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The text messages exchanged by the users are saved in as a chat. This Facebook spy app registers both incoming and outgoing messages.It also saves audio and video files from Facebook messages. So you can track Facebook messages no problemBest Facebook messenger spy appHow to spy on Facebook messages freeAccess all their Facebook chat messages online

How to Monitor Facebook Messenger chats via SPY24?

Watch the video and find out how you can monitor Facebook Messenger chats in just under 5 minutes.

What is SPY24 Facebook Messenger spy?

SPY24 has designed a Facebook Messenger Spy that lets you read all the Facebook Messenger chats remotely. Just download SPY24 on any Android device and start monitoring the Facebook Messenger of your children or employees. SPY24 provides an unparalleled social media monitoring that no other spy app could even think of!

With SPY24, you can remotely monitor Facebook Messenger conversations along with relevant time and date stamps.

Track Facebook Messenger chats

Access multimedia files saved on the target device from Messenger.

View time, date, and contact stamps.

Export Facebook chat data as a spreadsheet to an off-server location.

How to Spy on Facebook

facebook tracker online free

Not all Facebook Messenger spy apps are created equal

Spying on Facebook messenger could reveal what spying on other messengers many not. Unlike other IMs, a much bigger population of users interact with strangers on Facebook. This is risky, especially when you have kids on social media. With SPY24, however, you can take care of that and prevent your kids from going into conversations with anonymous people.

And if you have a child or employee to monitor, make sure that you do spy on their Facebook messages, because of Facebook users’ notorious reputation for oversharing.

FB spy app connects the dots!

Find all your answers when you download SPY24 FB spy on a phone or tablet. With our spy app, you can track Facebook messages and can even access photos or videos downloaded from the Facebook Messenger app on your phone.

Facebook Messenger spy Android

Our spy app for Facebook has extensive compatibility with every Android device. Be it a Gingerbread 4.0 tablet or a Nougat 7.0 smartphone, you can spy FB messenger with SPY24 pretty easily.

Facebook Messenger Spy iPhone

You can spy on Facebook Messenger on jailbroken iOS devices while the Facebook spying mechanism is similar to how you spy Fb Messenger on Android. You get to track Facebook messages, plus any multimedia saved from the app on the monitored device’s storage.

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Facebook Messenger Spy App

Why spy on Facebook Messenger?

With its chat bubbles and quirky nuances, Facebook Messenger is turning out to be a huge success, but not for our kids’ focus or employees’ productivity.

Kids are engaging in inappropriate chats online while employees are killing their time quite conveniently using Facebook and other social networking apps using their office-owned phones.

Over 1 billion messages are sent every month using Facebook Messenger; one of those could an online predator’s text to your child.

Facebook Messenger has seen an 89% increase in its popularity amongst teens since 2013.

Social media is turning out to be a significant hub for child cyberbullying and online harassment because of its popularity amongst young people.

When you spy on FB messenger, you provide a better digital space to your kids.

With its interactive interface, Gif keyboards and stunning emojis, Facebook Messenger is employees’ favorite pastime at work.

Facebook Messenger Spy App

Access Facebook Messages With Our Facebook Tracker

SPY24 can track all Facebook Messenger texts exchanged on Android devices, including tablets!

Messages exchanged on Facebook are saved in a file. Our software access this file and retrieves both inbound and outbound messages. Additionally, it has the ability to download photos, voice messages, audio files, and videos sent through Facebook’s Messenger.

Once you get the app set up, you have to log onto your account and access the dashboard. Then, you can see exactly what your target is up to on Facebook. You can peruse their messages, take a look at their contacts, and see the usage history.

All chats are accompanied by timestamps. You’ll also be able to view exchanged media files.

Do I need to root or jailbreak my phone?

No, you don’t need to root the target Android device for access to all of SPY24’s features. Note that Facebook monitoring doesn’t work on iOS devices. We used to offer this option once, but discontinued it because a jailbreak was needed. Jailbreaking is dangerous and can potentially brick the target device. However, you CAN spy on WhatsApp activity on iOS devices with SPY24 without a jailbreak.

Fully Stealthy

SPY24 on Android works in stealth mode. Once the app is installed, you can choose to hide it. Thereafter, it will run in the background. It won’t drain the battery much or slow the device down. Your target will never know they’re being spied on.

What Can You Learn From Someone’s Facebook Activity?

Facebook is extremely popular. Most people spend hours on it every day. Chances are your target does to. Potential targets include children, family members, and employees.

Facebook Monitoring for Employers

Do you have a Facebook company page? Your staff will interact with customers via direct messaging. You can monitor the messages to see if your staff are being polite and attentive.

