Buy Spy App mobile (cell phone) softwar

Buy Spy App mobile (cell phone) softwar
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Act: 70% of married women and 54% of married men had no idea of their spouse's extramarital activity.

Source: Associated Press The progress in mobile technology has made it possible to find out whether your spouse is cheating or not. Playing a major role in cheating spouse activity, cell phones may speak louder than their owners.

SPY24 is the most modern and advanced smartphone monitoring software that allows you to reveal the truth following 3 simple steps:

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Now that Spy would allow you to do all of that remotely and you would not need to be close to performing those actions! They would not know anything about their monitoring and those manipulations that you are making! You will be completely safe, and nobody would be able to do anything to find out who is making all of those actions ever! Those mobile monitoring are excellent when you need to check if your spouse has some other double lives that he is covering, or you need some extra information on some of the cases!

You would be able to make all that by accessing his mobile phone!

That is a perfect chance to make everything be secret and without any installation on the pc.

You will be able to track his location using GPS spy technology which would give perfectly accurate information about the position of your mate anywhere and any time you would look for it!

Iphone. If you wanted to check through the text messages that he received or send, that would be really easy with our spy software that gives the actual control over the personal mobile information or actions that were maintained to hide those pieces of iphone spy information!

Android. Everything that you may need from the phone could really find out that fast and remotely.

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Blackberry. Every action would be recorded, and each of the actions that were made on that information would be spotted!

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You will be able to have full control over all messages, including the e-mail that is received and those which are sent.

We would provide updates for our spy software to make everything for the best tracking technologies and to get our spy soft working as best as it only can be!

If you would need to check some of the information that is saved to the memory.

You may go through the videos and photos, and other data that you will need to check.

The only thing that the phone needs to support is the internet. And another thing that you need to have is to get the account in our system. Make those tracking be working for you, and do not get the fake non-working software!

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Buy Spy App mobile (cell phone) softwar

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Program Description

Designed specifically for the unique demands of mobile devices, SPY24 enables the user to track real-time usage and user habits of the smartphone or mobile device onto which it is installed.

Click here to check the compatibility of your phone.

Our state-of-the-art software application records the activities of anyone who uses your compatible iPhone, Android, Symbian, BlackBerry, or Windows Mobile smartphone.

This invisible application is installed directly onto the device you own and is automatically activated every time the device is powered up, running invisibly and quietly in the background, unknown to the device's operator.

During initial setup, you specify which activities you want to be monitored, such as

Incoming and outgoing text messages

Call logs

User location

And much, much more

Then this information is recorded and immediately sent wirelessly to your secure internet Control Panel where you simply log in with your chosen username and secret password to view the phone's activity in real-time, using a web browser on any computer, smartphone, or mobile device running a web browser to view this information.

With SPY24 running on a mobile device that you have purchased for your children or employees, you will be able to determine where your children are located, who they are communicating with, or even if they are using the device while behind the wheel of a vehicle, a dangerous habit that every parent wants to know about and eliminate.

If you are running a business and have employees who use your mobile devices, SPY24 will enable you to see exactly what they are doing with your device.

If your employees are disclosing sensitive and confidential company information or making personal calls on your dime, even if they erase their phone logs, you will know: SPY24 doesn't depend on the phone's internal logging system, and once an activity is performed on the phone, this information is automatically sent to your web-based Control Panel and recorded, rendering the act of erasing one's footprints on the phone obsolete and giving you a total picture of what's happening on your device and on your time.

What is SPY24? How does it work?

SPY24 is a background smartphone application that secretly records and logs SMS messages, Call history, calendar tasks, and memos, bugs meeting rooms, or whatever surroundings; tracks GPS locations of the phone in real-time, and displays all routes on a convenient map. The software installs directly into the phone you wish to spy on. However, physical access to the device is only needed for the initial download. All settings may be adjusted remotely anytime online, right from your web Control Panel. After the installation process is completed, as soon as 20 minutes, all data, even those deleted, are uploaded to your private Control Panel account, which is available from any PC or phone browser.

Immediately after making a purchase, you will receive an e-mail with detailed instructions for installation and setting up.

NB: The target phone (the smartphone you wish to spy on) must access the Internet and be compatible with SPY24. Check if your mobile device is supported. Please note, SPY24 works on a range of platforms, including BlackBerry and iPhone!

Reasons to Choose SPY24

Accessibility: customers can access the watched phone activity 24/7 from the WEB

Value: the SPY24 app represents good value for money

Power: SPY24 is the most powerful app available to meet the customers' needs while being extremely easy to use

Simplicity: the solution is super-fast and easy enough to get used by beginners and veterans alike.

Is my privacy protected?

