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SPY24 welcomes the world's first professional spy software for the Android operating system. Now you can use the powerful monitoring features of SPY24 on your Android device! SPY24 is a hybrid software/service which allows you to monitor your smartphone in real time:

  • Keep Your Kids Safe. Remotely Monitor Your Kids Android Gadget
  • Real-time Monitoring, Live Call recorder, Live Screen Recorder Track
  • Live GPS Location Anytime Anywhere Secretly View Gallery Images of Your Kids

More Than 90 Android Monitoring Features

Get acquainted with the world’s most advanced Android spy app that’s easy to use and works with all Android phones and tablets. This Samsung spy app unlocks for you a simpler Android spying solution that’s cost-friendly and effective. But Wait! SPY24 isn’t just a spyware for Samsung devices; it works equally well as a spy software for LG phones and even the Chinese smartphones from ZTE, OnePlus, Oppo, etc.

  • Live Viewing

    Live Viewing

    Get a real-time feed from the monitored device’s screen to check the current activity on the phone. Or, activate audio and video viewing to understand what’s around the device.

  • DeviceInfo Model

    DeviceInfo Model

    DeviceInfo model provides information about the target device's WiFi, battery, and GPS status

  • Record Calls

    Record Calls

    This incredible feature lets you record all the calls made to and through the phone you're monitoring. The recorded calls get uploaded onto your SPY24 secure online account making it possible for you to listen to the user’s conversations word for word.



    From online to offline, track all kinds of activity from a monitored device, including their GPS location. You can also access location history with date, time, and address stamps.

  • Geolocation


    You can track the exact position of the phone using Google Maps. Find out if Junior is really at the library or if your employee is really stuck in traffic.



    Get your hands on any kind of multimedia that’s stored on the monitored device-be it screenshots, camera photos, videos, or even shared content.



    Read all incoming and outgoing text messages without a heckle with an easy conversation view, or download those chats to an off-server, secure location.



    View call logs of all incoming, outgoing, and missed phone calls with date, time, and call duration stamps for both the caller and the callee.

  • GPS Locations

    GPS Locations

    Track the position of your target phone with real-time GPS tracking and access to GPS position history.

  • Auto Upgrade

    Auto Upgrade

    You can upgrade to the latest version for FREE.

  • Live Call Listening

    Live Call Listening

    With SPY24, you will be able to hear things as they happen as cold hard proof. Listen to phone conversations and find out what's going on. Stop guessing and learn the truth - and get solid proof!

  • Remote Control

    Remote Control

    Remotely access the target phone or tablet from your convenient user dashboard, available through any internet-connected browser.

  • SMS / MMS

    SMS / MMS

    Monitor all SMS and MMS messages sent or received by the user on the target phone or tablet.

  • Contacts


    Receive notifications whenever new contacts are added to the address book. View phone number, name, and other relevant information for each contact saved on the monitored device.



    View all applications installed on the device. Review them and blacklist the ones that are harmful to your child. Or prevent employees from using apps that weaken productivity.



    Keep tabs on the monitored device’s internet browsing, including the deleted web surfing history. You can also view all the bookmarked sites using this Android.

  • File Manager

    File Manager

    Browse the file directory on the device to check all downloaded files, images, videos, and documents.

  • Analysis Tools

    Analysis Tools

    Generate PDF and Excel reports to gain detailed insight into your child or employee’s activity. View the most-used games and apps, for example, or check which contacts are contacted more than others.

Monitor Instant Messenger Chats on Android, Instantaneously!

SPY24 Android monitoring app is powerful and can monitor call logs, chats, and multimedia from eight different instant messaging apps. So When it's about IM spying, no one can do it better than SPY24. Our Android monitoring app is powerful and can monitor call logs, chats, and multimedia from eight different instant messaging apps on all Android or previous devices.


Do you assume that somebody is trying to hide something from you? Do you need the full information on particular Android device activity? We have android spy solution especially for you - track the mobile phones activity with android tracking app without any hassle.

Who needs a Spying App for Android?

There are different groups of people who can legally use the spying app for Android. The first target group is definitely parents who want to ensure online and offline safety of their loved ones. Parents can track messages, calls, locations, and can do many other useful things to keep tabs on their kids’ activities.

Another group of people who can use Android spyware is that of employers.

With an Android spyware, employers can boost workplace productivity and uncover data breaches. And finally comes educational institutes who can use the Android monitoring app to check whether school-owned devices are used as intended. Whatever the reason is, you have to make sure that the person you are trying to monitor knows about your intentions. Simply put, you can track only those Android devices that you own.

Why you need a Stealth Spy App for Android?

As discussed above, there are multiple reasons that you need a spy app for Android that works in a complete stealth mode.

To level up your Parenting

Monitoring kids with the help of their Android smartphone can assure you where your kids are all the time. With a stealth spy app, your kids can never know that you have been tracking their phone as the app works in the background.

