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Undetectable Spy Software For Apple (MacIntosh) - Invisible Mac OS Spy Software For Remote Monitoring. MAC SPY SOFTWARE - undetectable MAC monitoring software.

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Mac Spy keylogger is your best option for secretly monitoring the Apple/MacIntosh computers. We've created this Mac Spy software for Mac OS X with a complete set of standard monitoring features . This Mac Spy Keylogger supports stealth keystroke recording, screenshot recording, and email notifications. This is the very first Mac Spy software that provides the feature to receive the logs by email.

Our most stealth Mac monitoring software offers a complete set of spying features . The Mac Spy keylogger records keystrokes typed, IM chats (both ways), websites visited, and take screenshots. It also fully supports email notifications and can upload all logs by FTP. This spy program is useful for anyone who needs an invisible computer monitoring solution for Mac (parental controls, employee monitoring, etc.).

With our Mac Spy software, you can secretly see everything your spouse, child, or employee does online. Do you need the ability to find out what your child or spouse is saying during emails or instant messenger conversations? If so, you can find out today with the MAC keylogger. It's a perfect keylogger at an affordable price!

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Mac Spy Software Features

If you are worried that your children or employees are using any Mac (Apple) computers, then Mac Spy is the software you need. Here are the keylogger main features:

Invisible and undetectable monitoring - the Mac Spy keylogger runs in complete stealth mode;

Easy installation (only 1 click);

Keystroke logging and application monitoring - the spying software records all the keystrokes typed in all the windows/applications;

The Mac Spy Keylogger records chat conversations (both sides) for the latest versions of Skype, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, iChat, Adium, Proteus;

Website recording (the spy software records all the internet addresses visited in Safari, Firefox, or Opera);

Screenshot recording;

Slideshow playback;

Keystroke and screenshot recording in Windows applications (if you use Parallels Desktop, VMware Fusion, or another virtual machine for Mac OS X to run Windows);

Email delivery - log files can be secretly emailed to you (including keystrokes, chats, websites, screenshots);

The emailed logs can be received and reviewed on a PC or any other device, which can receive emails;

FTP support (the Mac Spy can secretly upload keystrokes, chats, websites, and screenshots to your website);

Simple built-in Log Viewer - offers easy navigation through the log files;

Password protection;

The Mac Spy software can be installed for all the MAC users;

The keylogger spy software fully supports Mac OS All and later (Tiger and Leopard);

Limited support for Mac OS 10.3.x (Panther) - keystroke recording / emailing only;

Universal build (for Intel/Power PC);

Friendly and easy to use user interface - even for novices;

Affordable price - save up to 200% in comparison with some competitors;

Satisfaction guaranteed!

Mac Spy Testimonials

Thanks! The Mac Spy works perfectly. I got it set up pretty fast, and there was no problem whatsoever. It helps me a lot to see everything my child does on the internet...Thanks so much.

Emily, Dallas, USA

Your software is incredible! I am very pleased, and your support is excellent (now I find it very easy to use). Keep up the good work! I just wanted to thank you for answering my earlier e-mail questions.

John, NY, USA

I have searched for months after a Mac Spy software. Great product and support!.

Tracy Parlour, Az, USA

I bought the software yesterday, and it has proven to be every penny well spent and well worth it! It's fantastic! I am so happy to have found your keylogger!

Michael, Connecticut, USA

Customer Satisfaction And Refund Policy

If the Mac Spy software does not perform as advertised, please notify us within 72 hours of purchase. Our customer support staff is available 7 days a week, and we will do our very best to make sure the product performs properly. Assuming you have notified us within 72 hours of purchase, if we cannot resolve the issue within 3 days of your notifying us, we will refund your purchase price in FULL. Please note that we do not provide refunds for simply changing your mind.

About Us

Being the first developers of spy software to monitor Mac/Apple computers, we strive to make our keylogger as affordable as possible without sacrificing the quality.

