Cocospy Review: Blend Of Good And Bad

Cocospy Review: Blend Of Good And Bad
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Not a long back, you thought gifting a cellphone to your child was a good idea. But it seems to be turning into a bad decision now. If you’re a parent of a teen, you’ll be certainly able to relate to this situation.

Shedding some light on the dangers that the cellphone and internet contain, your concern is absolutely genuine.

But sitting and feeling pity about your situation won’t be of any good neither for you and nor this will guarantee any safety of the kid or loved one.

So what should you do? Personally, I think that taking away their cell phones back is a gruesome idea.

What you can do is, give them full control over their cellphone but extract all the information that they receive on their device. And this is only possible with the help of a spying or monitoring app.

But the probability of getting a good parental control or spying app with a random pick is quite less. This leaves you with no choice but to get the suggestion from someone like us that master’s in the use of tracking apps.

So today we decided to share with you the reliable review of one such app named Cococspy. The app is known to be quite popular in the world of spying apps but is it really that much capable?

Well, with our Cocospy review, let us enlighten you with what we think of Cocospy and is it really worth your hard-earned money or not.

Cocospy Review: Blend Of Good And Bad

Cocospy Review

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  • Compatibility
  • Cocospy Set Up And Installation
  • Dashboard Of Cocospy
  • Key Cocospy Features
  • Cocospy Pricing
  • Cocospy FAQs
  • Compatibility

Purchasing a monitoring app that’s not compatible with your device’s operating system is just like wasting your money on a trash movie. Though, here you multiple your money quite a times.

This makes it necessary for us to confirm beforehand as to whether the app we are given up our shot is compatible with the kid’s or spouse’s or not.


Being the most popular operating system, Android is certainly going to be on this list; else it would have been a great snag for Cocospy.

That said, all the Android devices with version 4.0 and higher are good to go with Cocospy.


iOS is an equally popular operating system, so all the iOS users can count on Cocospy as well.

The iOS device running on version 7 and all the above ones are compatible with Cocospy.

Cocospy Set Up And Installation

Purchasing a tracking app to track someone is pointless until you install the spying app into the smartphone of the person you need to monitor.

But installing a spy app by yourself is not that as easy as you think it might be. But we are more than ready to help you out and make your work easy.

So let’s see how to set up Cocospy on the target cellphone.

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Setting Up The Parent Or Your Device

The process for installing the Cocospy app on your partner’s or kid’s cellphone will start with your device. Once that’s done, we will start setting up the app on the kids or the target mobile phone.

So let’s start with the setup process.

1. Go to the official site of Cocospy and tap on the Sign Up Now option at the top right corner. We are assuming that you’re a first time user of Cocospy. If in case you have an account on the app, go for Login instead.

2. Provide the email address that you would like to use to operate the tracking app service. Also, set the password and click on Sign Up Now.

3. The next page demands the selection of the type of target device that the target person owns. In our case, we are assuming that the target person possesses an Android smartphone.

4. Now, choose the plan that fits your purpose and most importantly, that your pocket allows.

5. Once you have purchased the plan, you have to provide the necessary information regarding the kid and their device. Click on Proceed once that is done.

Setup for the parent’s or your device is almost done and now’s the time when you need the physical access to your partner or child’s phone.

Setting Up The Partner Or Kid’s (Target) Phone

Once you have the target device handy, go for the steps mentioned below to set up the Cocospy app on your spouse or kid’s device.

1. Go to the app downloading page/URL(track pro. VIP) of the Cocospy app and Slide right to download the app.2. Confirm the installation of the app by tapping on the NEXT option and then by clicking on the INSTALL option on the same page.

3. Time to accept the privacy policy and EULA. Read the policy if you feel like and tap on Agree after that.

4. On the next page, you have to SIGN IN with the same credentials that you used to sign up on your device above.

5. Simply tap on the Next option and get ready to accept all the compulsory permissions that will assist in tracking the device.

6. Tap on PROCEED TO SETTING to start the System Service in Auto-start management. If you are not headed to the auto-start management by tapping on the option, do that manually.

