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How to locate a cell phone position online

Track Current location & Cell Phone Location History

Children and teens often tend to lie about their whereabouts when asked and the same goes for your employees. SPY24 lets you track their location history through their phones and tablets so you can know exactly where they have been at any given time or throughout the day.

How to secretly track a cell phone location for free

You can secretly track a mobile location even if the user has turned off both GPS and Wi-Fi on the target device.

The software is still able to locate cell phone position with the help of known cell phone towers

  • Track their cell phone on a detailed map online
  • Identify their location even when regular GPS tracker is unavailable
  • Access all phone location information directly from your Control Panel
Cell Phone Location Tracking App - Track Location History

What is SPY24 Location History Monitoring?

With SPY24, you can remotely track cell phone location of your children or employees through their mobile phones or tablets. You can check all the places they have been to at any time and from anywhere.

  • Fast and efficient cell phone current location tracker.
  • Checklist of all places visited.
  • Check the date and time of each visited location.
  • Monitor latitude, longitude, and street addresses for each location.

Monitor your child’s phone activity remotely and make sure they are safe – wherever they are!

  • View all incoming, outgoing, or deleted text messages
  • Check their call history
  • Track the GPS location of the device
  • Access Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc
  • Works on iPhone, iPad, or any Android device
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Track Cell Phone Location In Real-Time Using SPY24?

SPY24 can track the exact location of the monitored user and that too in real-time if there is a strong internet connection available on the monitored device. Note that a new location will only be registered with SPY24 if there is a displacement on the monitored device. If the monitored device isn’t moving, SPY24 will only register a single location stamp.

How Accurate Is The Location Monitoring On SPY24?

SPY24 uses a device’s existing location/GPS services to track its location. If you are going to monitor an iOS device, make sure that “Find My iPhone” is enabled on it.

Can I Monitor GPS Location If The Target Device’s Built-In Location Services Are Disabled?

SPY24 GPS tracking app will only work if the location services are enabled on the target device.

Can I Track The Monitored Phone’s Location History If There Is No Internet Connection?

SPY24 needs a working internet connection for its GPS tracking to work. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule. If there is no internet connection on the monitored Android device, SPY24 will still register all the visited locations, but they will only be uploaded once the device connects to the internet. If you are using SPY24 No Jailbreak and there is no internet connection on the monitored device, you will have to wait for the next iCloud backup.

Why Do I Need “Find My iPhone” Enabled On The Target iOS Device To Track Its GPS Location?

SPY24 requires “Find My iPhone” activated on the target device for the location tracking to work.

Can I Spy On Samsung Phone Using SPY24?

Yes, it’s possible for you to monitor a Samsung phone using SPY24. However, we don’t endorse any illegal use of our software, like spying on someone’s Samsung phone without their consent.

Why do you need SPY24 GPS locator app?

  • Teenage binge drinking and drug abuse are on a surge—but with SPY24 location tracking, parents can monitor their kids’ outdoor activities quite conveniently.
  • With SPY24, you could also take care of your children’s distracted driving habits.
  • You could know if your tweens or teens are trespassing into dangerous neighborhoods or crashing into unsafe, adult parties.
  • If your child sneaks out at night, you could use SPY24 to take care of that.
  • A lot of businesses are tracking the current location of their employees as it helps them prevent their employees from making deals with rivals or engaging in other dishonest practices during work.
  • SPY24 can track the current location of your kids and employees, thus making it one of those few apps that work in real time.


How to Track A Cell Phone Location

SPY24 Phone Location Tracker


See your kid`s current whereabouts on the detailed map

Check their route history over a specific interval of time

View location list details (coordinates, location time, address, and accuracy)

Track Cell Phone Location Online


Put Your Mind at Ease and Keep Your Children Safe with Our GPS Phone Locator

We get it. You want your son or daughter to become more independent. But you also don’t want to lose some of the control you have over them. Yes, you want them to roam freely and enjoy life. But you also want to be able to know that they’re safe.