We don't record, store, transmit or resell any personal information of our customers. Moreover, SPY24 uses active security policies that ensure complete privacy by encrypting all confidential activity logs.

Why would I use SPY24?

Keeping track of employees' mobile phone usage, seeing who your children are contacting from their phones are among the most popular uses of our tracking software. Besides, you can view logs online anytime.

What's an easy way to get started with the SPY24 surveillance program?

Upon making a purchase, you will receive an e-mail containing a pre-generated password to your personal Control Panel. You can change the password anytime in the Panel settings.

Step 1 Log into your Control Panel and do all installation steps from the wizard.

Upon log-in, you will see the Wizzard prompting you to choose the operating system the target phone (the smartphone you wish to spy on) runs and install the app. SPY24 installs in minutes so that you won't be bothering with the device for long. Note, you should reboot the phone after installing SPY24.

Step 2 The wizard will show you the combination code you should dial on the phone you wish to spy on.

Having installed SPY24 on the target phone (the smartphone you wish to spy on) and rebooted it, dial the unique combination code from the wizard and reboot the phone again.

Step 3 View logs online.

With all settings configured, wait just a couple of minutes for the first logs to show up. Now all activities on the phone are logged and available 24/7 in your secure SPY24 account.

What phones does SPY24 work on?

You need to install SPY24 on the phone to be monitored only.

All phones and mobile devices running the Symbian, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry operating systems are fully compatible with SPY24. Such as Apple, BlackBerry, Nokia, HTC, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Huawei, ZTE, Google, LG, MEIZU, Acer, Philips.

Also, check here if your phone model is supported.

We keep working on expanding the index by adding new phone models to the list. If your model is not currently listed, please check back later or contact our Manager.

How do I know that SPY24 will work?

Reliability is our foremost priority. We are confident about our client's complete satisfaction with the surveillance program that we grant a 10-day Money Back Guarantee to our customers. If you have not formed a liking to our product within 10 days after the purchase, we will offer you a complete refund. Full refund policy; please read here.

How to monitor employees?

Want to make sure your employees are using company phones for business purposes only while keeping to the company ethics code and abiding by the company confidence policy? Leave a load of uncertainties to the SPY24 solution! Download the application and survey all activities on their phones.

Cell Phone Spy Software

Information is power, and never before has this power been so easily attainable. If you need to catch your cheating spouse, i.e., Cheating Husband or Cheating Wife, stop employee espionage, monitor kids, protect your child against abuse, tap a cell phone, then this Multi-Award Winning & Certified Cell Phone Spy Software is exactly what you need.

StealthGenie is a groundbreaking software that allows you to spy on your target’s SMS, Listen to Live Calls, View call history, Track the Exact Location of Cell phone, view Emails, View Internet browsing history, real time tracking cell phone, view photos & videos and much more. Simply install the StealthGenie application on the mobile phone to monitor and view its information on the StealthGenie web interface. The software is 100% undetectable, integrates with the phone’s hardware seamlessly, fully remote-controlled, and very feature-rich. The software is completely stealthy and works independently.

We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction; please read our Customer Testimonials.

StealthGenie is compatible with most Smart Phones. View Our list of Compatible Phones.

Possible Applications FeaturesList

Catch Cheating Spouse

Monitor your spouse

Catch cheating spouse

Listen to their Calls live

Catch your spouse red-handed by listening to the phone’s surroundings

View SMS

Know their exact location

Get Alerts on Calls and SMS to a certain contact and certain visited locations.

Read their email


Protect Your Child Against Abuse

Make sure your child is not talking to a molester by listening to their calls.

Read their SMS

Find out who your child has been chatting with on the Internet

Find out if your child is buying drugs

Know your child’s exact location via Real-time GPS tracking

Set boundaries on where your child can go

Get SMS alerts when your child visits forbidden locations, i.e., certain clubs, houses, etc.


Uncover Employee Espionage

Find out if your employee has been leaking information to a competitor by listening to their calls and viewing their SMS and Emails.

Find out if your business partner has been talking behind your back in the board room by listening to the phone’s surroundings.

Set a route for your delivery or salesman and get extensive reports on whether they followed the route or wasted their time drinking in a bar


Theft Control

You can install the application on your phone to backup all of the data

Lock your phone if your phone is stolen

In case of theft, you can send an SMS to your phone to the first backup online and then delete all the data to protect it from leaking.


Call Interception

Listen to live calls

Record calls

View Call History

SMS Logging

View every Incoming and outgoing SMS

View SMS History

Receive alerts on trigger words in SMS

Remote Control

Control most features by sending secret SMS.

