Dealing With Harassment Claims: How iPhone Spy Software Is The Key To Putting The Pieces Together

Dealing With Harassment Claims: How iPhone Spy Software Is The Key To Putting The Pieces Together
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No employer ever wants to deal with the nightmare of a harassment claim. It’s a nightmare for both the employee who feels they were victimized on the job, your company, and so on. But it can be difficult getting to the bottom of a harassment claim when dealing with only human resources on your own. Here’s how your employees’ iPhones can help you put the pieces together and figure out what’s going on when a harassment claim is made by using software to spy on cell phone text messages.

Identifying the Signs of Harassment

Identifying the signs of harassment among your employees can sometimes be hard to stomach but it’s key if you want to get to the bottom of what’s going on.

First, pay attention to the kinds of messages, emails, and texts being sent between the two employees in the case. You should have installed monitoring software on their company iPhones to spy on cell phone text messages for free online on the dashboard of the software. If not, act quickly. All employees should have monitoring software installed on the phones you provided them. Even if the employees in question long-deleted their texts, monitoring software can pull them up. Keep in mind that you absolutely cannot install monitoring software on your employees’ devices, tempting as it might be. Just stick with trying to spy on cell phone text messages free on the devices you provided them.

In general, messages that go beyond professional contact should be paid attention to. Consider the nature of the claims made by the victim involved and see how the texts sent between them and their accused harasser match up. If texts, emails, and other messages collaborate the claims, be sure you’re making careful notes.

Next Steps

Depending on the nature of the harassment, you may want to get law enforcement involved. Harassing behavior should not be tolerated at work. Do you want someone who harassed their fellow employees to represent your company? Consider getting in touch with an attorney to figure out what actions are appropriate to take.

If legal action can’t be taken, take disciplinary action against the harasser in question. Consider reducing hours or privileges. If the abuse was serious enough, terminate their employment. Employees who reduce company morale also reduce company productivity. The key is to be sympathetic to the employees who have been harassed. Don’t let one bad apple spoil the entire bunch, or so to speak. Use an iPhone spy software to sniff out those bad apples.

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If the Claims Were False

But if the claims were proven to be false either through a criminal investigation or by perusing texts, you may need to take action against the employee who made the false claim. Remember, don’t take action against somebody just for filing a claim. Be sure you’re making rational, informed decisions.

Consider disciplinary action when it comes to the employee who filed the false report. Explain why you’re taking the actions you’ve decided on. Temporarily reduce hours or consider a demotion. In some cases, you may want to consider terminating their employment.

False claims can be just as dangerous as a real claims when it comes to employee productivity. Don’t let someone use false claims to personally harass or get “revenge” against another employee. A productive work environment is an accountable work environment.

By using technology, it’s easy to get to the bottom of what’s going on at the office. All claims of harassment should be taken seriously no matter who’s making the claims. Be sure to use monitoring software and your employees’ iPhones to get to the bottom of any claim. You’ll ensure a happier, more productive office and promote employee morale just by ensuring your employees are safe and sound. No employee, or company, should ever have to worry about harassment in the office.

What Every Parent Should Know About The Cell Phone Monitoring Software

Every parent that is very concerned and caring will always want the best for their children. In a society where the children are lacking role models to look up to, there is a need to act and ensure that their actions are restricted and their activities are monitored with spy tools for cell phones. In the digital generation, as technology has put it, children tend to think faster than their parents and know more than their parents. Parenting also being a responsibility and not a privilege requires the parent to use every way possible to ensure physical safety and safety of the mind and morals therefore it is high time that parents take their responsibility and ensure that their children are safeguarded. The monitoring responsibility of parents although seeming so hard due to growing globalization, the cell phone monitoring software has made the work easier.

One thing that the parents must note is that every parent's concern is different and every child has his or her unique troubles and issues. Therefore a parent should not do particular action because the other parents are doing it. Do not be deceived that the kind of software your friend is using on her child would work for you. Note that the other parent may be using software according to what she affords and need at that particular time but may be limited in various ways. Therefore every parent must ensure that she has put down what is important to her and what software features would work best for the child’s individual and unique case. These are some of the things that the parent should always have in mind when purchasing a cell phone monitoring machine.

First, every individual parent must know her budget. Can your budget allows you to purchase a cell phone monitoring software with all the features and is still efficient? Will your budget only enable you to get the cell monitoring software with the important things that you have identified in your child and you need to know? Some monitoring software such as the net nanny will only access you to the internet and not others places such as call and texts that may also be important, remember other spy software have monthly paid while others do not have yet providing the same function such as the SPY24 Spying cell phone monitoring software that can allow you to do more things, such as spy through a cell phone camera.

