Facebook Chat Tracker – Facebook Messenger Spy App

Facebook Chat Tracker – Facebook Messenger Spy App
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Facebook Tracker - Track and Monitor Facebook Messages We all agree that Social media have provided personal space to kids. Also, partners can do some things which can tear apart their relationship. Facebook, the biggest social media platform, has been in the news for years. On a general stage, Facebook is the biggest social media platform that anyone can use. There are many features that Facebook offers.

Facebook Tracker

You can share your personal life through Facebook. You can share photos, videos, and your views and use them for entertainment. Many promotional accounts can be followed. You can have friends on Facebook who will comment and like your posts.

With every good feature, there is a threat to humans. Facebook provides a general ground for every user. You can follow people, talk to them, share personal information, etc. Kids can misuse this, partners in a relationship, employees, and others.

Facebook can be useful for earning money. You can earn money through lawful things. The guidelines issued by Facebook are to be followed. However, the world is not kind to Facebook too. Unlawful activities, offensive posting, and hurtful comments are widespread on Facebook.

Also, adulthood is cherished by Teenagers on Facebook. To restrict your kid from doing this, you can track the Facebook handle. Yes, you can hack the Facebook handle without even leaving any hint. The owner of the account will not get any clue about tracking.

Facebook TrackingFacebook Tracking

You can use the Mobile Tracking application for hacking Facebook accounts. There are a few steps that are supposed to be followed. There are many features of these Facebook tracking applications. Let’s take a deeper look at the features of Facebook hacking applications.


Features of Facebook Tracking

Access over Direct Messages: Facebook is used by the majority of teenagers. This age is for love and affection, which many people find on social media platforms. Facebook is quite popular amongst teenagers, partners, and employees. You can look at the messages which they send and also look at the content of the message.

Look at posts: Facebook is pivotal for posting media like photos and videos. You can get access to the photos and videos that people post. Many people share posts with tags and the location of the photos. You can take a look at the location of the photos and tags.

Chat media: Facebook is the most preferred social media platform by teenagers. They share inappropriate photos and videos on personal chat. This tracking application will provide you with access to the shared media. You can look at the media sharing with friends on Facebook.

Friend list: Facebook is useful for meeting new people and sharing the moments of your life. You add new friends and know more about them. With the help of a Facebook tracker, you can see the list of friends. You can have a look at your friends and their daily status.

Time and Date Stamps: Facebook will provide you with the activities performed with time and date. Note down at what time the person posts a photo or sends a message. The timestamp will help you to confront the target person face to face.

Steps to Track Facebook MessagesSteps to Track Facebook Messages

Facebook tracking application is straightforward to use. You can use the application easily with proper knowledge. There are no tough steps that you must follow. Basic information about how to track the Facebook account will be enough to get access to Facebook.

  • Step 1: Download Facebook Tracker

To start tracking your Facebook account, you have to download the application on the target device. Install it at the mobile racking app once you download the application by using the link on the official website. Please provide all the necessary permissions they ask you for during registration by providing the necessary details again.

  • Step 2: Log in

You have to log in yourself again by entering the required details for registration. Once you enter the data, you can start by tracking down the Facebook account.

  • Step 3: Facebook Tracking

You can track the Facebook account and get access to shared media, posts, comments, etc. The account user will not get any clue if someone is hacking their account.

Facebook Spy App – Tracking and Monitoring messages on Facebook Free for Android phones.

With Mobile Tracker Free, you can monitor conversations from Facebook messaging.

View all messages received and sent from different conversations

Please view the details of each message with its date, type, recipient

No root required - The phone doesn't need to be rooted

Why will you find this feature useful?

You will be able to monitor the conversations on Facebook Messenger of your child or your employees. This will help you keep them safe from external threats.

What are the restrictions?

If the phone is not rooted, the application will retrieve the messages received in the notification bar and the messages sent via the accessibility of the phone.

To do this, the phone must be correctly configured. See the video on YouTube for more explanations.

It is still better if the phone is rooted to be sure to retrieve all Facebook messages.

Facebook messages spy

Get access to the Facebook conversations on a target phone. Would you please keep track of your kids` phones to read their Facebook messages? Monitor your kids` Facebook messenger to be sure they don`t fool around during school time.

  • Multimedia

View all pictures, videos, and text messages sent and received via Facebook messenger of your kid remotely. Would you please keep track of multimedia files of your child with the Facebook spy feature to make sure they are not involved in sexting?

