FlexiSPY vs SPY24 Is The Better Monitoring Application

FlexiSPY vs SPY24 Is The Better Monitoring Application
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SPY24 is more affordable than FlexiSPY , has more features, and is more powerful FlexiSPY is the only monitoring software for Mobile, PC and Mac offering Call Interception, Ambient Listening, Phone Call and VoIP Recording as well as all the traditional spy features you would expect.

FlexiSPY vs SPY24

Cheaper than FlexiSPY - SPY24 starts at $ 5,99

Are there things that FlexiSPY can't - SPY24 is invisible for Android 11

The only solution available for the latest iPhone

Easier to use than FlexiSPY - FREE FlexiVIEW application

Safer than FlexiSPY - No SPY24 data breaches

Better reliability than FlexiSPY - SPY24 is the original since 2012

Recover your losses from FlexiSPY - SPY24 Trading Program

Phones pre-installed with SPY24 - delivered directly to your door

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Read on to find out why we win the SPY24 race against FlexiSPY.

SPY24 vs. FlexiSPY - Comparison Table

SPY24 is for the most demanding detectives who leave nothing to chance.

Look below for proof that SPY24 is more affordable, has more features, and is more powerful.

FlexiSPY vs SPY24 Is The Better Monitoring Application

Price: SPY24 vs FlexiSPY

SPY24 :$19.99

FlexiSPY :$29.99

Completely hidden on Android 11

Phone Call Recording

Phone Call Interception

Read IM Calls

Record Phone Surroundings

Listen to Phone Surroundings Live

Take Photo/Video with Phone Camera

SPY24 - The original from 2012

At SPY24, we know a thing or two about how to make reliable mobile surveillance software - because we created the spyware industry in 2012 - and have been running the package ever since.

Think of SPY24 as a master against the cheap fake sweatshirt.

Since 2012, when we created the world's first spy phone - we continue to design, develop, test, offer and maintain all our products - nothing is outsourced, and everything is done under one roof.

All this contributes to a better product and intense customer satisfaction - unlike most others who are just retailers reselling lower technology obtained by the lowest candidate.

Choose SPY24, and you will get the innovation, reliability, and quality that come with fourteen years of experience in developing technology used by millions around the world.

A unique product, unique features Let's look at just a few areas where our differences shine through.

Focused on instant messaging

For the younger generation, SMS and phone calls are dead - it's all about social media and instant messaging. SPY24 is designed to be the leading instant messaging application with features such as capturing both sides of the conversation and viewing stickers.

Monitors all audio streams

Unlike FlexiSPY, SPY24 allows you to listen to and record audio from sources such as regular phone calls and IM calls like those made via Facebook Messenger.

Powerful remote control

Turn your phone into a remote camera and video recorder - open the phone's microphone to listen to your surroundings.

Free mobile application FlexiVIEW

Access recent and critical data on the go with our intuitive mobile review app for Android and iPhone - free with every purchase.

Always know with the screenshot of the application.

Update IM continuously. When this happens, contestants rush to catch up to update their software, and you lose valuable chats.

Our unique app screenshot feature means that when an app like WhatsApp is updated, you won't notice because you'll still be able to see chat screenshots.

It has the best data security.

Customers rarely think about data security until hacks occur.

Skipping security reduces the cost of monitoring applications but has the natural consequences of ignoring safety.

We are proud to say that SPY24 has a 100% perfect experience in compromising its customer data.

Unfortunately, our competitors cannot say the same.

‍Check the hacked room for the shame of the spyware application.

The best for Value means different things to different people.

Whether you are a budget buyer or a professional who cannot compromise on the ability to obtain any available information, the SPY24 product range covers you.

From our SPY24 LITE product - which is the most affordable in the industry - to SPY24 EXTREME, unique in the industry, we have something perfect for everyone.

Recover your losses from FlexiSPY with our trading program Recover your losses by trading your FlexiSPY license against a copy of SPY24. Join over 1,600 spyware enthusiasts who have switched to SPY24.

Do you still need more information?

Read our full review of FlexiSPY below.

FlexiSPY vs SPY24

What is FlexiSPY?