We will strive for excellence in developing Mac Spying tools that will help you secretly see everything your spouse, child, or employee does online. We focus on customer service through ongoing friendly support to our clients long after the sale of our software. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions. Your suggestions are essential to us, and many software improvements were implemented based on the feedback from our clients.

We strive to improve our software all the time, so we welcome all feedback from all the software users. Please feel free to contact us at:

Imagine being able to record every single activity of your children or employees while they are on the computer or Internet. Well, now you can work with our Macintosh monitoring software!

With SPY24 and eBlaster computer monitoring spy software, you can monitor every single action that occurs on your Mac OSX, including emails (sent & received), keystrokes typed, screenshots, websites visited, chat conversations, instant messages, and much more!

Compatible with Mac OS Leopard and 10.6 Snow Leopard!

Who's talking about our Mac Spy Software? Here are just a few...

Our SPY24 and eBlaster monitoring software has been featured in numerous publications, news shows, and other media outlets and is regarded as the #1 choice for monitoring the computer and Internet activity of your loved ones and employees!

Start finding out the TRUTH today! You can purchase, download, and install our Macintosh monitoring software all within FIVE MINUTES!

Install SPY24 for Mac today and begin recording literally everything your loved ones and employees do on the computer or Internet.

SPY24 will record emails (sent & received), keystrokes typed, screenshots, websites visited, applications used, chat conversations, instant messages, and much more!

Install SPY24 and start recording EVERYTHING your children and employees do on the computer & Internet!

Imagine having a surveillance camera pointed directly at your computer monitor, recording every activity that occurs on your Mac. This is the idea behind the world's number one selling computer and Internet monitoring software for Mac, SPY24.

With SPY24 installed, you are automatically taking hundreds of screen snapshots per hour, providing you with an easy-to-use, video-style playback of everything that occurs on your Macintosh - just like you were watching a movie!

SPY24 also records all websites visited, emails (sent & received), keystrokes typed, chat conversations, and instant messages to go a step further. You can also view your reports remotely from another Mac or PC!

Our 'surveillance style' screen snapshot recording allows you not only to see what your children and employees are doing on the computer and Internet but the EXACT order in which the activities happened, STEP-BY-STEP!

How does Screen Snapshot recording work?

To give you a clear picture of what your children or employees are doing on the computer, SPY24 will continually take snapshots of whatever is on the computer screen. These snapshots can be set as frequently as every 5 seconds or based on user activity such as clicking the mouse, visiting a new webpage, or opening a new program. This gives you an extremely accurate and visual view of what the person you are monitoring has been doing on the computer. Reviewing these snapshots is a breeze with our video-style playback options. You can skip ahead one snapshot at a time to see what they were doing step-by-step or click "PLAY" to view the snapshots in a movie-style format. You can also skip forward, rewind, jump to a specific date and time, as well as print any of the snapshots you wish.

What can you see with the Screen Snapshot recording?


See every website they visit, but more importantly, EXACTLY what they are doing on those websites. You will see what they are reading on the website and the pictures they are viewing on the website.

Chats & Instant Messages

You will see all chat conversations as well as instant messages to other users. SPY24 also records the entire chat conversations and all instant messages for later review as well. This includes sent and received messages.

Programs & Games

See the programs they are using as well as what is being typed in those programs and games.


See what they are searching for on all major search engines, including AOL, Google, Yahoo, MSN, and more.


See what they are shopping for on sites like eBay, Amazon, and any others.

Social Networking Sites such as Facebook & MySpace

See everything they are doing on social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and many others. You will know who they are talking to, posting pictures of themselves, or giving personal information (address, phone number, etc.) away to strangers.

Screen Snapshot Recording Overview

Video-Style Playback

Fast Forward & Immediate Rewind

Data Stored Chronologically

Advanced File Compression for Small File Size

Export Snapshot Videos to QuickTime, iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, Flash Video, Windows Media, and other formats

Inactivity Timeout

Automatic Suspend & Resume

Black & White OR Color Recording

Export Snapshot Images to JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, and other formats

SPY24 has a chat and instant message recording built-in. You can record every chat and instant message from the most popular chat applications, including both sides of the conversation, date, and time they occur. This is all saved for later review by you.