Send Sms to delete the StealthGenie application

All data viewable on StealthGenie Web interface

Never need physical access to phone after installation

Security And Personal Use

Mobile phone lock to prevent a thief from accessing data or calls

Track the exact location of the phone

Notification of SIM change

Real-Time Location Tracking

Real-Time Tracking

Set Boundaries on the StealthGenie map and receive alerts when crossed

Tracking without GPS

Extensive Reporting

Reports on Calls behavior

Reports on SMS behavior

Reports on Locations visited

Call Interception

Receive SMS alert when calls are made from/to specific contacts, send a secret SMS to the target phone to then listen to the live call. Live calls in progress can also be listened to by viewing ‘Phone Status’ on StealthGenie member’s areas. If the status is ‘In Call,’ live call can be tapped.

Record Calls

StealthGenie enables you to record all incoming/outgoing calls or all calls made from/to specific numbers. The recorded calls will be secretly uploaded to your StealthGenie member area for you to listen to them at any time.

Call History

Each incoming and outgoing call detail is logged, including the call, duration, and phone number (contact name if the number is in the Contacts).

Alerts for specific contact

Receive SMS Alerts every time a call is made from/to specific numbers.

Listen to the Phone's surroundings.

Send a secret SMS to the target phone and start listening live to the target phone’s surroundings (up to 15ft).

Record Phone's surroundings

Send a secret SMS to the target phone and record the surroundings for as long as you want. Surroundings recording can be listened to on your StealthGenie member area.

Listen to Voicemails

All the voicemails left on Target Phone are uploaded to your StealthGenie member area to be listened to at any time.

View Contacts

All the contacts details on Target Phone’s phone book can be viewed, including their phone numbers, email addresses, and addresses.


SMS Logging

All the incoming and outgoing SMS are uploaded and viewed on your StealthGenie member area even when the logs are deleted on Target Phone.

Specific Contact SMS

Receive alerts when SMS are sent/received from specified contacts.

Trigger Words SMS

Receive alerts when specified trigger words are found in all incoming and outgoing Trigger words, e.g., Drugs, Love, Secret files, etc.

Redirect SMS

Send SMS to a specified contact or number via Target Phone. You will send a secret SMS to Target Phone, which will be redirected to the number or contact specified by you.


Photos And Videos

All the photos and videos uploaded on your StealthGenie Member Area.


All the sent and received emails logged and viewed on StealthGenie Member Area.

Internet Browsing History

All the URLs visited, and Bookmarks logged and viewed on StealthGenie Member Area.

Appointments And Calender

All the Appointments and calendar activities on Target phone are logged and viewed in StealthGenie Member Area.


View facebook username, password, and all the chat history in StealthGenie Member Area.


Real-Time Tracking

View the exact location of the Target phone on the map. Watch the target phone move on the StealthGenie map in real-time like car satellite navigators.

Boundaries and Prohibited Locations

Set Boundaries and forbidden locations on the StealthGenie member area map and receive alerts when the target phone exceeds the boundaries or visits a prohibited location.

Location History

View visited location history up to 3 months.

Location History Report

View extensive reports on visited locations, exceeded boundaries, prohibited locations history, and location visits behavior.

Switched OFF Phone location

Get the approximate location of the Target phone even when it's switched off or when the signal is not clear. The feature is enabled by providing the location of the nearest mobile tower as soon the phone loses its signal or switches off, so never lose the location of the Target phone.


SIM Change Notification

A unique feature that sends an SMS alert to you as soon as the sim is changed on the Target Phone. StealthGenie software is still applicable even when the sim card is changed.


In case of phone theft, a secret SMS can be sent to the target phone to the first backup on StealthGenie member area and then delete all data on the target phone. This feature is handy when the Target phone is used for personal use and contains sensitive data.

Phone Lock

In case of phone theft, a secret SMS can be sent to the target phone to lock the phone to prevent thieves from accessing the phone data or making any calls. Particularly useful when the StealthGenie application is used for personal use.

Encrypted Communication

StealthGenie puts great emphasis on data security. All the communication between StealthGenie software on Target Phone and StealthGenie web interface is secured using industry-standard encryption methods.



Extensive printable reports on Calls behavior, SMS behavior, Location visits behavior, Internet browsing behavior, and much more...

Remote Control

Install the application on the target phone without the need for a cable etc. The application is fully controlled via secret SMSs defined and sent by you. You will never need physical access to the target phone again after initial installation.

100% Undetectable

The StealthGenie software runs silently on the target phone, uploading all the data. The application is 100% undetectable and runs in stealth mode without slowing down the phone’s function or draining the battery. The application can be deleted by sending a secret SMS to the Target Phone.

Secure Login

Your StealthGenie web account is secured using SSL technology.