7. It’s time to enable the Usage of data access in the settings. Get headed towards the option by tapping on PROCEED TO SETTINGS.

8. Do the same to turn on the accessibility for the Cocospy app.

9. Finally, select the option to hide the Cocospy app icon to run the app in stealth mode and tap on START MONITORING.

After setting up your partner’s, kid’s, or the target cellphone, tap on Start to get access to their cellphone data and activities remotely.

Go to Cocospy Official Site

Cocospy Dashboard

The dashboard is where you initially land after setting up both the devices and start to spy on your spouse’s cellphone.

The dashboard of Cococspy is simple and limited but holds all the necessary information.

At the top of the dashboard, you can see some device information like the device model and the OS version.

Below that you will see the contact name and number of those five people with whom the target has done the most calling.

Adjacent to that is the map that shows the last known location of the tracked cellphone.

The next thing that’s accessible right on the dashboard is the list of five contacts with most messages.

The last thing that you can keep an eye on from the desktop is Phone Activities. Total number of Calls, Messages received, total updates on Locations, Photos, and Videos are included in the phone activity.

Cocospy Features

The list of features that Cocospy provides is not a long one but enough to give you a good peak on the target smartphone.

So, let’s discuss the features of Cocospy in detail and see if they really stand on what they commit to doing.

1. Calls

Parents and partners should always know with whom their loved ones talk over the phone. This is really necessary to make sure they are not in contact with someone bogus and with intentions to hurt them.

With Cocospy app hovering in their cellphones, you will get to see the list of all the calls that they make, receive or miss with someone.

You just have to click on the Calls feature and the names of people will appear that your child had been in contact with.

Obviously, the cell phone number will appear with the names as well. The duration of call, date and time, and the type of call (incoming, outgoing, and missed) are other things that appear.

2. Contacts

The next important feature that Cocospy has in its list is Contacts. As the name suggests, the list of all the contacts from the kid’s or your partner’s smartphone will appear here.

The consequences of being in touch with an unknown person can be detrimental. The child might have to pay back a huge price for their single mistake.

So why not play safe and have a list of people already handy that the target phone remains in contact with.

The best thing about the contacts shown in Cocospy is that the number and contact name is not the only thing it shows.

You’ll be able to get access to their email id as well (if added.) And the total number of times that person and your child/spouse have been in each other’s contact can be seen.

3. Messages

The messaging app of the cellphone is popularly used for chatting purposes. That is the reason you can’t take a chance of neglecting the messages that your child receives.

Moreover, if by chance you slipped, noticing a threatful contact while going through the contacts, messages feature will reveal everything obviously if they had a few conversations over the messaging app.

You just have to click on the Messages option and all the contacts with whom the chatting is done will be in front of your eyes.

Now simply click on the desired contact to read all the conversation. The chats will have a date and time stamp to let you know when the conversation took place.

4. Locations

Bunking the classes is one of the most common things between teens. It’s quite enjoyable for the students but certainly a pain for the parents.

This is a huge loss of studies and your hard-earned money, but the risk involved in these activities is much greater than you think. It can also put the kid’s life at stake.

What if the child bunks and goes somewhere near the highway where the heavy wheels run with a bolt?

This can be a huge risk to take, right? But this is just one of the innumerable situations we are assuming here.

Now the question arises, how does Cocospy help us out here?

With this amazing app in your hand, it will always be so much easy to track the current location of the teen.

It will always be in your knowledge that the child is actually attending the class or just goofing around in the city.

When you click on the Locations feature of the app, the current location of the kid can be easily seen on the map.

Now scroll down a little bit. You’ll be able to see all the recent places the child was roaming. Cocospy will also provide the entry and exit times to that specific location.

Click on the Google Maps icon to search that place right then and there.

5. Browser History

The biggest fear of the parents before giving the cellphone to the kids is related to the adult content available on the internet.

All the sites that somehow relate to porn, gambling, weapons, drugs, and hatred are just a click away.

And you very well know why it’s not good for your little ones to come in contact with these sites.

This is where you need to step up as a caring parent and need to keep a watch on the online activities of the kids.