Parents must also know if they will be okay if their children are aware that they are spying on their activities or if they will need to do it as a secret to attain the most information. The saying goes that when one is aware that you are following or monitoring them they will always be careful and very keen to please you than when they are not aware that you are interested in their activities. You therefore may need to get software with the invisible mode that ensures privacy. The invisible mode does not allow your child to know that you are spying on them and also may enable you to install and uninstall without the knowledge of the targeted child.

Another thing that the parent needs to put down before purchasing the cell phone monitoring software is the user limit and GPS location. One needs to know the focus on which you want to emphasize and the geographical boundaries that you can go. Other software may allow you to monitor as far as 50 ft while others would limit your coverage. The access limit is also a very important thing to note. You must know to what limit you would want to access. Is it only the present activities or even the past activities and deleted texts that you want to see? Then you have to figure out which spy stuff for cell phones and other devices works best for your monitoring needs. SPY24 app gives you these features and much more. Try it!

Pros And Cons Of Tracking Your Kids’ Cellphone Activity

From the day they are born till they go away for college, parents are constantly worried about their kids. When they are toddlers, all you have to worry about is our diapers and the all-night crying, but as they grow older parents face even tougher challenges. Today’s technology is advancing at lightning speed and as convenient as our lives are because of it, it also brings its dangers. Kids as young as 3 years old can navigate their way through phones and tablets.

The problem is that these devices don’t know if a 3-year-old is using it or a 50-year-old. All types of R-rated content are available on the internet, which makes raising a child in this information age extremely difficult. The solution? Track your children’s internet activities. Monitoring young children is easy because they don’t completely understand the concept of tracking. The tough crowd to deal with is, of course, teenagers.

The Simple Times

As a parent, when you are battling through the difficulties this modern technology brings, you can’t help but think back to the good old days, when life was much simpler. It would have been so much easier to raise kids if today’s technology didn’t exist. On the other hand, it would have only made parenting easier, because all else seems impossible without technology now. We have become more productive and, in all honesty, more dependent on technology.

Technology hasn’t only made life easy for us, but it’s also beneficial for our children (under parental supervision, of course). Children can improve their education with the use of phones and computers. The internet contains a world of information, which makes it helpful during school projects for research, ideas, and inspiration.

Monitoring Your Children

So, now that we have established how beneficial the internet is for kids, let’s look at the cons. As a parent, if you think your child only uses the internet for educational purposes, you couldn’t be more naïve. That’s the least appealing purpose for these youngsters because they are more interested in chatting with friends, texting, using social media sites, and other teenage-ly activities.

According to a study in the US, 93% of all children between the ages of 12 to 17 have access to the internet, of which 74% use the internet on their phones, which means monitoring their activities becomes a little more difficult. There is nothing wrong with raising tech-savvy kids when it’s done appropriately.

Unsupervised internet and cellphone activity is highly dangerous because teenagers aren’t yet mature enough to make all the right decisions. It’s a curious age, which means they will be accessing websites that they should not be accessed without parental guidance. To help protect your children, you must install software to spy on any cell phone number that controls which websites they can or cannot access. Of course, don’t forget these children belong to the information age. Don’t make it easy for them to uninstall or remote monitoring software. Merely checking browser history is not sufficient, because even a five-year-old knows how to delete it.

Pros of Tracking Your Kids

Monitoring your kids’ internet and cellphone activities will help you keep them safe. You can see who they are talking to and even track their location when they are outside. You will also be able to see what they are doing on social media sites and have access to all this information from any computer you want as long as you have internet access.

Cons of Tracking Your Kids

The downside of monitoring (or spying) on your kids is you create mistrust. For this reason, most parents tell their kids beforehand they are being monitored. If you choose to hide it, your kids will stop trusting you and they may get angry. Children are less likely to break the rules if they already know they are being monitored.

Preventing Cyberbullying At Workplace

Cyberbullying is prevalent in the US and chances are one or more of your employees can be bullied at some point. The problem with cyberbullying at the workplace is that unless you’re at the receiving end, you might not realize how serious the problem is.

Often lack of awareness about cyberbullying and failure to monitor employee activity prevents organizations from realizing that they have a bully. Remember things can get serious if there’s an element of personal shame involved.

Workplace Bullying is Costly for Employers as Well

Workers who are bullied sink into a really bad emotional shape. They find it difficult to work and this affects their job performance. Often businesses don’t realize that their workers are being bullied until it’s too late.

As stated earlier, workplace bullying is costly for the employees as well as the employers. Employees who are targeted are more likely to suffer from health problems and stress and this ultimately takes a toll on their work performance. Remember your business reputation can be seriously hurt if the word about cyberbullying gets around.

