AndroRat Apk Download Full Version Free For Android [Video]

AndroRat Apk Download Full Version Free For Android [Video]
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Do you want an Android hacking app? Look no further because AndroRAT APK Free Download for Android is now available in complete form. I'm back with another fantastic Android app named "Androrat." This program is also incredibly handy for Android users who have misplaced their phones.

Because the program may access any information on your phone, including call history, contacts, GPS position, and much more.

Actually, if you know or remember your phone's IMEI number, you can accomplish this. Because it enables you to track the position of your mobile devices using their IMEIs.

AndroRAT is a free and open-source client/server application written in Java/Swing for the server and Java Android for the client. AndroRAT is a mobile virus that was developed in 2012. It is a Remote Access Tool (RAT) for the Android Operating System (OS) that is used to manipulate either the victim or a remote attacker.

AndroRAT may be used as a client-side Android application on the target phone, as well as a server-side application on the hacker's or attacker's computer. In other words, using your PC remotely with this client/server program, you may get complete control of a single targeted Android Phone or Device.

AndroRat Review - The Best Android Hacking App

To hack any form of Android device or phone, just install a lightweight Android app into the targeted person's Android phone or Android device. You may also learn how to construct your own application's APK by using another program called AndroRAT APK Binder. This APK Binder program will provide you with all of the choices you'll need to construct your own APK application.

The AndroRAT enables you to tie any form of client software with all of the other well-known Android programs that are also accessible on the Play store; as a result, the victim will be unaware of it, and the application will operate anonymously on his Android device or phone.

  • Androrat's Background

This program was created primarily for educational and ethical hacking purposes. Unfortunately, AndroRat is readily exploitable for unethical hacking.

Since a result, I highly advise users not to utilize it for such actions, as doing so may result in you being imprisoned.

It belongs to the tools category and was created by a firm named DDT. It is a fantastic tool for remotely accessing all of the information on any Android smartphone or tablet. So, in this post, you can get the most recent version of AndroRat Apk for Android.

  • AndroRAT's Operation

The most recent version of the AndroRAT may get entire advanced privileges on any Android device or mobile phone that has unpatched the Remote code and the execution of the vulnerability, and then it injects root exploits.

The most harmful thing it does is exploit the most significant flaws in the platform you wish to attack.

It is a piece of software that enables you to get all of the data on the victim's phone. However, keep in mind that it is only applicable to Android phones. This is possible by gaining remote access to the victim's phone.

In essence, it is an Android device hacking program that enables you to hack Android phones. Normally, it is difficult to hack any Android phone unless the victim commits certain errors.

It functions in two ways. The first is that if the victim is connected to your WiFi network, you may get access or recover data using the AndroRat program.

The second approach, on the other hand, is easy yet tricky to implement since it involves creating a bogus Apk file. So, if the victim downloads that application or Apk file on his or her smartphone, you may quickly recover all of its data or information.

AndroRAT Advantages

AndroRat may be used to hack not just Android devices, but also the MAC and Windows platforms. RAT may also be used to interact with the attacker's control and command server, and it can execute a variety of instructions that can be used to steal all of the targeted user's personal information and data.

Some of these instructions just grab your personal messages from your inbox, your GPS position, your contact list, your personal files, your Wi-Fi password, and much more. This program may also be used to transfer data to any device, record video, take screen images, and record video.

There is also an AndroRAT implanted that enables an attacker to remotely control the whole device as well as its functions such as monitoring and creating messages and calls, accessing all stored files, and activating the device's camera and microphone. All of these functionalities may be employed at any moment without the targeted user's awareness.

AndroRat Apk Download Full Version Free For Android [Video]

AndroRAT's Hardware and Software Requirements

Now we'll go through the materials, tools, and settings required to hack any Android smartphone using AndroRAT.


These resources are mentioned below:

A desktop or laptop computer.

A router that is wireless.

An Android phone is used to provide an app to a customer.

AndroRAT on its own.

Java must be installed on the laptop or computer.


The following are the parameters necessary to run AndroRAT:

Firewall and antivirus software should be disabled.

Internet connection that is faster.

The final option is a router port forwarder.

Before downloading and installing the AndroRAT, make sure you have turned off your firewall and disabled your antivirus.

How to Make Use of AndroRAT (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

Now we'll go through the procedures for using AndroRAT to hack an Android device or Android phone. These stages are as follows:

First, if you are attempting to utilize the Router Port Forwarder to determine your IPv4 address, you may do so by opening the Command Prompt, often known as the CMD. After you've launched the CMD, all you have to do is type ipconfig and press the enter key, then copy your IPv4 address.

Download AndroRAT Full Setup

Second Step: Simply install the Router port forwarder and then use it by double-clicking on its icon. The first thing it will do is identify your router; after that is done, you just click the Add button, give it a name, leave the Protocol as TCP, then choose any Port, such as 8086, and last input your IPv4 address.

