Family Safety App to Monitor Child's Phone - Family Orbit

Family Safety App to Monitor Child's Phone - Family Orbit
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Parental control app for iPhone, iPad, Android phones, and tablets. Limit screen time, block apps, and monitor child's phone activities.

The Best Parental Control App to Monitor Your Child's Phone

Monitor Your Child’s Phone Activities

Locate Your Child on a Real-time Map

Detect and Alert for Inappropriate Activities

View Text, Websites, Call History, and More

Compatible with iOS Spy and Android Spy

Family Safety App to Monitor Child's Phone - Family Orbit

Best Features

Our parental control app is compatible with both Android and iOS, and it gives you the ability to monitor all of your child’s phone activities. You can also view calls, websites, and text history too so that you can keep an eye on the sort of content that your child has been viewing. Not only does our app enable you to monitor your child’s activities, but you can use the real-time map feature so that you know where your child is at all times.

Text & Call Logger

Know who your child has been speaking with.

Location Tracking

Know where your child is at all times.

Website Activity

Find out what sites your child has been visiting.

View Photos and Videos

Discover what content your child has access to. Prevent any inappropriate photograph from becoming viral.

Activity Timeline

Put all of the pieces together so you know what your child has been up to.

Real-Time Alerts

Receive alerts so you can act quickly if your child is in any sort of danger or accessing things they should not be.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android Phones, and Tablets.

(iOS 9.0 - 14.x / Android 4.4 - 11.x)

Protect Your Child From Cyber Threats

Family Orbit ensures parents are alerted when children are exposed to content they shouldn’t be, whether this is harassment, cyberbullying, or content that is not age-appropriate.


Cyberbullying is rife at the moment. As people can hide behind a computer screen, they feel they have the right to say the most hurtful things. This can be extremely damaging to a child’s emotional state, and our parental control app can help to protect your child from this.

Online Safety

While the web is filled with a lot of great and information sites, there’s also a dark side of the web, which no child should be a part of. We also have to protect our children from people who may be using the Internet to groom children. Our parental app goes a long way to helping with this.

Track Movement

Our parental app also enables you to track the movement of your child so that you know they are where they say they are. If your child is somewhere he/she shouldn’t be, you can act quickly.

Sign Up

Create your Family Orbit Account

install app

Install the Family Orbit app on your child's devices.

monitor phone

Monitor your child's phone from the web-based parent's dashboard.

Why should I choose Family Orbit to Monitor My Child's Phone?

One Account, Entire Family

No need to sign up for multiple accounts. With Family Orbit, you sign up once for your whole family, and pay once for the use of parental control on multiple devices!


Whether you are iPhone or Android user, you will be able to connect through Family Orbit. Family Orbit provides parental control solutions to both iOS and Android platforms. No expensive hardware costs! You already have the device you need!

Instant Alerts and Notifications

You will always know immediately where your children are, and if they are in trouble. Information from them to you, and you to them, will flow quickly and freely. With just the ding of a phone, you can help ensure their safety.

No Jailbreak, No Spyware

Your use of Family Orbit is just between you and your family. The information you send and receive through the app stays within the walls of your digital home! You also don’t have the hassle of putting Jailbreak for iPhone monitoring, something that can be a huge obstacle to effective digital monitoring.

Parental Control with Family Locator and Limit Screen Time Features - Family Orbit

Learn about the parental controls and screen time management features to monitor and protect your kids 24/7!

Comprehensive Parental Control and Monitoring Features

We have worked hard to make sure that our parental app has all of the features you could possibly need to keep your children protected. From monitoring phone usage to knowing your child’s location at all times, we have covered all elements to ensure that your child is safe and protected.

Key Features

A parental control app can give you peace of mind, enabling you to monitor your child’s activities while also putting provisions in place to ensure your child is not able to access unsuitable content. Here at Family Orbit, we have developed the best parental control app for concerned apps. Read on to discover more about it.

Monitor Phone Usage

Take control of your child’s phone usage before it takes control of your child. Make sure that your child’s phone is used only for making the right kinds of connections.

GPS Tracker

Know where your child is at all times! The GPS Tracker will take the guesswork out of your child’s safety.

