10 ways to hack someone's email

10 ways to hack someone's email
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Emails contain important information and access to them can provide valuable information to profiteers. Hacking Gmail means accessing a specific person's password and logging in to his or her inbox to obtain that person's personal information. Hackers use various methods to infiltrate people's Gmail.

Needless to say, it is almost impossible to hack through the Gmail security system and access Google's information servers, and here we look at email hacking methods.

In case of any problems and feelings of danger, be sure to change your password

Social engineering method

One of the most common methods for obtaining personal account information is not limited to a specific account and can include all personal user accounts in cyberspace. In this method, the hacker tries to get the password to enter the account from the user using various methods and does not use any special tools to obtain the password. In this method, the hacker usually tries to persuade the user to provide his password to the hacker by gaining trust and creating a ground for obtaining the password.

For example, a hacker creates a Gmail account with a Google username. It then uses this username to send an email to the person stating that there is a problem with the security of your account and that your account appears to have been hacked. In the next step, it asks the user to click on a link to remove the suspicion. The desired link redirects the user to a fake page and asks him to enter his password. By entering the password, you have actually provided the password to the hacker, and the hacker will be able to hack the person's Gmail without wanting to perform any complicated operations, and can access all the information of the victim.

How to hack Gmail with infected links

Another way to hack Gmail is to use infected links that are emailed to people. These emails usually contain links that click on them to install malware and keyloggers on the victim's system. But in order to make these links seem seemingly harmless, the hacker usually sends them to a seemingly valid user account and sends them a text justifying them, which causes the user to be deceived and Click on the infected link.

Gmail hack with password guess

Because many people use a specific password for their different accounts, it is usually possible to access other accounts with the same password. In this method, the hacker mainly owns an Internet service in which users register and have a password and username. Because registration forms usually ask the user to enter their email address, the hacker will have access to many people's Gmail addresses. The next step is to try out the passwords chosen by the users in the area required to log in to the Gmail account, which will usually be a success no matter how hard you try.

In another way, hackers attack such services and steal their database information without having such a service to register people. Then, in the way described above, they simply start trying out the passwords for the Gmail address of the people and even try different forms of it to get the answer.

Hack email with Hacking a Second Account

When you sign up for a Google Account, you will be asked to provide a secondary email address. This allows the hacked Google Account to be recovered if the password is forgotten. One of the problems with this feature is that it provides a way to hack your Google Account. If you use a secondary account for your Google Account, make sure that the account has a unique and strong password.

hack email easy

Hack emails using public WiFi

Using public Wi-Fi without a password allows your account password to be stolen using Packet Sniffing. To avoid this technique, you should only use encrypted Wi-Fi that you trust. In addition, you can use a VPN to prevent these attacks.

Hack emails by requesting verification codes

Sometimes hackers do not target Google users to steal their accounts, but use their names to create Google Voice accounts for cybercrime. To achieve this, hackers send verification messages to strangers. Here's how to do it:

A hacker targets a person's Gmail address.

The cybercriminal tells the person that he wants to send him a code to prove his identity.

The hacker then tries to create a Google Voice account using the person's email address.

The verification code is sent to the target person and he / she sends it to the cyber criminal according to the agreement.

The hacker now has a Google Voice account.

If a hacker knows your password, but you have enabled 2-step authentication (2FA), he or she can still use the same trick to steal your account. Note that anyone who asks you for a verification code should not be trusted.

Hacked with phishing emails

Most phishing emails used to hack a Google Account are very complex. These emails appear to have been sent from Google, but when you click on the link, you will be redirected to a website that steals your account password. The easiest way to prevent your Google Account from being hacked by phishing emails is to check the sender's address. Google only sends email using the email address that ends with Google.com. If an email asks you to sign in to your Google Account, it's a good idea to enter the URL manually.

Hack Gmail using a Keylogger

Find a keylogger program that fits your needs.

A keylogger is a program that records and stores compressed keys on the computer where it is installed.

There are different types of keylogger programs with different levels of stealth. These programs can be purchased or downloaded for free. Make sure your application has all the required options.

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