best Anonymous Texting Apps Free in 2022 For Android & iOS

best Anonymous Texting Apps Free in 2022 For Android & iOS
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We've put up a list of the Best Free Anonymous Texting Apps for Android and iOS smartphones. App for anonymous text messaging for free

The best anonymous texting app for iPhone and Android

Are you trying to prank a friend or keep tabs on your ex without letting them know it's you? Check out these Android apps for anonymous texting.

You might wish to text or call someone while hiding your phone number for a variety of reasons. It's always a good idea to have an anonymous messaging app for Android on your cellphone, whether it's because you don't want them to be able to find you later or for security reasons. There is a demand for this kind of app, even though I am aware that it might not be used as frequently as other Android texting apps.

I want to be very clear about this since I'm aware that many people use these applications to harass other people. Authorities can easily monitor the number behind any harmful call or text message if they want to enter your nation.

Therefore, it is always advisable to use these applications with caution and keep in mind that you can simply report anyone who threatens you to the appropriate authorities. Nevertheless, many people are hesitant to phone their ex-partners on their new number, thus these apps are invaluable in such situations.

Note: A Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge was used to evaluate each of the top anonymous messaging apps on this list. I texted a number in Minnesota, United States, and all of the applications were able to send texts. I was unable to test the call quality or make a call, but calls will likely be successful if messages are.

All of the apps won't function properly if your Internet connection isn't active. To use all of the functionality of some apps, you may need to buy more credits or make in-app payments.

You've come to the right site if you're seeking a free anonymous texting app in 2022! The top free anonymous texting applications for Android and iOS devices are listed below. These apps enable you to communicate text messages and photographs without disclosing you're identity. These top free anonymous text message applications will work, so use them whether you want to communicate with a buddy or exact revenge!

The best anonymous messaging software for Android aims to highlight and capture the honesty of anonymity. In the modern world, there are many valid reasons to stay anonymous, and these programs understand the need of preserving user privacy. The best Android-based anonymous chatting software is perfect if you wish to communicate or meet other anonymous Internet users without disclosing you're identity.

On the Google Play Store, there were surprisingly few respectable solutions for sending anonymous text messages to Android smartphones. While some of them had weak connections and social interactions at the time of testing, others weren't as mysterious as they claimed to be. Fortunately, I was able to find several great alternatives that would make it much simpler for you to remain anonymous when speaking. The best Android applications for anonymous messaging should be sufficient for now, though I would have liked a wider variety.

best Anonymous Texting Apps Free in 2022 For Android & iOS

What is an anonymous texting app?

Without disclosing their identities, users using anonymous texting software can send and receive text messages and pictures. As a result, it is difficult to track the messages back to the original sender because the software does not reveal the sender's name.

For Android and iOS devices, there are several anonymous texting apps, but not all of them are created equal. The greatest anonymous messaging programs that are currently offered on various platforms will be covered in this article. These apps enable you to communicate text messages and photographs without disclosing you're identity.

Why Use a Texting App that is Anonymous?

A smart option to keep your discussions private is to use an anonymous messaging app. You'll be able to prevent any potential embarrassment in addition to being able to save your talks in secret. You may share photographs and videos using many of the most well-known anonymous texting apps. This implies that you can keep conversations interesting and enjoyable. Other prevalent causes include the following.

  • to communicate with friends or family members privately and anonymously
  • Communicate with others online anonymously to exact revenge
  • to remain anonymous when talking with others using those methods
  • to place prank calls in the dark (if you have a VoIP phone number)

Without disclosing your identity or where you are, send others anonymous text messages and photographs.

How Do I Use a Texting App That's Anonymous?

On the internet, several free anonymous texting applications are accessible. Secret, Whisper, and Textra are a few of the most well-known. Users can send and receive messages using these apps without disclosing their identities.

You must first create an account to utilize an anonymous texting app. You can send and receive messages after setting up an account. Type your message into the app and press the send button to send it. To receive a message, open the app and select the message icon.

Why Is a Texting App Anonymous Required?

One of the most popular forms of communication in today's world is texting. Messages are simple to send and receive, and they're a terrific way to stay in touch with loved ones. However, it is simple to identify the sender of text messages. This implies that text messages may be cited as evidence in trials or other proceedings.

Because it enables communication without concern for being tracked, an anonymous texting app is essential. With an anonymous app, people may send and receive messages without worrying about who they’re interacting with. This makes sure that people can express themselves freely without worrying about being watched or getting into an awkward position.

The Top Apps for Texting Secretly

For iOS and Android phones, there are several free anonymous texting apps, but not all of them are created equal. The greatest anonymous messaging programs that are currently offered on various platforms will be covered in this article. These apps enable you to communicate text messages and photographs without disclosing you're identity.


