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Cell-Track.com App Download Free Review - Login
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Find and track a phone with CellTrack

The greatest online tool for phone number tracing, phone location, prank calls, checking WhatsApp, and more is CellTrack. Try us now and save money and time! The only website that enables location tracking for phones without the use of any additional software!

In five seconds, find any number.

If you want to look for a phone number, enter it below.

CellTrack will check the name, address, and photo of that phone in addition to tracking its whereabouts.

View our animation to see how simple CellTrack is to use.

Cell-Track.com App Download Free Review - Login

CellTrack makes it simple to:

Any phone can be geolocated and tracked globally.

Obtain real-time telecom information

Check the last seen status and images on Whatsapp.

Search for Name, Address, Job, and more using Mobile Number Tracker!

Send a quick SMS.

Use a customized link to find someone's address.

Make a prank call.

Remain anonymous

No memberships of any type, please

2. No need to download any specialized apps

3. No spam or other bothersome emails

4. Complete anonymity

Untraceable phone at your disposal for prank calls | CellTrack

On your behalf, CellTrack can place a hoax call. Enter the caller's name, the language, and voice type, then just wait for the magic to happen!

With the use of our voice messaging tool, you may make prank calls to anyone and send voiced messages without ever using your real voice or phone number.

When you specify a phone number, our computer will dial that person and read your message to them.

How Can I Call Someone a Joke?

In the sender field, enter any desired phone number. In his or her display, the voice message recipient will see that number calling.

One will hear a male or female voice reading aloud the message you typed when they pick up the phone. Come up with clever prank call suggestions to amusedly surprise a loved one!

What procedures do I need to follow in the UK to make a prank call?

Enter a phone number, or a name, or choose the option for anonymous calls in the Sender field.

Choose your voice type. A male or female voice is available for selection.

Type in the recipient's phone number.

Select the language in which you will write your message.

Enter the text of the message you want the recipient to hear.

To authenticate your prank call, press the orange button. To read your message, our computer will dial the number.

⚠ Do not misuse emergency numbers like 911, 112, or others. The SMS function is a playful feature! Your account will be blocked if there is abuse. CellTrack will still deduct 1 credit even if the number is no longer in use.

Learn about CellTrack

Make a CellTrack account to enable you to

Find any phone anywhere on the globe

Get alerts when a country is about to be left

Obtain cutting-edge telecom data

Anonymous SMS sending, among other things

Track a Phone Number | CellTrack | Mobile Number Tracker

Find out anonymously and fast about any phone number! Using our mobile number tracker, enter the phone number you wish to track, and you will receive results in under a minute!

Lookup a Phone No.

Any mobile number can be located and looked up [1 credit required]

With CellTrack, you can swiftly and secretly track a phone number anywhere around the globe! Find the whereabouts of your boyfriend, a friend, or anyone else by typing in their phone number!

How Can You Find a Phone Number?

To determine a user's present location when using this form of phone number tracker, CellTrack will utilize the global telephone network. To discover if a name, address, sex, photo, and the current job can be found, CellTrack will also search several databases. For the device's user, this trail is entirely undetectable.

What Procedures Must I Take to Track a Mobile Number?

1: Be sure you provide the phone number in international format.

2- To look for a phone number, click the orange button.

3. Be patient while the findings load.

4- CellTrack will show the nation a phone is currently roaming in as well as real-time telecom information, such as if the phone is on. The owner's private information will also be shown by CellTrack.

The owner's private information will also be shown by CellTrack.

video tutorial

CellTrack will mark the relevant fields as Unknown if the personal information of the number you are tracking is not present in any database.

Additionally, if a phone is turned off, CellTrack won't be able to track a live location. CellTrack will then display the most recent known nation while continuing to deduct 1 credit. Please be aware that some providers deliberately attempt to misrepresent the location. CellTrack will alert you if the number you are tracing is affiliated with one of these service providers. Additionally, you should be aware that non-government consumers will only receive the roaming country.

Find a Phone | CellTrack | Mobile Tracker

Utilize our mobile tracker to locate a phone precisely! By sending an anonymous SMS with a specific tracking link, CellTrack may find a mobile device.

Using Mobile Tracker, locate a phone

By sending an anonymous SMS with a unique tracking link, the GPS Trace can be used to track mobile devices.

Using a GPS phone tracker, how can you find a phone?

Based on internet-IP information, you will receive an email with the approximate location.

1. The individual will get an SMS containing a useful link to a website. This website is just a regular website and has nothing to do with tracking mobile devices.

2. The individual browses the webpage. CellTrack will attempt to turn on the GPS antenna and send the location to your email when this link is clicked. The IP (Internet Protocol) address will also be retrieved by CellTrack. CellTrack will therefore be able to determine the location accurately based on the phone's IP address even if it lacks a GPS antenna or if access is restricted.