FlexiSPY is a mobile surveillance application marketed as parental control software to help keep your children safe. Once installed on the target device, FlexiSPY records activity logs such as incoming and outgoing calls, SMS, emails, and more. This data is then transferred to your web-based portal at specified intervals that you specify, with a minimum of 5 minutes.

Before we continue, please note that FlexiSPY's iCloud spyware application does not work in most circumstances. And although FlexiSPY offers an iPhone jailbreak package, it offers few features and little value for money. There is only one company that offers Reliable iPhone monitoring .

It is helpful that with FlexiSPY, you will also be able to restrict specific actions with features such as call blocking, website blocking, and app blocking on Android devices (not available for iOS).

Let's start by researching what devices FlexiSPY is compatible with.

Which devices is FlexiSPY compatible with?

  • Android devices

Compatible with Android 4.0 or later

Requires physical access to the device

Tracking instant messaging, Wi-Fi networks, emails, and other advanced features will require rooting.

  • iOS devices (without jailbreak)

Compatible with all versions of iOS

Requires iCloud login credentials

It does not require physical access to the device.

  • iOS devices (Jailbroken)

Compatible with iOS 6-8.4 or 9.2

Requires physical access to the device

FlexiSPY is compatible with Android and, to some extent, iOS devices. After extensive testing, we found that the FlexiSPY product for iOS is weak compared to the features available on Android. Also, FlexiSPY is not compatible with devices running iOS 10 and later, which means it will not work on the latest iPhones.

Note that you cannot download FlexiSPY from Google Play or the App Store. The official application is available only on the FlexiSPY website.

Features and prices

Although it offers the same or similar features to most phone monitoring applications, FlexiSPY is positioned as a switch product for parental control software.

They offer two packages: Basic comes for $ 29.99 per month and provides you with essential data about the activities of the target device, such as call logs , photos, and videos.

The premium starts at $ 69.99 and gives you access to instant messaging logs, keylogger s, call blocking, apps, and websites.

Feature table: FlexiSPY Basic and FlexiSPY Premium for Android

FlexiSPY Basic $29.99 gives you:

Call logs




GPS Location


Calendar, Contacts, and Notes

Browser History

Upgrade to FlexiSPY Premium $69.99 to get:

Call blocking

Website blocking

Application blocking


Messaging apps


Wi-Fi networks

Features of FlexiSPY’s Parental Controls:

GPS tracking

Restrict incoming calls

Block calls, websites, and applications


Great disadvantages:

Missing features of an actual spyware application; FlexiSPY does not record phone calls or instant messaging conversations.

Basic parental control features, such as necessary registration and application/website/call blocking, are unavailable in FlexiSPY Basic.

There is no screenshot feature (app screenshots provide a backup that will allow you to see all user activities and is vital when other components are changed or updated, for example).

Limited iOS product that has no advanced features and does not work on the latest iPhones

Question marks about the overall viability of the FlexiSPY ISP product

FlexiSPY packages

Your choice of package will depend on your planned budget and specific needs.

Do you have a limited budget and only need minimal data on mobile user activity? If so, FlexiSPY Basic may be a decent choice. On the other hand, FlexiSPY Premium can be helpful if you want to have limited control over the target device.

However, if you are looking for an advanced package that offers accurate and practical information with features such as call recording , live listening, environmental recording, and instant messaging - then there is no choice but to go with the original spyware application.


If you want to monitor a mobile device without the user's knowledge, judgment is of the utmost importance. For this purpose, FlexiSPY provides camouflage for its application.

Once the installation process is complete, you will be prompted to choose whether you want FlexiSPY to be hidden or visible.

In this case, hidden does not mean that FlexiSPY is entirely undetectable but somewhat disguised as another application on the target device. Learn more below.

FlexiSPY support

FlexiSPY offers three levels of technical support:

Free Basic and Premium subscription service - access to support via email and live chat

Priority line support for $ 12.99 - Access to phone support, installation instructions. As stated on their website, this service is optional and non-refundable.

Help $ 53.99 - rooting/jailbreak help, installation via Team Viewer, detailed support for setting up features, 24/7 technical assistance over the phone.

FlexiSPY allows its customers to pay extra for additional support. As advertised on their website and their portal, the higher the level of customer service in your subscription, the higher priority you will be given.

