • Date & Time: On your dashboard, you can see the date and time of recordings.
  • Pros of recording voices in the background
  • Here is a list of everything that Ambient Voice Recording can do for you.
  • In hidden mode, this feature works without being seen. The SPY24 app works in a mode that makes it invisible to record sounds.
  • The hidden call recorder will be impossible to find.
  • Record Sounds: You can record whatever sounds you want.
  • You will also be able to listen to live recordings and recordings from the past.
  • Easy to use: This feature is easy to use. You don't need to know anything about technology to record sounds.
  • To use the app, you only need to know a few simple things.
  • Gather Evidence: You can keep the recording and also gather evidence.
  • Duration: The best way to use these features is to turn them on and set the length to what you need.

How to Use Voice Recorder in Ambient?

Let's learn how to use this feature now that you know everything about it. Everything will be broken down into easy steps. To use Ambient Voice Recording, do what is said.

Step 1: Get the phone ready
First, you have to get the phone ready. To do this, you have to turn on sources in the settings. Then you should turn off Play Protect and stop getting notifications.

Step 2: Get it.
The app can be downloaded from the site. First, go to the website for SPY24. Then, go to to find the download link and put the app on the phone.

Step 3: Install
Now, open the file you just downloaded and tap "Install" to finish the process. Give the app the permissions it needs to run.

Step 4: Make an account
Now, open the app and click sign up or register. Fill in all the information that the page asks for. You must first type in your email address. Then you need to pick a good password.

Step 5: Delete Evidence
Don't forget to wipe the phone clean of all traces. Put the icon away and clear the history.

Step 6: Log in
Once the app is synced with your device, you can use it to keep an eye on the phone. Go to the website and click on the "Login" button. Then put in your information and sign in.

Step 7: Ambient Voice Recording

Go to the control panel after you log in. Choose the Ambient Voice Recorder feature, set the time, and click "Start" to start recording sounds.

Follow these steps to use the SPY24 app's Ambient Voice Recorder to record sounds on your phone.

Ambient Recording App - Software to Record the Environment

Ambient recording lets you turn on the target device's microphone from a distance, record its surroundings (immediately or at a set time), and upload the files to your online account. You don't have to listen to it live; you can copy recorded files to your PC or another device and listen to them whenever you want.

With software for ambient recording that works on Android, iOS, and BlackBerry, you can:

  • Our professional ambient recording feature lets you record what's going on around you;
  • Save the recording as an MP4 file, which you can easily transfer to your laptop, computer, or tablet;
  • You can record anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour at a time;
  • You can listen to ambient sounds in real-time;

Why You Need to Feature Ambient Recording
The device that lists what is going on. Make a hidden call from a distance to the cell phone you want to listen to.

Spy phone apps can do more than just record the background noise. Since more and more people with smartphones are using instant messaging, you should make sure to track the cell phone that lets you track the most popular service of its kind.

Ambient Record: Listen live to what's going on around your phone

If the device you want to spy on is a Symbian, BlackBerry, iPhone, or Android, you can use the ambient recording feature of the best spy app s to listen to what's going on around it from a safe place in your online account.

  • Record the surroundings of the device (tablet or cell phone) without using the device;
  • Save the whole recording on your computer or some other device;
  • Stay 100% hidden at all times;
  • Set the record's length to fit your needs and schedule;
  • Record from 5 to 60 minutes at a time;
  • Real-time ambient listening can be used for fun or work;
  • Why you should record their environment from afar

Ambient recording is the feature you need if you need to stay hidden and record what's around the cell phone, tablet, or another device you're after.

It wasn't always this easy, but Spy Phone Max knows that people are busy and don't have time to keep track of someone all the time. They also want to stay hidden, which is why companies that make spy apps made the ambient record features.

You can do the following with Voice recording, Spy call, and Voice call recorder:

  • Send an SMS message to turn on or turn off Live Surroundings;
  • The person on the other end of the phone won't know you are listening;

You want to make sure your kids are safe, right? Do you want to know what your employees talk about when you're not around? You install the spy app, and then you can hear what is going on around the phone.

