Best Free Whatsapp Spy App Without Target Phone

Best Free Whatsapp Spy App Without Target Phone
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We know that WhatsApp Messenger has become an indispensable part of our lives. But, we cannot turn a blind eye to the dangers that could haunt you or your loved ones due to improper use of WhatsApp.

Your kids may be victims of cyberbullying, your spouse may be having an affair, or your employees may be selling your company secrets through WhatsApp spy app s Messenger.

Hence, it is no wonder why many people want to learn how to spy on WhatsApp messages and remain undetectable.

Compromising one's privacy is illegal in some states, so that you could face potential legal consequences. If you decide to do any of these methods, do so at your own risk.

In this article, we will only discuss foolproof ways to spy on anyone's WhatsApp without the target phone.

Top 9 WhatsApp Spy Apps: Overview

WhatsApp is a secure messaging application that has won many loyal users. Because it is so secure, people share a lot of secret information there.

That is why you need the best reliable and trustworthy WhatsApp spy app. Wondering what the best bet is? Please scroll down to find out more about it.

The 9 best WhatsApp spy apps: a summary

🥇 SPY24 : Compatible with all Android and iOS devices, spy WhatsApp calls and messages, jailbreak and rooting required, offers online assistance through jailbreak and rooting processes.

🥈 mSpy: compatible with all versions of iOS and Android, spy on WhatsApp messages and calls, no jailbreak, rooting required for Android. Rooting and jailbreak give you access to all WhatsApp calls.

🥉 Hoverwatch : Android 4+, WhatsApp messages, and call spy, no rooting required. The application records all media files, even if the user tries to delete them.

If you have a smartphone in hand, you can unlock practically all its secrets. But what do you do if you don't have the target phone? Parents often want to use free Android spy apps without target phones to monitor their kids, while small businesses could use them to monitor employees. It's always nice to have a line that you won't cross, but for fair use cases, there are quite a few free spy apps for Android that you can use.

How do free Android spy apps work without target phones?

The easiest way to take advantage of these apps is if you could actually get to the phone you want to go to. Therefore, you can download the application on the phones of your children or employees. That said, there are ways to install them remotely too.

You can do this by creating websites that give you access to the target phone. Usually, there is a way to call the target phone or send a text message with a link, which causes the person to download the application to their device. There are service providers that will do this for you, and it requires some technical knowledge so that the application can be automatically installed on the target phone.

Once installed, free spy apps for Android without target phones allow you to see what the person is doing on your device. That includes social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Skype, or just about anything else.

1 - SPY24 - Best Tool to Spy on WhatsApp Messages Without Installing on the Target Phone

Today, WhatsApp has become one of the most popular chat applications online. Its popularity is that WhatsApp is straightforward to use, and its interface connects with the user very quickly.

Until now, WhatsApp was being used mainly by adults. However, due to the recent pandemic, children are also forced to use smartphones as they could not leave home to study due to fear of COVID-19.

In addition to their online academic activities, children are also using various apps for recreation. And WhatsApp is one of them. They are exchanging all kinds of audio, video, and text information with their friends.

This exchange of information can sometimes be risky. Obviously, parents would want to know about their children's activities on WhatsApp to protect them from potential cyber threats.

SPY24 is one of the best WhatsApp spy apps that is used to spy on mobile phones. You can track call logs , chats, conversations, photos, videos, stickers, emojis, and all the activities of social media apps, including WhatsApp.

You can even keep a record of all deleted chat history. Best of all, it is straightforward to use and very affordable.

SPY24 - Best Tool to Spy on WhatsApp Messages

SPY24 Premium Available for Android 4.0 - Android 11 KidsGuard for WhatsApp

Before using the software, you must have a valid SPY24 Premium subscription. You can also enroll in the 3-day trial program currently offered for a limited time. Check out the app's features and see how you can spy on your kids' WhatsApp messages.

The SPY24 installation process is so simple that everyone can use this application with great ease. Step-by-step instructions make everything very convenient and fast. After installation, parents can monitor all their children's WhatsApp-related activities.

