WhatsApp Tracker - SMS tracker Call Tracker Recording

WhatsApp Tracker - SMS tracker Call Tracker Recording
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The best way to monitor your phone or tablet. SPY24 is the application that allows you to free monitor your children, prevent data theft and supervise the productivity of your employees. Our mobile monitoring application tracks all the activities of the target phone, such as SMS Call Tracker / MMS, call history, GPS position, e-mails, photos, web history, and more.


This application allows you to read all SMS and MMS sent or received by the user of the phone.

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Mobile App for Tracking Text Messages and Phone Calls

Using SMS Tracker , you can keep an eye on your child at all times.

Android 2.1 and greater allows you to monitor your child's text messages, both the ones they send and the ones they receive.

Check out their photos and other images by viewing their multimedia messages - this allows you to see what they've seen.

With Android 5. x and later, you can see what your youngster has been browsing for the past week.

Examine your child's phone call history to get a complete picture of all of his or her interactions with the outside world.

Keep tabs on your child's whereabouts with this feature. Using GPS tracking , you can know exactly where your child was while they used their phone in any way.

Make sure you know who your child is spending time with and why - SMS Tracker makes it possible for you to see the names of the individuals your child is communicating with by integrating with their contact list.

Search for SMS messages If you're worried about your child's behavior, you can use the search function to look for specific terms in their texts.


In light of the numerous reports of child predators, cyberbullying, drug and alcohol misuse, and other heinous acts, parents are becoming increasingly concerned that their children will become the victims of someone else's poor decisions. Even when they're under your roof but have access to their phone, constant cell phone use implies that you're constantly on edge. "How can I monitor my child's text messages?" is a common concern among parents.

When it comes to protecting your children, SMS Tracker is a lifesaver. But we can do so much more with our SMS tracker . Android 2.1 or higher is required to use this program, which lets you monitor multimedia messages, incoming calls, and browsing history. More than a list of phone numbers your child has sent or received messages from is available when the system is integrated with their contact list. Every person they're corresponding with has a name you recognize.

Every parent's worst nightmare is a child with a drug or alcohol addiction. The GPS feature is vital if you have cause to believe your child is engaging in this behavior or talking with someone involved in this behavior. SMS TrackerTM uses GPS to identify and log your child's location whenever they use their phone. There will be a map of their whereabouts whenever they do something on their phone when you check in to your account. Moreover, if you're worried about something specific, you can look through their text messages for whatever term you want. Do you have a family that includes multiple children? SMS TrackerTM can be used on many devices.


The SMS TrackerTM app must be installed on your child's phone to complete registration and create an account. The tracking of your activities will begin right away. To our servers, we'll be able to access logs. View your child's phone usage statistics by logging on to this site using either their phone or a computer and any browser. Your child's text messages and multimedia messages will be available to you at any time. There is more to it than showing you the message. Your child's contacts can also be integrated so that you can see who is sending or receiving your child's messages. If you'd like to keep track of when and for how long a phone call lasted, we'll give you a log. You can see exactly where your child is at all times with SMS TrackerTM, which uses GPS to pinpoint their exact location. To see where they have been since they left with their phone, you can do it by using this app. You can see exactly where your child's phone was used by visiting the website. Afraid of someone or something in particular? You can look up a specific person's name or any other term in their text messages. Your child may be at risk from a variety of persons and activities if you are a parent in the modern world. You want to safeguard children, but it can be difficult to know how to do so, especially with the new technology they have at their fingertips. Text messages sent and received by your children can be tracked with SMS Tracker. It's not just a text message tracker, either. SMS TrackerTM offers a level of security that is unmatched by any other program. It allows you to see what your child is doing on their phone, as well as where and with whom they are doing it. Use their cell phone to keep them safe from harmful persons and situations by being aware of what's going on there. Subscribe to our service by downloading the SMS Tracker App!

SPY24 Features | WhatsApp tracker SMS tracker Call tracker Recording

  • Calls

This application lets you view all incoming, outgoing, and missed calls, their duration, and the date and time they took place.

