Buy Instagram Likes & Followers Paypal 2022

Buy Instagram Likes & Followers Paypal 2022
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Welcome to Buy Likes & Followers, the number one place to purchase Instagram services. Buy Instagram followers from for as little as $0.59. Instant delivery, real followers, and friendly 24/7 customer support. Try us out!

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Buy Instagram Likes & Followers Paypal 2022

how it works in 3 steps

We offer the highest quality services that you will find anywhere. When you buy Instagram followers or buy Instagram likes you can rest assured that your order will be treated with the utmost respect.


choose your package

We offer various packages of followers and likes and mixed packages. Choose which package is best for you.

make a payment Paypal

We make paying easy! We accept Paypal, Bitcoin, and all major credit cards. Guaranteed to be secure.

wait for delivery

We will process your order quickly. We guarantee completion within 72 hours or you will get your money back.

Buy Instagram Followers Paypal

Buy Instagram followers from the only provider that guarantees your order. If any followers are lost we will resend at no cost. All followers are real, meaning they have real pics, activities, and friends of their own. Do not be fooled by other sellers who will send junk followers that will disappear after a few days. We do not use bots or bulk automated methods. Real, guaranteed followers.

Why you should buy Instagram followers today

A good way to ensure growth on Instagram is by buying followers through our service. Through our service, get a head start on giving your content a chance in a tidal wave of uploads. Regardless of your reasons for using the service, what Instagram boils down to is an online marketing campaign. You are creating content with expectations for growth in popularity, staying there as long as you need it to.

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Who are we and why should you use us

We are one of the very few providers with real followers. Images, friends, social media activity, and profiles that are genuine. They are not the result of robots. There are no empty profiles. With our Instagram followers, your content will have an instant audience. Taking full advantage of this service puts you in direct, fast, and immediate contact with users. With our service, you have a greater chance of promoting your brand, market products, and services, better-establishing objectives.

Instagram at a glance

Instagram is an online photo and video sharing, social networking platform. Users can take their content, run them through digital filters and share them across popular social media services like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and Tumblr. It has become the first place to turn to for fast visual exposure.

In a few short years, it’s managed to become one of the most popular social media outlets in the world. They have over 100 million users utilizing the service monthly. Almost 40 million images are posted daily. People produce 8,500 Likes and 1,000 comments per second. The platform has become an outstanding solution for sharing brands, with 98 percent of top brands posted to Instagram getting shared to Facebook.

Instagram has pushed social media and marketing to an incredible new level. Unlike other media social sites, all that’s required is the posting of images. Yet, like other social media outlets, Instagram users depend on a single factor, and that’s popularity. The idea behind the service is to draw traffic to your content, generate interest, persuading Shares and Likes. This is especially critical to businesses using Instagram to promote products and services.

What sets us apart from other services

The followers we provide demonstrate how popular your content is. These are real accounts from individuals that actually review your content. We help generate viral effects, persuading others to investigate. We have done the research and we are aware of the best times to upload, the best times to post, and the best ways to promote your brand through followers.

Once you place your order, we will get your followers sent fast and without issue. You could have thousands of followers, even millions, within days. Most importantly, since our followers will be real users, there is no risk of getting banned or having your account closed. We utilize the most secure and safest modes to deliver our services to your Instagram account. We will not break any rules or terms and conditions.

We are the best service for getting honest followers and Likes to promote your Instagram content.

Looking For High-Quality Instagram Followers & Likes?

From effortlessly purchasing Likes and Followers online with our 1-day turnaround policy, We've got simplicity covered...

Easy steps

At, We hate having to go through a lot just to get a simple service. Ever been in a situation where you wished there was a magic button you could just press, and your problems would be solved? Well, unfortunately, we don't have that button to solve all your problems, but we DO have a team of social media experts that tailor to all of your Instagram needs. We do all the hard work, simply pass us your Instagram username or image link and we take care of the rest.

The process

After you've processed your order with us, this is when the real magic starts to happen, In our lab. Our social media experts will start promoting your Instagram, and the followers and likes will soon start to come pouring in. This process usually never takes longer than 24 hours, Which is by far the fastest and cheapest service you can possibly get out there to date. We can give you a 100% Guarantee that you will be satisfied with our service, and you'll stay a long-term customer with us, Give it a try today!

Best support

We offer one of the world's friendliest customer support representatives available online. If you have any queries, quibbles, or worries, feel free to contact us. We answer all e-mails within a few hours. So what are you waiting for? Send us an email and we will get in touch with any of your questions or requests answered professionally and promptly.

Buy Instagram Followers

The Importance of Followers on Instagram

Having a large follower base on Instagram, can show your business as credible, reliable, and obviously quite popular. With these more followers comes more exposure. It's the effect that when you have a large number of followers, it attracts more followers, which then attracts even more. This snowball effect can really help you to achieve massive growth in your marketing efforts, especially when these followers then start sharing your images and web URL to their contacts. To succeed in business using a social media strategy, you must understand the full psychology of your users. A typical mindset of many people, is they tend to stick together, This is called Safety In Numbers. Most people in today's society tend to not step out and be the first to follow someone new, why would they if there wasn’t anyone following them before. However, when people see you are popular and the appearance of your business is that you are providing something well then they don’t want to be the ones missing out on all the action.

