SPY24 Review 2021: App With Features Like None Spy

SPY24 Review 2021: App With Features Like None Spy
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David Vitter, an ex U.S senator, once said that “I continue to believe that if children are given the necessary tools to succeed, they will succeed beyond their wildest dreams”. Features Spy

Now a question to all the parents. What do you think are those necessary tools, considering this era? The best answer can probably be a cellphone and internet.

But I think the sad part is that the same tools play a major part to make their lives disastrous. And sadly, this one has the major probability.

The main reason for this disaster is that parents don’t bother about the activities that the kid performs while using the internet. Parents need to understand their duty and need to keep a constant eye on the cellphone activities of the child.

Now, when we are talking about keeping a constant watch, does it mean by simply checking their phones manually from time to time?

You have to check their phones manually too, but this alone won’t work. To keep a complete watch over the smart kids of this smartphone era, you need to take the support of something that makes your phone tracking complete in every way.

So the only possible answer to this query is a phone spying app. A good spying app offers the features that track the activities on your kid’s device without any pain.

That is why today we are going to review SPY24 . For SPY24 , I won’t even say “it’s one of the best spying apps.” It is far much better than all the spying apps available in the market today. And the best part is that it is the least expensive monitoring app that one can find.

SPY24 Review

We are providing this review after personally testing the app and all its features thoroughly. So you can totally depend on our review if you’re considering to buy SPY24. So let’s start with the review.

As it’s a lengthy review, we have created the links below for you to navigate to the desired sections in the review quickly.

SPY24 Compatibility

Installation And Set Up

SPY24 Dashboard


Advanced Features

SPY24 Pricing And Plans



SPY24 is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. So basically you can monitor the kid’s device without panicking about the operating system.

Now let’s talk about the versions supported. If we talk about Android, SPY24 monitors all the Android devices over version 4.1. In the case of an iOS device, all the versions are supported by SPY24.

Installation And Setting Up Of SPY24 On The Android Device

For setting up the target Android phone, you need its physical access. After that, the setup is quite easy, and it hardly takes 15 minutes to complete the setup for successful tracking of the device.

On the other hand, SPY24 updates all the data of the target device on the parent’s device right after the setup is completed.

It means that unlike other tracking apps, you don’t have to wait for even a single minute to let the data sync.

1. For the proper working and installation of the app, first, you need to turn off the Play Protect option. For that, open the Google Play app and tap on the hamburger icon.

2. Now scroll down and tap on the Play Protect option.

3. Now tap on the Settings icon at the top-right of the screen and toggle off the Play Protect button.

After the Play Protect option is turned off, you need to install the SPY24 app on the target device.

4.  Visit the SPY24 download link (jamo. PW)  and tap on the Install Now option.

5. On the next page, you have to select the platform (operating system) on which you need to install the app.

6. Confirm the installation on the System Services page on the next step, by tapping on INSTALL.

7. After that, the SPY24 will tell you about the main purpose of the app. Tap on Continue to move further.

8. You have to provide permissions to let SPY24 track the target device. Allow it to make and manage phone calls, access to photos, media, contacts, access phone call logs, SMS, location, take and record photos and videos, and access to the calendar.

9. In the next step, you have to Accept the User Legal Agreement.

10.  Now activate some services on the target device like device admin, screen capture permissions, battery optimization, notification remover, etc. Tap on Continue after that.

11. The installation is done. Now it’s time to register yourself with SPY24. Tap on I’m a new user if you don’t have an account with SPY24. Go for I’m already registered user if you made an account on SPY24 before.

12. Provide the name of the user, your email id, and password for SPY24 on the next page and tap on Register.

13. After that, log in to your SPY24 account with the same credentials provided before.

14. Your SPY24 account has been successfully created. A confirmation email will be sent to you by SPY24. Open the email and click on the link given to activate your account.

15. Finally, tap on Accept to complete the whole process with the target device.

Now it’s time to complete some process with the parent device.

16. Open the official SPY24 site and tap on SIGN IN at the top right corner.

17. Use the same credentials for signing in, that you used for signing up the target device.

That’s it. Finally, the SPY24 installation and setup are complete, and now you can start with the monitoring of the target device.

SPY24 Review: Is This Popular Spy App Really Good?