Thousands of cautious parents use Android spy app so they can avoid their kids from:

  • Kids getting lost
  • Lying about their whereabouts
  • Straying into unsafe areas
  • Kidnappings
  • Meeting an online predator in-person
  • Cyberbullying
  • Virtual kidnappers
  • Online predators
  • Inappropriate content
  • Dating apps
  • Scams and frauds
  • To manage your employees efficiently

With an Android phone tracking app, you can monitor your employees to:

  • Evaluate workforce performance
  • Detect insider threats before time
  • Increase time productivity
  • Ensure quality customer support devices
  • Ensure employees use company-owned Android devices responsibly
  • Block access to distracting websites

Is it legal to use an Android cell phone spyware?

Yes, it is legal to use Android mobile spyware to monitor the devices that are yours. In other words, you can’t install surveillance software onto a mobile phone for which you don’t have proper authorization. For kids under 18 years of age, you don’t have to inform them that their Android devices are being monitored.

Employee monitoring

In the case of employee monitoring, it is recommended to inform the staff and have them accept it as the company's privacy policy. This way, you can ensure that the company will not run into any legal problems.


Note that the surveillance laws vary with the state you are living; make sure to check with your local laws before you use our app. At SPY24, we only recommend consensual monitoring. We are not liable for any unlawful use of our product! As long as you know how to make the best of your Android mobile spy app, you can maintain an appropriate balance between monitoring and privacy to avoid any legal issues.

What is the SPY24 Android Monitoring app?

Now, as you know that you need an Android monitoring app, the next question that arises here is which one to choose. SPY24 Android Monitoring app could be your best choice based on its efficient and reliable working. It is the only spy available for Android devices that you need for a fast and accurate tracking experience.

SPY24 App

SPY24 is comprehensive phone Monitoring that gives you all the information you need at your fingertips. Plus, it is easy to use and equipped with top-notch Monitoring features that are hard to find in other spy apps available on the internet. From subscribing to downloading to installing, you can get your child's or employees’ Android smartphone or tablet ready for monitoring in just under 5 minutes.

All you have to do is follow these three steps:

  • Step 1: Buy SPY24 subscription
  • Step 2: Install the app on the target Android device
  • Step 3: Start monitoring by logging in to your Android Monitoring account

Android Location tracking & Geo-fencing

Don’t compromise on your children’s safety with slow and groggy Android tracking apps - SPY24 provides real-time Android spying so that you are on the top of your parenting, every time.

  • Real-Time Location Tracking

    Real-Time Location Tracking

    SPY24 tracks and automatically records the footprints of your monitored kids and employees as soon as they make a move. It’s real time so you won’t be lost while tracking them - that’s the real power of this Android tracking app!

  • > Geo-Fencing


    For some added offline safety, use our geo-fencing feature and keep tabs on your kids and employees geographically. You can mark safe and unsafe locations on the map and get instant alerts for any trespassing right away with SPY24’s Watchlist Alerts - works even with Android devices!

SPY24 Remote Control

If it calls for some active intervention with your kids’ cell phone use, SPY24 has the remote commands that you would need to perfectly do that. With Remote device management, you can take control of your kids’ or employees’ cell phones and tablets from anywhere.



    Record calls or listen to the monitored user’s surroundings as SPY24 Android monitoring app can intercept calls and can even access microphone with just a single click.



    When the power of parent-child negotiation seems bleak, use your parental prerogative and temporarily lock your children’s Android cell phones and tablets whenever you want.

  • Record Live Call

    Record Live Call

    Remotely record and listen to all phone calls your kids or employees make and receive on their cell phones or tablets. You can easily know what they talk about and what they are up to without accessing their phones.

  • Camera Bug

    Camera Bug

    SPY24 camera bug app allows you to remotely monitor the whereabouts and happenings of your target taking pictures of the surroundings. Sneaking around the target made it easy.

  • Surround Recorder

    Surround Recorder

    Turn on the microphone of the targeted device remotely and listen to the conversations in surrounding while remaining completely stealth. Listen to surrounding sounds.

  • Block Anonymous Calls

    Block Anonymous Calls

    Block phone calls from all unwanted numbers. Manage the restrictions you have set from your personalized Control Panel. You can now protect your children from online risks such as cyberbullying, online harassment and online sexual predating with the rich feature Block Incoming calls.

  • Sim Change Notification

    Sim Change Notification

    SPY24 android surveillance app keeps track of sim cards being used on your android device. You will be notified whenever there’s a change of sim. You simply got a quick alert notification through Feature in the app.

  • Live Screen Recording

    Live Screen Recording

    Record the screen of a cell phone running anything on it. You just have to set timings of Up to 45 mins. After setting the timing to send a command to a target phone gadget, once it is been received, it will start screen recording. SPY24 hidden android spy app uploads on web-based Control Panel.


  • How long does it take to install SPY24 Android Monitoring app?

    How long does it take to install SPY24 Android Monitoring app?

    From subscribing to downloading to installing SPY24, get your children's or employees’ Android smartphone or tablet ready for monitoring in just under 5 minutes.

  • How to spy on an Android device remotely from anywhere?

    How to spy on an Android device remotely from anywhere?