Use SPY24 on Android devices.

Monitoring WhatsApp using SPY24 on a smartphone running the Android operating system is very simple. First, literally, every smartphone except the infamous iPhone runs Android. Second, the entire setup process takes only about 5 minutes. Download -> Install -> Done. It's that simple, so this is how you can start using SPY24 to spy on WhatsApp.

Get a SPY24 account first - you can buy direct (and enjoy great discounts) or sign up for a 3-day trial below.

Receive the login details at your provided email address.

Download and install the app on the target phone (you will have a detailed step-by-step guide to follow).

Using SPY24 on iPhone

If you want to spy WhatsApp on your kid's iPhone, you need to jailbreak the target iPhone first before you can install SPY24 on it. You can easily find the method to jailbreak iPhone online. It is a fairly straightforward process.

Once the iPhone device has been jailbroken, it now allows the installation of third-party programs. That means you can now download and install the SPY24 app on it. Follow the detailed step-by-step instructions to do so.

Monitor WhatsApp

Whether the target phone is running Android or an iPhone, after the installation is complete, you can start to track all your kid's WhatsApp activities on the phone.

Login to your SPY24 account portal at:

You can use any web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.)

After logging in, you will arrive at your dashboard; you can use it for quick navigation

To view WhatsApp messages, go to Data> IM, then select WhatsApp

To monitor keystrokes, go to Data> Keylogs and select WhatsApp

demo features of WhatsApp messenger

Voila! Now you can monitor every activity that takes place on WhatsApp, be it a chat, voice messages, video calls, photos, videos, or even deleted text messages.

Additional Spy24 Features

Besides tracking WhatsApp activities, Spy24 has many additional features like you can view call logs, other social media activities, photos, videos, and audio from the target phone. You can also run various remote commands that allow you to take control of the device quite effectively.

Spy24 Dashboard

Spy24 can also track location history using real-time GPS. It allows you to create Geofencing (location alerts) that let you know when the target phone enters or leaves a specific location.

Spy24 can also help you monitor the internet activity of the target phone. You will know where and when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. It can also provide alerts for suspicious SMS, calls, and keywords on the target phone.

With all that and more, Spy24 is hands down one of the best parenting apps (if not the best). It can help you ensure your child's online safety in this evolving generation of technology.

Use MAC Spoofing to spy on WhatsApp without access to the phone

MAC spoofing works on the MAC address. MAC stands for media access control. In MAC spoofing, you create a clone of the target's WhatsApp account, get the MAC address, and finally receive all the WhatsApp messages from the target device.

Following are the steps to use MAC Spoofing to hack WhatsApp:

Uninstall the WhatsApp application from your own phone.

Now you need to get the MAC address of the target phone by physically accessing it.

Android: go to "Settings," select "About phone," then select "Status," and finally choose "Wi-Fi MAC address."

iPhone: Go to "Settings," select "General," then select "About," and finally choose "Wi-Fi Address."

After accessing the MAC address of the target phone, replace the MAC address of your phone with the MAC address of the target with the help of a MAC spoofing application.

Reinstall WhatsApp on your phone, but select the phone number of the target device.

Check with the code received on the target device. Remove the code immediately.

Log in to the target WhatsApp account on your device and start checking all the WhatsApp activities of the target phone.

How to read someone's WhatsApp messages without their phone

Besides the above-mentioned methods to spy on WhatsApp messages, there is another way to read WhatsApp messages without using the target phone is through Google Drive Backup. This is because all messages, photos, and videos can be stored in the target phone's Google Drive account for backup.

To get WhatsApp messages from Google Drive, the target device must first sync with Google Drive. Also, all Google Play services should be available on the target phone as well. After meeting these prerequisites, you can start to backup WhatsApp from the device to the Google Drive account.

After making a backup, add the Gmail account to the new device where you are going to recover the backup. Remember, the phone number of the new device must be the same as the target phone.

Install WhatsApp on the new phone. Verify by verification code. Now restore all messages on the new device from Google Drive of the added Gmail account. After the restoration process is complete, you will see all the WhatsApp details, including all the chat history.

