best ways to prevent Icloud account from hack

best ways to prevent Icloud account from hack
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You may be wondering if your iCloud can be hacked. If you're an Apple user, you're probably using iCloud to some extent. The popular storage service can be used to back up all your most important files. Like many Apple products, iCloud is known for its high security. Unfortunately, this does not mean that individual accounts can not be hacked. To achieve this, the only thing anyone really needs to do is find your password. And if you are not careful, this is not necessarily a difficult task. Here are some tips to help you prevent your iCloud account from being hacked.

prevent icloud hack

1.Change iCloud password

Change; Remember not to use similar names or items such as date of birth or ID number… that are guessable. Your password should include uppercase and lowercase numbers and letters, and we also suggest that it be at least 12 characters long so that hackers can not easily guess it.

2.Activate two-step verification

Not just for iCloud, but for all social networks or emails, you need to enable 2-step verification code. This will send you an SMS containing a code to enter the first iCloud to enter that code, and in fact the main key to enter iCloud will be the same code.

3. Add a trusted phone number

Another way to better protect your iCloud password is to add a secure phone number that you need to enter for the two-step verification code, so give a mobile number so that no one but you can access the phone containing that SIM card.

4.Check devices connected to your iCloud

The last resort is to watch out for the iOS devices with which you log in to your iCloud account. For more control, go to and enter your Apple username and password, or Apple ID, go to Settings -> Apple ID, and look at the list of devices where your iCloud is active at the bottom of the page.

5. Avoid opening unknown links

If you receive an unknown link via text, email, or accidentally on the web, do not click on it. Although it may not be able to hack the iPhone directly, it could potentially be a threat to your device. ; Some of them use popular emails like Gmail as a client to access your email account.

Fake pages are usually very similar to real pages, so this type of scam is relatively common and always tries to maintain your trust.

The general rule is that if you do not seem to trust the email / message, do not open it. The same is true of email attachments, although there are not many (if any) cases where hackers have been able to gain access to the iPhone using this method, and this is more of a general point.

prevent icloud from hacking

6. Disable auto-registration

This is a very useful feature because it means we do not have to memorize login information for the myriad of websites we are browsing - and the same goes for credit and debit card information. Simply tap a button and Apple will fill in all of your card information except your security code.

However, if a hacker manages to gain access to your iPhone, he or she will be able to access all of your online login information.

To disable the keychain and fill in the required information automatically, simply go to Settings> Safari> AutoFill and disable all options.

7.Turn off Find My

With Find My you can track your phone remotely or lock it. For example, if your device is stolen, you can put it in Lost Mode so that the person who stole it can not use your device. These are the advantages of Find My. But if your Apple ID has a problem for any reason (for example, Apple ID is not active, you forgot the password and could not be reset) if Find My is off, it is easy. You can remove Apple ID from the device even without a password or activation, but if Find My is on, you must first fix the Apple ID problem and remove it from the device with the correct password. In order to turn off Find My, after entering your Apple ID in the device, go to Setting, tap on the setting of your Apple ID at the top of Setting, and then go to the Find My option and turn off Find My iPhone.

Your entire Apple ID is a personal account for accessing Apple services. If you have entered your Apple ID into iCloud and someone else finds out about your Apple ID information (password or security information), that person can lock your device or access information backed up in iCloud And even erase all your phone data. Note that if Apple ID only enters iTunes & Appstore to download the app, it will no longer be possible to access iCloud information, lock the device, and track it remotely. Therefore, the security of Apple ID is very important and you should take it seriously and refrain from giving your Apple ID information such as password and security questions to others (person, site or store) and you should be the only person who has this information in Has authority.

In order to increase the security of your Apple ID, be sure to change and personalize the Apple ID from wherever you bought it, and do not keep any photos or screenshots of your Apple ID on your phone.

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