    To control activity on Android phones and tablets remotely, all you need is a one-time installation of SPY24 on the target device.

  • Is SPY24 Android spy visible on the monitored device?

    Is SPY24 Android spy visible on the monitored device?

    Our stealth mode provides a 100 percent non-intrusive Android spying solution so that you are always on top of your monitoring experience because we believe the less nudging an app, the better it is!

  • What Android devices are compatible with SPY24?

    What Android devices are compatible with SPY24?

    SPY24 works on all Android devices running Android 4.x up to Android 14.x. To check your device compatibility, Click here.

  • How can I browse text messages from the target Android phone?

    How can I browse text messages from the target Android phone?

    We know your priorities and that’s why our text message spying allows for an easy conversation view; no more mess, no more agglomeration!

  • How to Spy on WhatsApp Messages on android?

    How to Spy on WhatsApp Messages on android?

    Not just WhatsApp, SPY24 Android spy offers IM chats monitoring from nine different apps, ensuring that no stones are left unturned in the making of SPY24.

  • Does SPY24 work with Android 14 devices?

    Does SPY24 work with Android 14 devices?

    Yes, our app works with all major Android 14 devices.

  • Does SPY24 work with unrooted Android devices?

    Does SPY24 work with unrooted Android devices?

    Yes, unlike many other apps, SPY24 works with both rooted and unrooted devices.

  • Which phone brands are compatible with SPY24 spy app for Android?

    Which phone brands are compatible with SPY24 spy app for Android?

    All major phone brands are compatible with SPY24. For information about specific models, This includes smartphones and tablets made by various manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, Google, Huawei, Motorola, etc, you can check our Compatibility page.

  • How is SPY24 Android spy better than other Android spy apps available?

    How is SPY24 Android spy better than other Android spy apps available?

    SPY24’s USP is the team behind it that's determined and hardworking. With SPY24, you experience the best Android spying experience that’s free of bugs and lags. Above all, we bring updates to our apps sooner than anyone else. We have also been the first ones to come up with Android 14 compatibility.

  • Does SPY24 offer a spyware for Android tablets?

    Does SPY24 offer a spyware for Android tablets?

    Our mobile surveillance software for Android works with both Android phones and tablets. You can download SPY24 on any tablet running Android 4.4.4 or above.

  • Is it possible to hack someone’s Android phone via SPY24?

    Is it possible to hack someone’s Android phone via SPY24?

    SPY24 is not a hacking tool; it’s a monitoring tool that has to be used with the legal consent of the other party.

  • Is Spying Android Phone Legal?

    Is Spying Android Phone Legal?

    Generally, it is recommended only to monitor a phone with the owner’s informed consent and follow the law. If you are looking to monitor your phone or a phone belonging to someone you are responsible for, such as a minor child, it is still essential to ensure that you are doing so legally and ethically.

  • How do you use SPY24 remotely on an Android phone?

    How do you use SPY24 remotely on an Android phone?

    Purchase and install the SPY24 app on the target Android device. You can find more information and instructions on how to do this on the official SPY24 website you should Create an account with SPY24 and log in to your web dashboard. This is where you will access all of the monitoring information collected by the app.

  • Are there any free spy apps for Android?

    Are there any free spy apps for Android?

    Yes, This application is completely hidden and undetectable and 30 Days is a Free trial.

  • How to spy on Android from iPhone?

    How to spy on Android from iPhone?

    To spy on an Android device from an iPhone, you can use the SPY24 app. This app allows you to monitor an Android device remotely from your iPhone. It offers various features such as call logs tracking, message monitoring, and location tracking. You just need to install the SPY24 app on the Android device you want to monitor.

Monitor Your Loved Ones and Employees in 3 Simple Steps

SPY24 makes it easy for you to keep a check on your children and employees any time; all the time. Follow these steps and simplify all your monitoring needs

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    BUY SPY24 →

    All your information is strictly kept confidential and no indication of SPY24 Appears on your bill.

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    Just download the application on the phone you want to monitor. It's so easy - it won't take more than 3 minutes.

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    Log in to your online SPY24 user area to view all information from the Monitor phone. Yes, it IS that simple!

More Reasons to Choose SPY24 Android Spying Application

SPY24 is the only Android spy software that you need for a fast, responsive and accurate Android tracking experience. Our app is minimalist and easy to use, while equipped with top-notch spying features that are hard to beat.



    From subscribing to downloading to installing, get your child or employees’ Android smartphone or tablet ready for monitoring in just under 5 minutes.



    View the uploaded data from the monitored Android device anywhere and anytime with the convenience of SPY24 Dashboard app.



    Get your hands onto others’ smartphone activity in real time with SPY24’s fast and reliable Android monitoring software.



    Get your queries answered from our knowledgeable and always-online customer support team. With SPY24, you won’t be left alone with your problems!



    Get notified of what matters to you the most. SPY24 gives you the freedom to put checks on specific words, locations, and contacts for instant notifications. Monitor them without having to monitor everything about them!



    Our premium Android spyware matched with its nominal subscription fee is what makes SPY24 the no. 1 spyware program for Android devices.