Data security

After learning from previous errors, FlexiSPY has now introduced security protocols such as data encryption and 2FA. According to FlexiSPY, there is no reason to worry that your account information and your child's data have been inadvertently disclosed or available elsewhere.

Despite the assurances, it is crucial to know the FlexiSPY data leak history - a warning history about parental control applications, which can be discussed below.

Who uses FlexiSPY?


FlexiSPY allows parents to monitor their child's activities, such as websites visited, calls, text messages, and GPS location s.


Keep track of employees and their location while on the clock. Keep track of their websites, work schedules, and time spent on corporate mobile devices.


FlexiSPY is disguised as an "Update Service" application on the target device. This can help you track your spouse's movements and monitor all phone activity.

Do we detect FlexiSPY?

When it comes to spyware applications, to get actual value and insight, it's essential always to keep the software hidden.

And although FlexiSPY is not a "real" spyware application and claims to be for parental control only - if children know they have been monitored, it can be detrimental to them, as they can easily find ways to circumvent surveillance.

For example, she was once informed that they are being followed; what prevents a child or teenager from simply manipulating the data that their parents are aware of? Fortunately, FlexiSPY provides the user with the option to either hide the application or make it visible.

Initially, after downloading FlexiSPY on the target device, you will be asked if you want to hide or save the FlexiSPY icon. If you choose to hide, an icon titled "Update Service" will appear in the phone menu, which is the FlexiSPY application.

For Android 9 OS and below, this icon will not appear on the home page of the application or in the phone menu. Note, however, that the ‘Update Service’ icon will appear and remain in the list of applications under Settings. Meanwhile, the FlexiSPY development team is currently working to hide the app icon on Android 10 devices.

It is safe to say that regardless of the device model you want to monitor, traces of FlexiSPY and its installation are not necessarily hidden but somewhat hidden.

Screenshot showing FlexiSPY visible on Android 10

In addition, the restrictive features of FlexiSPY (call blocking, application blocking, website blocking, Wi-Fi blocking) mean that the owner of the target device will always know that they are being monitored. This may not matter if you want to watch your children outdoors and have complete control and access to the target device. However, if you are looking for more discreet surveillance, FlexiSPY will be problematic, as these features mean that the application is never really hidden.

How to install FlexiSPY on an Android phone

Here's an overview of how to install FlexiSPY on an Android phone.

Get the target phone, make sure it is unlocked, charged, and an internet connection is available. Internet

‍‍ Since FlexiSPY is a parental control application and not a spyware application, there should be no need for secrecy. And it would probably be wise to involve your child in the installation process from the beginning to keep things as transparent as possible.

Go to Play Store> Menu Button> Play Protect> Settings (Gear)> Deactivate Security Threat Scanner

Download FlexiSPY (choose between Android and iOS here)

Open the browser of the target device (use Google Chrome), tap the address bar, enter the link on the screen and press the GO button. Enter a captcha to check (draw the figure or enter letters) and then click Download.

Click Open after the download is complete to start the installation

After opening the bt.apk file, you will need to follow the sequence: Next → Installation → Open

Install FlexiSPY

Complete the download

Select to make FlexiSPY hidden or visible

To make sure FlexiSPY runs smoothly on your target (child) device, add it to unsupervised applications:

Go to Settings> Device Support> Battery> Unchanged Applications> Add Applications> Update Service> Done

screenshot of FlexiSPY installation steps

If you have any difficulties during the installation, FlexiSPY customer service is advertised 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to help you with any inquiries. If their "free" customer service proves useless, you may want to consider upgrading to FlexiSPY's "paid" (priority support line) or "uber-paid" (help) customer service levels.

In our opinion, the best spyware applications will provide you with quality technical support free of charge, as well as a carefree installation service, where for your convenience, a technician will remotely install the software for you. All you have to do is connect the target device to a computer or MAC.

Is FlexiSPY a real spy app - or is it just parental control?

As can be seen from their marketing focus, FlexiSPY presents itself as a parental control application, not an actual spyware application. They have several features based on restrictions, such as blocking apps, calls, and websites - but missing features you'd expect to find in a severe spyware application - features like call recording, IM call recording, live listening, surround recording, etc.