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GPS Locations spy24

SPY24 lets you track the position of the target phone live.

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This application allows you to view all the pictures taken and images received by the user of the phone.

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SPY24 lets you access incoming and outgoing messages from Facebook and WhatsApp without the target phone being rooted.

You can also access messages received from Skype, Hangouts, LINE, Kik, Viber , and Telegram without the phone being rooted.

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With remote control, you can fully control the phone, delete data, make it vibrate/ring, take a picture, and more.

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  • Live to view

With SPY24 you can view live what happens on the phone screen and around it.

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With SPY24, browse the file explorer and view all downloaded and received files.

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SPY24 allows you to restrict the use of the phone by blocking access to all applications.

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Access all phone applications, and block applications that you think are harmful to your child.

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View all websites visited by your child or employees, and block sites that you think are too dangerous.

Learn more by clicking on the following features: History of sites visited, Blocking websites Calendar

SPY24 alerts you when a new event is added to the calendar.

Learn More: History of events Contacts

SPY24 notifies you when a new contact is saved in the address book.

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Generate PDF, and Excel reports.

Know who your child is talking about the most, with which game he plays the most, ...

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App for spying on the phone (Android-iPhone) 2022

How to catch a cheating husband on WhatsApp

If you have reason to believe that your partner is chatting with another person using WhatsApp, we will show you how to determine whether or not your husband is cheating.

Do you have any cause to assume that your husband is having an affair with another woman? Do you think he is always late to work? Is your partner frequently engaged in conversation with others? Do you have reason to believe your boyfriend is cheating on you? Whatsapp can assist you if you find yourself in this situation by helping you uncover the truth about your husband's infidelity through texting.

Cheating Men Have These Five Characteristics:

Late-night business meetings, lipstick traces on garments, unique scents, and other such clues are too obvious to ignore. There are, however, additional, more subtle symptoms that your husband is unfaithful that should be considered.

The demand for power in men's lives is sometimes channeled into their personal lives when they feel threatened at work or are stuck in their employment. They pursue and achieve in their personal life as a way to demonstrate their might.

It is normal for the number of sexual encounters to decrease over time, but it should stay healthy for both partners. If you go months without having sexual contact with him and he shows little interest or shuns you, the relationship may be in peril.

In addition, if your husband has suddenly started criticizing your looks, such as your weight or your wardrobe choices, this could be a sign that he is having an affair.

While you are present, your husband displays that there is anything he is trying to hide by refusing to answer phone calls.

Changes in passwords on his laptop and smartphone, as well as leaving his phone in the car or at work, are all signs that he does not want you to see him making calls or sending texts.

If you're still not sure whether or not your husband is cheating on you, a cell phone spy app may be able to provide some answers. You'll find information on how to catch a cheating husband on WhatsApp, why it won't work, and alternative tactics to try in the sections that follow.

5 WhatsApp surveillance apps to catch a cheating spouse in the act

This article will discuss five phone spy apps that will assist you in identifying WhatsApp betrayal. In the following step, you can look through your husband's WhatsApp contact list to see with whom he is most frequently communicating via text messages and pictures or video chats. So that you can catch your husband cheating on you using messaging apps.


This program is one of the most advanced couple tracker apps available, allowing you to monitor your husband and discover whether he is cheating on you. SPY24 is available for both Android and iOS devices. By installing this software on your husband's device, you will be able to access all of the information from anywhere. Once installed this software functions in a private mode. This means that your husband would be completely ignorant that their activities are being watched over. You will be kept up to date on their whereabouts and every move they make. With SPY24, you can track everything from freshly added contacts to images on the smartphone and the entire call history in a methodical manner.

Keep an eye on the text messages that your husband sends and receives on his cell phone.

All WhatsApp data, including the date and time of each call and text, as well as the duration of each call and text, may be viewed and monitored.

Manage all multimedia assets, including images and videos, that have been shared on WhatsApp and saved in the gallery.

Find out where you are right now.

Incoming and outgoing calls on each other's cell phones are accessible.