Third Step: All you have to do now is locate an app that will be loaded on the Android phone that you will use or control using your PC or Laptop. You may easily construct your own application by utilizing the AndroRAT APK Binder. You must now go to the AndroRAT folder and then open the AndroRAT Binder. Then choose the Build option to construct your own fake program. You may also bind your own fake application using the Bind+Build option, which can be done with the aid of other apps.

However, in this example, I will utilize and construct the Android App utilizing the standalone way.

The first step is to input the IPv4 address and the PORT that we discovered earlier by utilizing Router Port Forwarding; then you just click GO, and all you have to do is wait until the process finishes building the APK file.

Fourth Step: You may now entirely control the Android Phone on which you installed the AndroRAT-created program by going to the AndroRAT folder, opening it, and simply launching or running the AndroRAT server application. Then, on the server tab, click the Select Port option. Then you must re-enter the Port Forwarding that you previously used. The program should then be restarted by opening and shutting it.

After completing the first step, you must wait for the program to connect to the Android phone that you attacked using AndroRAT.

Once it has completed connecting, you must pick the targeted Android Phone shown in the application's window. Then you must choose the device to which you wish to connect. After that, click on the Client tab and then choose the Open User Interface option.

When your PC or laptop is linked to the targeted Android phone, you will be able to examine all of the device's details. There are three choices at the top of the application's main window:

Get Android Data: By selecting this option, you have total access to the microphone, camera, and the ability to effortlessly retrieve all contacts and SMS from the targeted Android phone, among other things.

Send Command: Using this option, you can immediately send the bogus message to the selected phone. You may also make calls or send SMS messages to numbers that are not in the phone's contact book or list.

Monitoring: The last but not least option is Monitoring, which allows you to completely monitor all incoming, outgoing, and missed calls from that phone. The SMS option, which is accessible inside the Phone, is the same.

UPDATED: Antivirus Evasion

AndroRAT has been upgraded to include a new "Antivirus Evasion" module, as well as speed enhancements. This prevents it from being identified by security applications such as Avast, AVG, and Kaspersky. The app now starts 2x quicker as a result of the improved architecture with which it has been redesigned, which also improves stability. Download the most recent version from the link below and let me know what you think.

This version has corrected the problems of crashing and not responding.

Alternatives to AndroRAT

DroidJack is a closed-source decentralized RAT. It is capable of recording conversations, reading and writing messages, and clipboard data, as well as the infected phone's IMEI and MAC address.

SpyNote: A RAT tool with the main goal of spying on the devices on which it is installed. It gives a variety of data such as GPS, text messages, phone calls, and photos.

Significant release: We have completely updated the binding interface where you input your IP address. It is more user-friendly and intuitive on older smartphones running Android 5.0 and lower.

AndroRAT Server: This 2021 update includes a much-requested server-side capability. It enables you to set up a server to control the devices from a central location. You won't have to utilize your own gadget this way.

AndroRAT APK Full Version Free Download for Android

In this post, we discussed "AndroRAT," an Android device and mobile hacking program. It is an enticing application or program that allows you to effortlessly monitor the Android devices or phones that you want to target. I hope you have a good time with your AndroRAT APK Download.

We also explained the operation and specialization of this specific program, and then we thoroughly explored all of its possibilities. We also went through the step-by-step process of hacking an Android phone and monitoring it using a PC or laptop. If you don't want to be a victim of such an assault, have an antivirus program on your phone at all times.

APK has been updated to the most recent version. A issue that was causing the app to become unstable has been resolved.

What can you do with AndroRat?

As I previously said, this application is really valuable since it allows you to track all of the activities performed on that phone.

Not only can you watch the phone's actions, but you can also do a variety of functions on the victim's phone straight from your PC or laptop using AndroRat.

You can take images, launch the browser, and serve the internet to view any URL. Aside from that, you may send messages and do a lot more.

However, I'd want to make it clear that there is no such AndroRat Apk package accessible for Android phones in any App store.

However, there is a handbook Apk with the same name that has some basic instructions written in Russian on around 15 to 17 pages. As a result, you are not permitted to hack any Android phone. If you still believe such a thing exists, you are mistaken.

However, if you continue to get such an App, it is possible that it is a fake Apk, since the actual version is only accessible for PCs and laptops. Furthermore, I suggest that you check the product's official website to see whether it is accessible on Android devices.

So, for the time being, you may use the program from the PCs, and I have included its original software at the bottom of the page for you to download.

What information can you get by utilizing AndroRat?

AndroRat can extract a lot of information from any Android device. However, the most crucial facts or data that you may acquire from someone's phone are as follows.

You can access all of the contacts on your phone, including cell numbers, email addresses, and much more.