Why do you need to spy on WhatsApp messages?

As we discussed earlier, the increased use of mobile phones due to the pandemic has caused many children to become addicted. They continually use mobile phone apps for entertainment, unaware that some people use them with malicious intentions.

This situation makes it necessary for parents to spy on their children's WhatsApp messages. There are also other reasons to spy on WhatsApp messages. They include:

To ensure the safety of your children.

Today, children are busy with their mobile phones at almost all times. Sometimes they carry out their academic activities, and in the remaining time, they use their mobile phones to entertain themselves. During this time, they watch YouTube, use Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber , Skype, play games, and many other activities.

the best free parental control software

They are sometimes threatened online while using these apps. Some children are also victims of cyberbullying or sexual abuse. Sometimes they get so scared that they don't reveal it to their parents and get caught in a vicious cycle.

In such circumstances, it is the parents' responsibility to monitor their children's every activity to ensure their safety without their knowledge. Therefore, a spy app plays an important role in tracking the child's phone without touching it.

To improve the work efficiency of your staff.

Sharing confidential information through an online platform can be quite risky. But in the current scenario, it is mandatory to face all these situations to maintain social distancing. Employees can share information through WhatsApp. In addition to sharing approved information, they sometimes also share documents that violate confidentiality rules.

To monitor every activity on employees' phones, employers can use a spy app to spy on WhatsApp. In addition to monitoring various activities, employers can also get instant location updates of employees via GPS using the Spy app. In addition, employers can also monitor your activities in the office. If they find any non-productive employee activity, they can take the necessary corrective actions to improve the efficiency of their performance.

Final thoughts

It is possible to spy on WhatsApp messages without the target phone by various methods. You may prefer a hacking method like MAC Spoofing if you are tech-savvy enough. Or you can use the backup feature of Google Drive.

However, these methods are not only difficult to do but also unreliable. They are not as simple as using a custom spy app, namely Spy24. Just by following a few simple steps, you can spy on WhatsApp on any device with ease.

As a parent, you can install the app on the phone before gifting it to your child. This way, you can secretly keep an eye on them without them noticing.

As an employer, you can also provide a phone that comes with a pre-installed spy app. By doing so, you can control all of your employee's activities for the company's good.

But before you start spying on someone, you should check local regulations, as in some regions spying on someone else's phone without their consent is considered illegal.

2 - mSpy How to spy on WhatsApp messages Android for free

WhatsApp Spy App – Try The Best WhatsApp Tracker App It’s true. You really can read their messages with a WhatsApp spy app. We’ll show you how.

mSpy How to spy on WhatsApp messages Android for free

WhatsApp Tracker App

Stop worrying about what they’re saying in chat. Get the app that lets you spy on WhatsApp with ease.

  • View all WhatsApp messages, media files, calls
  • Monitor Facebook, Snapchat, and other messengers
  • Calls, texts, media files, GPS tracking , and 25 more features
  • Available on Android and iPhone
  • 24/7 customer support

Monitor calls

Keep track of every received or made call on the WhatsApp app with rooted Android and jailbroken iPhone. Keep track of every received or made call on the WhatsApp app with rooted Android and jailbroken iPhone. All call logs will be visible to you in the mSpy control panel.

Read text messages

Track all messages sent, received, and even the deleted ones remotely from the mSpy control panel. Timestamps, as well as recipient names, are also available. You can track WhatsApp text messages via no-jailbreak solutions.

View Multimedia Files

Monitor all photos, videos, and pictures shared via WhatsApp messenger. Note: WhatsApp spy apps media files monitoring is available on rooted Android and jailbroken iOS devices.

3 - Cocospy – Best WhatsApp Spy Without Root or Jailbreak

How to Spy WhatsApp Online | Cocospy WhatsApp Tracker Cocospy WhatsApp spy tool helps people identify what others are doing with this popular online communication program. It ensures that people are using their chat programs appropriately and without being at risk of getting into trouble.

