Can you track an iPhone by its phone number? Consider These 3 Innovative Ideas

Can you track an iPhone by its phone number? Consider These 3 Innovative Ideas
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Is it possible to track an iPhone using its phone number? Take a Look at These 3 Creative Approaches

If you're looking at this post, it's possible that you're seeking for a technique to track down someone's iPhone. Perhaps you are simply interested in the whereabouts of a close relative, or perhaps you are concerned because a member of your family is running late to school or work.

It can be difficult to create a safe digital environment for individuals you care about in your life. You can't keep an eye on them at all times and be aware of every decision they make on the Internet. It's comforting to know that current technologies are capable of saving the day.

Because so many cell phone users in the United States own iPhones, their family and friends frequently look for ways to track iPhone location by phone number. If you are one of them, we strongly advise that you continue reading this post. Find out if monitoring an iPhone by phone number is possible, as well as how to do so successfully, in this guide, which includes case studies.

Why I Might Need to Track Down an iPhone by Its Serial Number

Despite the fact that Android devices are used by the vast majority of smartphone users globally, the younger generation in the United States favors iPhones. According to the Piper Sandler semi-annual poll conducted in 2021, over 85 percent of teenagers expect an iPhone to be their next phone or are already using one of these devices.

Furthermore, young people spend an average of 12 hours per week on social media, according to research. For online predators or catfishers, this is more than enough time for them to identify individuals who require assistance, befriend them, and coerce them into providing content that is far too sensitive or giving their credit card information.

If you want to keep someone close to you from becoming a victim of a predator, consider tracking their iPhone and keeping track of their internet activities and whereabouts.

Three Tested Methods to Track an iPhone by Phone Number on the Internet

If you're looking for iPhone monitoring by phone number, there's something you should keep in mind. It is not possible to utilize a mobile phone number to detect a mobile device belonging to another individual in real-time.

Instead, you can experiment with alternative techniques of remotely monitoring an iPhone.

#1 Using SPY24 to track an iPhone with a phone number is simple.

When you need to locate another person's smartphone straight away, the Find My Phone tool might be extremely useful to you. However, if you want to acquire a comprehensive picture of their activities, this is not sufficient.

If you're thinking of tracking an iPhone with a phone number, we recommend that you first install monitoring software on the target iPhone before proceeding. A parental control program, such as SPY24, makes it easy to follow the position of another person remotely, all from the convenience of your smartphone.

Can you track an iPhone by its phone number? Consider These 3 Innovative Ideas

Furthermore, you can set geofencing and receive alerts when the target person departs or enters a restricted area that you have designated.

With SPY24, you can keep track of a variety of activities, such as:

Call logs and contact information

Text messages of any kind, including iMessages

URLs visited, browser history and Wi-Fi networks utilized are all recorded.

Events on the calendar and those that are scheduled

Apps that have been installed and social media discussions

Photographs and video recordings

Typed words and keystrokes on a computer keyboard

Please keep in mind that in order to use the advanced functionalities of SPY24, you may need to jailbreak the target iPhone. It is possible that you will also need to acquire a Premium subscription.

#2 Using Localize to track the location of an iPhone based on its phone number

Isn't it true that you may locate another person using their phone number in as little as two minutes? If you're interested, you might want to check out Localize, which is an internet phone locator. It is a simple-to-use service that allows you to locate someone without having to access their phone. Additionally, you do not need to install any applications on your phone.

The following is an explanation of how Localize works:

iPhone based on its phone number

By purchasing a subscription to localize. mobi by visiting the website. You can also choose to sign up for a 3-day trial for only $1.19, which will save you money. Both the trial and subscription versions allow you to track an unlimited number of devices.

Copy and paste the cell phone number of the person you're looking for into the appropriate field and click "Locate."

Allow 2 minutes for the program to locate the person you're looking for.

Receive a notice containing the precise position of the target person.

Before you buy Localize, you should be aware of a handful of important facts regarding how it works. To begin, Localize requires the approval of the individual whose location is being shared before sharing their location. This implies that when you send the location request, the recipient must agree to disclose their current location with you before the request can be fulfilled.

Localize can only intercept the location of another person if their phone is turned on and their SIM card is activated, as previously stated. In order to complete the process, the target iPhone must be connected to the Internet.

Providing that a target person's phone meets all of the criteria listed above, Localize will have no trouble determining the device's location.

#3 Using iCloud to track an iPhone based on its serial number

Do not waste time trying to track down the iPhone location by phone number if you need to locate someone else's device right away. It is more effective for them to use their iCloud to locate their phone's location.

iPhone users can use the Find My iPhone program from Apple to locate their misplaced or stolen smartphones. It is a free app that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. The software establishes a connection with Google Maps and determines where your iPhone is now located.

Using iCloud to track an iPhone based on its serial number

To locate someone else's iPhone using iCloud, follow these simple steps:

Make use of your child's Apple ID and password to log into iCloud.

Select "Find My iPhone" from the drop-down menu. When you launch the app, you will be presented with a map showing the current location of the target iPhone.

To access the iPhone's settings, click the I icon next to the device's name.

Suppose you are certain that the gadget is somewhere in your house, select Play Sound. To alert anyone who finds it on the street that you want it back, press the Send Message button. To transmit a four-digit code to the required iPhone, select Remote Lock from the drop-down menu. To completely remove all data from the device, including any critical information, you can select Remote Cleaning from the menu bar.

To return to the iCloud home screen, choose the iCloud logo from the My Devices box and then press the iCloud logo again.

To log out of your account, click Close Session in the upper right corner of the screen.

Final Thoughts on How to Track an iPhone Using Its Phone Number

Despite the fact that it is difficult to find an Apple device using an iPhone tracker by phone number, you now have three established methods for remotely monitoring it.

You can use the Find My iPhone app to assist you in doing so, for example, if you require rapid access to the target person's iCloud account. However, SPY24 may provide you with complete insight into another person's internet behavior at any time, directly from the convenience of your own mobile device.

It is entirely up to you whatever method you will use. Just make sure that it can provide you with the information you require in the quickest amount of time.