Easy Spy App Free Customer Reviews Android iPhone

Easy Spy App Free Customer Reviews Android iPhone
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Spy on Cell Phones, iPads & Tablets

Text messages, Calls, GPS, and More!

Safe cell phone monitoring for parents and employers.

Easy Spy App Free Customer Reviews Android iPhone

100% Safe and easy to use…yet powerful enough to get the information you want!

Introducing: EASY SPY The most powerful and easy-to-use program for tracking cell phones, iPods, and Tablets you will find anywhere...GUARANTEED!

Does your child, employee or loved one guard their cell phone with their lives?

Is their cell phone password protected?

Do they become defensive if you go near it or ask to see it?

If you answered yes, then you need EASY SPY!

Here’s what you get with Easy Spy Cell Phone Spy:

Text Message

You will get to see every text message that is sent and received from the target phone EVEN IF IT HAS BEEN DELETED!


Every iMessage that is sent or received on the target phone will be displayed in your Secure Online Account where it can be viewed at any time.

Call Logs

Every cell that is made to and from the target phone will be logged and sent to you complete with:


See the Facebook activity of the user on the monitored phone. Data is displayed in your online account.

GPS Tracking

With Easy Spy you can track the cell phone to within 50 FEET of its actual location.

Browser History

You will get to see a complete list of EVERY web page visited with an active link so you can visit the EXACT page simply by tapping the link.


See EVERY email that was sent and received from the phone and the EXACT contents of the message. Even if it has been deleted!

Lock Target phone

Every cell that is made to and from the lock target phone will be logged and sent to you complete with:


You will get to see every text notes that is sent and received from the target phone EVEN IF IT HAS BEEN DELETED!


You will get to see a complete list of EVERY WeChat visited with an active link so you can visit the EXACT page simply by tapping the link.


You will get to see a complete list of EVERY LiveChat visited with an active link so you can visit the EXACT page simply by tapping the link.


You will get to see a complete list of EVERY Twitter visited with an active link so you can visit the EXACT page simply by tapping the link.

Monitor them no matter where they are or where they go!

Text messages, GPS Tracking, Calls, and MORE!

Activities and data are sent to your Secure Online Account where they can be viewed by logging in with your mobile device or computer. You won’t miss a beat!

Easy Spy will work on hundreds of cell phones including;

iPhones, Android devices including those manufactured by; Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola, and many more!

Easy Spy works with

AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, Metro PCS, and ALL other service providers worldwide.

REE Lifetime Upgrades

Cell phones are just like computers and they are constantly undergoing upgrades. Other spy programs may become obsolete but Easy Spy will supply you with FREE UPGRADES FOR THE ENTIRE TIME YOU ARE USING THE PROGRAM You never have to worry!

You will get FREE upgrades and FREE unlimited customer support.

You will never need another program like this again!

Not available in stores so ACT NOW!

Other spy programs take 20 minutes to install, they drain the battery and cost anywhere from $59 to $349…

Easy Spy installs in less than 2 minutes, conserves battery life, and are you ready for this? ...

Easy Spy cost only $69.99


Text Messages - OLD, DELETED & NEW!

Every available text message is uploaded even if it has been deleted.

Why Monitor Text Messages?

Ever wonder what the “thumb chatter” is all about? Do you want to know? Are employees scanning important office files? Using a smartphone is an undetectable way for an employee to snap pictures of documents and text them to unscrupulous competitors. Don’t let that happen to your business! Surprise them before they surprise them use Easy Spy's powerful text message tracker and spy to read EVERY text message sent to and from the target phone. Every text message sent/received from and to your target phone is saved in your secure online user control panel -- even if they have been deleted on the target phone.

Text message logs include:

- Full content of the message

- Sender’s and receiver’s phone number

- Date and time of message exchange


GPS Location

GPS positions are uploaded at a time interval you select. The location of the phone is displayed with a "push-pin" on Google Maps for easy viewing.

Track Cell Phone GPS Locations

So, your kids don’t want to tell you where they are. Your staff members are away from the office and claiming to be at a meeting but truly they are tipping away at Happy Hour! No one can fool you anymore. Updated as often as every five (5) minutes, the GPS Feature is a sophisticated real-time reporting system that provides precise location information of the target phone. You can even capture the activity of the target phone within two to five minutes of actual movement. Access a real map online, via phone, or e-mail and turn the tables.


Records all iMessages on the iPhone and Android.