 Cocospy – Best WhatsApp Spy Without Root or Jailbreak

WhatsApp Spy: Spy on WhatsApp Messages

WhatsApp Spy App Feature Monitor WhatsApp remotely.

Spy on WhatsApp without being detected with Cocospy:

Read WhatsApp messages.

Check timestamps accompanying chats.

View WhatsApp pictures.

No root & No jailbreak.

Monitor WhatsApp without jailbreak or root

Cocospy's WhatsApp Spy feature works on stock versions of Android and iOS. You won't have to go through the hassle of jailbreaking/rooting the target device.

4 - Hoverwatch – Best WhatsApp Spy App for Android

WhatsApp spy free download. How to spy on WhatsApp WhatsApp spy with online monitoring. WhatsApp spy tracks every WhatsApp message, audio, and video file. This software records phone calls, uses the phone’s camera to take pictures, spy on SMS, MMS, and Facebook messages.

Hoverwatch – Best WhatsApp Spy App for Android

WhatsApp Spy

WhatsApp spy is a program that can be secretly installed on the smartphones of your kids or employees

WhatsApp spy app enables you to record their WhatsApp messages, audio and video files attached, phone calls, use the phone’s camera to secretly take pictures, spy on SMS, MMS, Facebook

It also saves audio and video files from Facebook messages. So you can track Facebook messages with no problem. The program can also record all internet activity, calendar data, contacts, and even geo-location

Best WhatsApp spy app

Track WhatsApp messages free

Access all their WhatsApp chat messages online

5 - KidsGuard Pro + Clevguard – Top WhatsApp Spy App

KidsGuard for WhatsApp - Powerful WhatsApp Monitoring App with No Need to Root KidsGuard for WhatsApp can monitor WhatsApp as you use it, enabling you to track messages, calls, status, videos, voices photos, and documents. No need to root!

KidsGuard Pro + Clevguard – Top WhatsApp Spy App

KidsGuard for WhatsApp

Dedicated WhatsApp Monitoring App. No Need to Root!

Monitor 10+ WhatsApp data, like WhatsApp chats, status, calls, voice messages, etc.

Easy to use and work with all Android phones & tablets, about 3 minutes for installation.

No need for a WhatsApp account or password. No login alerts.

Run in stealth mode and sync data to you in real-time.

Track WhatsApp on Android Phone, Easier Than Ever!

It takes just 3 steps to install this WhatsApp monitoring app on your kid's phone.

Monitor Social Communication on WhatsApp

KidsGuard WhatsApp monitoring online dashboard is finely classified and enables users to access all WhatsApp data without hassle.

6 - FlexiSpy – Most Powerful WhatsApp Spy for iPhone

FlexiSPY Features | WhatsApp Tracker | Spy on WhatsApp Learn more about our WhatsApp Tracker feature , which allows you to remotely and discretely view all incoming and outgoing messages and multimedia on one of the world’s most popular messengers.

WhatsApp Spy on WhatsApp Messages with our WhatsApp Tracker Feature

Our WhatsApp Tracker feature allows you to remotely and discretely view all incoming and outgoing messages and multimedia on one of the world’s most popular messengers. Once installed, FlexiSPY will capture and upload the messages to your secure online dashboard for convenient reading later.

What you can do with our WhatsApp Tracker feature

WhatsApp is the world's most popular chat application – letting you send messages, pictures, and audio files, as well as make VoIP calls using your mobile device. Our WhatsApp tracker feature gives you the ability to track conversations and their content within this app remotely.

FlexiSpy – Most Powerful WhatsApp Spy for iPhone

7 - XNSPY WhatsApp Spy App – Monitor WhatsApp Chats

XNSPY lets you track WhatsApp chats remotely. You can secretly read WhatsApp messages and view multimedia saved in the target device gallery.

WhatsApp Spy App: Monitor All Calls, Chats & Multimedia WhatsApp has exceeded 1 billion users worldwide, which implies your child or employee might be using it too for texts, multimedia, and calls. But, don’t worry! xnspy -parental-monitoring-app-xnspy-login"> Xnspy allows you to track a person’s entire WhatsApp activity on any Android device. Our WhatsApp spy app is so brilliant that you won’t need any other WhatsApp spyware, ever!