Supports all Major Chat & Instant Message Services

Simply click on the Chat/IM Activity button, and you will see a list of all chats and instant messages that have occurred. All popular Mac programs like iChat, AIM, MSN, Yahoo, and Adium are supported.

Chat/IM recording provides you with a clear record of all chats and instant messages sent and received by the users you are monitoring. They are saved chronologically with date and timestamp for your review at any time.

See Both Sides of the Conversation

SPY24 was created to allow recording of both sides of the conversations that occur. This allows you to see who your children and employees are sending messages to and what others are sending to them!

Chat Blocking

Is your child chatting with someone with who you're not comfortable? With SPY24, you can block that person from further talking with your child and protect them from any possible dangers!

Chat & Instant Message Recording Overview

Record all popular Mac chat and instant message programs such as iChat, AIM, MSN, Yahoo, and Adium

Print the Chat and IM conversations anytime you wish

Block specific individuals from chatting with your children with our 'chat blocking' feature

SPY24 includes what many to consider as the BEST keylogger available today! Record all keystrokes typed on your Mac by application, date, and time for later review. Even passwords will be recorded!

Who, What, Where, and When

With SPY24's keystroke recording, you will know exactly what typed, where they typed it (browser, word processor, chat, etc.), what time and date the typing occurred, and what computer use did the typing!

Command + Option, Esc, and Much More

SPY24 not only records alphanumeric keystrokes but will also record hidden characters such as Shift, Control, Alt, Esc, as well as keystroke combinations such as Command + S. This ensures that you are recording every keystroke typed on the Mac - literally!

Keystroke Recording Overview

Records ALL keystrokes typed

Records hidden characters

Records passwords entered

Keystrokes stored chronologically by the application they were typed in

Records true keystrokes (Command, Option, Delete, etc.)

What are your children and employees searching for on Google, AOL, Bing, Yahoo, etc.? Why are they searching for these specific terms? With SPY24, all online search terms/phrases are recorded along with the websites they visited by clicking on the results of those searches!

Online Searches Overview

Records Google, AOL, Yahoo, MSN, Bing, Facebook, Wikipedia, MySpace, Ask, and many other search engines

Records how frequently they searched for specific terms and phrases

Records all websites visited from the search results of these terms and phrases

SPY24 will continually record all websites visited on your Mac and save them in chronological order for your review later on. You can see what websites they are visiting and how frequently they are visiting them.

Your Web Browser History on Steroids!

The website recording feature of SPY24 is much more than your normal browser history. It will include what time and date the site was accessed along with 'time of last visit,' 'number of visits,' and much more! Also, there is no way to clear it from the log once a site has been visited. Even if users delete their browser history, SPY24 already has recorded the visit on its own for your review later.

Website Recording Overview

View a summary report of their overall web usage

Records the date and time of each visit to every website

Records information submitted on those web pages (name, address, email, comments, anything that the user enters)

Records the URL, Names, and Titles of the web pages

Records total number of visits to each web page

Block future access to a specific webpage or an entire website with one click.

SPY24 will automatically save a copy of all emails sent and received in a secret location on your Mac. Even if users delete their emails, you will still have an exact copy for later review.

Every detail of every email is just a click away...

To view the email recording, simply click on the Email Activity tab in SPY24. You will instantly have a list of all emails, both sent and received, for viewing in front of you. You can see whether the email was sent or received by the user, who sent it, who received it, the subject of the email, and when it was sent or received.

With a click of the button, you can view all emails by sender, recipient, subject, and date/time. Click on any of the emails, and you will be able to view the email in its entirety. With SPY24, you even have the option to record any attachments included whether those be pictures, videos, or any other type of attached file.

It is straightforward to view all emails from a particular date or person with a few clicks of the mouse!

SPY24 will record EVERY single email.