But how to do that? Checking the browsing history manually isn’t any good for you. Deleting recent history is not a hard job.

How about checking their browsing history remotely with Cocospy? Great idea, isn’t it?

When you click on the Browser History feature, the URL of the website opened, the title of the search made along with the frequency of visit.

The last time and date of the visit can be seen as well and whether it’s been added to the bookmark or not.

But everything mentioned is what this feature is supposed to do. Unfortunately for me, this feature was a big failure. Meaning, it didn’t work at all.

6. Photos

With the Browser History feature, you can be sure about the online behaviour of the child. But this doesn’t mean that their cellphone is completely sanitized from the sensual content.

Receiving the carnal content from friends and buddies is much easier than you think.

Teens can easily exchange adult photographs via WhatsApp, Instagram, or file-sharing apps like SHAREit, Bluetooth, etc.

This makes it compulsory to keep a proper check on all the photos that the kid’s phone contains.

And doing this is quite easy with Cococspy. Just click on the Photos option, and you’ll be enlightened with the photos that the kid’s phone has. You can even download them to your device.

Click Here to Check the Official Site

7. Video Preview

When it comes to the adult content, it has more chances of appearing in the form of video, rather than a photo.

So, obviously, you can’t take the risk of not checking them out.

Tracking the existing videos on the child’s device is as easy as tracking the existing photos. Click on the Video Preview feature and check all the stored videos one by one.

But to be honest, we faced some issues with this feature of Cocospy. We were not able to play the videos right then and there, which was against our expectations.

When we tried to download the video, that didn’t work as well. The download button didn’t work at all.

But maybe this happened in just our case, and the feature works perfectly for you.

8. Social Apps

Here comes the feature that you all have been waiting to get discussed. Checking the conversation on social media is one of the major reasons why parents and partners go for spying apps.

Without getting a sneak on the messages that the child receives and sends to various users, there’s no point in using a monitoring app to track their activities.

Making new friends and becoming social can never be much easier. Social platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Telegram assist teens and tweens for making new friends.

But what’s the surety that the person, on the other hand, is truly genuine with no wrong intentions.

This leaves the parents with no choice but to check all the pings their kid is receiving.

When you go to the Social Apps and select a particular social media platform, all the activities, messages sent and received on that platform should appear.Facebook Monitoring In Cocospy

But the question is, do you really get to see the whole conversation?

Giving my honest opinion, sometimes yes and sometimes no. If you’re tracking the messages on Instagram, you might receive a complete conversation from both the ends. Not only conversation, but you can also see the notifications that the Instagram account gets. For instance, you will get to know when the target person is tagged in a photo on Instagram.Instagram activities tracked in Cocospy.

But while checking out the messages on WhatsApp, you might get disappointed. Basically, what we can make out is that Cocospy collects the data for social apps through push notifications and what the target device sends is tracked through Keylogger .

For those apps (like Instagram) for which Cocospy successfully reads the data, it can be seen, and for the rest of the apps, the data will not be accurate.

9. Calendar

Being a spy app, you can’t expect a normal calendar from Cocospy. Your spouse might be saving some important dates related to someone’s birthday, marriage anniversary, or any other important event.

Just out of curiosity if you feel an urge to know what dates are important to them, you can take the help of the Calendar feature.

Title saved for that event, starting and ending time, event location and remark (if added) can be seen as well.

10. Applications

The web browser and social media are completely child friendly now, but what about Play Store?

You might be unaware, but thousands of apps on the Play Store are not at all compatible with your child.

So you need to be a hundred per cent certain that all the apps that the kid downloads from the Play Store are good for their age and don’t contain any kind of sexual content.

When you head towards the Applications section, all the apps installed on the target device reveal themselves.

Once you have gone through the web history, applications, photos, videos, messages, and didn’t find anything suspicious, you are more than assured that the child is absolutely on the right track.

11. SIM Card

Keeping two or more than two SIM cards is more common than dirt these days. The reasons to keep multiple SIM cards can be countless.

