Best iMessage iPhone Spy Apps for 2022

Best iMessage iPhone Spy Apps for 2022
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Are you looking for the finest iPhone SPY APPS? Here are the ten greatest iMessage spy apps for easily monitoring your phone or anyone suspicious.

Without the subject's knowledge, spy applications can be used to track them. Typically, users use spy apps to locate their phones, keep an eye on their children, or monitor an employee's phone. We do not condone the usage of these apps for harmful purposes. You should never use spy applications without the other person's consent.


We're informing you about these apps so you're aware of what's available. Conduct a search of applicable laws to ensure you are not violating any. If you choose to install any of these apps, do it responsibly.

What You Need to Know Before Installing a Spy Application

Is It Possible for iPhone Spy Apps to Be Undetectable?

Yes. iPhone espionage software is intentionally imperceptible. These would be ineffective as concealed spy apps for iPhones if they were trackable!

Is It Possible to Snoop on an iPhone Without Touching It?

Yes. Apple's iCloud service automatically backs up all iPhones. Due to the fact that this is cloud storage, phones can access it without needing to jailbreak their iPhones. Additionally, this cloud storage service enables you to spy on an iPhone without installing any software.

How Do I Determine Whether My iPhone Is Compatible With the Spy Application?

The greatest iPhone spy applications should be compatible with one another. Given their availability on Apple's Software Store, the app itself has undergone extensive testing and must adhere to certain requirements. Of course, one of those checks is to ensure that it works on iPhones.

Is it necessary for me to jailbreak the target iPhone in order to spy on it?

No. As previously stated, because you have access to iCloud storage, any iPhone surveillance app should have no problem gaining access.

Best iMessage iPhone Spy Apps for 2022

The Ten Best iPhone Spy Apps for 2022

We combed through some of the most reputable tech reviews available, including those from Tech Times, Engadget, ClaveGuard, and SpyEngage, and developed our list of the best iPhone spy apps:

SPY24 iMessage Spy

This is one of the greatest spy apps for iPhones if you're seeking one. The company takes pride in offering an iPhone spy app that does not require a jailbreak, iPhone tracking, and Android apps as well. With regards to the app itself, you can:


Examine your deleted text messages

View your incoming and outgoing text messages, as well as your call history

Utilize the phone's GPS technology to locate it.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. The software includes a slew of tools that enable you to monitor the person you're spying on. Additionally, the interface is user-friendly.

However, the same cannot be said for calling customer service, as numerous individuals have reported negative experiences. Additionally, despite an extensive refund policy, the corporation has a history of not refunding transactions.

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If you're seeking a free iPhone tracking app, iKeyMonitor is a better option. This is a robust, easy-to-use parental control tool that is capable of a variety of functions. Several of the features include the following:

Monitoring text messages and phone conversations, as well as social media activity

Examining websites

Tracking your location

The advantage of these apps is that they provide free programs, which means there is less financial risk. This is the greatest free spy app for iPhones out of them all.

Having said that, this software would be better suited to earlier iPhone models. Customers have reported experiencing troubles with the app's functionality after enabling two-factor authentication on the phone being tracked.

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Another way to snoop on iPhones is to utilize Spyera. As with the previous apps, it has the same monitoring tools. Additionally, they extend similar capabilities to laptops and tablets.

Spyera offers a variety of benefits that other organizations do not, such as cloud-based monitoring. Additionally, installing the app is quick and simple, taking less than four minutes.

The sole drawback to this app is the app's restricted payment options. They accept only debit and credit cards as payment.

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The FlexiSPY app is another contender for the best spyware for iPhone. This organization is well-known for its robust app and features, and it's easy to see why.

This software, more than any other on this list, enables you to monitor a phone across all platforms. The same may be said for computers. Demos are also available, so there is no risk in trying before you buy.

The negative to this program is that, while it is quite strong, it comes with significant risk due to the fact that it requires jailbreaking the phone on which it is installed.

Jailbreaking phones come with significant drawbacks, including an increased chance of your phone being hacked. Additionally, if you have a problem with your phone outside of the app, Apple employees will not assist you.

Additionally, to keep your phone jailbroken, you'll need to disable upgrades that would otherwise make your phone safer.

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Xnspy is another software for monitoring iPhones. The company promotes its simple-to-use features and iPhone tracking software, which makes sense considering customer reviews praising the ease with which the app can be downloaded and monitored.

However, some customers have expressed disappointment with the company's customer service. As with several of the other organizations mentioned previously, users have expressed dissatisfaction with customer service.

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Mobistealth is a term that refers to a mobile device that is

Mobistealth is another excellent surveillance app for iPhone that you should check out. The company created the software with the goal of making it simple, inexpensive, and unnoticeable.

