What should you know about Kali Linux?

What should you know about Kali Linux?
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Kali Linux, as its name mentions, is an operating system under the Linux operating system which is utilized for different goals. Have you ever heard the name Kali Linux in the Linux world? If you know anything about Linux, you also be informed that the Linux operating system flat has many operating systems with the biggest variety of different users. In the following, you are going to be familiar with the most famous Kali Linux operating system, which has been extended under Debian Linux, and we will introduce its applications to you.

It is not important what your goal is for using Kali Linux. Here, we introduce some of the best Kali Linux tools you should use. There are many kinds of pre-installed tools. If it is hard for you to find the tool, download it and set it up. It is not difficult.

Nmap or Network Mapper is one of the most famous Kali Linux tool which is used for collecting data. Nmap or Network Mapper helps you to catch information about the host, its IP address, operating system detection and network security details. It also provides specifications to escape the firewall and lie. Lynis is another strong tool which is used for security auditing, test compliance and system hardening. Of course, it can also be utilized for detecting vulnerabilities and intrusions. This system scans it according to its diagnostic components. For instance, if it discovers Apache, it will run Apache tests for determining the information.

Kali Linux, as its name mentions, is an operating system under the Linux operating system which is utilized for different goals.

Which tool is used for assessing WiFi network security?

Aircrack-ng is another Kali Linux tool which is a collection of tools which help you to assess WiFi network security. Aircrack-ng is not only related to viewer supervision and understanding, but also contains network connectivity (WEP, WPA 1 and WPA 2). If you can not remember your Wi-Fi network password, this will help you to try again. It also contains different wireless attacks that will help you to control a WiFi network for enhancing its security.

WPScan is another Kali Linux tool which is the best free WordPress security audit tool. WordPress is one of the best CMS resources. It's free but not open source. If you are interested to know if a WordPress blog is somehow vulnerable, WPScan is the best item for you. Moreover, it also helps you to catch the details of the active plugin. Of course, a blog which is well-secured may offer you a lot of details, but it is still the ideal WordPress security scan tool for discovering potential vulnerabilities.

Which tool is used for Login / Password surgery?

If you search for an interesting tool for Login / Password surgery, you can use of Blue Snake which is one of the best Kali Linux tool that is also pre-installed. It may not be enabled anymore- but you can have access to GitHub, therefore you are able to help work on that as well. Google's 8 alternative Privacy Based search engines are expected to be provided in 2019. Another famous tool is Wireshark which is the most famous network analyzer that runs on Kali Linux. It is also known as one of the ideal Kali Linux tools for the retina.

Another tool is Metasploit Framework the most widely utilized penetration testing framework. Metasploit Framework provides two versions for you - one which is open source and the second professional version to it. You can check for vulnerabilities, discover known abuses and accomplish a complete security assessment by using this tool. Of course, the free version can not provide all the specifications for you.

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What useful tools can Kali Linux provide for you?

Gun is another Kali Linux tool which is a web application scanner that gives you nearly any kind of web application. It is similar to WPScan, but not only concentrated on WordPress. It is fast and you can use it easily. Moreover, the recursive crawler method also makes it perfect. A report which is made by Skipfish will be helpful for assessing the professional security of a web application.

MALTECO is another Kali Linux tool which is impressive data mining tool that is utilized for analyzing online information and connecting points. As with information, a guided chart is made for helping analyze the links between these provided components. It should be mentioned that this is not an open source tool. It is pre-installed tool, but if you want to choose which version you want to use, you must register. If you aim to use it for individual utilization, the social version will suffice you just should register for an account. But if it is going to be utilized for commercial use, you ought to subscribe to the classic version or XL.

Have you ever heard the name Kali Linux in the Linux world?

How can you install Kali Linux?

Now, we are going to teach you how to install Kali Linux. We will install Kali linux on the virtual machine. To perform this, suppose you have a 40G hardware and 8Gig Ram. First, you should turn on the device and after that, you will be requested to choose the installation mode which you like from the GRUB menu. Choose Graphic Installation and then click Continue. When you go to the next page, you should choose local information containing the language you want, the location of your country and the keyboard language.

Through local information, you will be able to install some additional components automatically and configure your network settings. In the next step, the boot loader chooses a hostname and domain for this installation. Then you will be able to customize the configuration and go on for your installation. In this step, you should create a password for your Kali Linux operating system and continue to install. After creating the password, you will be requested to adjust your time zone. Then you will get to your partitioning section. In this step, there are four options which you can choose one of them for disk partitions. It is better to use "Guided - Use Entire Disk" because it is the easiest option for you. Professional users can also utilize the "Manual" partitioning method.

What should you do in the final step?

In the next step, you should select the partitioning disk and then continue. Confirm all changes created to disk on the host device. Be careful that if you continue, you will destroy the information. After confirming the partition changes, the Loader booter performs the installation of the files. Then you should let the system to install automatically. This may take some time. After installing the required files, you will be requested to set up a network for launching software components and subsequent updates.

In the next step, you should install the GRUB bootloader. Select "yes" and choose the device to write the information which is required to load on the hard disk needed to boot Kali. After installing GRUB on the disk, click continue to finish the installation. It will install some files which are related to final steps. In this step, Kali is successfully installed and you can use it.