  • Why monitor Facebook

Modern parenting requires digital supervision. Facebook is one of the most popular social media for teens and requires constant attention. By monitoring Facebook, you protect your kid from cyberbullying and online predators.

Note: Keep in mind that to use the Facebook messenger feature, Android devices require rooting, and iOS devices require jailbreak

Facebook Chat Tracker

Facebook Tracker – Facebook Messenger Spy App & Chat Monitoring Software

Facebook Tracker Want to know what your children are really up to when they are on Facebook App? SPY24 lets you know on time if your children are talking to inappropriate people or sharing harmful pictures, suspicious group activities, etc.

  • View all Facebook chat conversations date & time
  • Find out the names of people they have been chatting
  • Access to all activity of the user on the Facebook
  • View all captured data from your SPY24 dashboard

Are you worried about the excessive social media activities of your children? Do you want to find out what they do and who they are interacting with? SPY24 eliminates the uncertainty by providing you the facility to view Facebook messages.SPY24’s Facebook tracker makes it happen for you.SPY24 captures all this information from their phone.SPY24 will give you all Facebook activities right to your dashboard panel.

View all Facebook messages, including group chats, conversation times, and dates.

Once activated, our Facebook tracker begins collecting data from the target device and uploads it directly to your online user portal for convenient viewing access.

Protect your children from sexual predators, cyberbullies, and risky behavior

Awesome product features into a single app

Give all calls to the dashboard. It will also display the caller/called person's cell numbers and how long each call lasted. Also, if the number is registered under a name in the phonebook, you will get his name/image. The system will also send call log details to your registered email address.

You can read any message that was received by or sent from the phone. The messages are logged into your SPY24 account as they are generated with sender number, receiver number, date, time, and message, so you can read them EVEN IF the holder of the phone erases them. The system will also send a text message to your registered email address.

You always know where your kids are. We give you Real-time interactive maps. Receive notifications when they arrive at their destinations. Location path helps you to draw the full path of your phone for the whole day.

Supervise users’ popular social network accounts to learn what they are texting about. Using SPY24, you can monitor Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber, Line, Hike, Skype, Hangout, Tinder, Wechat Kik messages, and Mails. If your phone is non-rooted, you will get only incoming messages. In a rooted phone, you will be able to get both incoming and outgoing messages. Even if the user removes the records, you won't miss them. They will be available on the SPY24 dashboard.


SPY24 dashboard will allow you to view every image the phone camera has captured. Many users use SPY24 as their image storage. Even if the photo is erased from the phone, it will be available on the dashboard.


SPY24 gives you phonebook access to monitor your phone. When new contact data is created on your phone, the record will be available on the dashboard. You can always use them as a Phonebook backup if your phone stopped working. It also gives provision to download contacts in CSV format.

SPY24 logs all URLs the user has visited in the cell phone browser. You'll be able to see if someone has been viewing something they shouldn't be viewing! Many users specifically buy the SPY24 service just because of this feature.


Do you know which application is most used on your phone? SPY24 lists all installed applications on the phone. It also shows which app is more frequently used. As a parent, this is going to valuable feature, as you can always block an adult application from the SPY24 dashboard—users praise SPY24 for this feature.


SPY24 gives you the facility to schedule photo capture. Schedule pre-planned photo capture. The scheduler starts capturing photos for a given time. If internet connectivity is not available, it will upload that data when it connects to the internet.


Capturing Live activity is now very easy with SPY24. From the SPY24 dashboard, you can capture the live photo. Along with living photos, you can get instant location and many more features. If someone steals your phone, your phone will start ringing loudly by accessing the play ring. Even you can not stop the ring until you unlock the phone.


SPY24 tracks every calendar activity entered into the device, which can be shown in the Calendar List. SPY24 client captures scheduled meetings, reminders, and Monitors tasks created on the user's device.

Facebook Messenger Spy App


Identify which application and programs the target phone can most access—Block inappropriate applications from the SPY24 portal. You can now have full control over the applications installed on a monitored device with SPY24's Application Blocking feature. SPY24 also gives a feature to block incoming/outgoing calls and incoming SMS for unwanted contacts.

Keylogger android also provides real-time data synchronization, which means that as soon as a keystroke is performed on a keyboard, on the targeted device, it will be visible in the control panel. The best free keylogger is available as an essential feature of the SPY24 application. Even though it is free keylogger software, it’s one of the most advanced software of this kind.


Now you can monitor all texts copied by your child. For example, your child copies a message and sends it to someone else. Or your child copying some article from the web and trying to broadcast using any social media app. Those will automatically be captured and available in the clipboard section at the SPY24 dashboard.


