How to find out my IMessage is being hacked?

How to find out my IMessage is being hacked?
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Sending SMS and SMS is one of the oldest ways to communicate on mobile phones. Which does not cause special attention and sensitivity in the family due to its silent pursuit. But this silent communication strategy can be dangerous in situations that involve our child with unhealthy people in society.

Obviously, many programs have been written and many tricks have been created to infiltrate and hack the SMS of others. Today, with the advancement of technology and the advent of smartphones, the use of SMS has almost given way to Internet messaging applications such as Telegram and WhatsApp. For this reason, most hackers have focused their work on topics such as hacking Telegram and other social networks.

But SMS is still one of the applications of mobile phones, which is very, very efficient in places where Internet access is limited. In this article, we intend to introduce and review the method and program that can be used to control and hack the SMS of others remotely and check their communications, as well as the method to deal with this action. Learn too.

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There are several ways to hack a phone. Some of these methods do not require advanced technological knowledge at all:

1- SIM card transfer attack

In this way, hackers transfer your phone number to their own SIM card and take control of your account.

2- Spyware

Spyware can collect your data. Some spy apps are so simple that anyone without advanced technology can use them. Hackers use spyware to remotely monitor all the activities of your phone. If someone installs such an app, they can access your device directly.

3- Malware

Using public Wi-Fi networks can also infect your phone with malware or malware. Hackers have the ability to divert your phone to phishing sites by setting up fake Wi-Fi networks or taking control of your phone via USB cable at charging stations.

4- Phishing messages

Emails, texts, and Facebook messages that contain malicious links can install malware on your phone and steal your information.

5- Download malware

You may even download malware on your phone while downloading apps from suspicious sites or by clicking on untrusted links or pop-ups.

How to find out if our phone has been hacked

You can be sure of this by considering the following:

1. When you notice something on the phone that you do not know at all (such as apps, messages you did not send, purchases you did not make, or suspicious phone calls)

2- Your phone is slow. The phone may be running out of resources, the battery may run out quickly, and it may become hotter than usual. Some hacker activities can significantly reduce the power of the phone.

3- Your data consumption will increase unprecedentedly without changing anything. Malicious processes can reduce your Internet traffic in the background while monitoring your activities.

find out if our imessage has been hacked

4- Your phone has a strange behavior. Apps do not run as they should, open and close unexpectedly, or apps crash or can not open at all.

5. Pop-ups appear on the phone screen. If a lot of pop-ups appear on the screen, it is likely that your phone is infected with spyware or malware.

6.Sending and receiving strange text messages can also be another sign of a cell phone being hacked. About sending a text message that everything is clear! If your phone automatically sends a text message to any number, rest assured that this process is very suspicious and is caused by a malicious factor and could be a sign that the phone has been hacked! But in the case of receiving strange text messages, we must say that strange text messages do not mean promotional text messages that are sent in abundance by mobile operators these days; These text messages can not be a sign of hacking the phone. Rather, incoming text messages containing strange content sent by anonymous numbers, which you do not notice at all, can be a sign that the device has been hacked.

How to protect your phone from being hacked?

1- When publishing in public places, refrain from publishing your personal hotspot. If you're going to release it, make sure you secure the required settings as much as possible.

2. Do not use Wi-Fi or phone charging locations that you do not trust. Hackers may be able to obtain or even track your data by setting up a fake access point, but with a real name. Remember that if you use public WiFi but have nothing more to do, be sure to turn it off.

3. When you are not using Bluetooth, be sure to turn it off, because hackers can use it as an access point.

4- Lock your phone by deu do not know to use your phone.

6- Check the apps on the phone regufining a password or lock screen.

5. Do not allow people yolarly to find out the unknown apps.

7. Do not open suspicious messages, links or files. Maybe they are malware or spyware.

8. Install anti-malware apps and keep them up to date.

9- Do not use download sites that you do not trust. These sites can be a potential source of malware


In general, hacking is the theft of other people's personal information without permission or without the person's knowledge. One of the simplest and easiest ways to hack SMS is to divert messages. In this method, the hacker accesses the person's phone and redirects his messages to his desired number. But this method, as it is very simple, also has major drawbacks. The biggest drawback of this method is that the hacked person's messages are no longer sent to him / her and only the hacker is able to see the messages. In this case, it is easy to understand that the phone messages have been hacked.