easy ways to hack IOS phones

easy ways to hack IOS phones
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Whenever it comes to hacking iOS phones and spying on them, the issue that hurts the most is the limitation of not being able to install a third-party app. If there is an app that is not approved by Apple, your iPhone will not make it easy to install. The only way to install such apps on your iPhone is Jailbreak, which unfortunately iPhone Jailbreak is never on the list of any iPhone user.

The difference between Android operating system and iOS in terms of hacking

Phones and tablets, or any system that has worked with Android and its operating system is Android, have an open source operating system, which is a feature of the Android system. But that in itself may be a weakness for some people because it leaves hackers more open and makes things easier for them.

But the iOS operating system used in Apple products and iPhones has limitations and their users can work with this system and its services in a controlled way and their hands are a little closed. This causes the hackers to be tied up and reduce their penetration into the system.

Of course, the hackers are not unemployed and have found a way to penetrate this system. Just as it is "rooted" to hack on Android phones, iPhones also use "jailbreak", which opens and reduces the limitations of the iPhone and iOS.

Necessary preparations for hacking iPhone

One of the advantages that the iPhone and Apple is proud of is that it is not normally possible to easily hack an iPhone through remote applications and software. The only way to hack an iPhone remotely is to jailbreak it, which is equivalent to rooting on Android phones.

The ios system automatically asks you for access to the camera as well as location when installing any software. This makes it impossible for applications to access internal information without the permission of the phone owner.

Also, in this system, the space allowed for access to any software is separate from other programs, and with a license to access a specific program, you can not get a license to access other programs. If a malicious application or malware enters, it will not be able to access or destroy all parts of your phone and information.

Capabilities of a variety of applications in iPhone hacking

These programs have many capabilities to hack iPhones, some of which can be mentioned as follows:

Ability to view Telegram, Instagram, WhatsApp and other social networks installed on the phone

Ability to block the access of the desired phone to various applications and websites, of course remotely

Receive SMS and all remote calls and get their date, time and full text

Ability to display the location of people in full

Spyware that provides hacked iPhone without installation

easy ways to hack IOS

Not every iPhone spy app is like the three above. There are iPhone spyware programs that have solved all the jailbreaks and other related issues. These apps do not need to download the app on the phone and also do not need the Jailbreak app for iPhone. The latest iPhone spyware requires personal iCloud or Jailbreak information to install. Apps that still need both are obsolete and no longer work, especially the iCloud version. The only solution that currently works is for you to download a spyware program to your computer and then make the settings by connecting the device to that computer via iTunes. Applications that are supported through iCloud and then Xnspy and do not require any of these applications to work, and currently the only way to hack iPhones and monitor these phones include:





Hack the phone by installing several other programs

Today, various programs and applications have been designed through which you can hack Android and iPhone phones.

Hack the phone with the FaceNiff app

Using FaceNiff, you can disrupt various Wi-Fi networks or track their exact status. One of the main uses of this program is to spy on Facebook, Twitter and other social network accounts. Also, with this program, you can steal cookies from the WiFi network.

APKInspector app from other phone hacking apps

APKInspector allows you to use reverse engineering techniques and use graphical features and application analysis to access the status of different users to have a comprehensive view of the performance and conditions of each user. With this program, you can find the source code of the desired Android application.

USB cleaver mobile hacking program

You can use the USB Cleaver program to spy on desktop information. Information such as the user's passwords through the browser, Wi-Fi password, network information and can be easily accessed using the USB Cleaver application. Using the USB Cleaver program is not very difficult and we have tried to present everything in it clearly and accurately


Use spyware and jailbreak software to hack iPhone

Today, most of these softwares are used by fathers or mothers who are busy and can not take adequate care of their children, or by husbands who want to monitor their spouses, or even the boss who is an employee and Or monitors his subordinates, used.

But you should know that spyware and iPhone hacking software can not work in normal conditions. In order to hack the iPhone, as mentioned before, the phone must be jailbroken. Of course, you should know that this causes other security problems that can be dangerous in turn, and many of the required software and applications can not be installed on jailbroken phones.

By hacking the target phone, hackers actually install a surveillance system on it, by which they can control the activities of the target user and can access all photos, messages, videos. And get the contacts of the person in question and use them in some way.

So it can be said that the only way to hack the iPhone is through jailbreak, but in the meantime, Apple is not idle, and because this issue is very important for Apple and intends to satisfy its users under any circumstances, the update will be updated quickly. Releases to be more resistant to iPhone hacking and thus can eliminate the hole created to prevent iPhone hacking.