Android Phone Tracking and Monitoring

Android Phone Tracking and Monitoring
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Spy on any Android phone. Android Monitor is a cell phone monitoring and tracking software for Android. Spy on calls, SMS, Facebook, Skype, and more!

Android Monitoring Software. Want to start spying on any Android phone within the next 5 minutes?

Silently monitor and record all calls, GPS location , text messages (SMS), Facebook, Viber , Skype, WhatsApp, access the entire contacts list and media files, and more.

Android Phone Tracking and Monitoring

The Ultimate Android Tracking Application

Android Monitor cell phone tracking application allows you to monitor and record all calls, text messages (SMS), track GPS location (even without GPS), spy on their Facebook, Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, have access to the entire contacts list, and events calendar, monitor browser history and bookmarks and so much more! The Android Monitor application satisfies all needs for tracking, monitoring, and protecting Android cell phones.

What can Android Monitor be used for?

Monitor your children from a distance

Supervise your employees remotely

Protect your smartphone data

Find out if your spouse is cheating on you.

Locate your kid instantly

View all e-mails of your employees

Back up all your information securely.

Expose the big secret they are hiding.

Protect your children

Is there a big secret they are keeping from you?

Are your kids involved in drugs or alcohol, skipping school or they are in affairs with dangerous people? Are they texting and driving?

Is your spouse cheating on you?

To blindly trust or ask?

Do you feel you can trust your partner? How can you be sure of their loyalty? Better wait no more...

How does it work? Easy and invisible!

1. Download & Install

Download and install Android Monitor on any compatible smartphone or tablet device.

Step 1 - Download

2. Data extraction

The application will extract data from your cellphone regularly. Invisible!

Step 2 - Data Extraction

3. Monitoring

Android Monitor Features Overview

Android Monitor offers a wide range of monitoring features at your disposal. On this page, you will find information about each part and how it can work for you. You can remotely monitor and track their phone while staying invisible.

Spy on their calls

Have access to the entire call history of the phone under monitoring. See to whom and when they talk to. Click on the link below for additional information.

Call history

Spy on their SMS messages

View every SMS message, sent or received. Click below to learn more.

View all sent and received SMS messages

Read their Emails

Have access to their Emails and make sure your employees are doing what they are paid to do. Make sure your children are not getting involved in dangerous activities.

Read Incoming / Outgoing Emails

Track their location

Know their exact location and where they have been. Click on a feature to learn more.

Know their exact location

View their location history

Track their IP address

Get their images and other media files

Please view the images they have taken or received and look through their video and audio files. To learn more select a feature.

Look at their photos.

Watch the videos they have recorded or received

Listen to their audio files

Spy on their Instant Messengers

Could you view all of their chat conversations? To learn more, click below.

Facebook monitoring

View their Viber chats

Spy on their Skype

WhatsApp Monitoring

Spy on Line Messenger

Telegram Spy ing

Kik Messenger Monitoring

Monitor their Tinder

Look through their phone book and appointments

Have access to their contacts and events calendar. Details include name, phone, address, and more! To learn more, click on the link below.

View their phonebook

View their important dates and future events

Monitor their Internet Activities

View the websites they have visited or bookmarked! To learn more, click on the feature below.

View what websites they have visited

View their bookmarked websites

Remote Control

Monitor their device remotely or control it if needed. To learn more, click on the feature below.

Additional device information

Uninstall alert

Private Area

What is Android Monitor?

Android Monitor is the world's first spying technology exclusively for Android cell phones and tablets. It is the most powerful cell phone spy and tracking software available that allows you to monitor and track ALL activities of any Android cell phone or tablet.

Android Monitor is a truly untraceable and invisibly working background application.

By allowing you to see all contacts and call history, text messages, photos and videos, GPS locations, and many more features, you will have a full observation of all device information.

You can quickly monitor cell phone activities by logging in to your Private Area. By visiting your Private Area, you can monitor all smartphone data secretly and securely. Access the data from any browser.

The application does not rely on the phone's internal calls and messaging databases. So even if the calls, contacts, or any other data get deleted by your child, employee, or spouse to hide their tracks, you will have it anyway.

What can Android Monitor be used for?

Android Monitor tracking application is usually used for:

Monitoring and protecting your children from a distance

Supervising your employees during their working time

Finding out if your spouse is cheating on you

Backup and protect your cell phone information

You can do this anytime by using any browser by logging into your Private Area.

How does Android Monitor work?

Android Monitor works totally invisible and untraceable as a background process in your cell phone or tablet.

It records all activities and data on the target phone even if the data get deleted for any reason.

Once installed on the cell phone or tablet, the application starts monitoring all activities and data. This information is periodically uploaded to your Private Area.

By logging in to your Private Area, you will access all of the information extracted from your cell phone or tablet.

What payment methods are available?