Now SPY24 brings life safety for your child. You can monitor the health of your child on the SPY24 Control Panel. SPY24 shows your Child's health on its control panel. It tells how much distance he walked and how many calories he burnt from his exercise. It will work on some specific hardware versions that have supported sensors on the device.

How to Spy on Facebook Messenger Chat

Facebook Messenger Spy App

SPY24 gives you full access to the target's Facebook activity. You can see exchanged messages, usage history, and uploaded media files.

On average, people spend 2 hours and 22 minutes on Facebook every single day. With SPY24, you'll be able to monitor your target's Facebook use anonymously:

View private messages and group chats.

Access photo profiles of the people the target interacts with.

Retrieve media files being exchanged.

Access Facebook Messages With Our Facebook Tracker

SPY24 can track all Facebook Messenger texts exchanged on Android devices, including tablets!

Messages exchanged on Facebook are saved in a file. Our software access this file and retrieves both inbound and outbound messages. Additionally, it can download photos, voice messages, audio files, and videos sent through Facebook's Messenger.

Once you get the app set up, you have to log onto your account and access the dashboard. Then, you can see exactly what your target is up to on Facebook. You can peruse their messages, take a look at their contacts, and see their usage history.

Timestamps accompany all chats. You'll also be able to view exchanged media files.

Do I need to root or jailbreak my phone?

No, you don't need to root the target Android device for access to all of SPY24's features. Note that Facebook monitoring doesn't work on iOS devices. We used to offer this option once but discontinued it because a jailbreak was needed. Jailbreaking is dangerous and can potentially brick the target device. However, you CAN spy on WhatsApp activity on iOS devices with SPY24 without a jailbreak.

Fully Stealthy

SPY24 on Android works in stealth mode. Once the app is installed, you can choose to hide it. Thereafter, it will run in the background. It won't drain the battery much or slow the device down. Your target will never know they're being spied on.

What Can You Learn From Someone's Facebook Activity?

Facebook is extremely popular. Most people spend hours on it every day. Chances are your target does too. Potential targets include children, family members, and employees.

Facebook Monitoring for Employers

Do you have a Facebook company page? Your staff will interact with customers via direct messaging. You can monitor the messages to see if your staff are being polite and attentive.

Also, it's no secret that most employees chat on Facebook during work hours. Productivity suffers as a result. With Facebook monitoring, you can stop employees from slacking off.

Facebook Monitoring for Parents

Almost all kids use Facebook these days. Their friends are on Facebook, after all, and they don't want to be "uncool" by not being on it too. Unfortunately, Facebook isn't always safe for children.

There are bullies, scammers, perverts, and sexual predators on the website. Children make easy prey, after all. Only by monitoring their Facebook usage can you keep them safe. That's where SPY24 comes in.

Whether you need to keep an eye on a single person or multiple different people, SPY24's advanced software is exactly what you need. What are you waiting for? Sign up for free now!

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How to track Facebook messages

Have you ever wondered about the answer to the question "How to spy on Facebook"? If so, your answer is our Facebook tracker, which is well-designed for you to access and monitor Facebook communications remotely. All you need to do is to follow a few simple steps to start monitoring.

First, go to Underspy official website, choose a user package, and make the purchase. Then, download Underspy and install it on your target device; it only takes a few minutes. Now you can log in to your personal Control Panel to access all the Facebook messages on your target device.

First, visit Underspy official website and choose a user package suitable for you and make the purchase.

Second, download and install the software on your target device

Third, log in to your personal Control Panel to start monitoring all the email communications.

Always remember that the impossible doesn't exist. The best email spy is just a few clicks away!

Facebook tracker in detail

A great number of people may wonder if "is it possible to spy on someone's Facebook account." Some parents may believe that it is impossible, and they would never find out what their children are doing on social media such as Facebook. Our advanced monitoring software called Uderspy makes impossible things happen. Our new Facebook tracker app is here to help you put all your worries at rest and safeguard your children. You can benefit from several features by using the Underspy Facebook tracker, such as unlimited IM access. Do you wish to access Facebook IM on your children's cell phones? All you need to do is to download and activate the Facebook messenger spy on the target device and start tracking its instant messenger on Facebook at any time. Just log in to your personal Control Panel and access all the data remotely and anonymously.

Our Facebook spy app allows you to be aware of your kids' performance on this social media. If you have decided to safeguard your children, all you need to do is subscribe to Underspy.