Evaspy App Free Review iPhone & Android

Evaspy App Free Review iPhone & Android
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Cell Phone Android Monitoring App, Whatsapp, Facebook, Viber Monitoring App: Control Calls, SMS, and over 50 applications, including Whatsapp, Facebook, Viber, Instagram, Telegram, Snapchat.

Evaspy App Free Review iPhone & Android

EvaSpy Features

Remote Monitoring

Use an online dashboard to check the recorded data remotely and keep an eye on your kid's activities on the go.


Track WhatsApp chats and ensures that your kids are safe.


Check what your teen is texting about with his Viber contacts.

Call logs

Listen to all inbound and outbound phone calls and check the time, duration, and caller information with phone number.


View all media (photos, videos, and audio) that are stored on the device.

Access blocking

Block unwanted apps and websites to protect your kids from inappropriate content.


Spy on the current GPS location , view paths, and visited places on the map.

Query history

Check search queries in the most popular web-browsers to know what your kids are up to.


Monitor Instagram sent and received chat messages with contact nicknames.


Spy on Snapchat text messages.


Look through the contacts and block people who look to be trouble.


Record keystrokes in most popular messengers, apps, and web-browsers.

EvaSpy Advantages

EvaSpy is a smart and easy-to-use application for user activity monitoring on mobile devices. It takes up only 230 Kb and is invisible to the user while offering more than 50 powerful features.

The application runs in a hidden mode and is invisible to the user. The app’s icon is not displayed.

It takes a couple of minutes to install EvaSpy. No root required.

You can view the recorded data from any gadget or computer via a web browser.

EvaSpy can be installed on most Android devices.

Additional solutions from EvaSpy

Record all keystrokes, capture passwords, visited websites, chats, and take screenshots.

Keylogger for Android

Keylogger for iPhone

Keylogger for Windows

Windows Monitoring App, Whatsapp, Facebook, Viber Monitoring App

EvaSpy for Windows

An easy-to-use application for remote monitoring of kids’ activities on computers. With EvaSpy parental control software, you will always know what your kids do on their devices.

EvaSpy Features

Remote Monitoring

EvaSpy allows tracking all user activities from afar through your secured web account. This means that you don’t need access to the target device to view the recorded data. Monitor your kids’ activities from any device and any place with EvaSpy!

IMs Activity

EvaSpy keeps records of children’s activities and allows video call recording in the most popular instant messengers (WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Skype, etc.).

Screen recording

It is a constant recording of the screen of the monitored computer. Screen recording is a perfect solution for parents who want to find out what user activities were taking place on the kid’s device within a particular period of time.

Webcam Recording

EvaSpy can turn the target device into an advanced surveillance tool and record surroundings with the webcam letting you know what was going on near the target device within a particular period of time.

Call Recording

Thanks to the Voice & Video Call Recording feature, EvaSpy can record incoming and outgoing calls in the most popular IMs (Skype, Zoom, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp, Discord, Slack, Line, Google Talk, and more). Simply go to your online panel and choose the messengers you want to be recorded and EvaSpy will record all voice and video calls made with the selected apps.

Live Screen Viewing

View the screen of the target computer remotely in live mode and find out what your child is doing when you are not present.

Screenshot Capturing

EvaSpy makes screenshots of various events taking place on the monitored device.

Search Queries

Keep an eye on what your kid enters in the most popular search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, AOL).

Social Networks Activity

Check your kids’ activities on the widely-used social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linked In, and more) and protect them from cyberbullying and other online dangers.

Visited Websites

The application monitors all websites visited by kids and sends the data to your online account. With EvaSpy, you’ll know what content your children access on the Net.

Website Blocker

Add unwanted websites to the blacklist with the website blocker feature. You can block websites by category (dating sites, video hostings, torrents, adult sites, etc.), by URL, or by a particular keyword.

Running Applications

EvaSpy records what applications the user opens so you’ll be able to identify time-wasting and unwanted apps.

Sound Recording

EvaSpy can turn the target device into an advanced surveillance tool by using the computer’s microphone to periodically make sound recordings.

Printer Activity

When a printer task is active, EvaSpy takes a record of it.

External Drives Control

The program tracks all interactions with removable storage devices, including USB, HDD, SD.

User Statistics

All recorded data is represented in graphs, charts, and analytical tables for your convenience.

Webcam Video

The program can periodically record webcam videos when selected important events take place.

Webcam Snapshots

Find out what’s going on near the target device by capturing webcam snapshots and viewing them remotely.

EvaSpy for iPhone Spy

A powerful parental control application for iPhone monitoring . EvaSpy lets you track SMS, GPS locations, media files, used applications, visited websites, and keep on your kids’ social activities (WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Telegram, and more).