Live Listening on SpyCall

If the person you want to spy on has an Android, iPhone, Symbian, or BlackBerry and you want to listen in on their phone in real-time and in secret, you can use your phone. You need the best app for recording background sounds.

Just put your phone number into your account, then call their phone from yours if it's not being used. You'll be patched in secretly, so you can start listening right away.

  • Use your phone to listen quickly and anonymously in real-time;
  • When their phone isn't being used, it keeps you from being found.
  • While you are listening in, their phone looks and works like most other phones;
  • Why You Have to Spy Call Their Phone in Secret

If you want to know what's going on around your target secretly right now, the spy call feature lets you hear exactly where they are and what they're doing by calling them on your phone when their phone is not being used.

What do you think about these things?

  • What do they think of me?
  • What's going on in the meeting?
  • What does she say to her girls?
  • What are they doing at this moment?

What do they talk about when you're not there?

All of these are questions we ask ourselves every day, but most of the time we can't answer them. Spy ambient recording lets you find out what's going on. You can install one of the best spy phone apps in 3 minutes and get all the information you need.

How does ambient recording work?

When you've installed the spy app on the phone you want to track, add the number to the settings on your control panel. This is just the phone number where you can reach.

  • Send a secret message to the target phone to turn on the "Ambient Recording Feature."
  • Make a call to the phone you want to listen to secretly whenever you want to do so.
  • That's it. They just need to relax and listen to their surroundings.
  • Send another hidden message to the target if you want to turn off the feature;
  • Note: Your target's phone won't ring or show any other sign that a call is coming in, but it will answer right away and turn on the microphone.
  • In the call logs , there will be no record of the call. safely, quietly, and from a distance.

Recording in the background Ambient Recording Feature

With the CRT Ambient Recording feature, you can call the phone you want to record and listen to what's going on around it live. You can do the following with CRT, Voice recording, Ambient recording, Spy call, and Voice call recorder: Click Start to turn on the Live Surroundings feature. The user of the target phone won't know you're listening. You can listen to recordings of what's going on around your target phone whenever you want. Record the surroundings of the device without needing the device itself, Save the recording on your computer so you can find it easily, Stay out of sight at all times, and Set the recording's length to fit your needs and schedule. Record from 1 minute to 5 minutes at a time. Set the length to record from inside your CRT account, and CRT does the rest. CRT gives you the ability to listen to their surroundings and hear what they and other people around them are saying by letting you control their phone's microphone.

Listen to What's Around Them

Do you want to hear and record sounds around your target device? Since CRT recently added the highly advanced Ambient Recording Feature to their Xtream package, this is no longer an unlikely possibility. It's different from other ways to record calls in the past because you don't have to send a secret text to turn on the microphone on the target device. Now you can easily start the Mic Bug from the control panel on your CRT and listen to conversations and other sounds on the target phone without any time or space limits. If your TARGET device is Android and you want to record the surroundings but you want to stay completely hidden so you can listen to their device's surroundings from the safety of your CRT online account. You need to use CRT's Ambient Recording feature to record the device's surroundings without having to touch the TARGET device.

Record their environment from afar

Want to make sure your child or spouse isn't doing anything wrong when you're not around? Want to keep an eye on your employees to make sure they aren't doing anything mysterious that could hurt your company's reputation? We can't always be with our loved ones. Why make yourself sick by worrying that your child will be hurt at school or that your spouse will be used at work? With CRT, you can keep track of what they are doing. This way, you can make a good guess about what's been going on and rush to them when you need to avoid bad things. In the same way, your employees must respect each other's privacy. But if their actions send up a red flag, it may be necessary to check on them. With the Ambient Recording Feature, it's easy to find out what's going on and figure out how loyal they are to the company.