The software is uncomplicated in design and functionality. It is capable of monitoring a variety of activities on an iPhone, including social media messaging and data consumption.

The main disadvantage is that the functions are not as extensive as those found in other apps. Additionally, the lack of a trial period means that you will have to pay to gain access. While the pricing is reasonable, it is more convenient for individuals to test something out before making a purchase.

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Web Watcher

Consider Web Watcher as one of the top iPhone tracker applications available. The company takes pride in providing an app that does not require jailbreaking and is compatible with both contemporary iOS and Android operating systems.

The Alert Log is the primary selling feature. This function highlights messages that are potentially harmful. It eliminates uncertainty in circumstances and may prevent you from having unnecessary dialogues with your children. Additionally, they offer a trial period, which is always welcome.

Having said that, their customer support is at best questionable, with numerous reports of consumers having difficulty obtaining refunds or assistance.

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Cocospy is another of the greatest iPhone spy apps. It's developed primarily for monitoring and tracking children's phones, but it can also be installed on other iOS devices.

In general, the different features offered by this software are amazing. Numerous users also comment on the app's ease of use. This software is widely approved on all five continents.

Having said that, this software does not cover all possible functions. For starters, if you want to monitor apps like Messenger and Snapchat, you'll need to jailbreak your phone. Additionally, there is no free trial.

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HIGHSTERmobile enables you to monitor your iPhone in greater detail. As with many of the other apps on this list, this one offers a broad range of monitoring capabilities. It safeguards call logs, enables remote access and GPS tracking, and tracks browser history and social media activity, among other things.

One aspect of this software that I appreciate is the company's preference for a one-time purchase rather a membership cost. Thus, while you'll spend extra on the app, you'll recoup your investment within a few months.

However, there are downsides. To begin, telephone help is not free. A 30-minute session will cost $30. Additionally, you may need to wait for help, which is difficult if you require fast assistance. Additionally, installation is more difficult than claimed.

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Auto Forward

The final program to discuss that will enable you to easily spy on phones is Auto Forward. You'll be able to access and monitor the target phone in the same way that prior spy applications did.

One of the app's distinct features is that, like Highster, its plans are all-inclusive. Additionally, it enables access to media and audio files, which is functionality not seen in most other programs.

The one significant drawback to this program is that it does involve jailbreaking your phone. Additionally, this is an omission from the company's advertising.

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The Verdict

Many folks are on the lookout for spyware. While businesses have formed and attempted to meet the problem, there are still some issues. From demanding phones to being jailbroken or rooted to providing bad customer support, there are numerous drawbacks. However, the aforementioned top spy apps for iPhone have overcome these obstacles.

Spy Apps for iMessage - How to Spy on iPhone Text Messages

Are you looking for a secure approach to monitoring iPhone text messages? Monitoring text messages on an iPhone or other Apple device has always been problematic, at least until lately. Now, you can choose from a variety of effective approaches.

I'll walk you through the process without boring you to death with technical jargon! I'll describe how spying on an iPhone differs from spying on an Android phone. Following that, I'll discuss the top iMessage Spy surveillance software available today.

I'll also describe how – in some cases – it is possible to eavesdrop on iMessages without access to the target phone.

Let us begin.

What Is the Distinction Between iMessage and SMS Text Messages?

What precisely is iMessage? Apple's own messaging program, iMessage, is included with every iPhone and iPad. Using a Wi-Fi or mobile data internet connection, you can send and receive SMS from your friends and family. It is completely free to use Wi-Fi. You can communicate via text messages, photographs, and videos.

That sounds incredible, doesn't it? The only issue is that the other person must also own an Apple smartphone! IMessages utilize Apple's proprietary encryption, limiting communication to Apple devices.

However, this does not preclude you from sending and receiving messages on other platforms such as Android or Windows.

iMessage is located in your iPhone's default (or native) messaging app. The messages are color-coded to indicate if they are SMS (green) or iMessages (blue) (blue). You can send iMessages or standard text messages from your iPhone.

It happens automatically - if the recipient has an Android phone, the iPhone texting software will detect this and send the message as an SMS (Short Messaging Service text message) or MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service text message) (Multimedia Messaging Service).

SMS messages are sent through your phone carrier and incur a credit charge, but iMessages are sent over a data connection.

Why Is Spying on an iPhone Difficult?

Spying on Android devices is quite simple. You can install an application that records all text messages, images, and videos transmitted over the data network. They frequently operate in stealth mode, so the user is unaware they are being watched.

These espionage apps are also available for the iPhone, however, they have a significant distinction. Due to Apple's tight policies, installing and using spy apps on the iPhone has always been more challenging.

To begin, you must jailbreak your iPhone. I'm not going to go into detail here, but if you're interested in learning more about jailbreaking, check out my article - How to Jailbreak an iPhone.