EvaSpy Features


Text Messages Sent and Received


BB, Yahoo, Windows Live, AOL, Gtalk, iMessage, Snapchat, Viber, iMessage (iOS), Facebook Messenger


Track GPS Locations


See All Email Activity


Call Durations, Times, and Dates


Record Contacts on Phone


URLs Visited in Mobile Web Browser


Get Alerts on Prohibited Activities


View Photos Taken By Phone


Record Events and Tasks


See YouTube Videos Watched


Info on Cell Towers In Range


Facebook, Twitter & WhatsApp, LINE, Telegram, Instagram, Tinder


Restricts Apps Usage on Phone


See Gmail Messages


Send SMS Commands to the Phone


Apps Installed on the Phone


Uninstall EvaSpy Remotely


All keystrokes, including deleted ones.


Automatic software updates

Prices EvaSpy

Android 2.1 and more

Basic:$177.90 $88.95

The Basic subscription includes the major features with limited but powerful functionality.

Standard:$199.90 $99.95

The Standard package offers the major monitoring features with the ability to record phone calls and to track social networks and IMs, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Instagram, Skype, Tinder, and more.

Pro: $219.90 $109.95

The Pro subscription provides you with total control over the target device and gives you a full picture of the user's online and offline activities.

EvaSpy | Whats App tracker for Android

WhatsApp tracker for Android

Read all WhatsApp text messages, both sent and received. Keep an eye on your kid’s WhatsApp activities with EvaSpy and prevent your beloved one from becoming a victim of cyberbullies and online predators.

View all WhatsApp data

Check all received and sent text messages with media files, view the name of the contact, the exact time and date when WhatsApp messages are received or sent.

Read text messages

View all text messages, both sent and received, with the name of the contact and timestamps.

Track pictures & audio files

Browse all the multimedia files like pictures and audios shared on WhatsApp and stored on the device.*

Monitor WhatsApp Activities Remotely

Access all recorded data via your EvaSpy online account from any place and any device.

Tracking WhatsApp media files is not supported on some Android devices. It’s strongly recommended to contact our support team and to ask if the feature works on your device.

Why should you monitor WhatsApp Activities?


All parents care about their children’s safety and therefore want to protect them from online dangers awaiting kids on the Net and social apps. If you want to check who your beloved one interacts with online and to ensure that your kid is not being bullied, WhatsApp monitoring is a perfect solution. With EvaSpy WhatsApp tracker, you’ll forget about worrying that your kid communicates with strangers on this instant messenger.

Our app lets you track all text messages, photos, and audio files shared on WhatsApp as well as the nicknames of your kid’s contacts. EvaSpy makes WhatsApp monitoring smooth and easy.

Monitoring of other apps

EvaSpy can track more than 50 apps, including

Call Monitoring & Recording

Record all incoming and outgoing phone calls and check what your kid discusses with friends & classmates. View all phone call logs and limit the interaction with people you disapprove of with the EvaSpy call blocking feature.

View all call logs

Check call logs with time & date stamps, duration of calls, contact names and phone numbers.

Check the address book

Read the information about a caller from the address book.

Record all phone calls

Spy on all phone calls, both incoming and outgoing. EvaSpy records all phone calls your kid makes or accepts and sends the recordings to your online dashboard.

Call Restriction

Use EvaSpy to block some unwanted contacts and prevent unhealthy communications.

Restrict outgoing calls

Check call logs, listen to phone conversations, and detect unwanted interactions with EvaSpy. Block suspicious contacts so that your kid couldn’t call them and protect your beloved one from bad influence.

Block incoming calls

When you add a contact to the blacklist, the person won’t be able to call your child.*

Monitor Snapchat with EvaSpy

Access to Snapchat text messages and ensure that your kids are not being bullied online. Check how much time your children spend on this app and what kind of information they share with Snapchat contacts. With EvaSpy, you'll know what your kids are gossiping about and what they're up to.

Check Snapchat timestamps

View the time & date of all text messages and check if your kid isn't chatting with their classmates instead of doing homework.

Record sent text messages

Access all sent Snapchat text messages and find out what your kid is up to.

Read received text messages

Check incoming Snapchat text messages and make sure that your kid isn't a victim of online bullying.*

View Snapchat nicknames

Track who sends your kid inappropriate text messages and protect your child from bad influence before it becomes a real problem.

Facebook Messenger Tracking

EvaSpy helps you monitor Facebook text messages letting you know who your kids interact with and what they discuss on Facebook.

Record sent messages

EvaSpy in-built keylogger records all keystrokes pressed on Facebook (except passwords), allowing you to know what messages your kids send to their friends.

Check Facebook notifications

Our spy app for Android records all Facebook notifications, which helps you view received text messages.

View Facebook timestamps

Check the exact time & date when your kid typed something on Facebook or received a notification.

Restrict Facebook usage

If you find Facebook unproductive, you can add it to the backlist of apps so that the user couldn’t access it.

Skype Monitoring

EvaSpy helps you protect your child from unhealthy communications on Skype due to its powerful monitoring features.

Record all keystrokes

View all keys your kids press on Skype and check if they don’t share personal information about themselves and their family with strangers.