SPY24 will record sent and received emails from all popular Mac email clients, including Apple Mail, Microsoft Entourage, Mozilla Thunderbird, and other POP/SMTP email clients. In addition to this, SPY24's snapshot recording feature will record screen snapshots of all Internet-based emails such as AOL, Yahoo, MSN, Gmail, Hotmail, MySpace, Facebook, and others!

Email Recording Overview

Records sent and received emails from Apple Mail, Microsoft Entourage, Mozilla Thunderbird, and other POP/SMTP email clients.

View and open file attachments (pictures, videos, and other files)

SPY24 includes the ability to record every application and program used on the computer you are monitoring. Find out if your children are playing games when they should be doing their homework. See if your employees are actually working or sitting back surfing the net or playing solitaire.

Program Activity Overview

Record every application and program run

View the exact date and time the program is accessed

View the total amount of time the program was used on the computer

SPY24 takes an active role in protecting your children and employees with Keyword Alerts. Simply create a list of 'on alert' keywords or phrases, and SPY24 will do the rest. If any of your keywords are detected (through keyboard typing, URLs, web pages, emails, chats, or instant messages), then SPY24 will immediately send you an email alert to warn you of potential danger.

Keyword Alerts Overview

Quickly and easily add keywords or phrases to your 'alert list.'

Works in conjunction with Snapshots, Chat/IM, Web, Email, and Keystroke recording features

Instant email notification when a keyword or phrase is detected

SPY24 will capture all files downloaded and uploaded via the Internet. Illegal software downloads, pornographic pictures and videos, music files, online gambling software, and anything else are recorded for your viewing!

Files Transferred Overview

Record files downloaded via the Internet

Record files uploaded to MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Friendster, and any other Internet posting site

View the date/time, file name, file size, and type (audio, video, software, etc.)

SPY24 will record when your Mac is being used and by which user. An easy-to-read chart allows you to see when the computer is being actively used and when the user's logon ad logout.

Enforce the Usage Rules with the Time Sheet

Are your children using the computer when you have asked them not to? Are they using it more than you would like them to? Are your employees arriving to work late, leaving early, or taking breaks longer than they should?

With SPY24's user activity monitoring, you will easily see plain as day when they are logging in, logging out, and when they are actively using the computer. You can view usage by day or week for each user of the computer.

With this timesheet SPY24 provides, you can visually see when they are using the computer and even when they log on then do nothing on it.

User Activity Recording Overview

Record who is using the computer

Record when they logon and logoff

View total time the computer was used

An easy-to-read visual timesheet provides a visual overview of all computer activity for each user.

SPY24 provides three levels of security that ensure the data recorded cannot tamper, altered, or be accessed by anyone but you!

Stealth Mode

SPY24's stealth feature ensures that only those with authorized access have the ability to view reports, settings, and the program in general. It will not appear in the Dock, Desktop, Applications Folder, Force Quit Applications menu, or Menu Bar.

Hot Key Access

SPY24 can only be accessed via a special combination of keys pressed on your computer, which you choose - hotkeys. SPY24 can only be accessed via this special key combination.

Password Protection

SPY24 will prompt you for a password before opening the Mac recording files as an added level of protection. This ensures that anyone trying to open the files must be authorized to open/view them.

System Requirements

Mac OS Leopard and Mac OS Snow Leopard

Intel or Power PC

5-20 MB of space for recordings per day (depending upon user settings)

Purchase your copy of SPY24 for Mac and begin finding out the truth! Just click on the order button below to begin the secure online order process.

What you receive with your purchase :

FREE software upgrades when new versions become available. You will also be entitled to service updates that ensure SPY24 is compatible with the latest versions of supported chat, instant message, browser, and email clients, and more.

FREE technical support via email or phone - 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

FREE online access to our knowledgebase with helpful tips and tricks

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The company offers Spy software to monitor various activities performed by users and secretly works in complete hidden mode. Professional key logger application helps track computer activity, key stokes, USB drive insertions, Internet activities, and capture screenshots. Keylogger works like a surveillance camera ep spy on yoKid'sids and Employees pc activities without even knowing them.