You might surprise the owner of the hacked phone by making his or her phone vibrate.

You may see all of his/her call records to see who he/she phoned, when he/she called, and on which number he/she called.

It enables you to access any URL or webpage by utilizing the victim's mobile phone.

Allows you to see all of the messages that the user has sent or received.

If you wish to respond to such communications, you may do so as well.

Aside from responding, you may send new messages.

Allows you to track the phone's GPS position.

You may see all of the messages in real time.

Gets images from her/his phone or takes pictures with her/his phone.

Pay attention to the sounds.

Much, much more.

How Do I Get The App?

As I previously said, the utility is presently not accessible for Android phones; thus, do not install or download phony applications from the market and instead get the program for your PCs and Laptops.

Because the official tool is just for such devices, which you may obtain from our website and install quite easily. If you are a beginner and don't know how to download the tool, then follow the steps below.

At the conclusion of this post, I've included a Download button.

Select that button.

Choose the place where you wish to save the file.

Then, click/tap the continue/okay button.

Wait a few seconds (time duration or speed of downloading depends on the network connection).

You are now finished.

How to Setup AndroRat

If you are new to the program and are unfamiliar with the installation procedure, just follow the step-by-step tutorial below.

If you haven't already, download the application from our website.

Then, go to the place (usually the Download folder) where you saved the App.

Then double-click the file to open it.

To continue the installation procedure, tap/click the install or "Yes" option.

You are now finished and ready to utilize the tool.

Fundamental Characteristics

When we begin to list all of the characteristics, it will take a lot of time and work. However, I have attempted to offer simply the most fundamental elements of the program so that you can understand what you will receive from the application.

It is free to download and install on your devices.

It may be used for educational reasons.

You may use the program to keep an eye on anybody.

It is mostly utilized by secret services to track the movements of any suspect.

If you suspect your life partner of cheating on you, you may use the program to track and monitor his or her activities.

Using the IMEI number, you may simply and pleasantly locate the whereabouts of your Android phone if it is misplaced.

You may also navigate to someone else's GPS location.

You can get all of the information needed to hack any typical Android handset.

You may build Apk files for phones that are just to be used for hacking.

You may stream videos using the victim's Android phone.

There's a lot more you can accomplish with that basic yet quite helpful App.

Fundamental Requirements

There are no high-end requirements for running the program, however there are certain fundamental prerequisites that may be required for the app to function properly. These prerequisites are as follows.

To begin, you will need a PC or laptop to install the program.

You must ensure that the person or device you want to hack is connected to your WiFi network.

The WiFi network must be robust and functional.

To develop a phony Apk package for hacking someone's smartphone, you'll need some essential information.

After sharing all available information on AndroRat, I am certain that you will be able to utilize it wisely and correctly. If you want to download the app, there is a button at the bottom of the page. Install it by tapping or clicking on it.

AndroRat is a very sensitive program or software that is used for hacking. However, this program was designed primarily for ethical hacking or educational reasons, so use caution while using it. As a result, if you're utilizing it for educational or ethical hacking purposes, it's OK.

  • Conclusion

However, in the event that the AndroRat App or program is misused, the proprietors of this website "lusogamer" will not be held liable in any way. Because it is someone else's product, and we do not own it.

Whereas we only give Android applications, games, and other products that are free and open to the public.

Q1. What exactly is AndroRat?

Ans. It is a piece of software or an application used for ethical hacking.

Q2. Is AndroRat secure?

Ans. Yes, it is completely safe and secure unless you are using it for ethical and educational objectives and are an expert in IT.

Q3: How can I hack an Android phone, smartphone, or tablet?

Ans. It is not simple to hack any Android due to its great security, but if you are a highly skilled hacker, you may do it by utilizing AndroRat and other programs.

Is it lawful to hack?

Ans. No, if your intention is to damage someone or if you are acting unethically. However, hacking is permitted when undertaken by law firms or government agencies to get secret information or by IT groups for educational reasons. As a result, it is dependent on the circumstances and intents.

Q4: Is it legal to use AndroRat?

Ans. Yes, if you have been granted permission by any IT company, government agency, or group to use the app for hacking. Alternatively, you may be utilizing it for educational and ethical hacking objectives.

Q5. How do I set up AndroRat?

Ans. The solution may be found in the main article for the installation procedure.

Q6. How can I get AndroRat for Android?

Ans. AndroRat for Android cannot be downloaded because no such Apk package exists. As a result, it is only accessible for PCs and laptops.

Q7. How can I get AndroRat for my PC or laptop?

Ans. In this post, I have supplied software that you may download for PCs and Laptops by clicking the download option at the bottom of this page.

Q8. How Does Androrat Hack Any Android Phone?

Ans. Simply follow the steps in this video tutorial.