3. A notification is given to you. You'll receive two emails from us. The IP address and a Google maps link to the general area are included in the first email. A Google maps link to the precise location is included in the second email.

What Procedures Must I Follow to Locate a Phone?

1. Start by entering the device's phone number that you want to find.

2. Select a message template by clicking the blue icon.

3. Select a predetermined message or one of the three tracking themes. Take advantage of our fantastic feature that lets you create your content.

4. You'll see a message preview. Please check to verify if it matches your intentions.

5. Click the orange button to send the phone the message with the unique tracking URL.

6. The moment the consumer clicks the link, mobile phone tracking will begin. Verify the contents of your email inbox.

7. Click the Google Maps link in the email to see the device's position.

a video tutorial CellTrack won't be able to pinpoint a location if the user disabled location services or refused to click the link.

CellTrack will then continue to deduct 2 credits. Location can have a huge impact on the outcome.

We can't retrieve an exact location if we don't have permission to turn on the GPS.

If that is the case, you won't get a follow-up email from us providing the precise location. A location estimate using IP data from a GPRS/3G/4G connection is poor.

However, WiFi can provide a fairly accurate estimate.

So it makes sense to run the GPS trace while the user is connected to WiFi.

This typically occurs first thing in the morning or when the subject is most likely in a hotel, at work, at school, or home.

Find Anyone on WhatsApp with WhatsappTracker | CellTrack

You can swiftly and discreetly spy on users using CellTrack's WhatsApp Tracker. Check someone's status, last seen time, and photo by searching for them on WhatsApp.

Tracking Whatsapp

Retrieve any number's public WhatsApp profile [1 credit].

You may easily and secretly view someone's public status, last saw online, and image using the WhatsApp Look-up feature. For the device's user, this trail is entirely undetectable.

Whatsapp tracking functionality

CellTrack will establish a connection with the user's phone when you perform a WhatsApp lookup to gather all pertinent data for you. A profile image can typically be accessed, albeit the information that can be extracted depends on the user's privacy settings. In less than a minute, the most crucial information, including WhatsApp online status, last seen on Whatsapp, and public photo, will be shown on the screen.

Whatsapp Tracker: How to Use

Enter the desired phone number in step one.

2 – Click the orange button to launch the WhatsApp tracker.

3. Keep your patience. It might take this lookup up to 60 seconds!

4 - The outcomes will be shown when the search is complete.

Not all telephone numbers have images attached to them.

Some profile images and information are private.

⚠ You won't find any pertinent information if the individual has prohibited access to his profile for unidentified contacts. CellTrack will still deduct 2 credits in this scenario.

FAQ regarding CellTrack Payment

Is it secure for me to pay for my order with you online?

Every online payment option we provide for you is always provided through a secure SSL Extended Validation connection.

This indicates that outside parties can't intercept the data while it is being exchanged. By checking your browser's address bar, you may confirm that the connection is encrypted and secure. There ought to be a green padlock installed there.

Is VAT included in your prices?

The prices listed on our website include the Dutch VAT of 21%.

Is this something you subscribe to?

NO. CellTrack does not require a monthly fee. It is a one-time transaction if you decide to buy Credits.

How long are my Credits still good for?

Your Credits won't run out.

Can I have my bank account paid for unused Credits?

Regrettably, there is no way to retrieve your remaining Credits back. High transaction expenses and bank fees are to blame for this.

When using our services for the first time, we typically advise against spending more than the minimum.

How do I acquire Credits?

You can buy credits by selecting the 'BUY CREDITS' button after creating an account.

PayPal, IDeal, credit cards, and Bancontact are accepted forms of payment. Payment options may differ regionally.


Do I need to install or download any software?

No, every feature is online. Nothing needs to be installed.

Can I track down a mobile number from another nation as well?

Yes, almost every mobile number in the world is compatible with our service.

Can I use your services as an investigating officer during an investigation?

That is doable, indeed. We provide a general public service for which no unique authorization is necessary.

Can I also find a landline number?

No, you can only find mobile numbers. Search for a reverse number lookup on Google if you need to look up a landline.

Can CellTrack find my stolen phone?

Yes, provided the thief opens the SMS, this should be doable with our GPS Trace. If the burglar decides to read our SMS out of curiosity, they can activate the GPS antenna and determine the precise location. Then, within a few seconds, CellTrack will email you this location. You will receive an email along with the IP address of the phone in addition to the location. If the incident involves a WIFI connection, the police may ask the telecom company for the subscriber's address to retrieve your phone.

You can initially try to find your phone using Google or Apple.com for free. If you have an iPhone, you can utilize the iCloud "Find My iPhone" feature to locate it precisely. If you have an Android, you might try signing into your Google account to use their free service to locate your phone.

How can I find out where my mobile phone is?

