What Are The Dangers Of Accounts Instagram To Kids 2021

What Are The Dangers Of  Accounts Instagram To Kids 2021
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Everything on Instagram looks so much pleasing and wonderful. But one thing should always be remembered that the gates to the hell are always alluring.

Although there are a countless number of positive things that your kids can learn and grab from Instagram, this is only possible when the use of Instagram is made appropriately.

Even a single step kept on the wrong path while using Instagram can harm your child in many ways. We hope it never happens, but if misused, Instagram can act as a slow poison that can kill the ethics and morals that you have been giving your child since the cradle days.

Now the question arises, How to tackle this problem? Not letting your kid use Instagram is certainly not the answer. With this, you’ll be making them even more anxious about the app.

What you can do is, talk to your kids about all the threats that they can face while using Instagram. Briefly discuss how dangerous could Instagram be for them if not used properly. Finally, teach the kids how it should be used to always enjoy the good experience on Instagram.

So in this article, today we’ll let you know about all the possible negative effects of Instagram that your child will most probably face while using it. Along with that, we’ll give you a solution to tackle those threats.

What Are The Possible Dangers While Using Instagram?

1. Fake Accounts And Hacking Instagram

The first and biggest threat while using Instagram is obviously related to the account hacking and the fake accounts that can be made using the name and photos of your kid.

It can be really dangerous if a fake account gets created using your kid’s name and photos. The person behind that account can easily distort the child’s image in public.

The person can inappropriately edit the child’s image and spread it in public. Or maybe they start sending unethical and abusive messages to others from that account.

Moreover, it can’t be known to whom that person has been sending the wrong messages. So even if you know about those activities, you don’t understand that to whom you should explain the situation and whom you should not.

2. Adult Content SPY24

Another big negative effect on the kids while using Instagram is related to the adult content that is present all over Instagram. And more importantly, the content cannot even be filtered.

The Instagram models post photos and videos that are totally not fit for the kids to see. And even if the kids don’t open the accounts of those models, the feed on Instagram can show their photos anytime randomly.

More importantly, Instagram even makes it possible to clear the trace of any such activity performed by the kid.

Clear search history option of Instagram is just a click away. After that, no trace is left behind, and even if you check the device manually, you won’t be able to track the wrong activities performed on Instagram. Hence making your child unchained from all the suspicions.

3. Bad Influence Over The Kids

Almost every celebrity is present on Instagram today. Be it actors, models, lifestyle influencers, musicians, sportsperson, or YouTubers.

It’s quite obvious that the lifestyle of these people is far deluxe than that of an ordinary person. Whenever they post their photos and videos on Instagram while living a luxurious life, it definitely allures the children, especially if they’re in their teenage.

Kids start to follow these celebrities and start comparing their life to them. And this is from where the problem starts.

They try to copy the lifestyle of their idols and insist on their parents for the things that are quite out of their budget.

It’s just one example of the bad influence that Instagram leaves over the kids. There can be hundreds of other ways too through which Instagram can drag your child to the path that should never be walked.

What Are The Dangers Of  Accounts Instagram To Kids 2021

4. Danger From Unknown Users

If the Instagram account of your kid is private, then the threat from the unknown users decreases a lot. The reason being that the people who are not following your kid won’t be able to see the Instagram posts of your child.

Secondly, if the account is private, any person who is not following the account will not be able to message your kid. Even commenting on your kid’s posts will not be possible.

But this is not the case with the public accounts. The posts on the public account will be visible to everyone who reaches your profile. And just like posts, the option to message and comment on the user’s pic will also be present.

There are high chances that any random person might comment on your kid’s pic, and the comment is vulgar in some sense. The same thing can happen while posting stories too. Similarly, the kid might also receive abusive messages from someone.

It’s effortless to manipulate the kids. Many people on Instagram are eager to extract the information of others and use it for their benefit. So it’s also possible that someone might contact your kid and convince them to give the details about their account. Or maybe convince them to give some other confidential details.

5. Addiction

Instagram and cigarettes are the same when it comes to addiction. Once your kid enters into the world of Instagram, there’s no looking back.

The attractive features of Instagram, amazing feeds from all over the world, messaging, Instagram TV, and many other features makes the app simply perfect.