SPY24 Dashboard

SPY24 Review 2021: App With Features Like None Spy

The dashboard of SPY24 is completely different from what you’ll notice in the other spying apps. And it’s really convenient as the user can see most of the information on the dashboard itself.

On the top, you will see the icons of various apps like phone logs, contacts, WhatsApp, Instagram, photos, etc. Whenever your kid gets updates related to any of those apps, you get notified about that.

On the left side, you can see the list of all the SPY24 features along with the updates on all the activities done on the target device.

You will get quite a lot of information about the target device’s system information too. The phone model, IMSI number, root status, and OS Version being some of that.

What else do you get on the dashboard? You can keep an eye on a certain status about the device. Like the amount of battery left, memory, internal storage, external storage, etc. Other than that, you can also see whether mobile data, GPS, and WiFi are enabled or disabled.

Statistics will give you a hint about the use of SMS, Calls, Web, and WhatsApp on the target device on different days.

Other things provided on the dashboard include some features like Live Panel, Location, Calls, SMS, App Usage, and Photos. We are going to discuss all of them briefly below.

SPY24 Features

1. Calls

Let’s start the list of features with call tracking. SPY24 tracks all the incoming and outgoing calls of the child and shows it on the tracking device.

The five latest calls that have been done or received appear on the top with the number and the contact name.

The list of all the calls can be given a check along with the time when they were done. Along with that, type of call (incoming or outgoing) the contact name, and duration can be seen too.

If you doubt any of the calls, you can easily listen to it using the Play option. You can even see the call logs for the time when SPY24 was not even installed on the target device.

2. SMS

Just like calls, you can have a peek at the list of SMS received or sent on the target device. Not just the message, the time when it was sent, and the name of the contact also get revealed. Not to forget the type (incoming or outgoing) of the message also appears.

You can also find out the message from a particular chat by using the search option. Extracting the messages for some particular dates is not a big task with SPY24.

3. Contacts

Curious about the contact list of your child? SPY24 makes it easy for you to view the full list of contacts saved on your child’s device.

Other than that, you get notified about the new contacts that your kid saves on the device. So, you’ll always remain updated about the people your kid remains in contact with.

No doubt, SPY24 reveals the contact number and the date on which the new contact took place.

Suspicious about some of the contacts saved by the kids? Make sure they never contact the teen by blocking them away with a single click.

4. SD Card

Every single thing stored by the kid in the SD Card can be revealed in no time. And surprisingly, it is possible without the use of the data cables.

The data in the SD Card, such as photos, videos, documents, etc., can be viewed. Downloading the data locally on the device is also possible.

This feature can be handy when you want to make sure that the target device holds the content that is appropriate for your child.

5. Location

It is really panicking for the parents when the child takes more time than usual for returning home. And it’s a really terrifying situation.

But you need not fret as long as you have SPY24 by your side. The app lets you track the live location of the kid and zoom in the location as near as 15-30 feet of the actual location.

Although you don’t need to do that as long as you have SPY24, you can directly jump on Google Maps from inside the SPY24 if you want to.

SPY24 also makes it possible to draw the location path from your location to the place where your kid currently is.

6. Geofencing

The Geofencing feature is as important for you as the Location feature, especially if your child is a student or teenager.

If you don’t know what Geofencing is, let me tell you that this feature builds an imaginary fence or wall at the desired area.

When the child crosses that fence, you immediately get notified about that. You can make quite a lot of fences and distribute them in categories like No Go Zone and Confinement.

With this, you can make your child safe from many possible dangers like accidents and abductions, and they cannot even lie if they went to some restricted place.

7. Apps


Here you will see the list of most popular social media apps despite the fact they are locally on the child’s device or not.

Obviously, the notification on only those activities will be given, for which the installation is done on the target device.

All the messages that the child is receiving on the various social media platforms can be given a check. The time when the message was sent, the type of message (sent or received), and contact with whom the chatting was done can also be seen. You can see if the media was attached to the message or not.

This feature is handy to make sure the kid is not facing bullying or abuse in any way. Or maybe when you just want to check whether the child has downloaded any inappropriate app on the device or not.

8. App Usage

Parents should always know about the apps mostly used by the kids on the device. It will help you know about the apps which might appear as an addiction in the future.

