Android spy app files names

Android spy app files names
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Spyware refers is any software that uses to track or spy on your activity on your computer, cell phone, tablet, or any other digital device. Spyware uses to monitor and replicate a user's actions to steal information or others about a user.

How does spyware work?

Spyware, also known as hacking software, often starts as useful software or as a hidden program on the user's phone. Then, after attracting the user's attention and installing it on his system or mobile phone, ‌ in addition to the feature or entertainment it offers, he spies behind the scenes and transmits the user's information to a predetermined destination. Most spyware is a type of trojan and steals information in the form of useful software.

But the second category of spyware are programs that are designed specifically for this purpose and only perform the act of hacking and spying. Hence, it seems easier to discover these programs. But keep in mind that this series of spyware uses a series of tricks to hide from the user, which are difficult to find and not possible even in clear cases.

For example, some of this software is hidden immediately after installation on your system or phone and is not available in your list of installed software. So it will be difficult for you to find it.

In both cases, if we are the target of such espionage attacks, we are the main victims, and our personal information exposes to theft. In the following, we will introduce some of the most famous spy software .

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Android spy app files names:

As you should know by now, these programs have many different types, each of which pursues specific goals. But in the end, they all aim to spy on and steal personal information. Some of these programs spy on cell phone cameras and others try to spy on conversations and messages. Also, some spyware can even obtain information from social networks such as Instagram and Telegram. In the following, we will review the specifications of some of the most famous spy software together.

  • Spy Video Recorder:

A spy video recorder is one of the most common spy tools designed for covert imaging. The way this program works is simple, and its purpose is to secretly film without anyone noticing.

Install this app on your mobile phone, and it works in places where no one should notice that you are taking pictures of them. This app can even start without unlocking the phone.

  • Ino spy Spyware:

Ino spy is one of the most powerful spyware in the world. This program is powerful spy software that, unlike the previous program, is designed to obtain information from others.

Using this program, you will be able to hack all messages, contacts, photos, contacts, and information of another person's social networks. Ino spy software was designed by InoSpy Specification in 2014. It can provide the user with only the first 48 hours of spy free of charge. After that, to use this program, you have to pay the related costs.

The point that you should keep in mind when using this spy program is that you have to use a credit card to buy this program, which has its hassles and additional costs.

  • HelloSpy spyware:

The hello spy program is almost identical to the InoSpy program and has the same conditions for providing services. Using this program, you can also hack into another person's phone and get all the information related to his calls, messages, and photos. This program is also free only for the initial test, and after that, you have to pay a fee to continue working.

This program is one of the most advanced and professional spy programs. With it, you can control all the information on the phone, calls and text and video messages, programs, and applications installed on the mobile phone. This program can monitor all your messages in cyberspace and non-cyberspace and messaging applications such as Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, Emo, WhatsApp, Twitter, YouTube, Messenger, etc.

  • IT System Daddy s Eye software:

This software (IT System Daddy s Eye) is mostly used to monitor, control and track all calls, conversations, and even video and text messages and control and record other private and confidential information on the mobile phone. If you want to lock or unlock your phone, you can do so using the message sent to your phone or personal email. This program is easy, in the shortest time, and quickly and automatically installed and launched. You can also hide the Hide Task List option from the task menu, manager and click on it.

  • Children Tracker program:

This program is designed exclusively for parents who are very sensitive and worried about their children's activities in cyberspace and non-cyberspace. Using this software, you can access all the information available on the phone, calls, conversations, SMS lists, installed programs, contact lists, etc.

  • The X spy software:

Family care system:

Invisible tracking and control program for mobile phones and tablets remotely

Some features of the Xspy tracking program:

  • Calls, text messages, and correspondence with friends and contacts
  • Social network connections such as Telegram, WhatsApp
  • Instant location and daily trails
  • Programs and games used and how long they are used
  • Cell Tracker:

If you want to track down someone, this app is one of the best. With this program, you can see the places you visited a few days ago on the map. Of course, the program does not use GPS. To find out where your loved one went during the day, all you have to do is install the app on the other person's phone, and when you meet each other, check the app to control where they went.

  • Ear Spy:

When you use this app, you are apparently listening to music, but the ambient sounds amplify and record by the phone's microphone.

Ear spy also has a powerful equalizer that enhances the hearing of surrounding sounds.


In this article, we introduced Android spy app files names. We hope you find this article useful.