View Skype notifications

EvaSpy captures all Skype notifications letting you access received messages and call logs with timestamps and the name of the contact.*

Access on the go

Check Skype logs from any place and any device via your online account.

Telegram Tracking

Keep your kids safe online with the EvaSpy Telegram tracker. Our app records Telegram text messages and lets you know what your kids are gossiping about on this IM.*

Record Keystrokes

View all keystrokes on Telegram to check what your children are up to.

View sent text messages

Keep an eye on all sent messages and ensure that your beloved one doesn’t share personal information with strangers.

Read received text messages

Ensure that your kid hasn’t fallen into bad company and isn’t being bullied by viewing Telegram received text messages.

Hangouts Monitoring

Google Hangouts is a social app letting teens keep in touch online via chats, voice, and video phone calls. The app is extremely popular among kids and therefore should also be monitored by parents.

Check Hangouts notifications

EvaSpy records received text messages on Hangouts via notifications from this app. Ensure that your kids are not being bullied by Hangouts users and that they’re not texting with online predators.*

Block Hangouts with EvaSpy

Our monitoring solution lets you block the app if you find it dangerous or unproductive.

Access from any place

Track Hangouts data via the EvaSpy online account and check new logs wherever you’re located from any device connected to the Internet.

Tinder Tracking

Tinder is a very popular dating app where teens can meet new friends. The fact that this platform is specifically designed to meet new people online makes Tinder very attractive for strangers and predators. A Tinder user can choose any name and photo while registering, so the app is full of fake profiles. EvaSpy helps parents protect their beloved ones from online strangers awaiting teens on this dating app.

Monitor keystrokes

To view what messages your child sends to Tinder users, EvaSpy offers a keylogging feature that records keys pressed on social apps.

Check received messages

EvaSpy records all Tinder notifications, meaning that if a notification contains info about incoming texts, you’ll be able to view it on your online account.

Restrict Access

If you think that your kid is too young to use dating apps, you can block Tinder from your online account.

Viber Monitoring

Viber is a fast-growing instant messenger used by teens to text, make voice and video calls, and share multimedia files. Track your kid’s Viber activities with EvaSpy to protect them from unwanted interactions.

*Note that EvaSpy captures incoming text messages from Viber notifications. To read Viber incoming text messages, please make sure that the Preview feature is enabled in the messenger on the target device.

Viber tracker for Android

Read sent text messages

Check what your teen is texting about with his Viber contacts.

The track received text messages

Keep an eye on Viber received text messages to ensure that your children are not being bullied and to protect them from bad influence.

View Viber nicknames

EvaSpy lets you check who your kid interacts with by showing you Viber nicknames near each recorded message.

Control Viber activities on the go

You can view all recorder Viber logs via your EvaSpy online dashboard from any place and any gadget connected to the Net.

Instagram Monitoring

Monitor your kid's Instagram account and learn what they are texting about. Track all sent and received texts messages with EvaSpy and protect your child from online predators who befriend teens on this popular social app.

Read Instagram chats

Track all sent and received text messages in Instagram direct to learn who your kid communicates with.

View Instagram nicknames

Near each received and sent message you can view the nickname of the person your kid is texting with.

Monitor keystrokes

Record keystrokes your kids press on Instagram to learn what they discuss in comments, what they search for in the feed, and what they write under their posts (passwords are not recorded).

Access wherever you're located

Get access to the recorded Instagram data from any device via your EvaSpy online account.

GPS Location Monitoring

Forget about wondering if your loved one has reached the destination safely and follow your kid's location via your online account with EvaSpy.

rack current GPS location

See your kid's current location on a detailed map.

Check route history

See all visited places using a location path and view the route history over a specific interval of time.

View location list details

Check accurate location time & address.

Monitor your child’s location on the go

Access the data wherever you're located from any device via the EvaSpy dashboard.

Keylogger for Android

Record keystrokes on the target device and view them from afar on your EvaSpy dashboard.

Record keystrokes

EvaSpy monitors all keystrokes (except passwords) in most popular social apps and web-browsers. This feature lets you know what your kids discuss with their friends on social apps, what they search on the Net, etc.

Check timestamps

EvaSpy lets you know when exactly the text has been typed, providing you date & time stamps.

View the recorded keystrokes on the go

EvaSpy allows remote monitoring via an online account, so you can view the recorded keystrokes from any device and any place.

Gmail Monitoring

Track your child’s Gmail notifications to protect them from cyberbullying, predators, and online strangers. EvaSpy records Gmail notifications, letting you know the subject of the email and the sender’s info.

Track Gmail notifications

Check what kind of emails you child receives with the help of Gmail notification tracking. EvaSpy will show you the subject of the incoming email and the sender’s information.

Check time & date stamps

View when exactly your kid received this or that email with EvaSpy.

Monitor Gmail on the go

Track Gmail notifications from any place and any device via your online account.