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Bank Hack Add Unlimited Money Software Download
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Hackers use many different ways to get into your bank account.

It's helpful to know how hackers break into bank accounts. Here are some ways hackers can steal your money and leave you broke.

Since so many people are switching to online banking, it's not surprising that hackers are looking for login information.

What might be surprising, though, is how far these people will go to get their hands on your money.

Here's how hackers try to get into your bank account and what you can do to keep yourself safe.

1. Mobile Banking Trojans

You can take care of all of your finances from your phone now. Most banks have official apps that you can use to log in and check your account. Even though this is convenient, it has become a key way for people who make malware to attack.

  • Fake banking apps that trick users

One of the easiest ways to attack is to fake an existing banking app. A person who makes malware makes a perfect copy of a bank's app and puts it on other websites. Once you've downloaded the app, you put in your username and password. The app then sends your username and password to the hacker.

  • Putting a fake app in place of a real one

The mobile banking Trojan is the more sneaky version. These aren't made to look like a bank's official app; instead, they're usually a completely different app with a Trojan inside. When you install this app, a Trojan starts to look for banking apps on your phone.

When the malware sees that the user has opened a banking app, it quickly opens a window that looks just like the app you just opened. If this is done well enough, the user won't notice that the login page has changed, and they will enter their information into the fake login page. The details are then sent to the person who made the malware.

Most of the time, these Trojans need an SMS verification code to get into your account as well. To do this, they often ask for the ability to read SMS messages when the phone is being set up, so they can steal the codes as they come in.

How to Keep Trojans from Getting into Your Mobile Banking

Keep an eye on how many times an app has been downloaded before you download it from the app store. If there haven't been many downloads or reviews, it's too soon to tell if it has malware or not.

This is even more likely to be a fake if you see an "official app" for a well-known bank that hasn't been downloaded very much. Given how popular the bank is, there should be a lot of downloads of the official apps.

Also, be careful about what apps you let access. If a mobile game asks for permissions but doesn't tell you why it needs them, it's best to stay safe and not let it install. Even "harmless" services like Android Accessibility Services can be used to hack you.

Lastly, you should never install banking apps from sites that are not your bank's. These sites are more likely to have malware. Even though official app stores aren't perfect, they are much safer than a random website.

2. Scamming

Since people are getting smarter about phishing, hackers are trying harder to get people to click on their links. One of the worst things they do is hack the email accounts of solicitors and send phishing emails from an address that was once trusted.

This hack is so bad because it would be hard to spot the scam. It would be a real email address, and the hacker could even call you by your first name. This is how a poor home buyer lost £67,000. He replied to an email address that used to be real, but it was a scam.

How to Keep From Getting Phished

Obviously, if an email address looks fishy, you should be skeptical about what it says. If the address looks real, but something about the email seems off, try to confirm it with the person who sent it. But try not to do it over email, in case hackers have broken into the account.

Hackers can also steal your identity on social media using phishing and other methods.

3. Keyloggers

This is one of the more stealthy ways a hacker can break into a bank account. Keyloggers are a kind of malware that keeps track of what you type and sends it back to the hacker.

At first, that might not seem like much. But think about what would happen if you typed the web address of your bank, then your username and password. The hacker would know everything they need to know to get into your account.

How to Keep Keyloggers from Stealing Your Passwords

Install a good antivirus program and make sure it checks your computer regularly. A good antivirus program will find a keylogger and get rid of it before it can do any harm.

Activate two-factor authentication if your bank offers it. This makes a keylogger much less useful because even if a hacker gets your login information, they won't be able to copy the authentication code.

4. Attacks by a "Man in the Middle"

Hackers will sometimes try to get your information by intercepting your communications with your bank's website. Man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks are exactly what they sound like: a hacker gets in the middle of your communication with a legitimate service.

Most of the time, a MITM attack involves keeping an eye on an insecure server and looking at the information that goes through it. Hackers "sniff out" and steal your login information when you send it over this network.

Hackers will sometimes use DNS cache poisoning to change the site you go to when you type in a URL. If a hacker changes the DNS cache, will go to a copy site that the hacker owns instead. This fake site will look exactly like the real one. If you're not careful, you might give your login information to a fake site.

How to Keep MITM Attacks from Getting to You

Do not do anything important on a public or unsecured network. Use something safer, like the Wi-Fi at your home, to be on the safe side. Also, always look for HTTPS in the address bar when you log in to a sensitive site. If it's not there, you're probably looking at a fake site.

Why not take charge of your own privacy if you want to do sensitive things on a public Wi-Fi network? Before your computer sends your information over the network, a VPN service encrypts it. If someone is watching your connection, all they will see are encrypted packets that they can't read.

It can be hard to choose a VPN, so if you want to protect your privacy, be sure to read our guide to free VPNs.

5. Hackers have a lot of trouble with SMS authentication codes and SIM swapping. They can get around these checks, though, and they don't even need your phone to do it!

A SIM swap happens when a hacker calls your network provider and says they are you. They say they lost their phone and want their old number, which is your current number, to be transferred to their SIM card.

If they are successful, your phone number is taken off your SIM and put on the hacker's SIM. This is possible with a social security number, which we talked about in our guide on why 2FA and SMS verification aren't 100% safe.

Once they have your number saved on their SIM card, it's easy for them to get around SMS codes. When they log into your bank account, the bank sends a text message to their phone instead of yours with a verification code. Then, they can log in to your account and take the money without being stopped.

How to keep SIM swapping from happening to you

Usually, mobile networks do ask questions to make sure that the person asking for the transfer is who they say they are. So, for scammers to do a SIM swap, they usually have to get your personal information so they can pass the checks.

Even so, some network providers don't check very carefully when a SIM card is transferred. This makes it easy for hackers to do this trick.

Keep your personal information secret so that no one can steal your identity. Also, you should check to see if your mobile provider is doing what it can to keep SIM swapping from happening.

If you keep your information safe and your network provider is careful, a hacker who tries to SIM swap will fail the ID check.

How to Keep Your Money Safe Both customers and hackers like how easy it is to use online banking. You can help make sure you don't become a victim of these attacks, which is good news. By keeping your information safe, hackers won't have much to work with when they try to steal your savings.

Now that you know the tricks hackers use to get into your bank account, why not step up your banking security? You can keep your money safe from hackers in many ways, like by changing your password often and checking your statement every month.

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