Employee Computer Monitoring Software (Employee Tracking App)

Employee Computer Monitoring Software (Employee Tracking App)
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monitor Employee Activity Monitor is an all-in-one Employee Computer monitoring software for Windows PC Mac OS. Employee Time Tracking Software

Employee time tracking is highly critical in running a profitable and productive business. With employee time tracking software, you can ensure high employee performance, output, and productivity as well as improved allocation of human resources and cost-efficiency.

Log email, instant messages, keystrokes, print Jobs

Monitor websites visited, FTP, applications used

Monitor file copy, delete, rename actions

Monitor USB stick, MMC/SD Card, CD/DVD usage

Stealth and undetectable monitoring and surveillance

Employee Tracking App for Mac OS X

SPY24 is an employee computer monitoring software that invisibly monitors your Apple Mac computers!

Monitor employee activity on the Mac computers

Log keystrokes, private web browsing, chats, passwords

Send email alert when inappropriate activities detected

Export activity logs to PDF as hard evidence

Improve efficiency with application usage report

Run in Stealth

Key Features of SPY24 Employee Computer Monitoring

SPY24 is network employee computer monitoring software that invisibly monitors your entire network from one central location! SPY24 employee computer monitoring software can be remotely deployed across your network from a central location, allowing you to see and record everything that users do, perform remote administration tasks, view what users are doing in real-time, and generate comprehensive network activity reports. SPY24 can protect your network assets by alerting you in real-time when users modify files, move computers, transmit data to other locations, or even when they use a portable drive.

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Logs Keystrokes Typed Logs Website Visits and Searches

Logs Application Usage

Logs Keystrokes and Passwords

Logs Files and Documents Used

Logs Chat Conversations

Logs Windows Opened

Logs Email Activity

Real-time Visual Remote Monitoring

Real-time Web-Based Remote Control

Remote uninstall/update

Built-In Keywords alert

Built-In Application Blocking

Built-In Chat Logging

Built-In Portable Drive Blocking

Roving User Tracking

SPY24 employee computer monitoring software for Mac OS X can quickly detect and give you the evidence you need to prove that your employees are abusing business work time. SPY24 employee computer monitoring software can operate in total stealth – defeating the built in Windows task manager and popular spyware detection tools. These abilities mean you will not have to worry about your employees discovering you are monitoring them – and even if you inform them they will still not be able to tell how. Logs can even be stored in an encrypted format, so they can only be viewed with SPY24 employee computer monitoring software.

SPY24 employee computer monitoring for Mac OS X will log and record keystrokes that your employees type, who your employees talk to (chat conversations), documents they open and print, what websites they visit, software titles they run, emails they send and receive, and even screenshots of their actual online activities.

SPY24 also features built in content filtering tools to restrict your employees from visiting inappropriate websites, running restricted software, or chatting online. Email alerts can be sent when an employee attempts to abuse any of the restricted settings SPY24 employee computer monitoring software enforces. All logs can be viewed remotely from a central location as well – no need to physically visit each worker’s computer.

Keep your employees on task and save money otherwise wasted by inefficient workers with SPY24 Employee Computer Monitoring now. Do you suspect that your employees are abusing business work hours to get ‘personal business‘ done? You are not alone…

56.5% of employees feel that surfing the Net or sending non-work-related E-mails decreases productivity, and 31% of employers said that they restrict employee Internet/E-mail usage. (Vault.com survey)

In 2007, 60.7% of employees surveyed said they visit Web sites or surf for personal use at work (up from 50.7% in 2000). (UCLA study on Internet/E-mail use)

70% of all Internet porn traffic occurs during the nine-to-five workday. (SexTracker)

31.2% of employees feel it is appropriate to surf non-work-related sites up to 30 minutes a day, 14.8% said up to one hour is appropriate, and 9% said over an hour, while only 26.6% of employers feel it is appropriate for employees to surf non-work-related sites up to 30 minutes, 8.6% said up to one hour, and 4.2% said over an hour. (Vault.com survey)

95% companies are using Employee Computer Monitoring Software to monitor their employees internet and computer use.

