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Facebook spy app
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Today, Facebook has become a virtual world for children and they spend a lot of their free time in it. But as a parent, it is important to know what attracts kids to Facebook. You may also try to track your child's chats and Facebook messages as a monitoring and control measure. But is there an application that helps us in tracking? Yes, there are many Facebook spy app s free downloads to monitor activity on Facebook. If you are a parent who is worried about their children, in this article we are going to review 10 of the best Facebook spy app for parents. So stay with us.

FaceBook Spy APP

8 of the best Facebook tracking applications are:

MSpy software:

MSpy software is one of the Facebook spy apps for android that is very useful and popular for parents. With this software, parents can enter Facebook chats and messages and the child's mailbox easily. This is done in complete secrecy, and your child will not be aware of this. The easy user interface of this software has made it a favorite of all. To use it, you need to download and install it. After installing mSpy software, it will start recording the Facebook activities of the person you want.

  • Price: $ 29.99


  • Compatible with iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows operating systems
  • Available from any browser
  • Multi-language support
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Simple and easy user interface


  • Incomplete chat monitoring

Flexispy :

Flexispy is one of the best applications for spying on Facebook. Using this application, you can get data, Facebook messages, chat, Facebook activities, profile pictures, photos, voice messages, and other details.

  • Price: $ 149.00


  • Monitor voice and digital communications on mobile phones
  • Works with Android, iPhone, Apple
  • 24/7 support
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Installation services


Highster is software used to track Facebook activities and other activities on the device. With this software, you can restore all old and deleted Facebook messages. After installing the software on the device, you can check the data on Facebook easily.

  • Price: $ 69.99


  • Powerful and fast app
  • 30day money-back guarantee
  • Easy to use
  • Works on all phones


  • Some mobile data may be lost.

iSpyoo :

iSpyoo helps you access Facebook activities such as messaging, chatting, chatting, and more. This software installs once on the device and does it for you without giving any hint of its presence.

  • Price: $ 54.00


  • Simple installation
  • It uses on multiple phones at once


  • Poor compatibility
  • It is not stable

TheTruthSpy :

TheTruthSpy works in the background without giving any idea to the user of the target device. This software collects data and sends it in real-time. It can be used to remotely control the device in question.

  • Price: $ 16.99


  • This application works on all phones.
  • Very easy to install as well as simple to use
  • 24/7 support
  • Reasonable rates


  • Delays in reporting, desktop customers

Copy9 :

Copy9 is a Facebook spy app for iOS that is simple and efficient. You can use it to track your kids' Facebook activities, and you can access a lot of information on your device, such as recording Facebook messages, chats, chats, text messages, call management, and Other

  • Price: $ 14.30


  • Simple user interface
  • Various features such as remote control of the desired device, recording of text messages, call management, and so on
  • Time update
  • 24/7 support

MobiStealth :

MobiStealth is another Facebook mobile and data monitoring software. This application runs silently in the background and continuously sends your desired mobile activities.

  • Price: $ 79.99


  • Instant download and installation
  • Permission to record
  • Free updates
  • 15 days money-back guarantee


  • No trial

Spyera May:

Spyera is a Facebook spy app. This application sends all Facebook messages and data related to Facebook chats and conversations.

  • Price: $ 149.00


  • The software is compatible with many devices
  • The program can be updated remotely


  • Customer support is poor

Surepoint Spy:

Surepoint is another Facebook spy application. Using this software, you will access all the data related to the person in question's Facebook activities.

  • Price: $ 69.99
  • The interface is very simple and easy
  • This software uses to monitor children, employees, etc.


  • Sometimes, the GPS location is updated quickly

Mobile Spy :

Mobile Spy is spy software that can be used to monitor kid's Facebook activities. Once installed on the device, the software works continuously in the background and sends the information to the online account.

  • Price: $ 49.97


  • Monitor up to 3 devices
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Free updates
  • Instant download

What is the best way to hack someone's Facebook account without knowing that person?

The above are some of Facebook spy and tracking software that are designed to track Facebook activities. Each of the above methods has its pros and cons.

Is hacking Facebook legal and worthwhile?

You may have many reasons to hack someone's Facebook account without them. You can use the above methods to protect your kids from online threats, including catfishing, sexually explicit content, cyberbullying, and more. Also, if you are an employer of a company and you want to monitor the activities of your employees, this software can be useful for you. Only in these cases is the use of spyware legal and not prohibited, but otherwise and for other purposes you should be aware of state laws and privacy and hacking.


By reading this article, you have understood everything that is needed to spy on your Facebook account. The methods mentioned above provide you with the information you need without knowing the target person. You can choose from any of these methods and applications. So download the Facebook spy app now. We recommend using mSpy software, which is more comprehensive than the rest. If you have experience using Fb spies that were reviewed, we would be happy for you to share them with us in the comments section. Thank you for your attention to this article.