We supported these payment methods:



Bank transfers

Wire transfers

At the moment, the main payment method is PayPal. If you want to use another payment method contact us and we will arrange it.

By using PayPal, you can safely and easily pay online without ever exposing your credit card numbers.

WhatsApp Monitoring. Spy WhatsApp on Android

View their WhatsApp conversations

With Android Monitor, you can view all WhatsApp conversations made with the tracked Android phone. Android Monitor WhatsApp s spying software allows you to:

View all WhatsApp conversations.

See the names or numbers of all people the target user has been chatting with.

Get the date and time of each message sent or received.

Get all sent and received files with WhatsApp. Including images, videos, audio, or other files.

Get all locations shared with WhatsApp.

You can even view the contacts sent or received.

Why do you need this feature?

Are you sure the people you care about are not using WhatsApp to hide their conversations? Would you like to know what exactly they talk about? Are you afraid that your child might be sending or receiving inappropriate images for their age? Maybe your employees are using WhatsApp to kill work time or share sensitive information about your company? With Android Monitor, you can spy on WhatsApp conversions on the monitored phone. To remotely monitor WhatsApp messages, log into your Private Area.

To see what it looks like to spy on WhatsApp, please click here.

Spy on SMS messages. View all sent and received SMS messages

View all sent and received SMS messages

Android Monitor lets you access all SMS on the target phone, sent or received. You will easily:

See all sent and received SMS.

Read the content of every SMS.

See the names and numbers of the recipients and senders.

Get the exact date and time when each message was sent or received.

See if somebody has answered these messages.

Get the deleted SMS.

Nobody will ever be able to hide an SMS from you because all messages will be automatically uploaded to your Private Area, which you can access anytime, from any location with the Internet.

Why do you need this feature:

Do you wonder with whom your kids are texting? What about, what are they up to? Maybe your employees are spending too much previous business time texting instead of achieving the goals of your organization?

To see demo SMS messages of a cell phone under monitoring, please click here.

Facebook Spy – Monitor Facebook on Android

Facebook Spy. View Facebook Messages

Facebook Spy - Facebook Tracking Made Easy | Android Monitor

Android Monitor lets you monitor Facebook chat messages and conversations on the target phone. With the Android Monitor Facebook spying app, you can:

Monitor all Facebook messages, both incoming and outgoing.

Please find out the names of the people with whom they were chatting.

See the exact date and time of each Facebook message.

Access any photo, video, or audio file saved on the target phone or sent through Facebook chat.

You can access all Facebook chat messages in your Private Area anytime.

Why do you need this feature?

Are you afraid your kid is chatting with the wrong guy on Facebook? Most people are spending lots of their work time on Facebook; don't let this happen in your company! Never again ask yourself how to spy on Facebook; install this small package and see with whom, when, and about what your kids or employees are chatting on Facebook. Take measures to limit or totally eradicate these useless or even dangerous activities.

To see what it looks like to spy on Facebook, please click here.

keylogger -app-for-android"> Keylogger for Android

With the Android Keylogger feature, you can monitor absolutely incognito everything that the user types using the keyboard of their phone or tablet. No root is required, and it works completely invisible. You can spy on any Android application by using a Keylogger.

Keylogger for Android gives you details like:

what has been written on the keyboard

in which application

at what time

Why do you need this feature

Spy on any application without rooting your device. Monitor all social apps and messengers.

To see a demo of the Keylogger for Android, please click here.

View Their Current Location. Android Gps Tracking.

Know their exact location

Android Monitor lets you:

See the exact location of the tracked cell phone on the map.

See their latitude and longitude in each one moment.

To access their location data, log in to your Private Area.

Why do you need this feature?

Are you sure your kids are where they say there are? Know the exact location of your children and employees at any time!

To see demo GPS location tracking of a cell phone, please click here.

Look at their photos

View all photos on the monitored phone

Android Monitor lets you see all photos that have been taken with or downloaded to the monitored phone.

With Android Monitor, you will:

Please view all photos stored on the target phone, taken, downloaded, or copied to the phone.

View the exact date and time of each photo and other details such as filename, folder, etc.

Download all photos for later review, backup, or other purposes.

Store an unlimited number of photos in your Private Area

You can fast-forward through the photos by looking at the thumbnails only or seeing a mid-size version for fast loading. You can even download the full-size original images on your computer.

If some of the photos are deleted from the target phone, you will still have access to them from your Private Area.

All photos will be stored on secure servers with encrypted storage. You can access your photos with your Email and password only.

Why do you need this feature:

Are you worried about what kind of photos your children are downloading from Internet? Make sure their phones do not contain adult content.

Do you know what your children are filming with their camera smartphones ?

Would you like to have access to the photos your employees are taking or when at work?

Are they taking photos of documents or places that can harm your business?

Know with whom you work.

To see demo pictures taken on a cell phone under monitoring, please click here.