5 apps that spy WhatsApp

5 apps that spy WhatsApp
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Whatsapp; Everyone's favorite messenger!

WhatsApp or WhatsApp is a messaging app that we are all familiar with. WhatsApp is a messenger written and published in 2009 by Jan Com. The software had a lot of bugs and security issues at the beginning of its path, but it eventually fixed these problems, and in 2014 it was purchased by Mark Zuckerberg and joined the Facebook collection.

Messengers, as mentioned, made communication easy for the world, and WhatsApp was one of the most influential. In WhatsApp, you can send as many messages as you want, all kinds of photos, videos, audio and various files with a large volume limit, to anyone. You can build in that group and talk and communicate with several people at the same time. WhatsApp is currently one of the best and most popular messengers in the world.

WhatsApp hacking program and message control

WhatsApp WhatsApp hacking software allows parents to have accurate and complete control over their children's WhatsApp messenger messages and incoming messages to be aware of the complete security of their children in the virtual world…

Learn more about the features of this program. Such as: view messages, restrict messages, access WhatsApp contacts and…

After installing the program on the mobile phone of family members and children, the software allows (parents) to have full control and monitoring of WhatsApp Messenger on their children's phones.

5 best apps to spy Whatsapp

What are the WhatsApp hacking methods?

WhatsApp hack with barcode

WhatsApp hack with Gmail and number

WhatsApp hack with number

Hacking WhatsApp using WhatsApp web version

The first and easiest way to hack WhatsApp is the web version of WhatsApp. With the help of the web version, you can easily hack other people's accounts.

All you have to do is hold the phone of the person you want for a few seconds. Open WhatsApp.

Go to WhatsApp settings.

Tap Whatsapp Web.

Now go to web.whatsapp.com and scan the generated code with the victim's phone.

entire! Now you have the information and WhatsApp account of the person you want.

However, this group uses various security measures to protect the security of its users, which will protect the security of users during compliance with some security protocols, in which case no one can access the account of the subscribers of this application. Therefore, it is not possible to hack WhatsApp at all

WhatsApp hacking programs

In this section, we will introduce you to a number of useful and useful programs for spying and hacking WhatsApp, which you can take control of WhatsApp or the other party's phone.


2.plc spy

3.Truth spy



1. Spy 24

Free Monitoring Software ( SPY24 ) is the first professional application with the best software technologies in the world, which has the ability to provide parents with control and monitoring of messages exchanged in WhatsApp Messenger. Give. Learn now about how to use free monitoring software to hack WhatsApp to protect and care for your family and children.

How to hack WhatsApp remotely:

SPY24 program:

The first case of the site rules and the most important is to deal with hacking, and any misuse and misuse of SPY24 website tutorials and programs is the responsibility of the user.

Family Care System (SPY24) is the name of a mobile application with very simple installation and activation that allows parents to control and manage their children's activities in virtual mobile networks.

Below you can see some of the features of SPY24 program:

Monitor calls and text messages with date and time

Report messages from Telegram, Instagram, WhatsApp and…

Continuous instantaneous position and routes traveled

Visited websites and implemented programs

With the ability to hide 100% of the program and remote management

Ability to block websites, applications and remote contacts

spying Whatsapp

2. Plc spy

*. Using plc spy program

This app is also a messenger control app that is used for both Android and iOS devices. The best thing about using this app is that you can use it and hack WhatsApp without accessing the other party's phone. This program was created by the Child Control Organization to monitor children's behavior and has 2 versions:

The first version can be installed on the phone, the icon of which will be hidden immediately.

And another version makes it possible to control the phone without access and remotely.


TruthSpy provides powerful features. Using TruthSpy, you can read the WhatsApp messages of a person as well as also preview the attachments sent along with it. Unlike other monitoring tools, the main objective of this WhatsApp spy app is to let parents monitor the WhatsApp and Snap-chat usage of their kids.

Compatibility:Works on Android and iOS.

Features for Standard version: Location Tracking, SMS Tracking,View Call History, View Call Deleted History, Time of the call, Wipe Phone Data, Backup Phone Data, SIM Change Notification

Features for Premium version: Location Tracking, SMS Tracking,View Call History, View Call Deleted History,Time of the call, Contact, Internet Browsing History,Videos, Photos, Audios, Notes,WhatsApp Chats, Wipe Phone Data, Backup Phone Data, SIM Change Notification

Features for Gold version: Location Tracking, SMS Tracking, View Call History, View Call Deleted History,Time of the call, Call Recording, Contact, Internet Browsing History,Videos, Photos, Audios, Notes, WhatsApp Chats, Surround Recording, Wipe Phone Data, Backup Phone Data, SIM Change Notification

4. mspy

mSpy : This is the best app on the market for spying on WhatsApp and other applications. It is easy for people to install and does not require a user to jailbreak their iPhone or root an Android device. It is a low cost for the service provided and features unmatched customer support.

5. Spyic

Spyic is a remote monitoring program that allows the user to track the location of the other person from the location to even the documents on the device. With WhatsApp tracking and Spyic location tracking, you can track and track whereabouts, phone calls, messages, social media activity, browsing history.

Spyic uses GPS to monitor the location of the device. This app has a lot of fans from parents around the world because this app lets parents track WhatsApp and find the exact location of their children.

The best part is that WhatsApp tracking and location tracking apps are available on both Android and iOS devices and there are no complicated steps to using.

If you are looking for the easiest way to track WhatsApp and find your location using WhatsApp, you can use Spyic and panSpy WhatsApp tracking and location tracking programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can WhatsApp be hacked? Yes; It is true that WhatsApp is one of the most secure messengers in the world, but no social network can be hacked and WhatsApp can be hacked.

Can people be monitored by hacking them? Sure; In fact, many people hack WhatsApp accounts to monitor their children, relatives or other people.

Is there a plan for this? There are many monitoring and control programs and the best of them are introduced in this article.