Both the Telecom-Trace and the GPS Trace allow you to track the whereabouts of your mobile device.

The GPS-Trace can provide you with the precise location, and the Telecom-Trace can show you if the phone is situated in another nation.

Where do I begin a trace?

Choose "Trace Location" from the top menu. Following that, you can choose between the GPS Trace or the Telecom Trace. Press "Send" or "Retrieve Location" after inputting the phone number.

For further details, kindly view the following videos:

https://youtu.be/kAORoqI31zk GPS Trace

YouTube: https://youtu.be/2ohxV2VrJeo Telecom Trace

What distinguishes the GPS Trace from the Telecom Trace?

The user of the phone won't see the Standard trace because it starts working right away.

The typical trace will obtain information about the phone's telecom provider and the country it is now in real-time.

The user's name, home address, sex preference, photo, employment, and a lot more can all be found via the telecom trace.

The fact that some telecom companies today prevent location tracing is a drawback of this trace. As a result, a Telecom Trace may indicate that a mobile phone is in its nation of origin when it is actually in another.

- The GPS trace can give you incredibly precise position information. However, the phone user will need to participate. The user of the phone had to open an SMS and click on its contents as a result.

How does GPS Trace operate?

An SMS is delivered to the phone when you run a GPS Trace.

CellTrack will attempt to pinpoint the precise location as soon as the package's contents are opened by activating the GPS antenna and localizing its IP address. Depending on how the phone user interacts, the GPS trace may or may not be successful. You will get two emails whenever the GPS trace is successful. the first one holding a position that can be roughly determined using the phone's IP address, and the second one containing a location that can be precisely determined using the phone's GPS antenna.

What makes your SMS service unique, and how does it operate?

In contrast to other SMS services, ours allows you to enter any desired name or number in the "from" column. This implies that as long as it complies with local law, the recipient will believe the SMS was sent by "Anonymous," "God," "Your-name," or anything else imaginable.

A Flash SMS: What Is It?

When a Flash SMS is received, the receiver phone will automatically open it and it will fill the entire screen (on most phones). As a result, the recipient cannot ignore what you sent. Until the message has been read and dismissed, the phone user's screen will be blocked by the message. On iOS, a flash SMS cannot be saved. The message will vanish if the recipient clicks "Dismiss." The ability to store the message does exist on some Android smartphones. When utilizing a Flash SMS, you can decide to remain entirely anonymous.

How does a voice message work? What is it?

A voice message can be used to: surprise a recipient with a kind or humorous message; or deliver a message while maintaining your anonymity.

The following is how a voice message operates:

1 - You start by entering the person's phone number that you want to call.

The phone number you want the recipient to see on their screen is entered in Step 2 of the process.

3. You put in writing the message you want the reader to understand.

As soon as CellTrack dials the number you provided, the recipient will see an incoming call from the phone number you selected. CellTrack reads the message aloud in the voice that you have chosen as soon as the recipient picks up the phone. If desired, you can also recite the message several times.

Privacy & Account

Why do I need to create an account?

You must create an account so that we can monitor your Credits. Additionally, there are some features—such as the GPS trace—where we send a secret email to your account.

The best way to remove my account?

By logging in and navigating to "Account Management," you can delete your account at any moment. A button labeled "Delete my account" can be found below your personal information.

All of your private and confidential information is erased when you click this button. Please remember that any remaining Credits will also be lost if you had any.

What data is kept by CellTrack, and why?

Your email and usage history are saved by CellTrack.

These are necessary for the proper operation of our services. Your information is always available for viewing, editing, or deletion.

Your information is not shared or sold by CellTrack to outside parties.

Please see our "Privacy policy" at the bottom of this page for additional details.

On my bank statements, what will appear?

Cellular Intelligence B.V. via STRIPE, PAYPAL, or STG MOLLIE PAY will appear on bank statements.

What should I do if something goes wrong?

Please use the SUPPORT form to get in touch with us if you have any issues.

Please let us know which page was problematic, what you were doing just before it occurred, and the precise data you typed on the page.

Print screens are also quite helpful.

I don't want to be found out. How can my phone number be ruled out?

To safeguard your privacy, we've created a do-not-trace-me registration.

By putting their phone number into this registry and clicking "Send," anyone can opt-out.

You will then get an SMS with a code within a minute. As soon as you enter this code on our website, we can verify that the phone number you entered indeed belonged to you, and it is immediately removed from further tracing. The do-not-trace-me registry is located at the bottom of this page.

When is it legal for me to obtain a phone's location, according to the law?

Clients should be mindful of local laws because CellTrack can be used anywhere in the world.

A mobile phone may generally be tracked with CellTrack if: - It is your phone.

- Someone snatched your phone.

You desire to locate your children (under 16 years of age).