Parental Insights

The A.I.-powered parental monitoring app will detect signs of cyberbullying, sexting, and inappropriate content and warn you with instant alerts. Scan photos for porn, gore, and violence.

Parental Control

With just a few swipes or clicks, your children can be swept into places you would never allow them to go to in the real world. Take back control of your child’s cell phone usage!

Cell Phone Monitoring Software

Unless you are able to effectively monitor it, your child’s phone can become a portal to bullying, predation, and abuse. Now you can take back control of your children’s safety by monitoring how and where they use their phones, as well as whom they are engaging with when they do. With our cell phone monitoring feature, you can track conversations and content across text messages, call records, photos, websites, social media, and more.

Text Messages

View Incoming and Outgoing Text Messages.

Call Records

View Call Details Including Duration and Contact Info.


View Photos and Videos Stored in Your Child's Device.


View Complete URL of Every Websites Visited.


Read WhatsApp Conversations Remotely From Anywhere.

Address Book

Family Locator

So you want your children to be independent, but you also want to ensure that their safety is never compromised? By being aware of their movements, you alleviate many risks. Now your children can stay curious about life and the world we live in, while you provide the safety net of knowing where they are at all times.

Real-Time GPS Tracker

By tracking your children’s movements, you can make sure that are always where they are supposed to be. With the power of this information, you will be able to act on potentially dangerous situations before it is too late.

Location History

The thought of your child being in danger is a devastating one. Tapping into your child’s location history helps to set your mind at ease. You will be able to see where they were at a given time, allowing you to find them whenever you need to.

Mobile Geofence

Think of Geofence as an invisible boundary that will notify you if your child’s phone ever steps over it. Without delay, you will know if your child is outside of a geographical safety zone, and quickly be able to take action.

Check-Ins & Emergency

Rather than sitting at home or at work biting your nails with anxiety, you can make sure your children Check-In with you as often as possible. Have the peace of mind of knowing they can get hold of you in the event of an emergency.

Parental Insights

Another powerful feature you will get is our Parental Insights dashboard. Our parental monitoring app is A.I. powered, meaning it has been created to spot any signs of inappropriate content, sexting, cyberbullying, or harassment. If anything of this nature is spotted, you will receive a real-time alert.

Text Analysis

You can use our parental control app’s A.I. technology to scan your child’s text messages to determine whether there is any offensive or bullying content. If you find your child is using profane words, conversing with negative sentiments, engaging in sexting, or being bullied, you will be able to take action.

Photos Analysis

Determine whether your child is looking at images they should not be. Protect your child from inappropriate photos, such as those sexual or violent in nature. You can also use A.I. technology to scan photos for anything inappropriate, including violence, gore, and porn.

Web Analysis

With machine learning, our app learns about your child’s behavior and takes the steps to protect them from browsing websites or content they shouldn’t be. Discover what really interests your kids.

Family Orbit Pricing and Download - Buy iPhone / Android Parental Control Software

Discover how affordable cell phone parental control and monitoring can be, with the Family Orbit app.


Family Orbit


/ Month

Use on up to 3 devices.

Family Orbit


/ Annum

Use on up to 3 devices.

Family Locator with Location History

Call and Text Message Tracker#

View All Photos Captured

Monitor Web History#

Monitor Address Book & Calendar

Virtual Geofence & Speeding Alerts

Check Mobile Data Usage

See Installed Apps#

Screen Lock

App Blocker

Website Filtering

Daily Email Reports

Alerts & Notifications

Web-Based Control Panel

Free Updates

Purchase Questions

Do I need to buy a separate Premium membership for each child?

No, you can monitor up to three children’s devices with one license for either the Android or iOS app. However, if you wish to use iCloud-based monitoring, you will need to purchase one license per device.

Is Family Orbit compatible with my phone?

Family Orbit is compatible with iPhone, iPod, and iPad running iOS 9.0 or above. For Android, Family Orbit is compatible with all Smartphones or Tablets running Android version 4.4 or above.

Can I cancel my Family Orbit premium subscription before it expires?

