Facebook Messenger Tracking - Ways To Hack Facebook

Facebook Messenger Tracking - Ways To Hack Facebook
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Facebook is one of the most useful tool globally for exchanging quick information and socializing for teens and employees alike. Its users have grown to slightly over a billion making it one of the best platforms for businesses. However, with a large number of users comes the pitfall. Teens make use of this app by doing what is not allowed like exchanging unwanted images and learning illicit habits like early sex and drug usage. Workers might also end up spending a lot of productive hours on the social network hence putting your company at a loss. This calls for a close monitoring of the activities of these two groups on the social network.


With our facebook spy ing application - facebook tracker , you will conduct Facebook messenger tracking of conversations and file exchange on mobile devices belonging to your kids or workers. Let us know of what worries you and we will provide you with a facebook spying application that will solve your problems. With this facebook spying software you can:

Facebook Messenger Tracking - Ways To Hack Facebook

spy facebook

  • Go over or peruse all Facebook messenger conversations and take note of all the data including the day and timing
  • Gain an access to all Facebook messenger contact information with our facebook tracker
  • Take over Facebook messenger past recordings with the day and timing of all the happenings
  • Monitor all the documents exchanged via Facebook messenger
  • Glimpse the information on your PC without internet connection by just hitting on the download and the data is changed into worksheet which can be stored

34 ways to hack facebook

Using Appmia software you can see and read all the chats and conversations that took place in Facebook on target phone. All the messages sent/received will the help of that phone will be available to you. So, believe – spy Facebook is easy and with the help of this software you will see how to hack Facebook messages.

All the messages and chats will be seen.

All the names of the participants will be clear.

You will know the date and time of this or that message or conversation.

Find all the files including images, audios and videos that were sent with the help of Facebook or were saved on the target phone.

All those messages will be save to the control panel of Appmia, so you can check them at any other place with Internet connection.

Why it will be useful for you

There can be plenty of reasons – worrying about your kid’s activity on social media platforms; controlling your colleagues or subordinates for more proper organizing of the work time; checking your beloved person in order to be sure you are still loved. Any information about their Facebook activity can be easily found as soon as you download that special spy software . After the installation Appmia will report you any Facebook activity as soon as you log in with the help of its control panel on your phone.

Some other features of Appmia:

Read all the instant messages ( Viber , Facebook, WhatsApp, iMessages)

Track GPS location and URL

Wire-tapping and spying the calls

The ability to block the phone

Get access to all the multimedia files

Access to address book, memos and list of the applications

Blocking of sites and apps as well as numbers from sending SMS or calls

Undetectable icon

Around-the-clock support

5 days money back guarantee

Some of the reasons why you need it:

Monitoring of your employers, kids and lovers

Simple returning of your phone if it is stolen or lost

Phone information protection

How to Hack Facebook

Note: While we have already covered this topic in more detail under How to Hack a Facebook Account, we’ve written again to shortly concise the 3 best ways to hack facebook.

There are many who covet to hack into a Facebook account in order to access some intimate data and information. There are many techniques and paths to performing such an endeavor. Some of the most effective and prominent one’s are mentioned as following:

1. Hack With Spy Software :

This is a technique that is undoubtedly the best path there is to hacking into Facebook. The thing that puts off and dissuades many from this path, however, is that this path requires payment of monetary sorts. Despite the fact that this is paid software, still the truth remains that Spy Software is the number one and most effectual method that there is to discovering someone’s Facebook password.

There are many companies that are involved in manufacture and creation of Spy Software. However, many of their software is flawed and rendered useless for those individuals who wish to be sneaky and covert in their approaches to hacking a Facebook account. That is because they induce certain ethical and moral measures that warn users that they are being monitored while using it. There are still some programs that allow one to remain undetected and monitored while using it like SPY24 for instance. You can use this program without being spied on all the time. A huge advantage that Spy programs hold over other hacking means is that they provide data in the form of images or snapshots. So, even if the intended target deletes his previous messages, you will still be able to record them.

We recommend KeyProwler, as it has a free version and is very easy to use.

2. Phishing Method

Phishing technique is the most commonly used and most popular of techniques associated with Facebook hacking. It is simple, straightforward and vividly obvious for comprehension. However, there is still a need to master the skills relative to the technique so as to not make any mistakes or errors when suing the said technique. Through Phishing, a false screen for logging into Facebook is created. Upon entering his email address and password, these details pertaining to the victim are collected by the hacker who can then use it to access the account.