But if you doubt your partner of cheating and keeping a secret SIM card to talk to someone else, then this feature is for you.

When you add your email id to the SIM CARD ALERT box and click on Save, you get a notification whenever the target person changes the SIM card in the cell phone.

12. Keylogger

The use of abusive words is considered as a vogue these days. Teenagers, primary and secondary school goers consider themselves as cool dudes while spitting out these inferior words from their mouth.

But the parents very well know that it just makes them look pathetic in front of others.

But are you really sure that your little one is not in that category? How about revealing the truth with Keylogger?

When you click on Keylogger, all the apps appear on the screen that is resting on the child’s smartphone.

When you click on any particular app, the keystrokes that the kid performed in that app will appear.

Take an example of the Amazon app. All the keystrokes performed in Amazon for searching a product will appear.

If we talk about WhatsApp, Instagram, and other platforms, everything that kid types on these platforms will also appear.

In fact, the messages sent by kids that you see in social media are a result of Keylogger.

Cocospy Pricing

Everything else matters; afterwards, the price is the first thing that should satisfy the customer’s pocket.

So let’s see for much does Cocospy provides its service to its users.

Android Monitoring

Cocospy has 3 different plans to offer its customers with different needs. The first one is the Basic plan, the second one is the Premium plan, and the third one is the Family plan.

The Basic plan costs $39.99/month with tracking of one device. The features that you get in the Basic plan are way too less as compared to other plans.

When brought for one month, the plan looks quite expensive, but you can save a lot of money going for the 3 month or 12-month plan.

The Premium plan will make you pay $49.99/month with tracking of one device. With a Premium plan in your hand, access to all the features become handy.

Similar to the Basic plan, go for the 3 month or 12-month plan, and save a high amount of cash from slipping from your hands.

The last one is the Family plan which demands $69.99/month with access to 3 devices. It’s a great way to save money and track all your kids by keeping all of them under one plan.

Save your money in Family plan too by choosing 3 month or 12-month plan.

Download Cocospy

iOS Monitoring

iOS offers 3 different plans as well, but all of them have different names, and the features offered are also limited.

The Family plan of Cocospy is worth $99.99/month, but just like Android, you can save a good sum by subscribing to the 3 month or 12-month plan.

Moreover, a total of 5 target devices can be connected to the Family plan.

The next one is the Premium plan which costs $49.99/month. Finally, you get a Business plan for $399.99/month with authority to target 25 devices under one account.

Both the plans can cost a bit cheaper by opting for the 3 month or 12-months plan.

Cocospy Review: Final Words

If we have to give the crux of the whole Cocospy review in one line, we would say that Cocospy is a decent app with decent features to monitor and kids and your partner.

Though it would have been great if we got some advanced features to use as well, what all it offers, it manages to keep the user satisfied with all information it collects.

We admit that the price of the app is unexpectedly high. But if money is not your concern, go for the app, it’s worth giving a shot.

Cocospy FAQ’s

How good is Cocospy?

It’s an amazing app with a strong commitment to its promise. The app does what it says for almost all the features.

How reliable is Cocospy?

You can totally rely on Cocospy when it comes to the tracking of the target smartphone. If you’re concerned about its detection, you need not worry; the app works in the stealth mode making the target unaware of any such installation on their device.

How much does Cocospy cost?

There are three different plans for Android users. The basic plan for $39.99/ month, premium plan for $49.99/month, and the family plan for $69.99/month.

It offers three different plans for iOS as well. Family plan for $99.99/month, premium plan for $49.99/month, and the business plan for $399.99/month.

For all the plans, you can save a good amount by subscribing to 3 month or 12-months plan.

  • Ease of Installation
  • 9.0/10
  • Pros
  • Cocospy has a neat and clean interface
  • Takes less time in syncing from the target device and updates data quickly
  • The photo tracking of the app works very well
  • The app doesn't require any kind of rooting or jailbreaking for working
  • Cons
  • Browser History feature was a huge fallout in our case
  • The target device might face an issue with phone speed at times. Or maybe the phone might hang sometimes
  • Cocospy is a bit expensive as compared to its competitors