You can cancel your subscription for the next renewal only. You cannot cancel the subscription for the months already paid for.

iPhone Monitoring Software | No Jailbreak | No App to Install | Free Trial - Family Orbit®

Monitor your child’s text messages, calls, photos, web, and location easily with this iPhone monitoring software. No installation or jailbreaking is required. Find out more here.

iPhone Monitoring Software for Parents

Monitor Call, Text Messages, Photos, Location, Social Media, and more without jailbreaking your child's iPhone with the new parental monitoring service. You need not install any app on the child's phone.

Compatible with

iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch


Call History

Monitor call details including date, number, and duration via our monitoring app. This provides you access to your child’s incoming as well as outgoing calls.

When your child’s call history is monitored, nothing can be more peaceful than this though: your child is safe from the digital world. In case the call history shows too lengthy calls from someone you don’t want them to be friends with, you can talk to your child about it and educate them to change their behavior.

Text Messages

Track sent and received SMS and iMessages. Also, monitor Deleted SMS if they are sent to backup before they are actually deleted.

With everything from text messages to sender and recipient details on your hand, you can track the whole conversations your child is into. This is an easy way to know that your child isn’t involved in texting impermissible messages or even if your child is getting bullied.


View photos were taken by your child, or view the ones they’ve downloaded into their phone. You can also see when each of these photos was taken.

Since you have access to all photos available on your child’s phone, you can keep an eye on their activities and behavior on a regular basis. In case your child is misusing their smartphone camera, you can take action immediately.

Location History

Track the places your child has been to with their phone. This app provides you the location history of the phone your child is using. The location history report also includes specific details such as the exact time and date when your child visited a specific location on an online interactive map.

Do you often worry if your child lies to you? If you are unsure as to where exactly your child is going and with whom, then this app solves the issue. If your child is lying to you, you can show their location history to them. This will help you stop your child from lying the next time they go out.

Web History

View the URLs your child has visited while using internet browsers on their phone. The app lets you scan through the entire browsing history so that you can track all their online activities.

Your child’s online security is priceless. That’s why you must find out regularly if the websites your child visits are safe for them or not. By providing a detailed analysis of the date and time when these websites were visited, this app helps you confirm that your child isn’t abusing their internet privileges.

Other Features

Calendars & Reminders

Check every event saved in your child’s phone calendar. The app tracks all calendar activities entered into their monitored phone.

Apps Installed

Stay informed about your child’s smartphone activities by monitoring the apps they’ve installed. The iPhone Monitoring app will show you all their installed apps for playing games and communicating with friends.

Address Book

Be informed about each contact your child enters into their address book. This also lets you view the list of numbers and names stored in the contact information.


View the chat messages sent or received using the popular WhatsApp messenger app.


Q: What is Family Orbit® iPhone Monitoring Software?


Family Orbit® iPhone Monitoring Software allows parents to track their child’s phone usage and behavior in more than one way. This app lets you monitor if your child is using their phone safely. It helps you control them if they’re indulging in activities that seem unfavorable to you. This includes tracking their call history, text messages, photos, web history, location history, calendar activities, and a lot more.

Q: What are the requirements of the iOS Monitoring service?


To use Family Orbit for iPhone Monitoring you need to install a small applet on your desktop computer. And you may need temporarily one-time access to your child's iOS device and connect it to the same computer so the device can be monitored correctly.

Alternatively, you can also monitor by providing your child's Apple ID credentials. Once you provide the details data is fetched directly from the iCloud. Please note, we recommend using both the desktop and iCloud-based method for comprehensive monitoring of your child's phone.

Q: Do I need to jailbreak the iPhone or install any app on my child’s iPhone?


You don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone or install any other app on your child’s phone. That’s because jailbreaking is complicated as well as it nullifies the phone’s warranty. Secondly, if you upgrade your phone with a new iOS version in the future, you’ll be wiping out the jailbreak. Once you have set up the account, you’re authorized to track your child’s behavior via the Family Orbit® - iPhone Monitoring Software. It is "optional" to install the Family Orbit app on your child's phone.

Q: How does Family Orbit extract data from my child’s device?


You can configure your child's iPhone to backup to your computer with iTunes. Once this easy setup is done, the iPhone syncs with your computer wirelessly. Family Orbit decodes these new backups and upload them to your private online panel for you to view.