Another important thing you need to keep in mind is that employees who are bullied can leave your organization or remain absent for an extended period. Eventually, the employee will start feeling miserable and decide to quit the company for good.

Workers can cause personal calls and text messages to bully fellow employees. Making critical comments about someone’s work or appearance over text messages and sending obnoxious emails qualify as cyberbullying. It is also seen that bullying victims do not tell their stories to human resources, their managers, and even colleagues and this puts them under a great deal of stress. Unfortunately complaining about the bully leads to revengeful hurting or public shaming and knowing this, targets are reluctant to raise their voice.

What employers need to understand is that bullying fellow workers via emails, calls, and inappropriate text messages is a form of violence and abuse. Of course, no company wants bullying to happen, but the reason workplace bullying has become so common is that it goes unnoticed unlike other serious offenses like sexual harassment or racial discrimination.

Bullying is a workplace issue, but sometimes it’s extremely difficult to know if bullying is happening at the office or after working hours. That’s right. Sometimes workers can continue to bother colleagues after working hours. They might use text messages and even social media to spread rumors and other objectionable content just to humiliate, degrade, offend and intimidate the other person. Even cyberbullying can involve some form of physical contact, but this is not always necessary.

Perhaps the most shocking thing about cyberbullying in the workplace is that the act of aggression can be obvious and it can also be subtle. As a responsible employer, you should track the use of phones and mobile devices so that co-workers do not spread malicious gossip, rumors, or any other information that is not true.

Constantly insulting a person on social media is not acceptable and this includes making jokes or other inappropriate comments by email. By monitoring emails, calls, and text messages you would know if a person is criticizing a coworker purposely.

The bottom line is that monitoring employees’ use of phones and mobile devices can help create a healthy workplace that is free of cyberbullying. Using spy listening devices for cell phones will help you combat increased turnover, increased stress, decreased employee productivity, increased turnover, and tarnished corporate image and this will help you improve business performance.

In addition to defining strict laws about workplace bullying and sexual harassment in clear language, you need to have employee activity monitoring to eliminate cyberbullying from the workplace for good.

Why Should You Consider Monitoring? What You May Not Know About Your Child’s Cell Phone Activity.

Children are known to do all kinds of things with cell phones. Many love to listen to music, send text messages and watch videos. But parents may not realize the context of the information children is sharing. Actions are being done with cell phones parents may not think their child is involved with. Monitoring cell phones with spyware can determine what your child is up to when they use their cell phone. In other words, parents can learn on the down-low what their child is up to discreetly. Kids think they can be sneaky hiding forms of activity but mobile monitoring can help parents be a step ahead.

When Your Child Uses Inappropriate Language

If you think you know what is going on with your child think again. Inappropriate content such as sexting, gang affiliation, etc. can be detected on cell phones. This means the kid’s can use their device in ways parents are not aware of if they don’t check their child’s devices regularly. Some children think it is no big deal to affiliate with a gang or to exchange sexual content. They don’t think about whom else can access such information and turn their reputation into a mess.

Actions Associated With Cyberbullying

Cell phone activity may include cyberbullying. This is a common action going on daily and for some children, it can be a bad experience. Such actions related to cyberbullying stem from insecurities, jealousy, or someone who has nothing else better to do than to pick on someone to get something started. There are times cyberbullying progress into something far more serious. Children have harmed themselves or even taken their own lives because it is too much to deal with. There are different ways kids can get help but sometimes they are not willing to be the first to admit they need it.

Plans For Scheming Unlawful Activity

Children like to use their cell phones to do things they shouldn’t be doing such as skipping school or even something more heinous such as plotting school attacks. Children think they are using their cell phones and being sneaky but there tends to be a hole in their plan and they get caught. In some cases, evidence of how things got started is found in their cell phone. Parents may not check cell phones often but having monitoring software can make a difference.

Ongoing Relations With A Forbidden Person

Parents with rebellious children may have concerns about who their child talks to. This means if a parent has told their child not to communicate with someone for obvious reasons and may have concerns such communication is still ongoing. A parent may have a daughter that likes a guy that has a bad reputation. A parent may have a son that likes to hang out with certain kids known for doing activities they shouldn’t engage in such as drugs or fighting. Parents need another way of knowing what their children are doing when they are not in their presence.

Why Mobile Monitoring Is A Must

The monitoring software is affordable and easy to use. It can be downloaded in minutes and parents can choose to let their child know their phone is being monitored. Some options allow parents to be discreet while monitoring. Parents have another option to help them keep their children safe. The software offers another layer of protection and security while letting parents know what their child is up to and with whom.