While scrolling the Instagram feed, you won’t even realize that you have been using Instagram past one hour. So you can very well imagine that if you can be stuck in such a position, how can your kid not get addicted to Instagram Spy.

The problem is not only related to Instagram feeds. The posts from the people and groups that they follow are equally interesting and time-consuming.

After getting bored from the Instagram feed and posts, they also have the option to view the stories of the people they follow. How can you expect such an app to be non-addictive?

6. A Good Place For Hitting Up

Everyone knows about the fact that the social media platform like Instagram is a good place to take a chance of coming into a relationship.

If the account is public, anyone can message your kid and who knows, the chat between the strangers might end up into a relationship someday.

The child might get allured from the photos of the stranger. And he/she might even be charming while talking. But who knows, the person behind that account might be a hacker or someone with whom your child should never come in contact with.

We all think that Instagram is a user-friendly platform and take it for granted. And for the same reason, we neglect the activities of the kids on Instagram. But the same platform might turn up as the biggest disaster for your kid someday.

How To Tackle These Instagram Dangers?

After getting to know all the dangers that your kid might face while using Instagram, you must be thinking that it would be better to remove their account from Instagram.

But it won’t be of any use as it’s not that hard to make another account on Instagram. Moreover, it might cause some differences between you and your kid.

What you should do is, first of all, make them understand these dangers briefly. After that, you have to set a bar for them under which their Instagram activities should remain.

1. Monitoring Apps Or Parental Control Apps

This simple looking solution can release you from almost every concern that you have related to Instagram and other social media platforms.

If you have a good monitoring app by your side like iKeyMonitor , you can track almost all the activities of your kid’s smartphone. Read our detailed iKeyMonitor review to find out everything about this app. A good monitoring app will also show you the activities going on the Instagram account of your child.

The Instagram accounts that your kid opens, Instagram feed, and even the messages that they send or receive can be easily monitored using a good spy app .

Do you think that your child is becoming quite addicted to Instagram? Monitoring apps have a solution to your problem. You can easily set up the screen time for them, and after that time gets over, Instagram will stop working. Simply blocking the app is also possible.

2. Setting Account To Private

Once the public account gets turned into a private account, most of the problems will automatically get solved

After taking this simple step, no one other than the followers will be able to send the messages to your child. Only the followers will be able to see what photos or videos your kid posts and what stories they upload.

Since the photos and videos posted and the stories uploaded are not visible to any stranger, someone other than the follower can’t comment on them.

3. A Check On The Followers List

It’s essential to know the people added to the following list of your kid’s Instagram account.

You should manually check the list from time to time and ask your kid about the person you find suspicious. And if you think that a particular person should not be on the list, that account should immediately be removed.

The pages liked and followed by the kid should also keep an eye on. It should be thoroughly checked that the page doesn’t post any adult content or anything that’s not good for children.

Final Verdict

Here we rest our article about the dangers that your kids can face while using Instagram. It’s not like that the parents should completely deny their kids from using Instagram. But the total freedom should not be given either. A proper balance needs to be maintained.

And to maintain that balance we have provided you with the list using which it will be easy for you to keep an eye on the Instagram account of the kids.


Can you put parental control on Instagram?

There are no specific tools available on Instagram for parental control. But you can switch the public account of your child to private. You can also make your own Instagram account and closely monitor the activities of your kids.

How to track activities of kids on Instagram?

If turning account to private doesn't work for you, in that case, you can easily take the help of a good monitoring app. With this, you will have total control on the kid's Instagram account.

Can you block someone on Instagram?

Absolutely yes. You can easily block someone on Instagram. The person getting blocked will not be able to reach your account. So automatically it becomes impossible for that person to contact you, message you or view your posts.

What is the good age for using Instagram?

Legally speaking, the appropriate age for making an account on Instagram is 13 years. While making an account on Instagram, it even asks about the age. The account of someone less than 13 years should clearly state that the parents or manager is managing the account.

How to enable privacy settings on Instagram?

Click on the profile icon, tap on the hamburger icon and then tap on Settings. Next, tap on Privacy and control different settings. You can choose the Account Privacy option and toggle on the button from Public Account to switch the account to private