Best Employee Monitoring Software – Employee Activity Monitor

SPY24 Employee Monitoring Software – Improve company productivity

Employee monitoring Software

SPY24 Employee Activity Monitor is a comprehensive employee monitoring software for company computer monitoring, employee activity monitoring, content filtering and employee activity reporting.

Record emails, instant messages, keystrokes, print Jobs and more

Monitor FTP activities, websites visited, applications used

All in one Network Monitoring and Content Filtering

Monitor employees computer usage and internet usage

Monitor file copying, deletion, renaming actions

Record USB stick, MMC/SD Card, CD/DVD usage

Stealth and undetectable monitoring and surveillance

SPY24 Employee Activity Monitor is an award-winning Employee Monitoring Software. It records and logs everything your employees do – from recording keystrokes typed and website visited, to chats, emails and screenshots. This Employee Monitoring Software monitors and controls employee workstations remotely in an stealth mode, SPY24 Employee Monitoring Software gives you one-click access to view all the computers on your entire network in realtime – from one central location. You may find it is definitely the best Employee Monitoring Software when compared with other similar employee monitoring software.

Real Time Centralized PC Surveillance

With a single click you can view the desktops of every PC on your network, in realtime. You can also use the employee monitoring software to take screenshots of the computer desktops as an evidence when he/she is abusing the work time.

Stealth and undetectable Monitoring

The employee monitoring software runs in total stealth – defeating the popular spyware detection tools. With this feature, you do not have to worry that your employees may find out that you are monitoring them – and even if you inform them they are monitored, they will still not be able to tell how.

Comprehensive Activity Logging and Reporting

SPY24 Employee Monitoring Software records all the activities on employee computers including keystrokes typed, application and website used, detailed file system usage, incoming and outgoing chats and emails, desktop screenshots, FTP file activities, Printer jobs, software installations, internet connections, and much more.

Powerful Remote Administration Features

SPY24 employee monitoring software is built in with remote administration features which allow you to remotely control the employee computers. The monitoring software has remote administration features such as message delivery to the client,remote system lockdowns, remote system restart/turn off/log off, remote screensave enable/disable, and more!

Built-in Internet Filtering and Program Blocking

SPY24 employee monitoring software is also a content filtering tool. SPY24 Employee Activity Monitor can filter websites from visiting, programs from running. SPY24 Employee Activity Monitor can then send you email when specific alerts have been triggered by your employees.

Ready for Windows + mac

Screenshots of Employee Monitor Software

Seeing is believing, now with the screenshots of Employee Activity Monitor, you can get an overview of the features of our flagship employee monitoring software.

Remote desktop

Click here to view more screenshots of Employee Activity Monitor

FAQs of Employee Activity Monitor

Q: What license size do I need to buy?

A: Employee Monitoring Software’s license size is based on the number of computers you are going to install the software on,

Q: Is there any hidden fees?

A: There is no hidden fees, one-time payment lifetime use.

Q: Do I get technical support with my purchase?

As a registered user you get high priority product life time free technical support via email. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our products.

Q: How about the version upgrades?

We work on improving our software constantly. Product updates and fixes are available quite often. Registered users get all version upgrades for free during 1 year since purchase, and 70% discount of the original price after 1 year free upgrades.We will email you upgrade information as soon as next version is released.

Employee Activity Monitor has a very large list of features. Below is the full feature list.

Real-time Monitoring Activity Monitoring and Surveillance Remote Desktop Monitoring

Content Filtering Security and Stealth USB/MMC/CD/DVDROM Disable/Enable

Works in stealth mode, silently and smoothly.

Stores logs on centralized database on server computer.

Monitor and control multi-computer with one click.

Log file operations on employee’s computer, such as copy, delete, create, rename, open, copy file to removable disk, etc.

Log print jobs, such as printer name, document name, computer name, user name, pages printed, paper size, etc, allows you to audit printer usage later.

Send alarm to console computer when employee do a file operation on removable disk, add or remove a removable disk, open an unwanted website, send or receive mail, transfer file with FTP protocol, etc.

Record mail sent and received, FTP file uploaded and downloaded history on all network computers.

Record outgoing webmail (Hot mail, GMail, Yahoo mail).

Record typed keystrokes by users on all network computer.

Record IM software chats by users on all network computer, support MSN, ICQ, AOL and yahoo messenger.