Compatibility with Android-based smartphones and tablet computers

SPY24 is a program that can be downloaded.

FlexiSpy (flexispy.com) is a surveillance software program.

FlexiSpy claims to be able to provide you with remote control over the target device by collecting information such as call logs , text messages, emails, and chats on popular messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, and Skype, among others. In addition, if your husband has a Tinder or Instagram account, you may keep track of his GPS location and social media activities.

Keep an eye on your husband's phone calls.

Examine every text message

Use your husband's phone to gain access to all of the digital content (for example photos, audio, and video) that has been shared with you.

Access the whole history of the Internet at your fingertips

Have the ability to access any file, regardless of whether it has been previously deleted.


Hoverwatch, among other things, can be used to determine the location of contacts, records, and SMS messages sent and received. As an added feature, it allows you to track the most popular RRSS applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.

Take a look at the SMS and email messages that they've sent or received;

Observation of all chat discussions in messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Skype, and Viber; and

Make sure you have complete control over all phone calls.

View photographs, movies, and files that have been previously stored;

Maintain a log of the websites that have been visited.

Make use of WhatsApp conversations and files to track down your husband;

Locate the phone using GPS.


Aside from that, iSpyoo is an amazing spyware application for Android and iPhone users. Because of the app's comprehensive features, it can provide an extensive range of monitoring options, while also maintaining a high degree of quality and affordability. To install and begin monitoring your husband, you do not need to jailbreak or root your device with this program.

Telephone calls are being monitored and analyzed.

Messages to be reviewed (including iMessages)

Examine your husband's WhatsApp conversations to establish whether or not he is cheating.

Keep track of your GPS location.

Consult with your network of contacts

Consult the calendar and any notes you've made.

View the applications that have been installed, as well as a myriad of others...

Spy on Your Mobile Device with This App

Mobile Spy comes equipped with a bevy of useful functions. It is an excellent spy tool that can be used to keep track of your husband's online activity. In addition to instant messaging programs like WhatsApp and Messenger, the software can also monitor websites. You may also access your saved contacts and Internet history as well as remotely snap photographs using this application. As a result, it's a fantastic tool for catching a cheating husband on WhatsApp in the act!

a messenger who responds immediately (WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.)

Keep a record of your web browsing activities.

Keep track of how much time the application is being used.

Text messages that have been removed from the system

Call lists should be investigated.

Keep track of your GPS location.



Cell phones that are connected to my Wi-Fi network are vulnerable to hacking.

For example, you can easily download and test any of the cell phone spy apps mentioned above to keep track of your husband's WhatsApp activities and assess whether or not he is cheating on you.

It's possible to trace your husband via WhatsApp 24 hours a day using this approach.

This is a trick that you should be aware of. WhatsApp may also allow you to track the location of your husband/exact boyfriend at any time of day or night. This WhatsApp function, on the other hand, is only effective if both participants agree to use it. That is, in contrast to SPY24, you will be unable to track your husband's movements without his knowledge or consent.

If you want to catch your spouse cheating on WhatsApp, all you have to do is persuade him to follow the steps outlined below.

Your husband must first open the WhatsApp conversation, then click the "Attach" button and then select the "Location" option from the drop-down menu. In the next step, the user needs to choose "Real-time location" and enter 15 minutes, one hour, or eight hours.

During this period, your husband will connect with you over WhatsApp to let you know where he is. If you want to stop this, simply click on the "Stop sharing" button.

This way of detecting treachery via WhatsApp has its limitations: your husband may invent explanations to shield himself from being exposed. He may flatly reject everything, leaving you with little more than a nagging feeling that has yet to be proven.

The information you obtain from SPY24, one of the best husband tracker apps available, will provide you with all of the information you require to determine whether or not your husband is being unfaithful and to gather evidence of adultery. This article might assist you in identifying and catching your Whatsapp cheating partner. To analyze jealousy, love, and infidelity, let us make use of WhatsApp.

SPY24 is a program that can be downloaded.