Best Parental Control App For iPod Touch

Best Parental Control App For iPod Touch
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How to Set Up iPod Parental Controls? 

After a certain age, parents often give their kids an iPod Touch. An iPod is a stripped-down version of an iPhone. So parents often give their kids an iPod Touch first to see if they are ready for a smartphone. 

Sadly, kids are often addicted to their iPods. In this case, you need iPod Touch parental controls. Like the iPhone, the iPod has a built-in parental control feature. You can also use third-party parental controls on your iPod Touch. This article will compare both options and show you which is best for you. 

The best parental control apps for Android and iOS let you see what your kids are up to online, which can help you relax or at least keep you informed. Many of our top picks include Windows and Mac software for your kids' computers. 

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Do you know how difficult it is to monitor your children's online activities? Do they use Snapchat, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger? What are those apps? 

Or do your kids hide their phones when you enter the room? You need one of the best parental control apps if they're hiding something from you. 

Keep an eye on them at all times.

The best (and worst) parental antivirus.

Kids' Android Apps 

The best parental control apps for iOS and Android can also help you locate a child or tell you if they are absent from school. 

Moreover, they can block inappropriate websites and schedules and limit your children's internet access time. Some of these apps can even show you the content of texts and instant messages, though Apple and Google have made this difficult. 

They work best when used as part of a comprehensive approach to teaching kids online and offline responsibility. Talk to your kids about online safety and avoiding awkward situations. Listen if they think your tone is too harsh. And let them know you'll be watching their online activity. 

One note: we don't review any parental control apps that can run in "stealth" mode so that the child won't know it's there. These apps are often used to spy on spouses or other adults and can contribute to domestic abuse. 

We also avoid apps that record phone calls. Without at least one party's consent, it's illegal in most states, and in some, it's required. 

Phone recording laws have no parental exception. A parent cannot record a child's conversation with another person unless the child is in immediate danger. 

What are the best nanny apps? 

However, Net Nanny consistently delivered the best combination of web filtering, location tracking, and app management on Android and iOS. Kindle Fire tablets, Windows, Macs, and Chromebooks with Google Play support. 

Kaspersky Safe Kids came in second, supporting an unlimited number of Android, iOS, Mac, and PC devices. One year of full access to all features is only $15. 

Even though Norton Family's app management capabilities don't work on iOS, it has nearly every feature a parent could want. It also monitors Windows PCs but not Macs. 

There are parental controls in many antivirus products, including Norton and Kaspersky. See our comparison of the best (and worst) antivirus software for parents to see how they compare. 

They can see and do more on Android than on iOS due to Apple's stricter app and system restrictions. If you really want to monitor your kids' online activities, get them Android phones. 

Also, be wary of any Android parental control app that you must "sideload." A reason why an app isn't in the official Google Play store. ( Qustodio's sideloaded version has features the Google Play app doesn't.) 

Parents' app news and updates 

Norton has added geofencing, automatic location alerts, and school schedule customization. 

Qustodio added Chromebook support via Google Play and a browser extension. 

ESET Parental Control for Android is offering a 25% discount on two-year plans and a 33% discount on three-year plans. 

The most effective parental control app

Should Parents Limit Kids' iPod Time? 

Yes! Parents should definitely monitor their children's iPod Touch usage. Common reasons for using parental controls and restricting access to an iPod.

Most kids' first smart device is an iPod Touch. If parents don't limit their use, their kids may become addicted, affecting their studies and family time. 

You may be aware of the many features of the iPod Touch. Your kids can freely access inappropriate content on the device. 

Online indecent content can also unintentionally expose them. As a parent, you must safeguard them online. 

Kids can use social media apps on their iPod Touch. So make sure they don't have any online predator friends. 

Also, your kids can become addicted to any gaming app. To prevent it, use the iPod Touch's parental controls. 

How can parents limit their children's iPod Touch? 

Parents can set up parental controls on their child's iPod Touch using the native Screen Time feature or a third-party parental control app. It's not an easy choice for parents who don't understand both methods. 

We did the research to save parents from online information overload. Read on to learn more about iPod parental control. 

Which third-party iPod control app is best? 

While the iPod Touch has a few parental control apps, SPY24 is by far the best. All iOS devices (including the iPod Touch) are supported. If your child is out with an iPod, you can even track their location remotely. The best feature of SPY24 is that it can time-limit apps. So you can use these parental controls on the iPod to prevent your child from becoming addicted. 

Locators and geofencing

App Blocker 


Smart Parental Screen Time Control

With Smart Schedule, you can set strict schedules and restrictions on the device. For example, you can block the iPod for a certain time period. 

With SPY24's App Blocker or Screen Time feature, you can remotely block the entire device or specific apps. 