Using this feature will keep you updated about the apps installed on the device, as well as the time for which a particular app has been used.

If you think an app is in bad taste or causing addiction, then don’t hesitate to block the app simply. Parents will get notified about the new apps getting installed on the target device too.

9. Photos

Quite a lot of adult content present on the internet is in the form of photos. Or many of the people connected with your child on social media might not hesitate in sending sensual photos to the kids.

But as a parent, it becomes your duty to make sure the kids don’t have any adult photos on the device.

Using SPY24, it is easy to go through all the photos that the teen takes, downloads, or receives from someone. And you get notification of all the new pics which are on the device.

Parents can also know about the time and date for every photo when the child got it.

10. Web History And Blocking

Using the internet is the most dangerous part of using a cellphone. It causes addiction, anxiety, and not to forget; the internet has a sack full of sexual and other inappropriate content.

Keeping this in mind, SPY24 makes it possible for the parents always to get an update of what their kids search on the internet.

What else does SPY24 make possible? Well, you can check the date when a particular site was visited. Along with that, the web browser used for searching can be checked. Even if the incognito window is in use, you’ll get to know about that.

If a particular site looks something related to gambling, pornography, etc., just block it away with a click. With this, the child will not be able to use that site anymore.

11. Clipboard

SPY24 doesn’t leave even a single bit when it comes to tracking, and this feature is evidence of that. The clipboard feature helps to extract all the data that the kid copied online or offline from the device locally.

Even the time when the child was copying the text can be kept an eye on. What makes this feature even more interesting is that the data for the time when the app was not working on the device will also appear, once the app starts working again.

If you’re searching for the clipboard text between a particular date, that too is possible. Similarly, searching the text for some particular app is also possible.

12. Keylogger

<a class= Keylogger ">

Many of you might not be knowing about the Keylogger feature. So let me explain it to you first. Well, Keylogger actually helps you to track down all the keystrokes that the kid performed on their device.

This feature is beneficial when you want to know what kind of language does your child use while typing. Or the items that they search on apps like Amazon, BestBuy, etc.

The exciting part about the Keylogger in SPY24 is that unlike this feature in other spying apps, it works exactly as a Keylogger should.

But you need to install the SPY24 keyboard in the target device for using the Keylogger function of SPY24.

How To Download the SPY24 Keylogger?

1. Using the target device(your kid’s phone), download the SPY24 Keylogger by tapping on Download Keylogger.

2. Now tap on the Install option in the next step.

3. After that, enable the SPY24 keyboard from the settings. It will appear by the name “Teclado Android”.

4. Now switch the keyboard from the existing one to “Teclado Android.”

5. Tap on Finished to complete the process. Now the kid will be using the SPY24 keyboard in place of the traditional one.

6. Go back to the SPY24 Keylogger option on the parent device, provide the username and password and click on SIGN IN.

With this, the Keylogger feature has been successfully enabled and now you can use it to monitor the keystrokes of the kids.

Hide Keyboard

If you don’t want the kid to know about the new keyboard installation, you can simply hide it.

1. Open the app for the new keyboard that you downloaded and tap on Advanced.

2. Now simply toggle off the button that states Show app icon.

13. MMS Messages

Just like the SMS and the messages from social media, MMS tracking is also not a big task with SPY24.

The list of all the MMS that has been sent or received will appear on the screen along with the time when it took place.

You don’t even need to get curious about the contact with whom the MMS sharing has been done as the contact name appears on the screen.

Searching the MMS by date and contact is also possible.

SPY24 Advanced Features

In the monitoring world, SPY24 is the leader of all the spying apps, and the reason is its ease of use, quick action taking and not to forget the advanced features that you get without rooting the target device. And this is what makes SPY24 stand out of the queue.

So here is the list of some additional features that SPY24 gives to its customers.

1. Live Screen Streaming

As the name suggests, this feature will stream the target device’s screen in real-time. Yes, that’s right. You will be able to monitor your child’s mobile screen live.

You no more need to take their cellphones whenever you doubt what kind of movie your child might be watching or what they are doing on social media.

Just open the live screen panel and track their screen in real-time. Most importantly, to our surprise, the screen streaming didn’t even lag much. So it can be said that you won’t miss anything going on the target device screen.