It’s a tough act to balance. If you kids is old enough to go to school on their own, they’re probably old enough to hang out with friends late into the evenings. And while they deserve freedom, you were a kid once, too. You know that hanging out at a friend’s house doesn’t always mean hanging out at a friend’s house. But unlike when you were a kid, modern technology is here to help, especially when you have a GPS cell phone locator in your arsenal.

Parents all over the world are turning to SPY24 to keep tabs on their kids. Once installed, you can find out exactly where they are on a map. But it goes beyond just showing you their location. SPY24 also lets you set safe zones. If your child enters or leave one of the zones you set, you’ll get an alert. This way, you don’t have to constantly monitor your phone and check their location.

How to Get Someone’s GPS Location on Their Cell Phone with SPY24™

If you want to know how to see someone’s location using a GPS phone locator, you’re on the right page. With SPY24, the leading mobile phone GPS tracking solution, you can track their GPS coordinates with just a tap and see their location on a map. And it gets better. With geofencing technology, you can set safe zones and restricted areas. Don’t want them leaving a 2-mile radius?

Set that on your phone. If they leave the zone, you’ll know about it so you can take immediate action. And SPY24 gives you more than just location details. You can see a history of where they’ve been, including detailed coordinates, dates, timestamps, and more. All this, plus a summary report to show you which locations they visit the most. If something looks unusual, you can investigate further.

Why SPY24™ Is the Best App to Find Someone’s Location by Phone

We get it. You want to know if it’s possible to track someone’s location with a phone number. The short answer is no. And you know what? The long answer is also no. The truth is no matter what some apps might claim, it’s impossible to track someone’s location simply by knowing their phone number. Any app that claims otherwise is clearly lying to you and you should steer clear of handing over your cash. Even if they offer you the service for free, chances are they’re just offering you spyware with the end goal of stealing your personal info.

Instead, turn to an app like SPY24. Because it lives invisible on their phone, they’ll have no idea that you’re tracking their location using GPS. And even if the swap SIM cards, you’ll still know where they are since the app isn’t tied directly to their phone number.

Find Out When Your Kids Are Where They Shouldn’t Be

Worried about your daughter sneaking out at night? Or maybe you want to give your kids the freedom to travel around town, but want to make sure they’re not crossing over to the wrong side of the tracks. Whatever the reason, SPY24 can help. With geofencing, you can set forbidden areas on a map. When your son or daughter enters one of these zones, you’ll get alerted. That means you can be confident your kids are staying in an area that you approve of.

Useful Tracking Tool for the Entire Family

Parents love our app, but not just to keep tabs on their kids. Many of our users employ our app to keep track of their own parents. The elderly are more susceptible to memory loss. You can use SPY24 to make sure they’re staying safe in your neighborhood when you can’t be there to watch them. With safe zone alerts, you’ll know if they leave a designated location, so you don’t have to constantly monitor your phone. That means you can give your parents the freedom they want, and you won’t have to worry about them getting lost.

Easy to Install and Easy to Use

SPY24 might super-advanced, with powerful features to help you find their location. But the GPS phone tracker app is actually really easy to use. From the quick installation process to use the software, it couldn’t be easier. You can download SPY24 directly on the target Android. Or you can connect it to your iPhone remotely using their iCloud login credentials.

While we’ve made the process extremely simple (even a parent can follow it), we’re always standing by with help. If you run into any issues, our support team is available to help, 24/7.

The Only Hidden Location Tracker Solution You Need

You can find quite a few mobile location tracker apps online. But most of them aren’t very good. In fact, some of them are designed to trick you into handing over your personal info, including your credit card number. Avoid the free hidden location tracker apps — they’re nothing but spyware. Instead, look for a paid option from a reputable source, like SPY24. We’ve earned the trust of more than 1.5 million users worldwide and are the number one choice for countless families all over the planet. To join a world of satisfied parents, just pick your subscription and start monitoring. We offer multiple options that fit your needs.