With the help of the free texting and calling app Text Me, you can stay in touch with your loved ones without worrying about high phone costs. Without having to worry about bandwidth limits or lengthy wait times, you can text and phone anyone in the US for free. Additionally, it's simple to message numerous individuals at once, making it possible to stay in touch with everyone without switching between apps. The ideal app for keeping in touch with your loved ones is Text Me.

For texting and phoning, this software offers a second personal phone number. You can call everyone you could reach using your regular number using this real, personal phone number. This makes things as simple as possible because the people you want to contact don't require this software.

The program has a user-friendly interface and a fairly straightforward design. It has features including voicemail support, a cloud backup, a built-in messaging system, and text translation. The application also features a group chat with images, video calls, and audio messaging. Along with sharing options, it provides several emoticon packs.

Android and iOS versions are available for download.


You're trying to find a free, private way to talk to your friends. The ideal app for you is US Phone Number! This program makes it simple to send and receive text messages without having to worry about someone listening in on the discussion. There is no excuse not to try the app since it is completely free to use.

You may make voice-over-IP calls and cost-free international calls using this ad-free, free app. You can send free SMS text messages using the app as well.

You won't have to worry about voices crackling when using the software because the speech quality is so good. You may even change the walkie-talkie mode on and off with just one button press. Unwanted call blocking and call forwarding options are available as premium features. Overall, the program has good qualities and is well-designed.

For Android, download


ImNot.Me is one of the greatest free anonymous text messaging applications out there. It is a wonderful option for anyone looking for a straightforward method of communicating without worrying about being tracked because it is simple to use and quick to find.

You can text whomever you choose in an anonymous manner using this program. This is achieved by giving you a personal virtual phone number that functions exactly like your real one. To put it another way, you have the choice to get in touch with anyone, and it doesn't even require that they utilize this app.

Finally, because you are not required to submit any personal information, the number you receive is completely secret. Additionally, the app provides international functionality for contacting people anywhere in the world. Once you've received the text message, you'll get a notification that it has been delivered.

Another fantastic feature is the ability to schedule SMS messages within a time limit, which is a fantastic organizational tool. If you run out of text ideas, you are free to use any of the software's many pre-made templates. You can choose to include your templates and rearrange them however you see fit.

For Android, download

THE SECOND PHONE: Second Phone Number

You may make and receive calls and SMS messages using this covert messaging tool. Similar to the last program, you are given a virtual number that can be used in place of a real one when utilizing this one. You can now phone, text, and send images, videos, and audio files to others.

The phone number may be used to send and receive text messages, making it a useful tool for staying in touch with loved ones. As was already mentioned, you can call anyone whose number you have by using the number as if it were the actual thing. Without using any additional applications, you can now instantly get responses from people you've spoken to in the past.

In addition, the program allows you to add a second number in a matter of seconds. If necessary, the number can also return voicemails. Keep in mind that this program offers free, unlimited calls to both the US and Canada. Through the app, you can have group chats and even HQ video calls.

For Android, download

CALLING & TEXTING FOR FREE: FreeTone Calls & Texting

Here is another app that allows for anonymous texting. You are given a real phone number with voicemail through this application. There is no need to purchase calling credits or obtain them in any other way because the number is free. Furthermore, the number is completely confidential because you do not need to provide any personal information to obtain it.

The process of creating an account is straightforward: you may use your email, Facebook, or Google account to log in. You can send SMS and MMS as you would with a real number as well. The nicest part is that there are no restrictions because the person you want to contact doesn't need to download the app.

You can make free calls across the United States and Canada using this app. You can even select the area code for your virtual number if necessary. Group chats and even HD video talks are also available on the app. You'll be able to transmit photographs, audio notes, and a variety of other things. If necessary, you can quickly obtain a second phone number.

Android and iOS versions are available for download.


You can contact your friends anonymously with this other free smartphone app. This tool can be used for nearly anything, including online dating, business, and international relationships. Or, to put it another way, you can use this application at any time to obtain a different phone number. Conveniently, this software allows for both text messages and phone conversations. Additionally, local lines from the United States, the United Kingdom, or Canada are available. There are currently more than 300 area codes available, with more on the way.

It's important to note that although the software can only be obtained through paid sub-packs, there is a 3-day free trial period available before purchasing. This makes the program one of the most user-friendly secure chat apps. During the registration process, you are not required to consent to any contracts or provide any personal information. You may keep your privacy because the registration does not yet require verification.

To eliminate the numbers you don't need any longer, you can also use a burning tool. If necessary, you can obtain many numbers at once. You can choose from more than 300 area codes on the app. You can customize any of the offered tariff plans to your preferences.

Android and iOS versions are available for download.


This is the app to use if you're looking for a simple personal texting app. This software differs from the others in that it has a novel concept. You are given a virtual private number as a result, but there are also amusing aspects. You can connect with others anonymously with this program, which is a confidential messenger. Because of this, you may protect your identity by not having to enter any personal information while joining up.