SPY24 has provided two Live Screen Streaming options so that if one doesn’t work due to any glitch, the second one will be there to help you out.

2. Phone Audio Capture

It is really fishy for the parents when the child receives a phone call, and they leave the room for picking up the call. But the parents are never able to ask who was on the call.

Now, you don’t even need to ask them about the call or ask if they could show you the call recording .

With SPY24, you can capture the live audio of the surroundings of the target cellphone anytime, anywhere. The call doesn’t lag while listening, and you’ll feel like you hear the call directly through the phone.

This feature can be a lifesaver as you might save your child from sharing some highly confidential information like bank details, current location, etc. with someone they don’t even know.

3. Video Capture

It’s perfect if your child is amiable and mixes up with people very easily. But their same quality can sometimes become a serious threat.

Any random person can start faking themselves as their friend. But who knows, what kind of intentions they are carrying with themselves.

It sounds terrifying, but the thing is that these types of things are quite common these days, especially in the case of the kids.

But you need not worry as long as you have a true friend like SPY24. Whenever you have such doubts, you can simply open the Video Capture and see what’s going nearby your kid.

Just like the Live Screen Streaming function, you get two video capture functions too, so that if one doesn’t work, you have the second one backing you up.

4. Live Audio/Video

Now here comes the combination of both audio and video capturing. This feature can add a little bit more to your tracking. It ensures that the child is safe by listening to the surrounding audio and watching what’s going on nearby the kid at the same time and that too live.

This feature can be of real help if the child is a student, and you want to see what kind of people does the kid stays around in the school.

Listening and watching to audio/video at the same time can save your child from becoming the prey of bullying.

You get the two sets of Audio/Video Capture as well.

5. Other Live Panel Features

The above mentioned were the major advanced features that make the monitoring of the child and employees complete. But there are other features as well, that will contribute to the safety of your dear ones.

The features like Location and Live Location will help you track down the location of someone in real-time.

On the other hand, Photo Capture (Main) and Photo Capture (Front) will click the live photo from the target device. This feature works by getting access to the camera of the target phone and click the photos remotely. The child will not even get to know about the photos that you took.

Live audio function works similar to Phone Audio Capture. You get access to the microphone of the target device and get to listen to the ambient voices.

Screen Capture will let you take a screenshot of what your child is watching on the device currently. And most importantly, it doesn’t ask for any kind of permission, and the phone doesn’t lag, making your child unsuspicious of photo capturing.

6. Schedule

The schedule feature just provides further assistance to the user with live panel features. With the help of Schedule, you can capture audio, video, or the screen of the target device at the time set by you.

The time of capture can be set along with the date for which you want the capture to be done. Along with that, you can set the duration and the number of repetitions of the capture.

This feature is beneficial if you have a busy office schedule; you can’t give the whole time to SPY24 for tracking the kids. Just set the time and date and leave the rest to SPY24.

7. Remote Commands

Under the Remote Commands section, you will find the list of features that can be used remotely to control the target device. These features will give you full command over the target device without any hassle.

Play Ring

The Play Ring feature will give a call on the target device. Play Ring can be useful to locate the device when the child has hidden it. Or if the kid forgot the phone after keeping it somewhere, just play the ring, and you will be able to locate the phone easily.

It can also be used as a kind of prank. Just give a call, and your kid will rush thinking it’s an important call from their classmate, but in reality, that’s you.

Voice Alert

This feature is supposed to give a voice message on the target device. You can make a message by yourself and send it to your kid.

It can be used to remind the child that it’s study time, and they should keep the phone aside now. However, this feature didn’t work as it should be when we tested it. The voice was not generated on the target device, but the message still appeared.

Unlock Phone

SPY24 doesn’t leave a bit when it comes to tracking. Even if you want to check the phone manually, Unlock Phone will help you out.

You can personally check the phone of the teen by breaking the security of the phone. But personally, for us, this feature didn’t work, and we were not able to break the lock of the target smartphone. But maybe it depends on device to device and the feature may work perfectly for you.

Call Back

Call Back feature can be used if you want your kid to talk to someone and they don’t have the contact number of that person saved.

You can remotely make a call from the child’s device. Just provide the number to the Call Back feature and the call will be made.