How can help you achieve in Marketing.

So, to put this neatly; Purchasing Followers for Instagram from, will see your follower count skyrocket, There is no need to spend loads of money or time on promoting yourself. You get experienced by seasoned professionals in the Instagram marketing scene who have been doing this with since day one. It's very important to remember that the benefits of a larger following, often extend beyond the typical exposure on Instagram. When your business is attracting so many followers on Instagram, you are getting your Brand name out there, putting your services or products in front in front of millions! Something that is usually very time-consuming and costly to get started. The most amazing fact about Instagram is that it is so cheap and affordable to advertise to thousands of people.. even on a small budget. When you make a purchase of followers on Instagram, you are doing something that all successful businesses include as part of their marketing foundations. The easiest thing to do is purchase our follower's package of your choice. We don’t need your password or access your Instagram account at any time. After you have purchased and placed your order, we then get to work for you and deliver the highest quality Instagram followers for you! We guarantee that this will be completed well within our 24-hour guidelines.

Why is the best service to choose from.

So... The good news is our service is very affordable for business and personal users of all shapes and sizes, We are currently the best-priced, fastest professionally delivered and come with the excellent level of support that any online business needs to succeed in delivering a quality service. Granulator is the cream of the crop, A purchase from us secures you a professional image for your online business or personal Instagram account, Which in turn will successfully help in boosting traffic to your website and increasing likes and shares to your pictures. Our customer support team is here 24/7 to answer your queries, providing you with blazing speed on delivery, Not to mention, we do all of this at the lowest prices you will find online. You just can’t afford NOT to order with!

We use the safest methods to provide you with these services, unlike others. You do not need to worry about your account getting suspended.

You do not need to provide us with your password, or any access to your account whatsoever.

We will not mass follow others with your account to get follow backs (hence we do not need account access).

We do not break any Instagram policies, you’re completely safe with us.

All you need to do is process your order with us, sit back, and relax. We will take care of everything for you, and provide you with the best service available.

Buy Instagram Likes Paypal

Buy Instagram likes and we will send them fast. Never will you have to wait days for delivery. We receive your order and start sending it within hours, sometimes minutes. We offer the best prices and the best quality likes you will find. No bots are used. Real people will see your pics and send likes.

Product Description

Buy Instagram likes for your photos and make your pictures and profile go viral. Easily hit the popular page of Instagram. The minimum likes per picture are 200 so feel free to send as many pics as you would like with your order. All likes are 100% real and guaranteed to stay. This is the best way to increase your popularity on Instagram. Delivered within 12 hours.

Price List:

Buy Instagram Likes

100 Instagram Likes

250 Instagram Likes

500 Instagram Likes

1000 Instagram Likes

2500 Instagram Likes

5000 Instagram Likes

10k Instagram Likes

20k Instagram Likes

35k Instagram Likes

50k Instagram Likes

100k Instagram Likes

Why Do I Need Instagram Likes?

If you want to increase your social media presence and have your Instagram pictures be seen by a large audience, you need to make sure people can find your pictures so they can like them. Pictures that receive a large number of likes and reach popular status on Instagram are easier for people to find than pictures that do not yet have many likes.

Until your Instagram pictures make it on the popular page, they will likely remain obscure. Getting a large number of likes is the best way to get your pictures to go viral. In other words, you need to have likes to get more likes. One very effective way of getting more likes for your Instagram pictures is by purchasing them through our company, Followers and Likes.

Why Do I Need to Purchase Instagram Likes?

While you ultimately want your Instagram pictures to create likes on their own, letting your pictures do all the work for you is not the best marketing strategy. Pictures that have simply been uploaded and then left alone are not likely to gain widespread attention. If they do, the process will likely take a great deal of time. By using our marketing services at Followers and Likes for your Instagram likes, you can have a large number of Instagram likes in a very short amount of time. You could even reach the popular page of Instagram the same day you purchase your likes from us, so the wait time is very short.

Furthermore, people are more likely to like a picture that already has a large number of likes. No one likes to feel as though they are the only person that likes a picture. Therefore, they are not as likely to like your picture until you get the process started by purchasing likes from us at Followers and Likes. By purchasing likes from us, you create popular images that other people are more likely to like and follow as well.

Where Can I Purchase Instagram Likes?

Our company, Followers and Likes, is a great place to purchase Instagram likes. At Followers and Likes, we offer our customers several affordable and customizable options they can use to fit their individual needs. We allow our customers to place orders both small and large, and we also allow them to spread out their orders over multiple accounts or posts. We make purchasing Instagram likes easy, affordable, and effective.

Why Should I Choose Followers and Likes Over Its Competitors?

At Followers and Likes, we always deliver likes from real people, not bots or automatic programs like some of our competitors do. Furthermore, we guarantee that our likes will not simply disappear after a certain amount of time. We back up our work by offering a 60-day replacement guarantee for your peace of mind. If any of your purchased likes are lost, we will replace them for you free of charge!