See live screenshots of multi network computers and take a control of a remote computer by controlling it’s mouse and keyboard.

Record software using history.

View a list of top programs used for each computer and user in whole network in real time.

Control computers remotely: shut down, restart, send instant message, send remote command to users you are monitoring.

Upload files from remote computers or download files to remote computers.

Manage corporation computer capital (hardware and software), log the alteration of hardware and software.

Monitor and control websites accessing, filter unwanted websites.

View all running processes and kill any of them, customize process running rule, View network protocol and port of running processes, customize network accessing rule.

Browse file directory of remote computer, delete, copy, paste file and create new directory on remote computer, transfer file remotely between remote computer and local computer.

Export data list to Excel , HTML format.

Easy to setup and use.

USB/MMC/CD/DVDROM Disable/Enable Features

With Employee Activity Monitor, you can easily Disable/Enable the use of USB/MMC/CD/DVDROM to avoid company secrets leaking.

USB Stick

You can disable/enable the USB Stick use on the employee computer remotely to avoid someone using USB to steal company secrets.

MMC Card

You can disable/enable the MMC Card use on the employee computer remotely to avoid someone using MMC Card to steal company secrets.


With this feature, you can disable/enable the CD/DVD ROM use on the employee computer remotely to avoid someone bringing virus/trojan to the employee computer.

SPY24 Employee Activity Monitor can be used in many computer environments, and in countless ways. Here are a few possible uses for SPY24 Employee Activity Monitor.

Computer Monitoring

SPY24 Employee Activity Monitor can record any activity performed by a user on your computer.

Employee Monitoring

Keep track of what employees are doing during business hours. Are they playing games, or actually working?

Parental Control

See what your children are doing on your computer, and limit their computer usage.

Remote Monitoring

SPY24 Employee Activity Monitor allows you to see what others are doing on their computers – from any remote location.

Keystroke Logger

Log each and every keystroke a user types while using Windows. Including passwords and emails.

Internet Monitoring

Monitor and record all internet related activities – from websites visited, to internet chat conversations.

Employee Monitoring Features

SPY24 Employee Monitoring Software can monitor and log all keystrokes along with the window they are typed in and time stamp. Click for larger image.

Employee Monitoring Features

SPY24’s employee logging capabilities are unmatched. SPY24 Network Monitoring can log anything from what the user types, to emails sent/received and programs they ran – all time stamped by date for easy viewing. All logs are easily saved and exported for later use. All of SPY24’s logs can be remotely viewed from a central location for easy activity management! SPY24’s employee logging capabilities are unmatched. SPY24 can log anything from what the staff member types, to emails sent/received and programs they ran – all time stamped by date for easy viewing. All logs are easily saved and exported for later use. All of SPY24’s logs can be remotely viewed from a central location for easy activity management!

Keystroke Monitoring – SPY24 Employee Monitoring Software can monitor and log all keystrokes along with the window they are typed in and time stamp.

Remote Realtime Keystroke Viewing – View what users are typing in realtime as they type! SPY24’s realtime keystroke viewer will show every keystroke they type, as they type it, and categorize each keystroke under the window they type it in.

Emails Sent and Received – Monitor and log all emails sent and received by employees! All SMTP and POP3 messages are recorded for later viewing.

Events Timeline Logging – Log all events employees have performed and view them in an organized chronically ordered listing. The Events Timeline lets you view what the events the user performed, in the order they did them. Events logged include Program Starts/Stops, Website Visits, Document Views and Printings, and more.

Internet Connections – SPY24 Network Surveillance Software can monitor and log all internet sessions made on the PC by your employees. This includes all FTP,HTTP, POP3, Chat Messenger, and any other TCP connections.

Internet Chat Conversations – SPY24 Employee Monitoring Software can monitor and log both sides of all chat conversations made on chat clients. Supported clients include the latest versions of: AOL (including 9.0 and Optimized), AOL Instant Messenger, AIM Triton, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger (including 6.x and 7.x), Excite Messenger, GoogleTalk, Skype, X Fire, and ICQ (both Pro and Lite).

Internet Traffic Data – Monitor and log all internet traffic data that is sent and received by employees. This data includes emails, website requests and contents, FTP sessions, passwords, chat conversations, and more.

