Apps that spy on you while hiding their app icon

Apps that spy on you while hiding their app icon
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Did you know that SPY24 is the only application on the market that hides its application icon until now? Many well-known surveillance apps have failed to do so on Android phones running the most recent operating system versions. Since the Android operating system published its updates for OS versions 10 and 11, a large number of so-called spy solutions have come to light.

Did you know that SPY24 is the only application on the market that hides its application icon until now? Many well-known surveillance apps have failed to do so on Android phones running the most recent operating system versions. Since the Android operating system published its updates for OS versions 10 and 11, a large number of so-called spy solutions have come to light.

Is it possible for you to tell me why these spying solutions were made public and why they have nothing to do with the word "spy" any longer? The majority of applications that have proclaimed themselves to be the greatest spy software are unable to disguise their App icon on Android devices running the most recent operating system version.

We were fortunate in that we were able to figure out a solution and that we were able to successfully implement the app icon hidden process in our installation. We'll start with a look at cell phone monitoring products that are capable of successfully disguising app icons on the target device.

Apps that spy on you while hiding their app icon

Is It Possible for the SPY24 App to Hide the App Icon During the Installation Process?

As previously stated, we have discovered a solution to the problem of the target Android mobile phone's App icon being hidden, and we have included this step in our application installation procedure. Discussing the installation process as well as how to conceal the spy software icon on the target device can be helpful.

Step 1: Download and install the Phone Spy App for Android.

To subscribe to SPY24, open the browser on your cellular device and navigate to the subscription webpage. You can proceed to the solutions at the beginning of the process and select the android spy app. You will carefully read the material on the webpage as you navigate across it. To purchase something, navigate to the right-hand upper corner of the webpage and click on the Buy Now button. You will have all of the options available to you so that you may choose the best one for you. Finally, you have a pricing page, from which you can purchase a subscription. You will receive an email in the near future with the password and ID information.

Step 2: Take the target phone and hold it in your hands (Physical Access of the Target Device)

To begin the configuration procedure on the target device, physical access to the device is required. When you are about to finish the setup, a pop-up window displays on the screen, requesting that you conceal the App icon from view. You can choose to remain hidden, and the work will still be completed. It is necessary to activate the monitoring app on the target device in order to collect data.

Step 3: Log in to the Web Control Panel using your credentials.

When the web control panel is activated, the credentials are entered and the web control panel is activated. You can gain access to the functionalities of a spy app that is both rooted and non-rooted. With the help of the sync settings button, you may activate the spying tools and begin syncing data from the target device into the control panel without the target device's knowledge.

Please keep in mind that without rooting the target device, the SPY24 android spy will remain hidden and invisible. As a result of the temper-proof nature of the spy software, you can conduct monitoring operations for the purpose of establishing parental control and spying on employees without being detected.

Top Spy Apps That Can Disguise Their App Icon on the Target Cellular Device

There are three major players in the spy app industry who are capable of completing the job successfully. Except for the following spy software, no other spy software has the ability to hide the program icon on the current Android operating system versions 10, 11, and 12.


It offers a variety of spy app products for Android, iPhone, as well as Mac, and Windows computer platforms. It operates in the background and allows you to monitor target devices in complete secrecy. It is undetectable and lets you snoop on targeted phones and PCs without being detected or identified. It was a difficult task for us to secretly spy on Android OS versions 10, 11, and 12. Our espionage solution has shown to be effective. It is only surveillance software with a concealed app icon, and there is no way for anyone to detect it on Android operating systems of any version number.


Flexispy is the most famous and well-known brand that has followed in the footsteps of SPY24 and has successfully concealed the program icon on the most recent Android operating system releases. The app icon remains concealed until Android OS 10, however, when it comes to Android OS 11, the icon becomes visible. Users may find the approach of masking the app icon to be difficult to understand. Additionally, the Flexispy application has been referenced in their post.


It is currently considered to be one of the top mobile trackers for Android. When compared to other well-known competitors, it is a brand-new application on the market, which is significant. In comparison, the application has done an excellent job of concealing app icons with the recent revisions to Android OS versions 10 and 11, according to our tests. As a result, it is one of the few spy programs that has effectively developed ways for snooping into Android phones while remaining undetectable.

