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Spy application
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The Internet continues to grow at an incredible rate, and this relatively new phenomenon of humanity has attracted the attention of all individuals and organizations with positive and negative goals. The use of the Internet for commercials is one of the above. If the process of broadcasting commercials is with the knowledge and satisfaction of Internet users, it can not criticize much. If the above process is done without the knowledge or permission of users and by installing an unwanted program from their systems to sending commercials, the privacy of users is threatened. This issue can have far more dangerous consequences, and that is when such software exceeds the scope of its duties and collects and sends personal information. Users do without their knowledge and consent. Today we are witnessing the birth of a new generation of malware called spyware. Installing such unwanted software will cause many problems for users.

Spy application

What is SpyWare?

Spyware is software that collects personal information without the knowledge or permission of users. The collected information includes a list of sites visited by the user or more sensitive information such as name and password. These types of programs are also called adware.

Once installed on the computer, the above software can:

  • send pop-up ads
  • Redirect the browser to specific websites
  • send a list of sites viewed by the user
  • Monitor the performance of users when connecting to the Internet.

Some Spy application for android also able to track and detect typed information via the keyboard. Due to additional processing by such software, users' systems will slow down and their efficiency reduces significantly. If you receive music through file-sharing programs, free games from insecure sites, or other software from unknown sources, the necessary conditions provide for the installation of such software and finally system pollution.

Types of spyware:

As mentioned, spyware is any software type that obtains information from a computer without the user's knowledge. There are many types of software available on the Internet, but we can divide them into two main groups:

Domestic Spyware:

It is software that is usually purchased and installed by computer owners to learn about Internet effects on their computer networks. Managers use this software to be aware of employees' online activities. Some people also use it to inform about the activities of other family members (such as the view of the contents of the chat rooms by the parents whose children participate)

A third party can also install Spy application for windows without the computer owner's knowledge. Law enforcement uses spyware to find out about the activities of criminals, who have used the same spyware to obtain information from personal computers to steal assets.

Commercial Spyware:

This software, also known as adware, is software that companies use to track the Internet browsing activities of Internet users. These companies often sell the resulting information to marketers, and they target users with specific ads, meaning ads that match the user's interests and are likely to appeal to the user.

Getting information so makes advertisers happy.

In the past, marketers enticed people by holding contests or similar events to find out their interests. Those methods of obtaining personal information still exist, but in those methods, there is the power to read and know the fate of personal information and whether or not people accept it. However, it is much easier to know your tastes secretly using spyware and it provides a much more complete picture of the recovery industry. In general, spyware is ubiquitous.

How to detect Spyware?

The following symptoms may indicate that spyware installed on a computer:

  • Continuous display of ad pop-up windows
  • Unwanted redirection of users to websites whose names never typed in the browser.
  • Install new and unwanted toolbars in the web browser
  • Sudden and unexpected change of the browser home page (home page)
  • Change the browser-related search engine after clicking the Search button with the browser
  • Some keys in the browser do not work. (such as the Tab key when moving on the fields of a form)
  • Random display of error messages
  • Tangible reduction of computer speed when activating programs or performing operations (saving files, etc.)
  • Activate the browser and then the ad websites without performing any special operation by the user
  • Lack of proper functionality of the links associated with an application
  • Sudden and unexpected cessation of the web browser
  • Some elements of the operating system or other programs do not work properly

How to prevent Spy application download installation?

  • Do not click on links in pop-up windows. Since pop-ups are often a product or a specific type of Spy application for iphone, clicking on them can trigger the installation of spyware. To close this type of window, use the "X" icon in the title bar (in front of the close link with the window).
  • A negative answer to unwanted questions: In case of dealing with dialog boxes that request the execution of a program or intend to perform other special operations, always select the NO or Cancel option. In special cases, you can use the "X" icon used in the title bar.
  • Be careful when downloading free software from the Internet: Many sites offer custom toolbars or other special features . You should not download a file or program through them until you are sure that these types of sites are safe.
  • Do not click on links in Email that claim to provide anti-spyware software. Like computer viruses, links in e-mails may not serve useful purposes and may install spyware on your system.

In addition to the above, and especially in cases where it is felt that Spyware is installed on the computer and we want to minimize its performance, you can perform the following operations:

Restrict pop-up and cookie windows through browser settings: Pop-up windows creat by certain types of scripts or active content (Java applets, ActiveX controls). By properly adjusting the browser parameters, you can apply the necessary restrictions on the execution of scripts, Java applets, ActiveX controls, and the number of pop-up windows. Some cookies work similarly to Spyware, as they reveal which websites you have visited. By setting the browser program parameters, you can apply the necessary restrictions on creating cookies.

How to Remove Spyware?

Run an anti-virus program and a full computer scan: Some anti-virus software can find and target spyware programs.

Run a valid program designed to remove spyware. Many manufacturers have introduced products to detect and remove spyware.

Lavasoft Adaware, Webroot SpySweeper, PestPatrol, Spybot Search, and Destroy are examples.


In this article, we discussed what spy software is and the types of spy app lications. Then we explained the methods to prevent downloading and installing this software. We hope you enjoy reading this article. If you have other experiences with the Spy application, share them with us.