The number of voice recorder apps in the Android app market is growing. People like those apps, but they need a small change. Now, people want an Android app that can record voices and spy on the phone. So, we're going to talk about the best spy voice recorder apps for Android phones. You can use any of the apps for Android that you want.

We will also talk about the pros and cons of the apps to make things easier. This will make it easier for you to decide what to do. If you like the app, you can use that one. The goal is to give you as many choices as we can. So, you can pick the app that works best for you.

1. SPY24 Ambient Listening App for Android Free

The best app you can use is called SPY24. SPY24 has been on the market for a few years now, and it is growing quickly. They have as many features as possible. With just one click, you can live stream the screen, camera, and mic. This is one of the things that the app has to offer. In addition to this one, there are a lot of other things you can get here. This is why most people think that SPY24 is the best app or tool to spy on someone. There are options for everything, like whether you want to hear the call recording s or the normal sound recording.

Ambient Listening App for Android Free

Also, you can spy on social messaging apps like WhatsApp and many others with SPY24. All of these things are done secretly. In other words, the device you are spying on will never find out about it. So, this is one of the best options you have. Some apps even require root. If someone wants to use these apps, they have to "root" the device they want to use. But you don't have to worry about that when you use the SPY24 tool. You don't need to do anything special to use SPY24.

So, this is one of SPY24's best features. Now, let's look at a couple more features, and then we'll talk about the tool's pros and cons.

  • SPY24's Features
  • ambient listening app free

Of course, we won't talk about all of them here. Instead, we'll look at the best features that will help you the most.

The first and best thing about this site is that you can record with your microphone. You can use the microphone to record whenever you want.

  1. There are also options to automatically record the calls. So, you can easily listen to all the call recordings.
  2. Did we mention that the screen and camera can also be live-streamed?
  3. You can also read the messages and all the apps for social media .
  4. Some of the phone's most basic features, like the phone, call logs, contacts, and so on, can also be spied on. On your SPY24 account, you will see all the information.
  5. You can see what sites the Android device has been to and where it is.
  6. There is a tool called a "keylogger" that lets you see what letters the target user types. You will get a file with all the letters in text format.
  • Pros
  1. The SPY24 app has a lot of things you can do with it. With this one tool, you can do everything on the device.
  2. There is no need for a root.
  3. It has an option to record calls on its own. So, you will get a recording of every single call.
  4. The tool is easy to use, and you don't need any technical skills to use it.
  5. There is good help.
  • Cons
  1. This app has no downsides. Almost everything you should need is there. If price isn't an issue, you can use this tool.

2. mSpy  Ambient Listening App Free

MSpy has been around for a very long time. If you've ever looked for things like "spying voice recorder apps," you may have heard of MSpy. MSpy is also a good choice because of what it can do. You'll get a lot of things here. The family kit is one of the coolest things about MSpy. Well, it's not a feature; it's more like a plan. You can get the kit for a family. With the family kit, you can use MSpy on more than one device. It will help you save some cash. So, if you want to spy on more devices, this one might be for you.

It has many features, such as the ability to record and spy on apps. Also, there is a lot of help here. You can also call for help. If you don't like email or don't get the right answers to your emails, you can just give them a call. Yes, they gave me their phone number and said they could help over the phone. Also, the app has a GPS tracker built in. With the GPS tracker, you can find out where a cell phone is. You will be able to see where the app is right now. The location is correct.

  • Pros
  1. This place has a lot to offer.
  2. The tool is ancient and real.
  3. You can also spy on more devices with the family plan.
  4. You can also get help over the phone here.
  • Cons
  1. The instructions and details are one of the worst things about MSpy. You will find all of the features on the website, but you won't find the exact price. To get the prices, you will need to sign up and give your email address. So, this is one of the most important problems people have.

3. Flexispy  Ambience Listening Call

Flexispy is the third option that we think you should go with. Flexispy has all the same features that you want. It is one of the best spy voice recorder apps that can be used on an Android phone. There are different ways to listen to sound. It's easy to hear what's going on around them. They have moved forward here. If you want to buy your spouse a phone as a gift, you can do so at their spy store. It will already have a spying tool on it. You don't have to worry about installing or setting up the app. Everything has already been done for you. You just need to log in to your Flexispy account, and the data will start showing up there.