This was the only technique to snoop on iPhone text messages until a few years ago. It grew worse when jailbreaking was unable to keep up with Apple's new operating system releases (iOS). Each time Apple published a new version of iOS, hackers were forced to create updated jailbreaks.

At the moment, the current iPhone operating system cannot be jailbroken — as it has been for several years. This created significant difficulties for parents who needed to employ spy software to monitor their children's iPhone text messages. They were unable to jailbreak their phones, so we're unable to install the espionage programs.

iMessage Spy Apps That Do Not Require a Jailbreak

Fortunately, the spy app companies devised another solution. SPY24 pioneered the No Jailbreak monitoring technology. This approach does not really install any software on the target iPhone. It operates by keeping an eye on Apple's free iCloud backup service. This is the nightly backup method that ensures you do not lose data if your phone is stolen or destroyed.

SPY24 uses Apple's iCloud backups to clone all iMessage texts, call logs, and a slew of other data to their server. This data is uploaded by the spy app to SPY24's internet dashboard, which you may access via a web browser. You can view all logs (text messages, for example) for as long as you like, at any time.

This significantly simplifies the process of spying on iPhone text messages compared to needing to jailbreak the phone and install spy software directly on it. Best of all, you won't have to worry about Apple's latest operating system changes because No Jailbreak iPhone monitoring is compatible with the most recent iOS versions.

The primary disadvantage of this new technique is that you must have the user's Apple ID and password. Not to mention that iCloud backups must be activated. However, it is an excellent alternative to jailbreaking.

Thus, you may now monitor iPhone text messages using full-featured spy programs that do not require jailbreaking or the most recent No Jailbreak version. SPY24 is not the only firm that provides this service - but they continue to be the best!

Without Having Access to the Target Phone, Can You Spy on iMessages?

You'll notice that a few spy tools advertise features such as remote installation of spy applications (read that article) and remote monitoring. Remote installation is NOT possible, and these other promises are frequently false.

They almost invariably mean that all reporting is done remotely once the app is installed on the target phone. This is true of the vast majority of espionage applications!

However, in certain circumstances, you can spy on iMessages without access to the target iPhone. This is achievable in certain instances if you employ the No Jailbreak system stated previously.

Bear in mind that you will still require the user's Apple ID and Password. If you have their contact information, their iCloud backups are enabled, and they have disabled Two Factor Authentication (2FA), you can spy on an iPhone without possessing the target phone. If any of these prerequisites are not met, you will require access to their phone in order to alter some settings.

Following that, I'll discuss the top iMessage surveillance apps available today.

Which IMessage Spy App Is the Best?

SPY24 is, in my opinion, the best iMessage spy app. It works with any iPhone model and is really simple to install. Most importantly, their web dashboard is jam-packed with features that enable you to monitor everything that occurs on your child's or employee's phone. You can even read deleted text messages!

They offer both a full version of their software for jailbroken iPhones and a non-jailbroken version for non-jailbroken iPhones. It's a completely novel method of eavesdropping, which is why I believe SPY24 is the greatest firm offering iMessage spy software.

Naturally, using this spy tool, you'll be able to view much more than simply iMessages and standard text messages. You can monitor all conversations sent and received via a variety of messaging apps, including Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, and Instagram. You may track their iPhone and determine their current location or previous location.

Email monitoring, web browsing history, all images and videos taken on the phone, and full call logs - all of this information is included in the reports.

You may read my complete evaluation of SPY24 here and decide for yourself:

uMobix is another iPhone espionage software worth considering. It's a relatively new app that's gaining traction. It is a direct competitor of SPY24 in a number of areas. It's worth mentioning that uMobix only provides the non-jailbroken version of the iPhone — they don't offer a jailbroken version.

They offer a robust feature set and, of course, iMessage tracking. Definitely deserves a closer examination, so be sure to read my primary uMobix review:

What Are the Best Free iMessage Spy Apps?

I adore it — people are constantly requesting free apps. Unfortunately, there are no free iMessage spy programs available. Indeed, there are no free spy programs available. This technology is highly advanced, and no corporation will provide these services for free.

Some companies do occasionally provide free trials, and I have a special discount code for SPY24 on my main review page. However, if you come across someone promoting a completely free iMessage surveillance program, proceed with caution. It is almost certain to be a fraud of some sort.


That should be sufficient to get you started with iMessage spy apps. I've discussed the differences and similarities between iPhone and Android spy software, as well as how they work. I've attempted to explain how to spy on iPhone text messages – and much more.

Spying on an iPhone has never been easier thanks to advancements in technology and the advent of iCloud tracking. Simply remember to adhere to local laws.

Take a peek around the site - I cover a plethora of additional topics related to iPhone spying and monitoring apps in general. Oh, and please read my reviews. We wish you luck and appreciate your time in reading.