Parents can track their children's whereabouts by using the device's live location. 

Get their location history and set geo-fences to get instant check-in and check-out alerts. 

SPY24 also monitors the kids' albums. Its Suspicious Photo feature will alert parents if their child's phone contains nudity or pornography. 

It's easy to use and compatible with the iPad and iPhone. Learn more about iPad parental control here. 

Nanny Net 

The most effective parental control app

Why buy? 

Consistent design 

Web filters are distinctive.

Time and location accuracy:


It's a little pricey.

iOS lacks features.

Net Nanny, our favorite parental control app, has a modern, intuitive design and excellent web filtering technology that analyzes pages rather than just blocking them. 

Among the parental control apps we tested, Net Nanny's iOS and Android versions are nearly identical. It can also set time limits and track your child's location on both platforms. 

The iOS version blocks over 100 apps, while the Android version blocks them all. The built-in App Advisor warns you about new apps to avoid. Tom's Guide readers save $10 on Net Nanny plans. 

Instead of blocking or allowing social media apps and services like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, Net Nanny includes content screening. 

On a smartphone, Net Nanny can only monitor calls and texts. No apps on iOS can do that, but a few do on Android. 

Net Nanny review: 

Review of the Kaspersky Safe Kids app

(Photo: Tom's Guide) 

Safe Kids KSP

Among the best parental control apps, 

Why buy? 

Low cost 

Available for both free and paid users,

Monitors for PCs and Macs 


An awkward web portal 

Apps with poor design 

You can monitor and control your children's activities on PCs, Macs, and smartphones with Kaspersky Safe Kids. Even better, Kaspersky's paid plan is only $15 per year (with a 7-day free trial) and lets you set screen time limits, filter websites, and manage other apps. 

The paid plan monitors social media, offers location tracking and geofencing for iOS and Android, and schedules devices. On iOS, app management is limited to blocking age-restricted apps. 

A paid-for feature that lets you block specific YouTube searches and review your search history works on Windows, iOS, and Android, but not on Macs. 

The downsides are that the mobile apps are clumsy, the web portal is slow, and the web filters may not work with some browsers. If you don't need to read your kids' texts (in which case you'd need Qustodio), Kaspersky Safe Kids is a great option. 

Visit Kaspersky Safe Kids Review. 

Norton Family app review:

(Photo: Tom's Guide) 

4. Nortons 

A good choice for Android and Windows kids.

Why buy? 

Web filtering and monitoring 

Unlimited kids and gadgets.

On Windows 


A better mobile app 

No Macs 

Norton Family's power and features are ideal for Android (and Windows) families with multiple children, including recently added geofencing. 

These features work on both iOS and Android, but Norton's time allowances are only for Windows and Android software. The iOS app doesn't support app management. 

School Time is a new feature in Norton Family that helps children focus during remote learning classes. 

For example, Norton 360 Deluxe is frequently discounted to as low as $50 per year and includes Norton Family. Unless your kids use Macs, getting Norton Family and Norton's excellent antivirus protection is a no-brainer at that price. 

The Norton Family Review

OurPact app review:

(Photo: Tom's Guide) 


The best iOS parental control app.

Why buy? 


Set of iOS features

It covers 20 child devices.


Web filtering limits 

It can be expensive.

Apple temporarily removed OurPact from the App Store after it became the most powerful parental control app for iPhones. As on Android, it can manage or block any iOS app. 

OurPact also helps kids manage their daily screen time allowance and is good at scheduling. Its Premium Plus plan lets you take screenshots of the child's device, even if you can't read the messages. 

Although it blocks pornographic websites, its time management interface is clunky. OurPact can tell you where your child is and when they arrive or depart from certain locations, but not where they've been. 

With or without an iPhone, OurPact's well-designed interface and intuitive features make it a pleasure to use. 

Full OurPact review

App review: Google Family Link (Tom's Guide) 

Google's Family

well-designed, competent, and free.

Google Family Link's best deals

Why buy? 


A+ design 

A+ performance 


Not for kids' iPhones 

Only a few web filters 

Only Google Family Link is completely free on this page. Its power and utility may surprise you—provided your kids have Android phones or tablets. 

Google Family Link allows parents to control which apps have access to their child's Android device. None of the other parental control apps we tested can do that. It also allows you to control what apps your child can download from Google Play. 

Google Family Link doesn't have an iOS app, but parents can monitor kids' devices from either iOS or Android. We still recommend Android for kids' apps because the Android versions give parents more control and insight. 

There is only one web filter, against "mature sites," and it is not perfect. YouTube has the same single filter. There's no geofencing, just basic location tracking. Time management tools work well. 