We also offer fast and dependable service so you never have to wait days for your likes, and you never have to wonder if the likes you receive are actually from us or from random sources that view your photos over time. We guarantee that once you place your order, we will deliver all of your likes within twelve hours. In fact, we typically start fulfilling your order as fast as mere minutes after you place it! If there are any problems with your order, we have English-speaking customer service representatives ready to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. We stand behind our quality work, and we go the extra mile to make sure our customers are happy.

We also make your Instagram-like purchasing easy. Simply choose the package that is right for you, make your payment, and then wait for delivery. The process only takes a minute or two, and we will start sending your likes right away. We accept multiple methods of payment for your convenience, including MasterCard, Visa, Discover Card, and American Express credit cards, Paypal, and even Bitcoin.

We at Followers and Likes are not just some fly-by-night company looking to make a quick buck. We have been in business since 2022 and have served more than one million customers worldwide. Our goal is to create a solid and fair playing field for every individual and business who wants to use social media marketing techniques. Whether you are looking for a permanent part of your marketing strategy or just a one-time deal, give us a try and you will see why we have so many happy and repeat customers!

How important is Instagram Likes for my profile?

As we are sure you know, Instagram Likes can seriously boost the appearance of your personal or business Image. Having lots of Likes on your Instagram pictures projects a clear message to other users that see that you and your business are doing well, you are getting the recognition you deserve, and you achieve your goals! The psychological effect of what happens when people see this is that they want in, so follow your profile and actively engage in liking and sharing your pictures with others. In our experience of marketing on Instagram since day one, We have found that More likes do indeed mean more followers. Conversely, there is nothing that is more off-putting to visitors than a business that puts itself out there, to only have no one respond. No one on social media bothers to follow someone who has a small amount or no Likes. You will simply find yourself overlooked. With, we solve this problem, with no effort and a very small affordable cost to you, you can avoid being caught up in this scenario by purchasing likes directly from Choosing is the secret to Instagram success and you can be totally sure, that competitors who outrank you on Instagram, are already doing it. When you purchase from our selection of affordable Likes packages, you will find that other Instagram users are attracted to your fantastic Like-count, What is more, at, we pride ourselves on helping many more of our clients make it to the “Popular” page by simply pushing the delivery of an impressive like-count to their pictures.

How Do Likes Help You Get On the “Popular” Page?

Is there a secret method to guarantee to make it onto the popular page? At we believe so... A huge total like-count looks good and is essential to getting to the Popular page, But quantity is not the only thing you will need to game your chances of making it to the all-important popular page. The real secret lies in the number of Likes received to your picture within the first hour. The contributing factor is, these Likes are most important from the first 30 minutes from the time you first upload your photo to your Instagram Account. The likes that you receive in those 30 minutes are the most important factor. Once you’ve uploaded the desired picture to your profile, the countdown is on! The ratio is very important, at we believe the algorithm depends on people who have more than 10% of likes to followers ratio, within the first 30-40 minutes, these are the general statistics of our clients who reach it onto the popular page. At when you place your order for Likes and complete the payment process, we instantly get to work. This is because we know the importance of getting Likes to your pictures instantly, we aim to complete your order well within 30 minutes, Our average completion time even under busy periods is only a few hours. Impressive Huh?

Why is the best service for Instagram Likes

The great news for our clients is that our services at are affordable for businesses of all sizes. Granulators are the best-priced, fastest-delivering team you can possibly encounter online. We believe in quality customer service and provide a level of superior support that our competitors just cannot match. Our services are used by new businesses and the big guys too .. you would be surprised who uses! … A purchase from us guarantees a professional image for your business that will definitely boost traffic to your website. We are here 24/7 to answer your questions, provide you with lightning-fast delivery and we do all this at the lowest prices online. You can’t afford to order with us!

We use the safest methods to provide you with these services, unlike others. You do not need to worry about your account getting suspended.

You do not need to provide us with your password, or any access to your account whatsoever.

We will not mass follow others with your account to get follow backs (hence we do not need account access).

We do not break any Instagram policies, you’re completely safe with us.

All you need to do is process your order with us, sit back, and relax. We will take care of everything for you, and provide you with the best service available.


Is this service discreet? or will you guys advertise on my profile like some other companies do?

Your order is completely anonymous. We value your privacy and will never sell your information to any third parties, nor use your profile to advertise anything.

How can I use Bitcoin to purchase services?

Are transactions using Bitcoin completely free? Because they are conducted without intermediaries, Bitcoin transactions do not involve fees or service charges using third-party intermediaries. However, users do have to pay Bitcoin's blockchain network fees to conduct the transactions.

How long does it take to receive my followers and likes?

Currently, followers and likes are sent within 24 hours. Expect delays for larger orders.

If I order followers, will I automatically get likes on my pictures from them?

We cannot guarantee any additional likes when ordering followers; however, some followers may decide to like some of the posts.

Are the followers real?

For all intents and purposes, the accounts look real but are not genuine accounts. They have their own followers, profile pic, posts, etc..