Family Orbit software can also monitor your child's iPhone using iCloud. The app creates a remote connection with your child’s iCloud server. With Family Orbit® iCloud Monitoring Service, you can retrieve all their phone usage data directly from the iCloud Servers. Besides this, the GPS tracker extracts the location history of your child using the same technology as Find My iPhone.

You can optionally use the Family Orbit app to monitor your child's location in near real-time.

Q: Can I monitor multiple devices?


To monitor multiple devices, you are required to have a license for each of the devices you want to track. Once you’ve purchased the required license, you can view the recorded data extracted from multiple devices in your online account.

Parental Control Android App - Family Orbit®

Parental Control Android

Easily and Quickly monitor your child’s location and phone activities with Family Orbit, top parental control, and tracking app. Our tool enables you to monitor everything from current location to pictures, text messages, call logs, apps, and more.

Monitoring Features

Our easy-to-use Parental Control App enables you to monitor and manage your child’s phone activities from wherever you are. All you need to do is sign up and add your child to your family account. After the application has been installed on their device tracking and monitoring start immediately.

Track GPS Location

Know Where Your Child is by Locating Their Phone through GPS

Monitor Calls and SMS Activities

Know Who Your Child Is Communicating with and See Their Text with Ease

Monitor Contacts and Calendar

See What Is Happening in Your Child’s Life by Monitoring Their Calendar and Contact List

Monitor Photos

Make Certain Your Children Are Only Taking Appropriate Photos

Monitor Mobile Data Usage

Keep Your Data Bill Under Control by Knowing How Much Data Your Child Is Using

Wi-Fi History and Device Info

Know Where Your Child Is Accessing the Internet with the Press of a Single Button

How to Monitor Your Child’s Calls and Text Messages?

As your child grows it is important to gradually give him or her the opportunity to grow as an individual. Part of this is enabling them to communicate with their friends with limited oversight. Every child is different, making it important for you to have the tools needed to scale your monitoring in a manner appropriate for the circumstances.

Our tool gives you the data needed to step in as needed while giving your child the opportunity to communicate as he or she sees fit. All you need to do is log into our app and see if an intervention is necessary.

Selfie Safety and Monitoring Photos

Children often focus on the present when it comes to making vital decisions. This is especially true with the technology they utilize every day. Thanks to the near-permanent nature of social media a single poorly taken photo can negatively impact future college and employment prospects.

Parental Control App gives you the opportunity to monitor every photo received or taken and swiftly take action if something inappropriate crops up. It is always better to know about a situation before it becomes a problem.

SMS Tracker | Text Message and Phone Monitoring App for iPhone and Android - Family Orbit

Remotely track text messages and monitor your children’s smartphone activity with Family Orbit’s SMS Tracker . Sign Up for a Free Trial.

The #1 SMS Tracker and Phone Monitoring App

Are your kids constantly staring at their smartphones? Does it seem like they’re always texting someone or totally engrossed in their social media feeds?

As a parent, your top priority is keeping your children safe. And for their safety, it’s important to know who your children are communicating with and what they’re looking at on their phones.

We can help you keep an eye on your kids’ phone activities with our innovative SMS tracking app!

Logging Features


Use our app to monitor not only what your kids are texting but when they are texting as well. It’s a matter of keeping them on the right path and the safe path!


Our app allows you to keep an eye on any dangerous stranger calls that might be coming into their line, giving you the ability to take action.


With our GPS tracker, you can see where they are at any time allowing you to know they are safe. Location history will show you the child's daily movement.


Take a peek at what photos and videos your kids are sending and being sent, what they are storing on their device or sharing with the world.

Track Text Messages

Prevent Cyber Threats with SMS Tracking

Want to know what your kids are texting? At Family Orbit, we know just how important it is to be aware of who your kids are communicating with to keep them safe. And that’s why our semstracker will show you all the details you need to know. You’ll be able to see who your children are talking to, what’s being said, and when the messages are sent. This allows you to intervene with cyberbullying, know when your kids are chatting with strangers they may have met online, or are illegally purchasing drugs and alcohol.