XNSPY WhatsApp Spy App – Monitor WhatsApp Chats

What is XNSPY WhatsApp Monitoring?

With XNSPY, you can remotely monitor WhatsApp messages, calls, and multimedia sent and received on the target phone or tablet. Instantly check names and numbers of senders and other details like time and date stamps. XNSPY is the best WhatsApp spy app that you can trust; all you need is a download on the target device to start spying on WhatsApp logs.

8 - SPYERA How to read someone's WhatsApp messages without installing on target phone free

Spy on WhatsApp Messages with our WhatsApp Tracker. Track on WhatsApp remotely with hidden WhatsApp Spy App.

WhatsApp Spy

Track WhatsApp Remotely With WhatsApp Tracker

View WhatsApp chats along with the date and time stamps

View group WhatsApp chats logs and any attachments

View profile pictures and names of every contact

See photos, stickers, emojis video clips and listen to audio messages

View profile pictures and names of every contact.

Access captured information directly from your online web account.

Fully tamper-proof using invisible mode option

Easy to install, step by step guide with screenshots

Free updates and device changes during the subscription

Spy on WhatsApp App Messages Remotely With SPYERA

SPYERA How to read someone's WhatsApp messages without

Why do you need to spy on WhatsApp messages?

WhatsApp is free to download a messenger app for smartphones.

WhatsApp uses the internet to send messages, images, audio, or video. The service is very similar to text messaging services. However, because WhatsApp uses the internet to send messages, the cost of using WhatsApp is significantly less than texting. You can use Whatsapp on Android, iPhone, and your desktop. Simply go to the Whatsapp website and download it to Mac or Windows.

Our WhatsApp Tracker feature allows you to remotely and discretely view all incoming and outgoing messages and multimedia on one of the world’s most popular messengers. Once installed, SPYERA will capture and upload the messages to your secure online web account.

Frequent questions

Can anyone see my WhatsApp messages from another phone?

No, you can only use WhatsApp on a single device with a unique phone number. The only way someone could access your WhatsApp data remotely is through the WhatsApp web.

However, they would have to gain physical access to your device to connect it to the WhatsApp web application. Or maybe they used one of the WhatsApp spy apps we mentioned earlier.

How can you spy on another WhatsApp account for free on Android and iOS?

Spying on WhatsApp for free is simply impossible unless you are an advanced software engineer with stellar hacking skills. There is no "WhatsApp spy free apk." However, you can always go for paid WhatsApp spy apps that will give you the same amount of access as hacking, if not better.

Some options to consider include the WhatsApp spy apps mSpy, Cocospy, and Hoverwatch. Many of these service providers also offer free trials and demos, so be sure to check before finalizing your purchase.

How to remotely spy on WhatsApp on iPhone without Jailbreak?

During our exhaustive research, we came to the safe conclusion that mSpy is the most reliable application to spy on WhatsApp messages without installing it on the target phone. It offers the most comprehensive feature set and is quite cost-effective.

All you need to get started is your target's iCloud credentials. Just log into your securely encrypted mSpy account and get 24/7 remote access to your phone activities.

How to track someone's WhatsApp without the target phone?

This would be a bit more complicated, although not impossible. You can use the Mac phishing method that we have briefly mentioned in this article. However, you will need to obtain the MAC address of the target device and replace it with your own. Then, you will need to reinstall one of the WhatsApp spy apps on your device.

Can I spy on WhatsApp calls with the 8 best spyware for WhatsApp?

It's easy when using the 5 best WhatsApp spy apps that we present in this article. mSpy, Cocospy, FlexiSPY, KidsGuard, and Hoverwatch have the WhatsApp call log tracking feature.

Log into your dashboard, choose WhatsApp, and click on the Calls tab. You can use a spy app to view time-stamped call lists, favorite callers, or even listen and download recordings of VoIP calls made and received on WhatsApp.