Also, it’s no secret that most employees chat on Facebook during work hours. Productivity suffers as a result. With Facebook monitoring, you can stop employees from slacking off.

Facebook Monitoring for Parents

Almost all kids use Facebook these days. Their friends are on Facebook, after all, and they don’t want to be “uncool” by not being on it too. Unfortunately, Facebook isn’t always safe for children.

There are bullies, scammers, perverts, and sexual predators on the website. Children make easy prey, after all. Only by monitoring their Facebook usage can you keep them safe. That’s where SPY24 comes in.

Whether you need to keep an eye on a single person or multiple different people, SPY24’s advanced software is exactly what you need. What are you waiting for? Sign up for free now!

Facebook spy app - track Facebook messages

The text messages exchanged by the users are saved in as a chat. This Facebook spy app registers both incoming and outgoing messages.

It also saves audio and video files from Facebook messages. So you can track Facebook messages no problem

Best facebook messenger spy app

How to spy on facebook messages free

Access all their facebook chat messages online

Track Facebook messages

If the users use photos, images, or audio recordings in their conversations, all these files will be saved as well. They can be viewed in your user panel from any device with an Internet connection.

Besides saving Facebook messages, Facebook spy allows you to save all the conversation threads in the popular WhatsApp messenger. The device must be rooted to save Facebook messages.

If the software is installed on the Android-powered device with root rights then saving of Facebook and WhatsApp messages is performed automatically, and there is no need for any additional settings.

Why is this feature useful?

Nowadays, it’s difficult to find a person who is not on Facebook and the chances are that your employees or children are not an exception. This Facebook spy feature can help you read all the messages that were sent using Facebook messenger, and you can be sure to know a lot of interesting information just by browsing through the conversation threads.

You can read all the messages, view the images, and even listen to the audios exchanged by the users, which is very useful and will help you understand how much time is spent by the target device user on this popular website.

On average, people spend 2 hours and 22 minutes on Facebook every single day. With SPY24, you’ll be able to monitor your target’s Facebook use anonymously:

  • View private messages and group chats.
  • Access photo-profiles of the people the target interacts with.
  • Retrieve media files being exchanged.

Facebook Tracker as a Way to Spare Your Nerves

It’s no secret that Facebook is one of the most powerful social media networks on the planet. But how did we get here? When you think about what Facebook really is, it’s kind of alarming. A social network is actually a website that collects all kinds of personal information about its users. A lot of that information is provided by users themselves, like through uploaded pics, liked pages, comments in groups, and so on. But the majority is gathered by Facebook in ways we can’t even fathom.

But what if you want to know a little more about someone, like someone under your roof? What if you need to find out what your kids are up to on Facebook — who they’re talking to, what they’re saying, and so on? Turns out, there’s an app for that.

With SPY24, you can find out what they’re up to on Facebook, including who they’re chatting with, what they’re doing, who’s in their network, and more. This tool is designed to give you a clear picture of their online life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Download Facebook Chat History Using SPY24?

Using SPY24, you can export Facebook chats or other monitored data to your computer or any off-site location quite conveniently using your SPY24 web account.

How To Spy On Facebook Messenger Chat With SPY24?

SPY24 automatically uploads all Facebook Messenger chats to your web account, so all you need is a valid SPY24 subscription to get started.

Can I Monitor Facebook Messenger Chats Without Accessing The Target Phone?

SPY24 requires one-time access to the target device to set up the application; after which, you can remotely spy on Facebook Messenger chats from anywhere using SPY24’s web page-based control panel.

What Are The Prerequisites To Spy On Facebook Messages?

To spy on Facebook Messages of your children or employees, you will need to setup SPY24 on the target cell phone or tablet. You will also need a working internet connection on the monitored device for the Facebook chats to upload to your web account.

Can I Spy On Facebook Chats When The Target Device Isn’t Connected To The Internet?

SPY24 keeps working in offline mode even when the monitored device isn’t connected to the internet. You can access those Facebook chats once the target device connects to the internet.

Which Is The Best App For Parents To Track Facebook Messages?

SPY24 is a great way to track the Facebook messages of your children. Our easy installation and 24/7 help from the support makes it very convenient to get started.

Why Do You Need Facebook Spy?

There are lots of reasons why someone might need to find out more about what’s going on another person’s digital world. These include getting help with kidnapping, infidelity, runaway teens, and the leaking of crucial business information.

For many scenarios, there are specialized apps that can help. And in some cases, like preventing crimes or fighting terrorist activities, the police can intervene. But for the everyday common man, a Facebook spy app might be the best course of action. But remember, before turning to a solution that can help you monitor Facebook, you should always check the local laws in your area.