If you're concerned about your kids' apps, Google Family Link may be all you need. Google Family Link can also be used in conjunction with one of the other apps on this page. 

Google Family Link review: 

Review of Qustodio parental control app (Tom's Guide) 

supports many platforms and can still log calls and texts. 

Why buy? 

Feature-rich at all prices.

Wide platform support 

Call and text monitoring on Android 


Quite costly 

Web filtering issues 

iOS, Android, Amazon Fire tablets, Macs, PCs, and Chromebooks are all supported. It also allows you to set time limits for apps and devices. 

Location tracking, geofencing, and a Family Locator feature work on both iOS and Android. You can manage 6,000 iOS apps and all Android apps, but web filtering isn't very good on either platform. 

To do so, you need to sideload a special version of the app from Qustodio's website. If you value these features, Qustodio may be the app for you. 

The main disadvantage is the high cost of Qustodio, which is up to $138 per year for 15 devices. (Tom's Guide readers save 10%.) 

Review: Qustodio. 

Screen Time No. 8: Screen Time No. 9: Screen Time No. 10: Screen

is good at one thing.

Today's best Screen Time Parental Control App offers

Why buy? 

Simple design 

Accessible well 

T & R system 


Expensive location tracking and filtering.

No text or phone tracking.

TV Time Not to be confused with the iOS "Screen Time" feature, which manages and schedules kids' device access. Sadly, it doesn't do much else on iOS. Only Android has app and web management. 

Screen Time also charges extra for location tracking and web filters, both of which are standard in other parental control apps. (The Screen Time premium trial includes both features.) 

We liked how You can give extra screen time to kids who do chores or do good deeds. No app blocking on iOS, and no call or text monitoring, despite recent geofencing and location history additions. 

Our Screen Time review

ESET Parental Control for Android 9 is a parental control app for Android.

It could be better. 

Why buy? 

Attractive features 

number of gadgets


baffling UI 

There is no call or text tracking.

Only Android 

With limited text message and call monitoring (and number blocking) capabilities and clunky controls, ESET Parental Control for Android is a disappointment. 

The free version of ESET Parental Control for Android's app management and time management work well, as do the subscription's location tracking and geofencing. (There's a 14-day free trial and multi-year discounts.) We also liked the one-tap SOS feature for kids. 

The $30 yearly plan is only worth it if it comes with ESET Smart Security Premium. Because Kaspersky Safe Kids does four times as much as ESET Parental Control for Android and costs half as much. 

ESET Parental Control for Android review:

MMGuardian's 10 Best Parental Control Apps 

The only iOS app that can read messages 

Why buy? 

Android characteristics

Controls at a 

Can iOS read text messages? 


It can be expensive.

Bad user interface 

In addition to logging, blocking, and reading text messages, MMGuardian can also log and block phone calls. 

Thanks to Mac and PC software that searches iPhone backups, it's the only app we know of that can still read texts and messages on iOS. 

But both platforms' user interfaces are dated and frustrating. MMGuardian now has an artificial intelligence component to spot nudity in saved images. 

The free MMGuardian app for Android tablets does not track location. 

On iOS, MMGuardian has primitive app management and no call blocking. But if you're really curious about what your kid texts, especially on iOS, MMGuardian is worth a look.

The Internet has both educational and harmful content for children. Pornography, cyberbullying, and violence are all online threats to your children's safety. So, parents must protect their children from these dangers. Enabling iOS parental controls can help parents monitor their children's online activities and keep them safe. How to choose the best parental control apps for iPhone and iPad? Still, SPY24 is a good choice. So, download and install the SPY24 app for free and enjoy all of its advanced parental control features.

You now know two ways to apply iPod Touch parental controls. You can pick the best option. For more comprehensive monitoring of multiple devices, we still recommend SPY24. The use of parental controls on children's digital devices has become increasingly important as online threats grow. So why not choose a solution that makes it easier for you?

What's the best parental control app for the iPhone or iPod touch?

a screenshot of the best iPod touch parental control app Best Apple Device Parental Control Apps Parents can use OurPact, the leading parental control, and screen time management app, to manage their entire household's Apple and Android devices in an easy and intuitive way.

Are there parental controls on iPods?

You can use these controls to block content, limit the amount of time an app can run, and prevent costly in-app purchases... When it comes to setting up parental controls on the iPhone, you can also use this method on the iPad and iPod touch! The first method entails configuring Screen Time on your child's personal computer or mobile device.

What's the best way to get my kid's iPod up and running?

Set up an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with your child's help.

Use Face ID or Touch ID to unlock your phone. Enable your child to unlock the device with the help of a passcode...

Set up the Family Sharing feature...

Find I should be activated...

Set parental controls on your child's device...

Activate "Ask to Buy."