3. Phone Spying With Mobile

Mobile spy Software technology has been around for a long time but only selective and specialized phones can run the said software. It wasn’t till the origination of the Android and iPhone phones that smartphones became widely popular and exquisitely alluring. Now, almost all now possess a phone with smartphone and spy software supporting capabilities. One can also use these programs as a means for hacking into a Facebook account. Still at present, there is no way you can utilize said software over the internet to acquire the information In order to do so you should first install the spy software manually on the target’s mobile phone. Once he or she logs into Facebook, then the mobile spying software will alert you of the password and email address used in the said login procedure.

We have covered this in our article Top Apps for Spying on Mobile .

How to Hack a Facebook Account

Hack FacebookMany people would like to hack a facebook account in order to find out some information. Since our blog is focuses on catching cheating spouses this is a hot topic these days. I’ve written many hacking guides for myspace, hotmail, etc. and they all are pretty similar. There are lots of scam sites and such telling you they can hack for money, or having you download “hacking tools” that are actually designed to steal your own passwords.. and these should be highly avoided.

This article will tell you exactly the real ways you can hack a facebook password and view it’s activity. There are 3 methods, and 1 of them is free:

Spy Software

(paid software, but best chance at spying on facebook )

Spy software is basically a tool that can be used to spy on everything a person does on their computer. From what sites they visit to capturing the password they use for facebook (and other sites), spy software is by far the #1 and most effective way to hack someones facebook password.

There are many companies that sell spy software, but the the problem with most of them is the law and “ethics” that force them into including warnings in the spy software that notify the user they are being monitored. This is great for employers or parents, but for those that want to be sneaky and hack the facebook password you need a remote monitoring solution. If you are looking for a product that will NOT warn the person they are being spyed on, check out SPY24 (WE NO LONGER RECOMMEND SPY24, AS THEY NOTIFY USER OF BEING SPYED). Getting it installed on the person’s computer is pretty easy, and to view what information the software has captured you need only log into their website. A HUGE advantage to spy software vs just hacking the facebook password is that spy software will take screenshots and capture data, so that if the person you want to hack is deleting their facebook messages.. you will be able to view them in SPY24’s screenshot logs. As I mentioned in my previous MySpace hacking article (which has thousands of positive comments from when myspace was actually popular).. I have used SPY24 to catch my girlfriend and it saved me from almost/possibly getting an STD.. not joking. I highly recommend using SPY24 to catch a cheater, and have done a full review on it here.

If you live with the person you want to hack, you probably don’t need SPY24 if you can access the computer physically and regularly. In this case you might check out KeyProwler which supports a lot of the same features, but without the need to pay a subscription like SPY24. I tried out the 7 day trial and it worked great at recording a facebook password.


(free, but more difficult and technical)

If you’ve been on facebook long enough, you’ve seen your friends making weird status updates or wall posts that you know they wouldn’t make such as “hey i just won $100 check out this site www.spy24.app”. It happens to your friends because hacking accounts can make spammers a lot of money, and it happened because of Phishing. Phishing is basically the process of tricking someone into entering their private information into a FAKE facebook login page, and this is how it usually works: the victim is sent an email that appears to be from facebook (yes, this can be easily done) and the message contains a call to action such as “Your account needs to be activated or it will be suspended!!!” along with a link to activate your account which actually goes to a fake login page (setup by the hacker) that looks identical to facebook. Due to many peoples ignorance to how authentic looking and convincing these “phishing” messages can be, people often click the links and enter their login details without thinking, and now a spammer/hacker has them for his purposes which is usually hacking more accounts – after all, you trust your friends, don’t you? 😉

If you would like to learn how to do this yourself, I am all about education and have created very detailed phishing instructions along with a fake login page creator tool. It comes with a free way to send an anonymous email that looks like it came from facebook, where to sign up for free hosting for your fake login page, and everything else needed to phish someone’s password. See below!

As of Nov. 2010 we have received legal threats to remove this information from our site.

Mobile phone spying (iPhone, Android, Blackberry)

Mobile spy software! It’s been around for years, but only on some phones that most people didn’t have. Then the iPhone was born and changed everything causing the smartphone to become ‘cool’, and then a wave of android phones followed such as the Droid, Evo, Incredible, etc (theres like 20 phones now). Even I myself have a smartphone capable of running spy software now (HTC Evo from sprint), but just last year I had a motorola razr which could not run such sophisticated software. While monitoring a phone of course has the advantage of spying on text messages and phone calls, were here to talk about facebook and how to hack facebook passwords. Getting the spy software installed on a phone without physically handling it is almost impossible, so if you think you can hack a phone over the internet – not yet, because any program that is installed on the phone must be done manually. There are only two products that work on both iPhone and android phones – they are Mobile Spy (WE NO LONGER RECOMMEND MOBILESPY, AS THEY NOTIFY USER OF BEING SPYED) and MobiStealth and you can read my detailed review of them both in my other article Top 3 Apps for Spying on Text Messages and Call History.