Spy apps that are unable to hide their app icon on a target phone are listed below.

The applications we have tested and our competitors' spy software such as SPY24, OgyMogy, and Flexispy, which can mask app icons on their target devices, are among those we have found to be effective. Take a look at the spy goods for cell phones listed below, which are unable to conceal the application's icon on the device.


Mspy has responded to their users' questions by stating that their team is continually working on disguising the app icon, but that there is currently no indication of this. On the most recent Android operating system versions, such as 10 and 11, the application does not remain hidden. Parents who spy on their children's phones may find themselves in trouble. When parents wish to establish parental controls on their children's phones without their children knowing about it, it can be a challenging experience.


SpyFone is one of the spy applications that used to be referred to as spy software in the past. Since Android has released upgrades for its 10 and 11 operating system versions, the spyFone program has been rendered inoperable because it is unable to conceal the app icon on the target mobile device. Their customer service team has certified that they are unable to conceal the application.

Highster Mobile

A cell phone tracking application that has made a name for itself over its long history in the phone spy sector, but things are becoming worse for them right now. It is one of our competitors that is unable to hide the app icon on Android OS versions 10 and 11. It is also one of our competitors.


It also functions as a phone spy app, providing services for monitoring Android smartphones. The recent changes, on the other hand, make it impossible for it to remain hidden and undetectable on the target phone.

Web Watcher

It is a phone monitoring app that provides spying services for phones running Android and other operating systems. Despite the fact that it is a well-known spy app brand, it is experiencing the same problem. It is no longer possible to hide app icons on Android phones running the most recent operating systems.


The SPY24 team is continually bringing surprises and testable solutions to their customers. Do you believe that our android spy software is concealed or do you believe it is hidden? Why don't you take a look for yourself and utilize the finest spy app for smartphones to do so? Rather than damaging your child's emotional trust and informing your employees that you are keeping an eye on them, consider the following: Try SPY24, an application that masks the icons of installed applications.

The Advantages of Using a Spying App on Your Phone

Currently, Android-based mobile phones are quite popular among smartphone users. Spying apps for Android, on the other hand, have become quite popular among users for a variety of strange reasons. People nowadays have the ability to track Android mobile phones and gadgets from a distance in order to obtain something beneficial for the end-user. If you're looking for the best tracking app, you can read a thorough evaluation of SPY24's software, which has been used to help parents watch their children's phone habits.

Numerous Android spying software apps are available for download on the internet, each claiming to be the greatest Android spying software apps available in the industry. However, there is a distinction between claiming to have the greatest mobile phone spying app for Android and actually having the finest. Furthermore, it would be difficult for any user to gain access to the powerful phone track software for Android if they did not have all of the necessary information.

However, there are numerous advantages to using spying software for an Android mobile phone that you should be aware of before implementing this sophisticated software into your life. The following are the most significant advantages of using a cutting-edge mobile phone surveillance application:

Set up parental controls on your children's devices for digital parenting.

The end-user can gain remote access to the target mobile phone, which is running the Android operating system and is intended for children. Furthermore, you can utilize a variety of methods for the mobile phone spy app, and you can even use live screen recorder software to install parental controls on the target phone. If you need to, you can remotely control your child's Android device, which allows you to check installed apps, block text messages remotely, stop incoming calls remotely, and block internet access on the target device when necessary.

Employee Observation and Reporting

At the moment, the majority of commercial companies are well-equipped with mobile phones running the Android operating system, as well as other gadgets and technology. Because of this, companies must track and balance employees' activities at the very least during working hours in order to prevent any goldbricking operations and to prevent the theft of intellectual property held on android smartphones from the company. Furthermore, an end-user can use it to track employees' GPS locations when necessary, which is particularly useful while they are working outside the organization's grounds.

Prevent your partner from betraying you.

People in partnerships, particularly females, are quite active in tracking down and spying on their partner's mobile phone habits, especially if they have any doubts about them. As a result, people can utilize mobile phone spy software to prevent their partner from engaging in cheating or internet infidelity activities. Couples, on the other hand, can use it to help them develop trust in one another. They have the ability to remotely listen in on conversations and sounds in the surrounding area, follow text messages, monitor emails, record and listen in on live screen recordings, phone calls, and monitor social messaging app activities, among other things.