Why should we control children's phone?

Why should we control children's phone?
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We live in an age of technology, but that does not mean that our whole life should be digitalized.

As with any course, there should be restrictions on children's use of phones and technology.

How to control children's addiction and use of phones?

Set rules for using the mobile phone and they can use the phone when they accept the rules. For example, using the phone during lunch or dinner is strictly forbidden. You can not use the phone for more than 30 minutes in each period.

Children should not be confused as to why tablets and smartphones are sometimes allowed and sometimes not allowed - tell them why they should not have a phone at the moment.

Use software that restricts our child's access to the phone based on what we want. There is a lot of software that can do this for us. Such as: zoodles or famigo

Or Screen Time Parental Control

If for any reason you do not like to touch the phone or tablet, say it firmly and do not fall short.

Name one day a week or one afternoon a week a day without a phone, and children should not touch the phone at all on that day.

Controlling kids' phones

There are many programs that help you to control your mobile phone and monitor your child's activities in cyberspace. It may not be right to try to take control of your child's cell phone every day and every hour so that he or she realizes it, and it can lead to misbehavior in your teen. But if you can use the tools that are the result of this technology to control his mobile phone, so that your child does not notice your work, it can be a great help to you in monitoring and reducing potential risks. See Spy articles

Kids phone control apps

There is no set age for children to start accessing mobile phones, and unlike adults, children can not tell which mobile apps are useful and which are harmful. Even children have no idea how to use it safely and how to spend time with their cell phone, so parents need to monitor and control how they use it in different ways. One of these methods is the use of mobile applications for parents to monitor the online activities of children and adolescents, which we will introduce in the following:

1- FamiGuard

FamiGuard tops the list when it comes to trusted software for parents monitoring their children's online activities.

Main Features of FamiGuard

- This is one of the most reliable programs available that ensures the safety of children in the Internet space.

- With this program, you can check the date of your child's presence on the web, as well as the date of using all the programs online.

You can even block the use of inappropriate programs so that your child can not use them while studying or sleeping.

- With the help of this software, you can filter access to websites. By doing so, the child is protected from entering any harmful site such as violence and pornography.

- Another important feature of this program is the screen time limit. If you do not want your child to use the cell phone at certain times, such as at school or at bedtime, set a time limit on the device or stop using the cell phone. This will temporarily turn off your baby's phone during the set time.

- With the help of this program, remotely control your child's activities and watch the programs that he installs or removes.

- A distinctive feature of this program is that by activating the detection of suspicious images, you can, if there are inappropriate images in your child's phone image gallery, receive an immediate alert and view the images directly on your mobile phone.

control children's phone activities

2- Kids Launcher

With this program, you can easily block access to the desired programs, limit the screen time, alert the time to stop using the mobile phone 10 minutes before turning off, restrict the use of the Internet and programs, and ... your child's activities in using Monitor cell phone.

Here's how to use this app for parents:

First, install the Kids Launcher app on your child's phone or tablet and choose your child's name and gender.

- Then select the program you want your child to access.

- After selecting the programs, you must set the time to use the program. Suppose if you allow your child to use Instagram, you can set the time to 30 minutes a day. - Finally, the program tells you that you can create separate pictures and videos for your child. To do this, it will ask you to add the images and videos you want.

- After going through the above steps, it is necessary to define this program as the main default program of the device. After displaying the message on the screen, just select the Set Default button and from the two options displayed, select Kids Launcher and finally select Always. By installing this program, your child can use only limited programs and certain times

What are the disadvantages of using technology and tablets for children?

Excessive use of tablets and mobile phones by children can turn a child or adolescent into an addict

Who can not sleep due to neck and back pain and their eyes are so weak that they can not read the contents of the board well at school

Studies show that children use tablets and mobile phones much more than these cases

Children's use of tablets and smartphones causes depression and distraction and concentration in children.

The use of technology is very good in itself, but it has also created problems for us.

These problems include:

Public availability of any malicious information

Create a lot of side costs

Technology addiction

But they can not be completely deprived of technology