A GPS Location Tracker is Just the Start

SPY24 is one powerful app, designed to help you locate your loved ones. But it does way more than that. The monitoring solution also lets you keep your loved ones safe through innovative tools that give you peace of mind. With SPY24, you can see their text messages so you’ll know if they’re being cyberbullied. You can also review their social media chats, see the pics and videos they’ve sent and received, review their browser history, see which Wi-Fi networks they’ve connected to, block applications, access their contacts and calendar, monitor their calls, and so much more.

Is a cell phone GPS tracker a real thing?

Absolutely. You’ll find a GPS phone tracker baked right into SPY24, a parental monitoring app designed to bring you peace of mind.

How do I use a GPS location tracker on my kid’s smartphone?

Just install SPY24 on their device. Once everything is set up, you can track their phone from your own device. It’s as easy as logging in to your account and heading directly to the Control Panel.

Is it legal to use a GPS cell phone locator?

Yes, as long as you’re using it on your child, and they’re underage. At the end of the day, their safety is your responsibility. A GPS phone tracker app can help you keep tabs on them, so you can give them freedom to explore the neighborhood without having to worry.

Do I have to tell my child that I’m tracking them.

We always recommend that you inform your children that you’re using a GPS location tracker. However, if they’re a minor, you have the legal right to track their location without getting their explicit permission beforehand.

Can I find out someone’s location just by knowing their phone number?

No, that’s just not possible. You need a phone locator app like SPY24 to find out their location. And you need to install the app on their device first. Simply knowing someone’s phone number isn’t enough to track them.

Why should I use a phone locator on my child’s device?

Even if your child doesn’t travel far, it’s a good idea to use a phone location tracker anyway, especially a full-featured one like SPY24. With SPY24, you can find out what kind of secrets your kids might be keeping via a number of features, including social media monitoring that lets you see their private conversations and pics.

Does my kid’s cell phone need to be connected to Wi-Fi for the GPS phone tracker to work?

It doesn’t need Wi-Fi, but it does need to be connected to the Internet. If your kid has a cell phone with a data plan, then you’re good to go. The GPS phone locator will work as long as they have a working Internet connection, whether Wi-Fi, 3G, LTE, or 5G.

Can’t I just ask my cell phone service provider to ping my child’s location?

You can, as long as you’re an authorized user. What’s more, depending on your service provider, pinging a phone to get its location might require layers of approval. If you have a phone location tracker, you can cut out the middleman and find out their location yourself.

live mobile location tracker online

3 Ways to Track a Phone Free and Remotely

You can track a smartphone in at least 3 ways. We have collected all the ways to remotely track a phone. The good news is that you do not need to root or jailbreak your device. These are simple, smart and convenient options. We have tried all the methods and are sure that you can use them all in 2019.

The best way to track a smartphone

Monitoring application is the best way to get location of any device – either a smartphone or a tablet. This solution combines all the benefits and has almost no drawbacks

SPY24 is a special software through which you can not only monitor the movement of the phone and learn the phone location, but also collect additional information:

  • Outgoing and incoming calls
  • To whom a person wrote SMS or sent message in social networks
  • What sites are visited
  • And so on

Tracking phone location on the map online 

In simple words, SPY24 is an all-in-one solution. You will learn much more than a simple position. However, if your aim is tracking, you will get what you want. You will have:

  • Tracking 24 hours per day
  • Real-time location
  • Location history
  • Detailed reports
  • Easy access through a control panel

Both GPS system and the signals from Wi-Fi spots closest to the target device can be used as the sources of data to track phone location.

The signal obtained with the help of GPS is highly accurate. While the signal received using Wi-Fi spots is less exact but requires less battery power.

sources: GPS, Wi-Fi and GSM 

The frequency of tracking can be changed at any time in your personal account.

You can view the current location of a user and the route of commuting on the detailed map in the account. It can be accessed from any device with Internet connection. Now that you know how to secretly track a cell phone location for free, you don’t have to worry where your children or employees spend their time.