Is Facebook Monitoring Legal?

Great question. There are a number of Facebook apps that essentially spy on you. They know everything about you, from who your friends are to your personal interests to who you chat with regularly. That’s kind of the nature of Facebook. It’s all about personal information. But spying on a friend or relative’s Facebook activity via a Facebook tracker is a little more complicated.

Simply put, the use of a simple Facebook tracker isn’t illegal if it doesn’t violate the law and serve illegal purposes. But does snooping into someone else’s personal affairs violate the law? That’s for you to find out as laws vary across the planet. What we can tell you is that monitoring your child or monitoring someone else with their explicit consent is not considered illegal in many jurisdictions.

The Best Facebook Spy App

So, you’ve made the decision to final use a Facebook spying app. The only thing left to do is figure out which app to use. Unfortunately, that’s not an easy task. The mark is crowded with a bunch of free spying apps. But we recommend you stay away from those. After all, when something is free, it’s most likely too good to be true.

Free Facebook spy apps are designed with one purpose in mind—to steal your personal information, like credit card numbers and passwords. That’s why it’s better to choose a paid app, like the Facebook spy app developed my SPY24.

Full disclosure — our app isn’t free. But you get what you pay for. When you buy SPY24, you get an advanced product with bank-grade security, built to keep your personal data protected. And SPY24 goes way beyond just Facebook spying. Our monitoring app gives you a full picture of their digital lives. This includes full access to their text messages and social media conversations, including Facebook chats. You also get things like GPS tracking, phone call monitoring, and the ability to see their saved pics and videos, plus those that they’ve sent and received.

The exact features you’ll get with SPY24 depends on the type of subscription you decide to go with. We recommend reviewing each feature, identifying what kind of phone you have, and taking some time to understand your exact needs before choosing on which subscription to go with.

If you can’t decide right off the bat, check out the SPY24 demo. You’ll see all the features in action before having to open your wallet. And you can also take advantage of our money-back guarantee, so if SPY24’s Facebook spy app doesn’t work to your liking, you can get your money back.

But consider yourself warned — with SPY24, you might discover things you wish you hadn’t. If you’re OK with that, you’re going to love what SPY24 can do.

How to Track Secret Conversations on Facebook

It’s no secret that Facebook makes a boatload of money off its users through advertising alone. And they’re not exactly famous for respecting people’s privacy. But even so, users feel comfortable having secret conversations on Facebook, either through Facebook Messenger’s regular chat option, or through Secret Conversations, a chat option that encrypts messages and erases them after a set period of time.

If you want to know what they’re saying and to whom they’re saying it, you need a Facebook spying app like SPY24. It lets you monitor Facebook messages from your phone remotely, so you can read their messages and see the pics and videos they’ve shared with their friends.

How to Spy on Facebook Messages Without Accessing Their Phone

We get it. You want to see what they’ve been chatting about on Facebook, but you don’t want to resort to picking up their phone and scrolling through their messages. Perhaps they always carry their phone with them. Perhaps you don’t know their phone password off hand. Or maybe physically picking up their device and scrolling through their messages feels like an invasion of privacy, whereas doing that virtually seems less so.

Whatever the reason might be, a Facebook spy app can help. Just install the Facebook tracker on their phone and log in on yours. In seconds, you’ll be able to see their private conversations. It really is that simple.

Find Out About Facebook Sexting

Facebook seems like a pretty innocent platform, but the social nature of Facebook makes it easy for any two people to connect. And with Facebook Messenger, you can instantly strike up a conversation with a complete stranger. If they meet a new friend on Facebook, you never know what they’re going to share with them, or what others are going to share.

Even though Facebook knows everything about its users, Facebook Messenger feels like a private, safe space where you can talk about anything. In fact, many people are more apt to have inappropriate conversations on Facebook than they are through text messages. Perhaps that’s because they believe text messages are easily intercepted and Facebook messages aren’t. In their world, spy Facebook apps just aren’t a thing. Whatever the reason, it doesn’t make a difference. With a Facebook spy chat messenger, you have the power to see everything — including evidence that they’ve been sexting.

Do They Use Other Chat Apps? This Facebook Tracker Does More Than You think

We know that not everyone uses just one social media platform to communicate. In fact, they might chat with a handful of people on Facebook Messenger, use Snapchat to share pics with other friends, and use simple text message apps on occasion too. By getting a full-featured Facebook Messages tracking app, you’ll have the power to see what they’re up to wherever they chat. It’s a smart way to stay on top of whatever they’re doing.