Website Activity – Log all websites visited by the popular browsers used today. All website visits are logged by website address, employee username, and duration of the site visit. SPY24 also logs how long your employees visit each website so you can easily see what websites are visited the longest. SPY24 supports the latest versions of the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera , Mozilla, Firefox, and America Online.

Window Activity – Log all windows in which your representative directly interacts on the desktop.

Application Usage – SPY24 Worker Activity Monitoring can monitor and log all applications ran by users – SPY24 logs when the application was started, stopped, and how long it was actually used. SPY24 also logs how long employees were actually using each program.

Software Installations – Record software installations performed by users – software name, installation path, and time of installation is logged.

Documents Opened – SPY24 Staff Member Monitoring Software can record documents and files opened and viewed by users.

Print Jobs Executed – Record documents and files that are printed by your employees.

Files System Usage – Log all file system activity. All file modifications, creations, and deletions are logged by the time of the event, and the staff member who executed them.

Screenshot Capturing – SPY24 Worker Monitoring Software can take snapshots of your desktop at set intervals of time, allowing you to visually see what is happening. The ScreenShot capture manager also has a built in Slide show viewer for easy viewing.

Password Logging – SPY24 Representative Activity Monitoring Software has the ability to log all passwords used during monitoring sessions via its keystrokes recorder.

Activity Logging – log all all system shutdowns and user log-ons, as well as SPY24 actions: starting/stopping of monitoring processes, option changes, log accesses, and failed access attempts to start/stop monitoring.

Remote Desktop Viewing – Grab screenshots of the remote computer’s desktop – allowing you to see what employees are doing on your PC in real-time!

Remote System Information Viewing – With SPY24 Roving Employee Network Monitoring you can view a listing of various system information for the remote PC, including processor type, system directories, and more!

Remote Internet Connections Viewing – View a list of the current internet connections made by your employees on the remote machine!

Remote Recent Document History Viewing – View a list of the recent documents your employees have opened!

Real Time Remote Monitoring – SPY24 Employee Monitoring Software allows you to remotely view what your workers are doing in real time – what windows are open, what applications are running, and more.

Any Employee Monitor -- Record All Activity!

Record and control all employee computer activity, increasing staff productivity

SPY24 Any Employee Monitoring -- Enterprise Best Solution

SPY24 Any Employee Monitoring records and controls all employee computer activity, increasing staff productivity, decreasing exposure to litigation and meeting compliance requirements related to privacy laws and regulations. Unique in the industry, SPY24 Any Employee Monitoring does not require you to purchase any hardware so it is easy to install and use even for beginners!

Studies have found that many employees are abusing their privilege by surfing, emailing friends, gaming, gambling, and shopping and so forth while on the clock at their workplace. With this Employee Monitoring software, enterprise’s supervisor can record every detail of what the employees do on the computer - their chats, instant messages, emails, the web sites they visit, what they search for, what they do on Facebook and MySpace, the pictures they post and look at, the keystrokes they type, the programs they run and much more. And because of its advanced surveillance screen snapshot features, enterprise get to see not only what the employees do, but the exact order in which they do it, step by step.

How SPY24 Any Employee Monitoring Works for You?

how SPY24 Any Employee Monitoring works

SPY24 Any Employee Monitoring is comprised of Server, Control Center and Agent. Agent is installed on the computers you need to monitor, and server will invisibly collect all the data from the agent computers, then managers or supervisors can use Control Center to review the data and control the computers with flexible controlling policies.

Take Screen Snapshots

Take Screen SnapshotsWhat are your employees doing when you're not looking? Working hard or hardly working? Ensure quality service in your absence with SPY24 Any Employee Monitoring! It can take snapshots of whatever is on the computer screen. These snapshots can be taken as frequently as once a second, or they may be taken based on user activity, such as clicking the mouse, visiting a new web page or launching a program. So with SPY24 Any Employee Monitoring, enterprise’s supervisor can see everything the employees are doing on their computers. Reviewing the recordings is simple with easy to use video-style controls. You can also review the screenshot in full screen or save in PNG format!