Grant Root Access

SPY24 provides all the advance level features to the users without root. But if you are comfortable with rooting the device and know how to handle the SPY24 device, then SPY24 will guide you on how to achieve that goal.

Rooting of the device might give you access to some more features. So if you’re an expert in Android devices, you can go for it and take the help of SPY24 in rooting the target device.

Run Application

It may happen that while monitoring the kid, you might come across an inappropriate app installed on the teen’s phone. But when you have physical access, you might not find that app on the device.

There are high chances that the app has been hidden by the child intentionally. But you’re always one step further when you have SPY24 with you. Run Application function will open any app on the target device remotely for you. And you don’t even need to take the pain of searching the app on the device.

Enable and Disable WiFi

Teens and tweens take full advantage of the time when no one is at home. They feel liberated and make use of the facilities more than they are instructed.

Similar is the case with WiFi. If you are at the office and watching your kid using the internet or YouTube more than enough, then it’s time to stop it from happening.

If you’ll just call them and tell them to stop using WiFi, they’ll surely admit to you but won’t be turning it off. So you should turn it off yourself. And after that, keep an eye that it’s not been opened and used again.

Activate And Deactivate Hotspot

Just like WiFi, you will have complete control over the hotspot of the target cellphone.  This feature didn’t stand up to our test but might work with your device.

Other Remote Command Features

This is not the end of the remote command features of SPY24, but there are other features as well that will surely help you out in some circumstances.

If you think your child has grown enough to take care of themselves, then you can make use of the Stop Monitoring feature. This will simply stop the tracking of the target device right then and there.

Similarly, you can make use of other amazing features like Enable/Disable Bluetooth. It will help you remotely access the Bluetooth of the monitored device.

Allow App Usage will give you full access to see the time spent on each app by the user.

SPY24 Pricing And Plans

Finally, the list of features has been done and now it’s time to discuss the pricing and plans of SPY24. But before discussing the price, let me tell you that absolutely no spying app in the market provides so many features that too for the unrooted devices.

Secondly, you won’t find any other app that provides such accurate spying with a flood of features at such a low price. And we bet that you won’t find any other spying services that are cheaper than SPY24.

Now let’s discuss all the plans and prices briefly. So there are a total of three plans that SPY24 offers, Basic, Premium, and the Xtreme plan.

The Basic plan costs you $4.17 per month, and you have to pay for 12 months straight. Many features are not made available in the basic plan like, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook monitoring. Moreover, you don’t get to use the live panel at all.

Now comes the Premium plan that costs $29.98 per month if paid for one month. You can save a lot of money by opting for the 3 months or 12-month plan. All social media tracking is possible in the premium plan, but you won’t be able to use the live panel features here too.

The last and the best is the Xtreme plan which costs $29.99 per month if paid for 3 months. You can save money by choosing the 12-month plan. In the Xtreme plan, nothing has been left for tracking. So, you should definitely check out SPY24 on their official site.

SPY24 Review: Why It Is The Best Option?

There are a countless number of reasons as you might have seen in this review which is enough to prove that SPY24 is the best monitoring app till now.

If you talk about features, no spying service could match SPY24, and if we talk about pricing, there’s not at all a comparison. Even the quickness that it shows while updating the data is out of this world. The moment the target device receives a notification, you’ll get to know about that without a lapse of a second.

So, if you’re truly dedicated to buying a spying app, SPY24 is the best option in your hands.

FAQ ’s

Can you track someone without them knowing?

Yes, with SPY24, you can track any device in stealth mode, but you need to have the physical access of the tracked Android device initially. However, it's suggested that you perform the tracking after telling or taking the consent of the target person.

How do I uninstall/disable SPY24 from the target device?

For that, you have to go to the phone settings, open App Manager, select System Services and Uninstall the System Services.

What is the best spy app for Android?

Based on our research so far, SPY24 is the best Spying app for Android, and it provides advanced tracking without rooting the device.


Immediate update on all the activities

Advance level features without rooting

Cheapest spying app in the market

Keylogger app can be hidden

Provides free trial with access to some of the features

No issue faced while testing Live Panel features.

Substitute for features have been provided


Voice Alert didn't work.

Activate and Deactivate hotspot didn't work.

Web History did not work as it should have been

Text command feature didn't work