And while FlexiSPY argues that it's the choice for parents who want to protect their children, there's a valid argument that restriction features are counterproductive because it's evident to the child that their phone has a surveillance app and so on. Children simply delete or deactivate the application.

If you're looking for an app with severe features and depth, FlexiSPY is designed to stay hidden and offers over 74 features compared to FlexiSPY 42. Many of them, including GPS tracking, SMS, and chat monitoring, also work well as parental controls.

FlexiSPY is a practical parental control application?

FlexiSPY is a good application that gives you an overview of your child's mobile and online activities. However, it does not offer real-time protection, with the most significant drawback being data upload delays.

In the portal, you can set the data to be uploaded every 5, 10, 15, 30, 60 minutes, etc. However, after extensive testing, we found that uploading most features takes at least half an hour, although it is set to a 5-minute interval for uploading data - while other features such as taking photos and videos take several hours.

If your child has arranged a meeting with a stranger through the instant messaging app, the information you receive is not immediate. This means that you, as a parent, do not have enough time to react or prevent wrongdoing. However, you will have the evidence you need to discipline your child, hand him over to law enforcement, or take other necessary corrective action.

On the other hand, the SPY24 product for iOS offers minimal features (without advanced features such as call blocking, apps, or websites), and the little data it tracks is updated only once every 24 hours. This is certainly not ideal for preventing or correcting your children's misbehavior promptly, nor does it help with immediate threats to their safety.

Is FlexiSPY a reliable spyware application?

When you pay a premium for a spyware application, you should be able to expect:

1. Performance characteristics as advertised

On paper, FlexiSPY offers an impressive depth of functionality. Still, the app is only reliable to the extent that the user simply needs a broad overview of mobile activities within a flexible time frame.

During testing, FlexiSPY's social media tracking, email tracking, and call blocking did not work. Upon request from their customer service, they promised an update to fix all the problems within a few weeks.

When it comes to your child's safety, you need to look for consistency. Unfortunately, many of the essential features of FlexiSPY often will not work due to an error, security measures of the network provider, or phone provider (see FlexiSPY's iOS product).

When this happens, FlexiSPY's customer service will inform you that the only option is to wait for their team to resolve the issue. Often, if they can't help you, you'll be offered a free 1-2-week subscription renewal as a compromise.

As a general rule, if the spyware customer service ever tells you that the features will work later, with a suggestion to freeze your account until they do, we recommend that you request an immediate refund. To get a credit card payment back or browse trading programs for more reliable solutions.

2. A fair and reliable recovery policy

FlexiSPY advertises 10-day money-back guarantee. However, many people immediately find that partial or full refunds are complicated to obtain, despite what is written in their marketing materials.

Read the fine print of FlexiSPY, and you will understand why their hermetic refund policy is misleading at best and downright factual at worst.

Don't just take our word for it; take a look at some of the comments customers make on one of FlexiSPY's best partner sites, https://spy-apps.info/.

Some of the complaints listed in the Better Business Bureau also provide revealing information about the refund of FlexiSPY and other customer service practices.

Frequently identified refund issues range from charging the total amount during a free trial period to not receiving a refund within minutes of purchase (despite strict adherence to the terms of use).

Does FlexiSPY's iOS product work?

Apple's new security rules mean that most spyware apps no longer offer a viable product for uninterrupted iOS devices.

For FlexiSPY's iOS product to track and upload any data, the user will need to disable 2FA on the target device. Unfortunately, by the end of 2019, Apple no longer allows this action after quietly removing the option in its version of iOS 10.

FlexiSPY Customer Service informs us that it is currently working on a solution to circumvent Apple 2FA policy. And since this would be a huge undertaking, we will not hold our breath while waiting for an update to solve this problem.

For now, FlexiSPY offers an alternative solution, the viability of which we leave to the reader.

Create a new iCloud ID

The alternative solution offered by FlexiSPY is to create a new iCloud ID for the target device simply. Apple's policy stipulates that within the first two weeks, the owner of a newly created iCloud account will still have the option to enable or disable 2FA.

Again, if you're watching younger children openly, this may not be a problem, as you could force them to use an account. However, if you are watching an employee or an older child, this can be problematic.

The bottom line is:

If you want to monitor an unbroken iOS device with FlexiSPY, you must control not only the current credentials of the Apple user but also the power to force them to create a new Apple email to track any data.