*iPhone only.

iMessage Monitoring

If your child or employee uses an iPhone or iPad, and they text another iPhone or iPad, it uses iMessage instead of a carrier's text messaging. While other monitoring software records the basic text messages only, our software will also record iMessages. You will be able to see their full contents, just as if it were a regular text message

Live Control Panel

Easy Spy Live Control Panel lets you access all the details dynamically. It allows you to do advanced settings for display options, logs, time triggers, and more. You can access your control panel to instantly view all the information fetched from the targeted device in real-time. Easy and neat categories would interactively serve you with comprehensive details on the monitored activity.

Remote Camera

Initiate the camera to take a picture to view the phone's surroundings. *Android and iPhone only. LIVE Control Panel feature.

Control Phone's Camera

They say a picture is worth a thousand words -- and a video is probably a million. Now, if those pictures and videos are not in your favor, you ought to know. With Easy Spy on your side, you can view (online, e-mail, or your phone) every picture and video taken and recorded on the target phone. Furthermore, all pictures and videos can be saved on your computer, USB flash drive, DVD, and many other devices.*

Buyesyspy assists me nicely to pay better parental care toward my teenage daughters. This Spy app enables me to monitor how safe their internet activities are. It also let me set the limit to their web content access.

Laura, Canada

Call Log

Every text message is logged even if the phone's logs are deleted. Includes full text.

Monitor Child or Employee's Mobile Phone Call Information

It is so easy to delete call logs (history of incoming/outgoing calls) after every conversation. But if you use Easy Spy, it would be impossible for the target phone to fool you. Call logs are a very powerful source of information (and evidence). Easy Spy Call Log App can convert your suspicion to conviction! Easy Spy state-of-the-art call log app will capture minute details about every call -- every call -- and send it to your cell phone or e-mail address (24/7/365). No wait time, period.

Call log data includes:

- Date, time, and duration of the call

- Contact name (as stored)

- Dialed/received numbers

Furthermore, you can save logs in PDF, TXT, DOC, and several other formats for easy storage and retrieval.


With the growth of internet utilities and changed lifestyles, children are at high risk of bad exposure and abuse. Buyesyspy monitoring system has helped me a lot in knowing about my kidsí daily routine and their major cell phone activities.

Andrew, Australia

URL(Website) Log*

All URL website addresses visited using the phone's browser are logged.

*Android and iPhone only.

Monitor Mobile Phone Internet Activity

So you asked John not to surf R-rated websites. You asked your spouse not to shop online, at least not in your absence. You have cautioned employees not to waste time online, at least not during business hours. But they think you won’t find out. Well, now YOU can!

Easy Spy gives you extreme details about the user’s Web browsing activities, including the site’s URL, the number of times it was accessed, and more. You can even view the URL through your online control panel.

Photos & Video Log

All photos & videos taken by the phone are recorded & are viewable.

Remotely View Photos and Video Taken By the Phone

Kids are innocent while watching television but surfing the web or using a smartphone, then they need your presence and guidance. You can protect them from inappropriate content with the help of Easy Spy’s multimedia monitoring feature.

With Easy Spy, you can keep a close check on the videos they are watching, the pictures they are clicking, and the slides they are sharing and have all the details about their multimedia exposure with you right there at your Easy Spy screen! It will record all the details and present them to you in a well-sorted way.

Social Networking Logs*

Records activity from Facebook, WhatsApp , Twitter and Instagram messaging services used on

the mobile phone.Android and iPhone only.

Monitor Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp Conversations

Records activity from Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter messaging services used on the mobile phone. Other mobile monitoring software will only give you URLs visited on the default browser and text messages from the app that came with the phone. Easy Spy has extra features that monitor social media messenger apps such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and WhatsApp. Now you get a better picture of all the communication channels your child or employee uses on his/her mobile phone.

Employees in my office use smartphones so frequently. Unluckily, sometimes they use them inappropriately rather than accomplishing the business objectives. Buyesyspy provides me peace of mind by providing real-time monitoring and tracking my employeeís mobile activities.

Aron, Denmark

E-Mail Log*

All inbound & outbound email activity from the primary email account is recorded.*iPhone and Android only.

Monitor Cell Phone Email Activity

Don’t let a disgruntled employee send loads of confidential data via their personal e-mail. Wouldn’t you want to know if they are accessing their personal e-mails on company time? Find out what your spouse or kids are communicating via e-mail. You would want to know what your kids are sending/receiving every single day, right?

Easy Spy allows you to do just that. Find out minute details by logging in to your control panel and reading every incoming/outgoing e-mail accessed via the target phone. Review a detailed log of sent/received e-mails and minute conversation details.


Contacts on the iPhone and Android only.

*Android and iPhone.