View Their Full Call History

When monitoring your children’s smartphone activities, it’s just as important to know who they’re calling. By viewing their call history with our mobile phone tracker, you’ll be able to see who they’re calling, who’s calling them, and when the calls are made. With this feature, you’ll quickly be able to identify any strange or potentially dangerous callers to keep your children safe.

Track Web History

See Their Web Browsing History

Knowing what websites your children are visiting is just as important as knowing who they talk to. With the Family Orbit app, you’ll be able to see exactly what your kids are seeing when they browse the web. And with this information, you’ll be able to intervene the moment you suspect something is wrong instead of finding out after it’s too late. You’ll even be able to block websites and apps that you don’t want them interacting directly through our text messaging monitor app.

Location Tracking for Peace of Mind

It’s a big world out there, and not knowing where your children are at any given time can be nerve-wracking. With the GPS tracker, you’ll be able to see exactly where your kids are at any time. Plus, you’ll be able to see their location history to find out exactly where they’ve been throughout the day. Never again will you need to wait for a call confirming that they’ve made it safely to their location or where they really are when they tell you that they’ll be late coming home from school. Instead, you’ll find the peace of mind you need with instant answers with our SMS monitor.

Monitor Photos & Videos

Media Monitoring

Kids are sending, receiving, and posting media from their phones every day. The photo and video monitoring feature in our phone tracking app allows you to see exactly what they’re storing on their phone, sharing through messages, and posting on social media sites. Now you’ll be able to quickly intervene if they’re storing or sharing material that may be dangerous or inappropriate and keep them safe from internet predators.

How It Works

Step 1: Create Your Account

Simply create your account on our website or through the Family Orbit app to get started. All new accounts have access to a 7-day free trial.

Step 2: Install the SMS Tracking App

Install the Family Orbit SMS Tracking App on your children’s smartphones.

You’ll then add them to the account you created in step 1.

Step 3: Monitor Your Children’s Devices

After your children’s devices are added to your account, the work is complete. Now you can use the app to monitor texts, calls, location, and media at any time for complete peace of mind.

Family Locator App - Family Orbit

Family Locator App

Make locating and contacting your family easy regardless of the situation with Family Orbit’s new family locator app. All it takes to get started is to download and access the apps on all the iPhone and Android devices you and your family use every day.

Using the family locator is as easy as logging into your special account on your mobile device or computer. Try it today!

App Features

Real-Time Family Locator

Know Instantly Where Every Member of Your Family Is Around-The-Clock

Location History

Know Where Your Child Has Been to See If Something Strange Is Going on


Be Alerted When Your Child Arrives at a Designated Location

Panic or Pickup

Give Your Children a Quick Way of Letting You Know When to Pick Them up

Family Chat

Message or Share Photos with Your Family one-on-one or with your entire family


Keep an eye out for Your Children Regardless of the Devices You or They Use

Family Locator App

How Can a Family Locator App Help You?

Once your child becomes a young adult it is vital to balance security with freedom. A family locator app enables you to keep an eye on where your child is without having to resort to numerous phone calls or highly restrictive curfews or distance limits.

It also serves as a discrete way for you and your child to communicate during emergencies. All it takes is the push one button in the Family Orbit App to locate and reach out to your young adult.

Benefits of Geo-Fence Notifications

Day-to-day life is filled with a routine that rarely wavers. By understanding why your child goes on a record basis it is possible to identify deviations that may be cause for concern. By placing a geo-fence around the young adult’s normal route, it is possible to easily notice when something is amiss.

A simple boundary enables you to give your child freedom while being certain that they are safe. This is ideal for those teens that just gained their license and want to make certain that all is well.

How to Use Family Locator on a Trip?

After installing and registering the application on all your children’s devices keeping tabs on them is as easy as logging in. By using Family Orbit app, you can create Geo Fences on the fly and allow your children the freedom to explore wherever you have decided to vacation.

Our application works wherever your child's phone has an Internet connection. It is possible to use Family Locator in locations around the world.

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The support section has everything you need to know about parental monitoring through Family Orbit. Explore the frequently asked questions, or contact us through the help desk. We will answer your specific question in a jiffy!


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