Screen Snapshot Features

Video-style Playback;

Fast Forward/Immediate Rewind;

Data Stored Chronologically;

View in Full Screen;

Save in PNG Format;

Chat/IM Activity Monitoring

Chat/IM Activity MonitoringWith the Chat/Instant Message recorder built into SPY24 Any Employee Monitoring, chat conversations and instant messages are automatically recorded and saved for your later review. SPY24 Any Employee Monitoring is also compatible with all major instant messaging software. It is not only able to log outgoing messages by a local user, but also incoming messages too. SPY24 Any Employee Monitoring records both sides of a conversation allowing you to see what your employees are saying as well as how other chat participants respond. So as an enterprise’s supervisor, you can access and control the time spent on chatting by your employees.

Chat/IM Activity Monitoring

Record all popular chat/IM services: AIM, Facebook, Yahoo! messenger, Skype, ICQ, Tencent QQ, Google Talk, and MSN & more;

Save chat/IM conversations for reviewing

Check chat/IM conversations history by using keywords

Block AOL, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo and etc. chat/IM services

Save in PNG Format;

Print chat/IM transcripts

Web Site Activity Monitoring

Web Site Activity MonitoringEven if your Employees delete their browser's history, the information is retained in SPY24 Any Employee Monitoring’s log database and always available via the reports function. All relevant information is collected including URLs visited, page titles and the timestamp. For SPY24 Any Employee Monitoring continually monitors every web page that is accessed on the computer and saves a chronological record for your review. Now you can see not only where they go online, but how long they spend on the web page and how frequently they visit the web site.

Web Sites Visited Recording Features

View a summary report of their overall web usage

Record URLs visited, page titles and the timestamp

Block future access to a specific web page or an entire web site with one click

Records total number of visits to each web site

Records date/time of visit, total duration of visit and active time spent on each web Site

Email Activity Monitoring

Email Activity MonitoringWith SPY24 Any Employee Monitoring, it is not necessary to gain physical access to monitored computers in order to view their logs. All reports can be delivered via email, and can be read anywhere. SPY24 Any Employee Monitoring records and stores all the information you'll need - whether an email was sent or received, who sent it, who received it, the date and time an email was sent or received, the subject, the contents and any attachments. Thus, you can know exactly your employees’ online activity.

Email Monitoring features

Monitor Hotmail, Yahoo!, Webmail, MySpace, AOL Webmail, and even more!

View/Open File Attachments

Record the date and time, the subject, the contents, who sent it, who received it

Search email by keywords

Top 10 Summary Reports

Top 10 Summary ReportsJust select the Statistic Chart Tool on the main interface, the statistic pie chat will turn up which indicates exactly the employee’s online behaviors.

With SPY24 Any Employee Monitoring, you can conveniently back up and review the recorded data. Get detailed reports on web pages visited, time and length of visit. Statistics Chart feature aims to calculate and analyze users online activities and application usages, providing a powerful statistical function and reliable basis for the managers or supervisors to assess their employees’ online behavior and performance. With the data provided by statistic chart of SPY24 Any Employee Monitoring, you would know well of your employees’ online behavior and take appropriate measures to improve employee productivity.

Additional Features

SPY24 Any Employee Monitor offers three additional features including: Invisible Mode, Password Protection and Search Function

Invisible ModeInvisible Mode

It runs silently and unobtrusively while logging everything that happens on your employee's computers. The product captures all keystrokes, makes periodic screen captures of employee's desktops, logs programs that are opened or closed, and records all Web sites that they visit. You can access these logs on-site or remotely; there's no need to leave your chair to check out employee behavior.

Password Protection Password Protection

As an added measure of security, SPY24 Any Employee Monitoring will prompt you for a password before opening the PC recording files. This ensures that anyone attempting to access the recordings is an authorized user.

Search FunctionSearch Function

Conveniently search your desired record to review. You can use Email From, Email To, email subject, Email received before or after certain time, whether attachments included or not, email size, etc. to filter search conditions.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Once you purchased SPY24 Any Employee Monitoring, you can have FREE unlimited upgrades, service updates, extended support and more. You can upgrade the software when new versions become available if you are a registered user. We also provide free technical support via email to solve any problems you encountered as soon as possible.

SPY24 Any Employee Monitoring works great with the following Operating System: Windows ,mac.