Back to the features, you can spy on all the apps with it. You can also look at the contacts and messages. The app lets you find out where your Android phone is right now. So that you can find the device. You can easily find out a person's browsing history by using other features. To put it more simply, the tool has everything you need to get started. If you want the best app, you can go with this one.

Now, let's talk about what's good and bad about this app.

  • Pros
  1. The features are one of the best things about this place. There are a lot of things you can do with this tool.
  2. The spying shop will blow your mind. You can order the products right away from this page.
  3. There are ways to record sounds.
  • Cons
  1. Items in the spy shop are too expensive for most people to buy.
  2. They have counted a couple of features as separate features, so you will have to pay for each one. All of these features can be found in one app, like SPY24. Here, on the other hand, you'll have to pay more and get them as a separate product. So, that's one of the worst things about this app.

4. Spyhuman  What Is Ambient Audio

Spyhuman is the next app we'll talk about. Spy human is a tool that lets you spy on anyone you want as long as they have an android phone. You can not only hear the voice recording, but you can also turn on their camera and spy on their apps. So, this is also one of the best spy recorder apps for an Android phone. The app is unique and worth the money you pay for it because it has many other features. This is also why this app is on our list of the best spy voice recorder apps.

You can try out this app without a doubt. You can try out the app by giving it a try. In other words, you can get a free trial of it. The trial version doesn't have a lot of features, but it gets the job done. So, you can download the trial version and see how it works for you. This app doesn't have a very friendly way to use it. So, you will need to make a few changes here.

  1. There are many good things.
  2. You'll get a trial version of the app to see how it works.
  3. It keeps thieves from taking it.
  4. The app can also be limited.
  • Cons
  1. The trial version will only show you how UI works. All of the features here are very few. So, that's the trail's biggest problem.

5. TiSpy Ambient Listening Mode

TiSpy is a tool that can only be used on android devices. Most of the spy voice recorder apps we've talked about so far work on both iPhones and Androids. This one, on the other hand, is only for android. We're only talking about the best spy voice recorder apps for android, so that's not a problem. First of all, it has a live stream feature that everyone loves. You can see what the camera or microphone is doing right now. It will let you hear everything around you.

You can also spy on all apps like the ones listed above. It also has a scheduler for photos. So, you can tell the tool when and where to take a screenshot. It will take the screenshot on its own. It's not available on the iPhone, but you can use it on a computer, which is good. So, PC users come out on top in this case.

  • Pros
  1. Live streaming makes it easy for anyone to watch what someone else is doing.
  2. It has everything else that a spying app should have.
  3. There is a free trial version, but you can only use it for two days. It can also be seen as a problem because 2 days is not a very long time.
  • Cons
  1. The trial for two days that we talked about in the last pros.
  2. Some people find the UI hard to understand.
  3. Not available on iPhone.

Last Words
In conclusion, these are the best spy voice recorder apps you can try on an Android phone. All of them are good, and you can choose one based on your needs. We think that you should choose the SPY24 tool because it has the most features of all of them. On the website for SPY24, you can see a live demo of how it works. While you are on the website, you can also find out more about it.


What are the best voice recorder apps for Android that you can buy?

SPY24 is the best spy voice recorder app for Android. SPY24 gives you everything you need to spy.

Is there a spy app that can record voices?

You can record voice calls with a phone monitoring tool. In these situations, tools like SPY24 can be helpful.

How can I hear the recordings of the calls?

You can find all of the recordings in the SPY24 tool by going to the section called "Call Recordings." Once the tool is set up, it will automatically record the calls.

Is listening to voice recordings safe?

Yes, there are no risks at all with the SPY24 app.

Can I listen to recordings on any Android device without rooting?

Yes, you can spy on any device with SPY24 without having to root it. All versions of Android can use it.