How to hack viber without target phone

How to hack viber without target phone
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If you are a user of software such as Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram and LINE, etc. You will notice that this software is updated in less than a week, that is, before a hacker realizes the weakness of such software can hack someone else's software, before the hackers realized weakness Viber supporters will close this problem and hole and make it impenetrable from the Viber hacker. This is why the Viber application will be updated in less than a week, and a new and more resistant version against hackers will replace the previous version, and the repetition of this process, as well as the improvement of Viber features , will be the reason for early updates of this app. In this article, we will talk about hacking Viber without the need for a target number. Stay with us...

Did you know that a Japanese company called "Rakuten" has bought the Viber instant messaging and internet calling application for $ 900 million?

A tool like Viber would never reach such an expensive price if it could be hacked. This means that the owners of this company never paid a lot of money for this application.

If you are thinking of hacking other people's Viber using software such as Viber hack or Viber Hacker and Spy Viber Hack Account. You are sorely mistaken and you will not get anywhere.

How to hack viber without target phone

Note: Viber hack (all findings with such words are meaningless and baseless):

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There is much software on the Internet to hack the Viber of others, all of which are ineffective or a tool for spying. By installing such malware on your computer or installing applications on your phone, you allow hackers to access Viber and the image gallery and contacts and email accounts of your phone. So do not install any tools.


Even on YouTube, there are many videos about teaching others how to hack Viber or how to work with these applications and malware, all of which are fake.

Tricks of hackers and online websites hack Viber:

  • First of all if you can buy from foreign online websites:

Many websites have been created in connection with the online hacking of Viber accounts. They have placed the demo panel before purchase and for work and training to be sure. I should mention that they are only online scams. Only Viber is able to do this. It may be possible to purchase such services from Viber will never provide such services to its users.

  • Websites benefit from their visitor statistics:

Many websites have posted information about this and have left the software link for download. Only to download, for example, Spy Viber Hack Account Tool Free, you have to click on this website several times and at the end, you will see that it will not be downloaded and if you are succed to download it; the file is as a zip. Then you unzip the software and see that this file is again in another zip or rar file and a text file is inserted to get the password of the file that you have to go to another website that belongs to the same person.

The result is that you click on these sites for a few hours and end up with nothing. Google also thinks this website is so comprehensive that users spend hours reading and clicking on it. By doing so, you will only increase the ranking of this site in Google, and in the search results, they will be selected first of all in Google.

Interestingly, because you can not unzip the file, it offers you training and downloads software to get the password of zip files and zip, rar.

(In this case, free download password unlocker WinZip and WinRAR, which has its own story.)

Sample text file available in Viber account hacking software:

File is Protected With Passowrd to stop is being over used , Read Instruction below how to get password


Itrsquo;s free. You will spend a few minutes.
Download Link :

Read these instructions on how to get the password:
1٫ Copy this link into your browser
2٫ Offers a window pop up [This is to prevent spambots].
3٫ Choose any mobile offering [do not worry about credit, see below].
4٫ Complete mobile offers, you will be charged and password to unlock.
5٫ After unlocking password, send ldquo;STOPrdquo; to the number associated with the Offer.
6٫ The offer will be canceled and the credit will be restored.
7٫ Enjoy this one!

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As you know, Viber Messenger was one of the most used chats and messenger programs before the popular social network Telegram was launched. After the Telegram social network became widely used, the Viber messenger was gradually forgotten and lost many of its users. But it must be said that there are still people who use this program and install it on their smartphones. If you are a user of this software, we must say that hacking and access to the information of this app, like other apps, is very low. In this article, we explained the reasons for the release of Viber hacking software by hackers. We hope you find this article useful.