The huge advantage of computer spy software over other methods is that instead of only getting the facebook password, you can get passwords to all different kinds of sites, chat logs, and most importantly SCREENSHOTS. For example, say they are deleting their inbox messages from facebook (which happens alot with paranoid spouses) – normally you would have no idea or anyway to recover them with just their password, but SPY24 will have recorded what the screen looked like when they were browsing their inbox so that you can look at the picture and read the message.

Phishing, while the most popular method to hack someones facebook, is highly technical and relies heavily on tricking the person. It is mainly used on a mass scale and not for targeting specific people because of it’s low success rate – the success rate depends highly of course on the intelligence of the person and how believable your “phish” is.

Finally, mobile spying is about as effective as computer spying (once installed), but the fact is that not everyone has a cell phone that will run spy software. Thats right, not everyone has a cool iPhone, Droid, or Evo yet. But because these phones are so cool, they make for a great gift that you can preinstall the spy app on and then have full access to whoever you give it to.

Top 3 Android Phone Apps for Spying on Text Messages and Call History

Posted on May 10th, 2010 by Hack Your Love

I’ve had my new HTC Hero for about a month and I absolutely love android, and in the next few years almost everyone’s cell phone will be a “smartphone” – and android is set to take the lead over the iPhone with the number of android devices coming this year. With the app market transforming our phones into little computers, spy software has gotten more powerful, easier to install, and cheaper. And unlike the Windows Mobile and palm smartphones of previous years, todays smartphones are actually cool and fashionable for the average person. It has never been easier to pick up a Nexus One or Motorola Droid for your partner as a gift and turn it into a stealthy spy phone in just a few minutes.

I searched for all spying apps I could find that met 3 important requirements: hidden from both the app list and task managers, able to access the spy data online, and records at least text messages and phone call history.


SMS Box will forward and archive all your phone calls and text messages to a web database where it can be accessed. I tested this app out and it appeared to work as it says. A free version of this app is available, but it does not include the stealth feature. The paid version of this app does not show up in the app list and sells currently for 19.90 euros ($27.13).

Free version available

Easily installable from the app market


Limited features

App must be purchased on additional phones you want to monitor

No tech support if you have issues

SMS Box Web Screenshot

Mobile Spy

The first spy software to come out of the iPhone is Mobile Spy, and it now works on android phones along with a ton of other smartphones. Besides text message and call logging, mobile spy also records photos and videos taken with the phone, appointments, emails, and even logs GPS locations so you can track just exactly where that phone has been traveling to. Information is accessed remotely online and you can check out a demo of the interface on their website. A big advantage to mobile spy is that it also works on the iPhone, windows smartphones, and many other types of phones including blackberrys.


Works on many other types of phones

Alerts to new phone contacts is a cool feature

GPS, email, photo, and video logging steps up your spying power

Yearly purchase includes Sniper Spy for free, a computer monitoring software we rave about constantly

Phone support


Product is subscription based

No refunds unless you have technical difficulties that they are unable to help you with

Limited to 3 phones you may monitor, per subscription


Update: We have recently reviewed MobiStealth and detailed exactly how to install it.

MobiStealth recently emerged as a solid competitor to Mobile Spy and shares many of the same features, but it has some more advanced features and comes in 3 different flavors of Lite, Pro, and Pro-X. The lite version is priced the same as Mobile Spy and has the same features except for photo/video logging. The Pro version is where it gets interesting – send a secret invisible text message to tell the phone to start recording the surrounding audio or retrieve the current GPS location, and the Pro-X version will record and upload phone call conversations for later listening.


The most features in a single spy app

No limit to the number of phones you can monitor

Better online spy interface than SMS Box or Mobile Spy


Product is subscription based

Lite version has less features than Mobile Spy at the same price

Buy MobiStealth Spy Software for Android Phone


After trying and reviewing all 3 spy apps on my phone I found each one to have it’s advantages. If you just want to spy on text messages and call history quickly and on the cheap, SMS Box via the app market is your best bet only costing $30 bucks. If you need additional spying features such as GPS to know where the phone is traveling and photo/video/email logging to monitor for anything suspicious, Mobile Spy is a better choice. Finally, if you need more advanced features like the ability to record phone conversations and remote text message control over the phone then MobiStealth is the superior choice.