- You need to find someone whose whereabouts you have the legal right to know.

If the person you want to track has given you their express consent; if the trace is for commercial purposes; and if you have a contract with the target.

If the person does not want to be tracked, you cannot utilize CellTrack.

- You want to track a person without their knowledge or consent; - You do not have the person's express authorization.

There are numerous additional circumstances in which you are or are not permitted to locate a phone by law. Always get professional advice before attempting to trace a phone that is not yours to be completely assured of what you are permitted to do in your nation.

using GPS

I have not yet received an email with the location. What ought I to do?

We require the recipient to click the tracking link in the SMS to obtain their location.

CellTrack is unable to turn on the built-in GPS until this occurs.

The phone may occasionally be off or the number may no longer be in use.

The SMS won't reach the phone if this is the situation.

The SMS you sent can be tracked down. Log into CellTrack and choose "Account history" from the menu to accomplish this. Locate "GPS Trace history" by scrolling down. You can find the status at the conclusion.

The SMS will be sent as soon as the phone is turned back on if it was offline.

The location's estimated email was the only one I received. When will the second email arrive?

If you only receive one email, that signifies the recipient of the SMS opened it and clicked the tracking link.

However, if the GPS was turned off, access to the built-in GPS was restricted. There is no way to get around this on newer phones, which tend to do this.

What you can do is send a second GPS-Trace with a new subject when you anticipate that the phone will be online. Sometimes it takes a second attempt to achieve success!

Although I tracked the person, the location is wrong.

We use IP address information to determine the location of a phone.

The IP address is a unique address for that phone only.

When someone is using WIFI at the time of the trace, this can function fairly well.

As the IP is tied to a considerably greater area when utilizing GPRS or 4G, the findings may be less accurate. Naturally, this varies from city to city.

A so-called VPN is another thing that could send you the incorrect location.

A VPN is an intermediary computer that prevents the actual IP address of the phone from being tracked.

Although the VPN software may have been installed on the phone by the user, several phone providers also offer this service to their clients.

You can identify which company the IP belongs to in the first email we send you.

You can research this business to see if it offers VPN services or not.

Although I tracked the person, the precise position is wrong.

By turning on the phone's built-in GPS, we can pinpoint the precise location of a phone. We don't change this in any way; we just use the original coordinates. Inaccurate reception is to blame if the address is off by a few kilometers. Occasionally, reception inside a building can be very poor. The phone will then utilize its most recent location in such a situation. The distance between this and the actual place may be a few kilometers. You could try sending another GPS-Trace at a later time if this occurs.

The SMS was delivered, according to my GPS Trace, but the recipient won't click the link!

This unfortunately occurs. Links sent over SMS can be distrusted by some persons.

In this situation, it is feasible to use the SocialMedia trace to send a tracking link via Whatsapp, Facebook, or even email.

Trace telecom

I attempted a Telecom trace, but all I get is "unknown."

When a phone number is no longer in use or after a long period of inactivity, this occurs. If a number has been offline for a while, CellTrack won't be able to look it up.

The position is incorrect by 2 Km, as I can see on the map.

Generally speaking, this can occur in sparsely inhabited places.

The closest mobile tower to the phone will be found by Telecom-Trace.

Since there are many cell towers per square kilometer in the city, it is possible to obtain a better reading.

On the map, I can't make out the location. The capital is indicated by the pin drop.

You won't be able to find a position utilizing Telecom-Trace if you trace a phone that is in a nation where the GDPR is being actively enforced. You must employ the GPS Trace.

The findings indicate that the phone is not in service, even though I know it is on.

When a phone loses reception, this occasionally occurs. You will still see recent data in this scenario. The phone should get reception once again and the search results will be accurate if you attempt it later.

I ran a Telecom-Trace but found no caller-id data. the reason why

Despite being one of the biggest publicly accessible databases, ours does not include all of the information for everyone.

Although Telecom-Trace claimed the user was not roaming, I am positive the phone is out of the nation. How is this possible?

Two possibilities exist if the user's findings indicate that they are not roaming:

The phone is in its native nation and is not abroad in Scenario 1 because the assertion is true.

Situation 2: The claim is untrue; the phone is in its nation of origin. This indicates that the phone is overseas, but the telecom carrier purposely withholds this information due to privacy laws.

CellTrack's profile

CellTrack was created out of a love of technology and is now essential for both people and businesses. Numerous clients request a location every day, and this is highly significant. Others have lost their cell phone, while others want to know where their children are. Whatever the cause, we make every effort to assist.

We provide a very distinctive service. These options are not provided to private individuals by any other company in the world. Therefore, we sincerely hope that you are happy with our services.

the following numbers:

Dutch chamber of commerce ID: 72556714 Cellular Intelligence B.V. Winthontlaan 200 3526 KV, Utrecht, Netherlands