Target device geolocation spots are marked on the map (OpenStreetMap) with blue dots. If a user has been noticed in a certain spot many times, the color of the dot gradually changes to red. Clicking the dot on the map allows you to zoom in on it.

In the upper right corner of the user panel window, you can find control buttons. If you click Play (“>”), the Cell Phone Tracker will show you the route of the device within the chosen time frame with the help of lines.

How to track a phone without installing an app

You have to use Google Maps. This service has a great feature – location history, where you can see all movements that the target device makes. For example:

Google location history 

Looks awesome? You can see movements on the map for every single day. However, there is also a big drawback – all data is from the past. You cannot monitor in real time. If this does not scare you, take the following steps:

  • Log into your Google account; you must be logged into the same account on the target smartphone and computer.
  • Open and find the setting button and switch on the location history feature. You can do the same on this page.

Tracking on Google map 

To stay hidden, set up your Timeline. Disallow all emails from the service. Each quarter, Google sends timeline highlights to the inbox. Even if you created a new email account and you are the only one using it, on the mobile phone (Android or iOS), a report notification could show up.

iPhone users can use a pre-installed app – Find My iPhone. If you have access to someone’s iCloud account, you can use this feature as well. Thanks to the app, you can see the approximate location of the target device. You cannot use it to see location history, as this feature isn’t well-developed.

As you can see, both options have some limitations. Yes, they work, and you can even learn some information from them, but we can’t call it real tracking.

Smartphone location via the Mobile Location Tracker app

We understand that the basic features of Google Maps and Find My iPhone might not be enough. If that’s the case, try the Mobile Location Tracker app. It is a software category, and different developers offer their own products.

Such applications can be used not only for tracking device, but also for sports or any other activities. They have only one feature – to track a location via GPS. Some of the apps even work without Internet, and use satellite connections. To find such a solution, visit the official app stores:

  • Google Play for Android
  • iTunes for iOS

For example, you may find RealTime Free Tracker, GPS Phone Tracker, Real-Time GPS and so on.


5 reasons to track a phone

Tracking a phone is the process of monitoring the device’s location, including where it is right now or where it has been. Usually GPS is used for tracking, but the process can also be based on the Internet or mobile network technologies.

Through monitoring, you will get raw coordinates or information superimposed on a map. The last option is more convenient, as you can determine what is going on if you get a picture like this:

The technology is available everywhere GPS, the Internet or mobile networks exist. In 2019, this is almost everywhere, so the feature is available in the USA, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. Of course, sometimes the accuracy can be worse than expected, but in terms of standards, GPS has a position accuracy of 5 meters. If several methods are used at the same time, the position accuracy will be even better!

There are at least 5 reasons to use the tracking feature on an Android or iOS smartphone:

  • Always know where your device is
  • See where your child or employees were
  • See how much of a distance you have covered
  • Remember your activities
  • Have the long history

The reason isn’t as important as the knowledge of how to track a smartphone. Below we will discuss 3 ways to do it.

Sometimes the term “tracking” is used to describe a wider topic, such as monitoring activities. For example, one can track not only a location, but also calls, SMS, messengers and so on. On this page, we’ll concentrate on geo-location.

What to choose in 2019

To select the best option, you must define the selection parameters. Ours are:

  • Remain hidden
  • Access to recorded information and information in real time
  • Convenient and remote access to all collected data
  • Ability to learn more than location
  • Maximum position accuracy

If your requirements are the same as ours, feel free to choose one of the monitoring apps. Try SPY24 first; if you do, you probably will not need any other tool. Follow 3 simple steps:

  • Download the app
  • Install the app on the target phone

We can predict your question – what if you do not have access to the target device? How do you track a phone without having access to it? Scammers claim to offer tracking functions without your having to touch the phone. This is a hoax; if you do not have access to the phone and do not know its iCloud or Google password, there are no options.