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Hack Telegram | Read Correspondence Online
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How to hack Telegram | Telegram is one of the more secure messaging and calling services. It’s very difficult to hack a Telegram account without technical knowledge and experience, or without a powerful tool or software.

How Telegram is secured

  • Encryption

Telegram is renowned for encrypting the transmission of media and messages. The application employs its own encryption scheme, MTProto, which secures the transmission of messages. It is based on 256-bit AES encryption, RSA encryption, and Diffie-Hellman for exchanging the keys.

Telegram secret chats

One of the features offered by Telegram is Secret Chats. In secret chats, messages are encrypted client-to-client and impossible to hack. The messages of the secret chat are not saved either in the Cloud or the phone’s storage. All chats are deleted by logging out. Secret chats also destruct themselves after a set time.

Ways to hack

Telegram Bots and Channels

Telegram introduced Bots in 2015. Telegram bots can be used by third-party developers and act as real people: message, reply, accept payments, and the like. However, the encryption protocol of Telegram is not employed here; Telegram bots are secured through Transport Layer Security (TLS) (used in HTTPS), which is not as secure as the MTProto. Bots can also read all the messages of their group. It is therefore risky to add a bot to channels, chats, or groups. Researchers have also warned that “Malware that uses Telegram as a command and control channel typically uses the Telegram Bot API for communications.”

There are also some Telegram channels that provide hacking tools and instructions themselves. Some of the more popular ones include Hacking Box, Ethical Hackers (for good intentions), Hacking Burner (offers tutorials too), and Life Hacker (best for tips and tricks).

  • Software

Software are the easiest, most popular, and most practical options for tracking and hacking Telegram accounts. There are a plethora of hacking software for Telegram; some of the best ones are mentioned below.

Best Apps for Telegram Hack

  • Spyier

Spyier is one of the most popular spying apps for Telegram; it claims that it can hack the application in about five minutes. Spyier offers the following services.

Compatible with android and iOS

  • Web-based
  • Does not require rooting or jailbreaking
  • Requires access to the target phone or the iCloud info
  • Easy and clean interface
  • Secure encryption protocol
  • Works in the background, in complete stealth
  • Provides access to everything on the target phone
  • Provides the keylogger function

Hack Telegram | Read Correspondence Online

For iOS, Spyier offers three subscription plans (starting from 80$ per month): a premium plan for monitoring only one device; a family plan for monitoring up to five devices; and a business plan, for connecting to up to 25. For android phones, Spyier offers three plans too (starting from 50$ per month): basic plan, which provides basic features for monitoring one device; premium plan, providing all access also for one device; and family, proving all access for up to three devices.

Spyic is another popular, trusted app across the web for tracking Telegram. It offers most of the services offered by Spyier; for instance, it does not require rooting or jailbreaking, is only 2 MB in size, is web-based, works in complete stealth mode, etc. It also is compatible with both android and iOS systems. Spyic is among the very few applications with the ability to hack Telegram.

The subscription plans offered by Spyic are similar to those of Spyier. Basic, premium and family for android, and premium, family and business for iOS. Prices start from 80$ per month.

FlexiSPY boasts to be one of the first developed mobile phone spying apps for commercial use. It is also highly rated for customer support and being user-friendly. One of the features of FlexiSPY that stands out is the superior call recording and access to call logs, listening to live phone calls and even the possibility to listen to surrounding sounds (by remotely enabling the target device’s microphone). However, only the voice of the target person is recorded, which is a big disadvantage.

The biggest disadvantage of this spying apps, though, is that it does require jailbreaking, which (although instructions are provided by them) can be complicated for most users.

Still, the robustness and power of FlexiSPY compensate for most of these very few disadvantages. FlexiSPY has a Telegram spying feature, allowing its user to hack into Telegram and read the chats, see every shared content, and even access deleted files.

The app offers three different plans; lite, premium, and extreme. For android, the prices begin from 30$ per month (for the lite version) up to 350$ per annum (for the extreme version, providing the full package of features). For iPhone, there is a lite version, starting at 30 per month; a premium, from 70$ per month; and an extreme plan, starting from 20$ per week.

  • mSpy

mSPY introduces itself as an application with good and ethical intention and mostly for the use of parents. It is compatible with most mobile phone platforms and provides access to all the information on the phone, including all Telegram chats, messages, calls, timestamps, and transferred content. The most important advantage of mSpy is quality customer support and education that it offers to the parents.

Similar to mSpy, iKeyMonitor is parent-friendly and is mostly aimed at protecting children. This application is among the most powerful: it’s compatible with almost all devices; can track all sorts of messages, in and out of applications, and calls and emails; it can take screenshots; and, more importantly, it’s equipped with keylogger while being password-protected itself. Parents can also use this app to limit the time their children use their device or a specific app.

iKeyMonitor offers a tools for spying the Telegram messenger, which you can first test as a free trial. However, this feature is not included in the basic subscription plan. For using the Telegram spying feature (among other advanced ones), a payment of 30$ per month addon is required.  

Registering as the target user

In Telegram, each user account corresponds to a phone number. This makes it possible to use the phone number and cellular network to hack its corresponding account. Cellular networks use the signaling system SS7 (which stands for Signaling System number 7) for connection. The modifications performed on it in 2000 made the system susceptible to outside attacks, and it’s now possible to hack the protocol. Hackers can exploit the SS7 to fool the telecommunication network provider into believing they (the hackers) have the same phone number as the victim’s, and send the verification code to them instead. The hackers have now full control of the victim’s account.

This method of hacking Telegram, however, is difficult; it requires technical knowledge and the necessary equipment.

A keylogger, as the name implies, is a software/hardware that tracks and creates “logs” of keystrokes. The hardware type is a small device which must be connected to the target PC system; the software type are applications based on various platforms.

Keylogger s are very easily installed on mobile phones. All you need to become a keylogger victim is clicking on the wrong link or open an infected attachment or download a file. Sometimes even a website can run a script and download the keylogger.

Keyloggers have a few shortcomings, though. For example, they can only track the typed words of the sent messages. It sometimes is also necessary to access the target device in order to install the keylogger.

Most of the above-mentioned applications feature keyloggers, making them even more powerful spying apps.