It only takes a few seconds to complete the signup process. The messenger has capabilities like messages that vanish, excellent encryption, and others. The amount of talks that can be held using this software is unrestricted. You can feel secure in your privacy because the program uses clever encryption technology.

You can also make some texts, images, or videos unreadable to others by hiding them. Additionally, if necessary, you can make private phone calls using this software. Wi-Fi calls from the US, China, and Canada are compatible with the program. The program protects wireless calls in Canada, China, and the United States. Therefore, phone discussions seem to be superior to in-person ones.

For Android, download


You can get an untraceable virtual phone number with the Private Line app. First of all, keep in mind that the number you receive has nothing to do with your actual phone number. To put it another way, the data will be transferred directly from the app when you make a call or send an SMS. The recipient won't notice any difference as a result, and he does not need to install this app on his phone.

If you desire total privacy, burn the phone number after the talk is finished. You can then get a new number right away. You can use multiple phone numbers simultaneously if necessary. All messaging formats, including SMS, calls, and even MMS, are supported by the application.

In addition, if necessary, you have the choice of choosing a regional area code. Currently, there are more than 200 alternatives accessible. There are no limitations on the personal voicemails that each number possesses. The same may be stated for SMS responses; you have the option of sending a group message or sending individual messages. The ringtones for each phone number can also be modified independently.

For Android, download


A text messaging program called Whisper is intended to make your discussions more secret. End-to-end encryption is used by the app to ensure that no one else can see or intercept your messages. The software also has a function called "hidden talks" that enables two users to text each other privately and anonymously. The software also offers a function called "distance talks" that enables two people to communicate without being near one another.

Text messages can be sent anonymously using the software Whisper. Users of Whisper can share and debate messages on a social network.

It's a place where people may freely express their ideas and look to one another for advice without having to provide any personal information. Whisper is a lovely platform for user-to-user communication and meeting new individuals. The app offers several groups that you may join to interact with people who have similar interests to you.

You can also search for people nearby, which will help you network with more people who live there. You can communicate privately, trade images, and even send GIFs to other users by using the chat interface. This is a fantastic software for Android anonymous messaging.

For Android, download


You can send and receive texts privately with the Android text messaging app The Truthful. People you know can rapidly provide you with knowledge, allowing them to freely express their opinions and giving you unfiltered advice.

You can also reply by keeping your identity a secret while sending your friends and family private text messages. It enables those with whom you are on the phone to speak honestly and openly.

Even though it isn't your typical texting software, its concept is intriguing and novel. This application has a lot of potential uses if utilized properly.

For Android, download

Questions and Answers

Apps for anonymous texting: are they traceable?

On the internet, several free anonymous texting applications are accessible. However, a lot of these apps have tracking-enabled capabilities. This means that if someone is looking for information about the user, they might be able to find out who they are. Even though some users might not find this to be an issue, it is something to be mindful of if you choose to use an anonymous texting app.

The phone number for the burner device is made public. All phones, whether prepaid or not, are routed through a mobile carrier or a virtual number provider. You may be recognized using call records, data usage, location, and text messages.

How can you track texts that are harassing?

There are a few things you may take to attempt and find the sender if you have received harassing or abusive text messages. Finding the phone number linked to the text message account is one approach after taking screenshots of the text messages. To find the number, you can also try using a reverse phone lookup service. If neither of those alternatives is available, you might try contacting your phone provider and requesting them to assist you in locating the sender of the text message.

On Android, is texting private possible?

Fortunately, there are various ways to SMS and phone without giving your identity. Modify the settings on your phone. On Android phones, go to the Settings of your phone app. Once there, you must choose "Hide my Number" from the Caller ID drop-down box under "Additional Settings."

How can I text on Android without my phone number being visible?

By tapping the three dots in the corner, choose the settings button. Go to additional settings after selecting call settings. From the drop-down menu, choose Caller ID. Pick the option to make the number invisible.

On an Android device, how do you send private text messages?

Tap the text box near the bottom of the screen and type your message to send a text. To send your message, click the Send button. It's on the text field's right side. Your SMS will be sent, but the recipient will get it from a different number than your actual phone number.


These were a few of the top Android apps for anonymous texting that will shield the recipient from learning your true name and phone number. I hope you will only use these apps for enjoyable or important purposes and not to irritate or harass others.

Being responsible is important since several nations require apps to provide information about users' phone numbers in the event of a threat.

As usual, feel free to post your inquiries in the comments section below if you have any.

Conclusion: With any luck, this article will assist you in locating the top Android software for anonymous texting. These apps are fantastic if you want to communicate with someone anonymously or even exact retribution! We have put together a list of the top apps that are now offered on Google Play and Apple's App Store if you're seeking an anonymous texting app that is free in 2022. To make it simpler to utilize these apps properly, we also provided some useful hints regarding how they operate. There should be something here for you, whether you want to send a text anonymously or exact revenge! Enjoy our list of the top 10 most downloaded apps!