You warned An not to associate with a certain group of “questionable friends”. Your employee truly should not be conversing with a fierce competitor, at least not in a way that sabotages your business. Your spouse tells you that she/he is truly over an ex. In reality, however, all your “go away” people are still on the target phone’s contact list. Worse, they are on the calendar as well (for in-person meetings or phone appointments).

You were always curious about the notes your employee is making on her/his smartphone memo tool, right? Find out now -- and we mean instantly! Easy Spy is sophisticated enough to spy on the target phone’s contact, calendar logs, and memo tool. This information will be relayed to you directly.


Remote Uninstall

The remote uninstall feature lets you finish and tidy up your monitoring setup without being on the monitored phone.

Uninstall Mobile Spy Remotely from your Online Control Panel

You want all your monitoring activities to get finished from a remote location. Easy Spy lets you do it until the very last moment helping your operation close smoothly and silently with the Remote Uninstall feature. Remote uninstall allows you to remove the application from the target device remotely just within a few seconds. This can be done from any place, any time, just by logging into your Easy Spy account.

Easy Spy for iPhone, iPad, and iPod

Easy Spy will allow you to see all text messages (even deleted), Call logs, GPS logs, and all data from all supported features from an Apple device. Information from the monitored device is uploaded to your Secure Online User Control Panel.

Supported Apple devices: iPhone X, 8 (all), 7 (all), 6 (all), 5, 5s, 5c. iPad (all versions). All devices are supported in ALL countries.

Supported iOS: All iOS are supported up to iOS 12. x

Easy Spy will monitor the following activities on an Apple Device:

Text messages iMessage GPS Location GPS History Browser history Call logs Emails Listen to surroundings WhatsApp messages WhatsApp images WhatsApp audio Photos Videos Device info.

Verizon customers MUST subscribe to the Verizon GPS service for the Easy Spy GPS feature to report data to your User Control Panel. If you do not subscribe to the Verizon GPS service Auto forward cannot upload GPS data.

easy Spy for Android

Easy Spy will allow you to see all text messages (even deleted), Call logs, GPS logs, and all data from all supported features from an Android device. Information from the monitored device is uploaded to your Secure Online User Control Panel.

Supported Android devices: All Android devices including those manufactured by; Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Huawei, Pantech, and all others are supported in ALL countries.

How Easy Spy Works

How the Easy Spy Cell Phone Monitoring Process Works

Easy Spy will gather texts, calls, GPS, and more from any Android or supported iPhone or iPad without having access to that phone. Data has accessed via the OTA (over-the-air) method and displayed on your cell phone, tablet or computer. All you need is an internet connection.

We have designed Easy Spy with the average person in mind. We know that many people are not technically gifted which is why our developers gave extra attention to making Easy Spy EASY-TO-USE! If you know how to use a cell phone, you will be able to install and use Easy Spy!

Easy Spy Supported Phones

Apple Devices

ALL Apple devices are supported in ALL countries with all cell phone providers including prepaid and non-contract phones. Supported Apple devices include:

iPhone X

iPhone 8

iPhone 8 Plus

iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 5

iPhone 5s

iPhone 5c

iPhone 4S

iPhone 4

iPhone 3GS

iPhone 3G


Compatible iOS: All iOS are supported

We are constantly adding new phones to our list of supported phones. If you do not see your phone listed please contact customer support by clicking on the "Support" link at the top of this page.

Android Phones

ALL Android phones are supported in ALL countries with all cell phone providers including prepaid and non-contract phones. All Android phone manufacturers are supported including ALL phones from these manufacturers.








Compatible OS versions: All Android OS is supported.

We are constantly adding new phones to our list of supported phones. If you do not see your phone listed please contact customer support by clicking on the "Support" link at the top of this page.

Easy Spy

Easy Spy is Available on all Major Platforms!

Get Easy Spy and start monitoring a cell phone, tablet, or mobile device within minutes. Easy Spy is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and all Android devices including; Samsung, Motorola, HTC, LG, Pantech, and more.

$ 69.99

Monthly subscription. Cancel Anytime

In 2022, Easy Spy will be reviewed for its limited functionality and high cost. 

Work, study, and communication are all made easier by the numerous options available through modern technologies. They can, however, pose a serious threat as well. Your loved ones' social media contacts, the personal information they share online, and the number of spam emails they receive with potentially dangerous links are all things you can't predict. 

On the other hand, you can keep them from getting into trouble or communicating with undesirable people on the internet. What you can do is use a special app to track their smartphone activity, such as Easy Spy or SPY24, to keep tabs on them. 

In this review, we'll cover everything you need to know about the Easy Spy monitoring tool, including its features, advantages, and disadvantages. However, if you don't have time to read, you can start using SPY24 right away. 

