Track Company Cell Phones On the Go with SPY24 for Business
SPY24 has designed a smartphone app to monitor employees that’s non-intrusive, responsive and pure genius. Your employees won’t be killing time at work, nor they will be underutilizing your company’s valuable assets, because SPY24 will be tracking their every move! SPY24 is the employee monitoring software you could rely on. Its precision features know how to take care of employees’ sneaky habits. So secretly read emails and SMS, track GPS location, or remotely view all saved data on their phones and tablets from anywhere.

What is SPY24 for Business?

Entrepreneurs are now opting for employee monitoring solutions which are quick and smart. With its affordable price and seamless compatibility, SPY24 is the ideal solution to keep an eye on your employees. In this cut-throat corporate word, you cannot make decisions based on guesswork as to what your employees are up to all day long unless you use SPY24 and track their real and digital life activities throughout the day. Business owners can buy multiple licenses economically and benefit from plenty of excellent monitoring features. By installing SPY24 employee monitoring software on their company-owned phones or tablets, you can remotely access all data saved on their devices. With SPY24, you can:


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Why Do You Need to Monitor Your Employees with SPY24?

  • Employees who surf internet for non-work related activities are 40 percent less productive than those who don’t.
  • 70 percent of total traffic to pornography websites comes during working hours. Don’t be an employer whose employees spend their day at work watching porn.
  • 44 percent of cyber espionage cases are perpetrated by employees or ex-employees. Remember that it’s costing the U.S. billion annually.
  • 77 percent of the U.S. companies are using tools to monitor their employees’ emails, computer files and phone calls; don’t be amongst those 33 percent who don’t!
  • 91 percent of employees believe that surfing internet at work could be addicting.
  • SPY24 is a software for monitoring employees that you can use to track their internet browsing history and saved bookmarks.
  • According to a study, employees’ personal lives could impact not just their work-related life but also the reputation of their employer.
  • SPY24 is an all-around employee activity monitoring software with 30+ features, ensuring a safer digital space for your work and home.

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Monitor Only What Really Matters with SPY24 Watchlist Alerts

Monitor your employees’ mobile usage, but only that concerns you. SPY24 Watchlist Alerts simplifies monitoring by sifting out irrelevant or personal data. Set keywords-based alerts on monitored devices and get notifications on your mobile devices via emails. SPY24 saves you time and money with its efficient employee monitoring app that can:

Organize & Filter Multiple Employee Devices the Easy Way!Filter employee devices according to departments or by including any other relevant tags for a clutter-free experience when you are monitoring many devices at once.

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SPY24 Ensures a Productive Work Environment, Free from Procrastination

Even with the use of expensive surveillance tools, employees learn a way to bypass them. Be it CCTV cameras or recorders, they all have their loopholes. But tracking employees with cell phones could save you tons, so track, monitor or record their activity remotely without having to employ any additional expensive resources. SPY24 is an app with many facets:

Employee Email Monitoring App

Monitor all emails sent or received (with date and time geotags) by your employees via their cell phones’ email app. Remember that email abuse is a norm and around 50 percent of companies have already fired their employees for email misuse.

Employee Internet Monitoring Software

You wouldn’t want your employees to be watching porn at work that could ruin the workplace tranquility. Use SPY24’s employee internet usage monitoring software and monitor their browsing history and saved bookmarks on their phones.

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Employee Social Media Tracking Software

Online reputation and employees’ social media tracking goes hand in hand. Your employees are your company’s representatives; make sure they aren’t putting up anything awkward or downright ferocious on their social medial profiles.

Employee Location Tracking App

If you fear your employees pulling off a deal with your rivals, know where they go during their lunch breaks, or have a better control on your logistics business with SPY24’s employee location tracking app that tracks location in real-time.

IPhone Employee Tracking App

Don’t just monitor specific phone logs; rather, monitor your employees entire cell phone with an iPhone tracking app that even works without any app download or installation on the target device.

Employee Phone Logs Tracking App

Your employees’ calls, SMS, and a hefty phonebook could have a plethora of workplace-related secrets and revelations. Start using SPY24 for a better insight into your company’s under-the-table activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

I Want To Track My Employees’ Mobile Phones; Which Devices Are Compatible With SPY24?

SPY24 works with all Android devices (running Gingerbread 2.3 or above) and iOS devices (running iOS 6.0 or above). However, to avoid any hardware- or software-related discrepancies, we suggest you to visit SPY24’s Compatibility Page.


How Can I Buy SPY24 Employee Smartphone Monitoring App?

You can buy SPY24 by clicking on “Buy Now” anywhere on the website. For any further pre-purchase queries, visit our FAQs Page or contact Customer Support.


I Am Not Getting Any Data From My Employees’ Monitored Mobile Devices, What Could Be The Reason?

If you aren’t getting any data from your employees’ mobile devices, make sure there is a working internet connection available on their monitored devices.


What Are The Prerequisites Of Using SPY24 Employee Tracking App?

SPY24 requires a one-time installation on the target device for its Android and Jailbreak versions. However, if you are using a No-Jailbreak version of SPY24, you would only need the iCloud credentials of your employees.


Is SPY24 Available For PC?

Currently, we don’t have a PC-version available.


Making America Rich, One Entrepreneur At A Time!

Employee productivity losses are significant and much of that attributes to excess time spent online. Get SPY24 Today and make your company more productive and profitable with the inclusion of something as simple as employee cell phone monitoring application

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SPY24 SOFTWARE IS INTENDED FOR LEGAL USE ONLY. SPY24 is a smartphone and tablet monitoring software designed for parents who wish to monitor their children under 18 years and employers who want to keep track of their employees through company-owned smartphones and tablets. The buyer of the SPY24 software must either own the smartphone or tablet or must have written consent from their children or employees. It’s illegal to use SPY24 for monitoring digital devices of your spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, or partner. Failure to do so is likely to result in violation of applicable law and SPY24 will cooperate with the law-enforcing authorities to the full extent. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the buyer to adhere to the local laws of their country or region. The software is only to be used for ethical monitoring purposes.

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