To find out more about why iCloud Spy Apps are not a viable choice, see here.

However, if you think you've learned enough about FlexiSPY, you may want to go straight to the most reliable iPhone monitoring app on the market here.

FlexiSPY Jailbreak VS. Jailbreak on SPY24

SPY24 and FlexiSPY offer iPhone jailbreak solutions - however, when compared closely - there is an apparent mismatch in terms of performance, compatibility, and reliability.

First, SPY24's i Phone Spy app has over 50 features, compared to FlexiSPY's jailbroken, which has only eight fundamental features.

In addition, SPY24 is the only solution that can spy on newer iPhones such as the iPhone X, 8, 7, 6, 5, and SE. Most competitors, including FlexiSPY, offer an iCloud spyware solution on the market, which they call a "No-Jailbreak" solution that doesn't work as advertised.

On the other hand, SPY24 offers the most affordable iPhone spy app on the market so far.

At only $ 19.99 per week, the iPhone EXTREME Weekly is not only the most affordable solution on the market but also offers the best value for money. Note that SPY24 for iPhone requires you to jailbreak the device to reconfigure it as needed.

With SPY24 EXTREME Weekly, you will get advanced features that you can not find anywhere else, including IM Call Recording, Spy Call, RemCam, RemVid, Ambient Recording, and more.

Compare the available features with SPY24 Jailbreak and FlexiSPY below:


As you can see, compared to the FlexiSPY product, SPY24 offers much more features, depth, and unsurpassed compatibility when it comes to iPhone monitoring.

Will my child's data be safe with FlexiSPY?

Given the company's reputation for data security, the better question is - will my child be safer or less safe with FlexiSPY installed on their device?

Although FlexiSPY has not been hacked since May 2018, its data leak history should be a clear warning sign to any loving parent. Just imagine that you have purchased a parental control app to keep your child safe, just so that eventually, his name or personal photos can leak to God knows where.

In addition, FlexiSPY's breakthrough response experience is not credible. For example, in a previous 2015 leak, hackers stole data from FlexiSPY's servers and posted it on the deep network. After initially denying the breach, FlexiSPY promised to increase security. Two weeks later, Krebs Security noted that they had not yet removed links to screenshots of mobile devices running FlexiSPY.

As far as your children are concerned, data security is vital. And for an application whose central platform is "parental control" and child protection, FlexiSPY's record of multiple leaks over the years is, frankly, appalling.

Here is a former client who describes his experience with FlexiSPY at the Better Business Bureau,

"If I can't trust a company whose practice is bad, how can I trust them with personal information from my mobile phone?"

Learn more about spyware leaks and consider all your options before making a decision.

How do I know if FlexiSPY is installed on my phone?

To see if FlexiSPY is installed on your phone, go to the list of applications, and if you see an icon titled "Update Service,” then the device has FlexiSPY installed. Also, for Android 10 devices, the FlexiSPY icon can be found in the app drawer under the same name, ‘Update Service.’

Then let's look at uninstalling.

How do I uninstall FlexiSPY from my phone?

To uninstall FlexiSPY from your phone, go to the list of applications and scroll down to ‘Update Service’ and select uninstall.

Then, in your FlexiSPY portal, go to the device management page and select disconnect and uninstall. FlexiSPY will be deleted from the device.

Why is SPY24 better?

SPY24 offers unique features designed to work with devices with Android, iOS, PC, and MAC.

Advanced features such as Call Recording, Call Interception, Environmental Recording, REM CAM, and REM VID are only available with SPY24 and offer insights into severe detectives.

Also, SPY24 is the leading instant messaging application. In terms of instant messaging tracking, no competitor comes close to the depth and coverage provided by this original spyware application.

30+ features more than any competitor

The most advanced features of any monitoring application

Three packages: LITE, PREMIUM, EXTREME to suit every budget

The components work as advertised on Android and IOS

The only spyware application that can be hidden entirely on Android 10 devices

A unique free mobile application that provides up-to-date data on the go, available for Android and iOS

The most affordable and only reliable iPhone monitoring app on the market

Industry-leading customer support and after-sales services

Trusted data protection with proven experience

Trading programs designed to help deceived or dissatisfied customers of our competitor