What exactly is EasySpy? 

EasySpy is a monitoring application that allows you to view the online activities of other people. With the assistance of this program, information about their calls, texts, GPS locations, and other data can be obtained. You can keep an eye on everything from the comfort of your own home. 

All of the information gathered by the EasySpy cell tracker is saved on your user account. You can access the records from any device, including your phone, computer, or tablet. 

As you may have learned from reading numerous EasySpy reviews, it is a simple-to-use app that is intended for the average person. It is simple to set up and use, and it does not necessitate the use of advanced technical skills to do so. There are numerous device models that are compatible with the app on both the iOS and Android platforms. 

To get started with Easy Spy, you only need to complete a few simple steps: 

Easy Spy is available for purchase. Click the "Buy Now" button on their official website and fill out the necessary information for payment. Following the confirmation of your payment, you will receive an email containing all of the information you need to begin using the app. 

Install the application. Easy Spy must be downloaded and installed on the target device at this point in the process. During the installation process, you will be required to enter the target telephone number. 

Start keeping an eye on things. After you've completed the setup, it's time to begin monitoring another person's online activity. 

The EasySpy remote monitoring feature allows you to view and record all of the activities taking place on another person's phone. You can access your information at any time from your account because it transfers all of your information to its secure servers for safekeeping. The data from the target phone can be viewed by simply logging into the website from any mobile device. 

What Functionality Does EasySpy Provide? 

Easy Spy is a multifunctional application that provides you with a plethora of monitoring capabilities. 

Messages sent via text 

This software allows you to remotely monitor someone else's text messages and read every sent, received, and deleted message on a target phone. View the complete content of each message, as well as the phone number of the sender or receiver, as well as the date and time of each message. 

The Geographical Positioning System (GPS) 

The GPS location monitoring feature allows you to track the whereabouts of another person in real-time. Check out their exact location, capture activity within 2 to 5 minutes of actual movement, and track them down on a real-time map with GPS tracking. It is updated every 5 minutes to reflect the latest information. 


On an iOS-operated device, you can read the iMessages of another person. View the complete content of each message to learn what the target person is up to. 

Access to a remote camera 

With Easy Spy, you can remotely activate the camera on the target device, allowing you to take pictures of the phone's surroundings. Everything is saved to your user dashboard so that you can access it at any time. 

Call Recordings 

Examine the call logs of another person to learn more about their interactions with other people. View the date, time, and duration of each call, as well as the contact's name, any dialed cell phone numbers, and any incoming phone calls. 

Websites that have been visited 

Easy Spy provides you with the ability to view specifics about the target user's web browsing activities on his or her computer. You can look up the URLs of websites that have been visited, the number of times they have been accessed, and other information. 

Files in the form of images 

When using Easy Spy, all photos and videos taken by the target person are recorded and made available to the investigator. You have the ability to view all of the media files on your phone from a distance. 

Websites for Social Media

Examine the social media activity of another person by keeping an eye on their Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts. 


On a target person's phone, you can view all of the emails that have been sent and received. The app provides you with the ability to view the specifics of each email. 


Discover who your target person communicates with by keeping an eye on their phone's contact list and calendar logs, as well as their social media accounts. 

I'm wondering how much Easy Spy will set you back. 

In terms of pricing policy flexibility and a reasonable cost, Easy Spy does not appear to be a viable option. It only offers a single subscription for all devices, which costs $69.99 per month and covers all of them. 

Aside from that, you can purchase the following features: 

For $29.99, you can get an extended download warranty. 

A Premium Support Package is available for $29.99 per year. 

Updates are available for $29.99 per year. 

Monthly, you'll be charged a total of $159.96 for the entire package. 

Why Would You Use an Alternative App to Easy Spy vs. SPY24? 

If you're concerned about the question "Is EasySpy a scam?" you should read a few EasySpy cell tracker reviews and compare the facts.

What we can say with certainty is that Easy Spy is a standard app with limited functionality. Examples include the lack of a keylogger, a screen recorder, and the inability to send out remote alerts. Furthermore, its pricing policy is rigid and does not allow for a degree of personalization. 

If you're looking for an app that provides more monitoring options at a reasonable price, we recommend that you try SPY24. It is a monitoring tool that allows you to gain insight into the activities of another person while they are on the Internet. It provides more than 30 monitoring features while also protecting your personal information. 

Daniel Black is a family advisor, a psychologist, and a father of two children. He lives in New York City. He believes that anyone can become a better parent, partner, and self-if they learn more about the interactions that occur within a family environment. Daniel enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, backpacking, and trekking.